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I am going to start my own raw shows, they are going to start after Summerslam,The reason after Summerslam is because that was when i Started writing, I have them on Microsoft word but i haven't had the time to post them, well anyways here is my roster.


Al Snow-face
Booker T-face
Bubba Ray Dud-face
Chris Jericho-heel
Chris Nowwinski-heel
D-Von Dudley-face
Eric Bischoff-heel
Gail Kim-heel
Garriso Cade-face
Kevin Nash-face
Lance Storm-heel
Lilian Garcia-face
Mark Jindrak-heel
Miss Jackie-face
Molly Holly-heel
Randy Orton-heel
Rene Dupree-heel
Ric Flair-heel
Rob Van Damn-face
Rodney Mack-heel
Scott Steiner-face
Shawn Michaels-face
Spike Dudley-face
Stacy Keibler-face
Steven Richards-heel
Stone Cold Steve Austin-face
Sylvan Grenier-heel
The Hurricane-face
The Rock-face
Theodore long-heel
Tommy Dreamer-face
Trish Stratus-face
Triple H-heel
Val Venis-face
William Regal-heel

Raw Champions

World Heavyweight champion : Triple H
I.C Champion : Booker T
Tag Team Champions : La Resistance
Women’s Champion : Molly Holly

Stone Cold and Eric are Co GM's

Here are the SummerSlam results


World Tag Team championship
The Dudley boy's vs. La Resistance ©

WINNERS : La Resistance retains the Tag belts

Women's championship
Molly Holly © vs. Trish vs. Gail kim

WINNER : Molly Holly pinned Trish

Hardcore match
Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff

WINNER : Eric Bischoff

Kane vs. R.V.D


Elimination chamber for the World Heavyweight championship
Triple H © vs. Nash vs. Randy Orton vs. HBK vs. Jericho vs. Goldberg

WINNER : Triple H

I will post the First Raw after Summerslam later today.

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The show started by clips from the Elimination chamber. Then the RAW song went on and the pyro went off and J.R and the King welcomed everybody to RAW.

Triple H's music played and he came down to the ring…

Triple H : You know last night I beat everybody in the elimination chamber.

Well Triple H was talking Goldberg's theme hit and he came down the ramp…

Goldberg : See Triple H you didn't eliminate everybody, there's one person that you didn't beat and that’s ME", so what I am saying is that YOU'RE NEXT.
Triple H : Goldberg, I don't have to face you if I don't want to because I AM THE GAME AND I AM THAT DAMN GOOD".
Goldberg : What, You a Pussy.

Glass shatters…

Stone Cold : Eric Bischoff is not here tonight because of the ass kicking Shane gave to him at SummerSlam and since he is not here I am in control of tonight's show.
Triple H : What the hell do you want Stone Cold.
Stone Cold : The reason I am out here is because it looks like you and Goldberg have a situation that needs to be solved.
Goldberg: I want him in match one on one.
Stone Cold : Well....................Lets see. If you want to see Goldberg vs. Triple H for the World Heavyweight belt then give me a Hell Yeah.
Stone Cold : Well Triple H, it looks like the fans want you to face Goldberg at Unforgiven.
Triple H : Screw the fans
Stone Cold : At Unforgiven it will be Triple H vs. Goldberg for the World Heavyweight championship.


J.R : And we are back, we just heard that Triple H would be defending his title at Unforgiven against Goldberg...WOW.

Intercontinental championship
Booker T © vs. Scott Steiner

Both men got big pops in the beginning. Booker T was doing a lot of the moves to the start of the match but in the middle of the match Scott soon turned it around and did a clothesline but when he went for second one Booker T ducked and slapped him on the chest by Booker. Booker T did a couple of big moves and when Steiner was down he did a spin-a-runie. After that he set up Steiner for the axe kick but Steiner moved, belly to belly suplex by Steiner and then did the Steiner Recliner to make Booker tap.

WINNER : The new intercontinental champion Scott Steiner



Evolution are talking about the match at Unforgiven and then Austin walks in…

Stone Cold : Hey guys, the main event for tonight is going to be Ric Flair and Triple H vs. Goldberg and a partner of his choice.
Evolution : WHAT.
Triple H : You can’t do that; I was in the elimination chamber match last night.


The Hurricane vs. Christian

Stand back...There's a hurricane coming threw. Out comes the hurricane but well he was on the way Christian attacked him from behind. Even before the bell rang Christian was putting a beating on the hurricane. He was doing that for about 2 minutes.

J.R : We are going to have to go to a commercial break


King : We are back and lets show you what happen during the break.

They show what happen during the break.

