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I have decided to start this BTB the night after New Years Revolution(January 9th).

Bubu Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
Chris Daniels
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Christian (Manager Tyson Tomko)
Dvon Dudley
Edge (Manager Lita)
Elix Skipper
Gene Snitzky
Lance Cade
Lance Storm
Matt Hardy
Matt Stryker
Mohammed Hassan (Manager Khrosaw Davairi)
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Steven Richards
The Hurricane
The Rock
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H (Manager Ric Flair)
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

Tag Teams

Cade and Murdoch
Superheroes (Hurricane and Rosey
Unamericans (Test