And back to the match. Hurricane was in the middle of the ring giving Christian a sleeper hold. The ref lifted his hand.1.................2 ................but Christian left his hand up and started elbowing hurricane in the stomach. They both went off the ropes to connect with a double clothesline. Both guys are down. The ref started counting 1..........2..............3............4............5...........hurricane gets up first, well Christian is down hurricane got the crowed pumped up but Christian gave hurricane a school boy 1......2 kick out. Christian tried to give the hurricane a clothesline but missed and hit the ref. when Christian turned around he tried to gave Christian a DDT but Christian pushed him in the ropes and hit him with his elbow and went to get a chair and well the ref was still down Christian hit hurricane over the head with the chair, he threw the chair out of the ring and helped the ref up and went to pin Hurricane 1.....2.....3.

WINNER : Christian


After the match we see Goldberg coming out of a locker room.

J.R : What was Goldberg doing in that locker room?

King : Maybe the person in there is going to be his tag team partner tonight.


R.V.D vs. Chris Jericho

ONE OF KIND.........

J.R : And here comes R.V.D and he looks pumped for this match and King, what do you thing of this match.
KING : Yea both of these two men are one of kind but we are going to find out who is the best tonight.

The match starts by them tying up but Jericho puts R.V.D in a headlock and then whips him to the ropes but R.V.D comes back with a spinning heel kick but Jericho gets up fast and well R.V.D is turned around he kicks him in his leg making R.V.D have major pain. So much pain that R.V.D had to get out of the ring. Well he was out Jericho went and did a baseball slide into R.V.D’s face making him fall. Chris then went to the top rope to try to do and elbow drop to the floor but R.V.D moved and Jericho hit his elbow. R.V.D picked up a chair and he rolled Jericho in the ring. He pined him 1......2 kick out. R.V.D went for the rolling thunder and connected. Another pin by R.V.D 1.......2........ rope break. Jericho got up and started to work on the same leg again and then put R.V.D in the walls of Jericho. He had it on good but R.V.D got to the ropes. Then R.V.D did a dropkick, then he went on the top turnbuckle to do the 5 star frog splash. And he connected right on.1..........2................3.


After the match well R.V.D was celebrating his win Jericho gave him the walls of Jericho.


Back in the GM's office Austin was drinking beer when all of a sudden Chris Jericho came rushing in…

Jericho : I want a rematch damn it.
Stone Cold : You want a rematch, fine. Also to make the match more interesting, it will be a no DQ. NOW LEAVE.


Lance Storm vs. Test

The match started pretty normal but later on in the match the audience started to say "boring........boring........boring". Shortly after that Test told the fans F-U. Then test ignored the audience and started really handing it to Storm. First he did a pump handle slam then waited for Lance to get up, he then hit the big boot.1.........2.........3.


J.R : And up next are main event
King : But we still don't know whom's Goldberg’s partner.


Triple H and Ric Flair vs. Goldberg and mystery partner

Evolution's theme hits the arena and Triple H and Ric Flair come out. Then Goldberg comes out to his music. And all of a sudden an explosion and its Kane. And so Kane and Goldberg quickly run to the ring and start to kick Triple H and Ric Flair's ass. And finally the ref gets everything settled and now it's Kane and Triple H, Kane is dominating the match until he tags in Goldberg but Triple H quickly backs off and tags in Ric Flair. Flair came running after Goldberg but he put out his arm and gave him a powerful clothesline. Made Flair stay down for like a minute. When he finally got up flair gave him some chops WOOOOOOOOOOO. He put a number on Goldberg and when he was down that’s when Triple H wanted to be tagged in. Flair tagged in Triple H and he put a number on him and then 1........2...Kane broke up the count. Then Kane went to get a chair. Well he was out; all hell broke loose between the rest of the 3. After Kane got the chair he went into the ring. Kane, Goldberg, Triple H, and Flair were all in the ring when all of a sudden Kane smack the chair over Goldberg’s head; after he hit Goldberg he hit Triple H and Flair. Randy Orton came running down to the ring but when he got in Kane destroyed him, they both then went out of the ring and up the ramp to were J.R and The king were sitting and he then choke slammed him on the broadcast table

WINNERS : Goldberg and Kane by DQ


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Preview for next weeks raw​

-Chris Jericho will face R.V.D in a no DQ match
-Eric Bischoff will be back and what will he do
-Why did Kane turn on Goldberg
-Is Triple H going to get out of his match with Goldberg, all this plus more? Next week on RAW

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Ow Juvy come on he's only done 1 show let him do atleast 2-3 before u comment on his storylines u got to give him time to make some first!

good show i enjoyed it but 1 thing ur promos make them more realistic. Like when u had goldberg talking he wont say pussy would he? so just think about small stuff like that
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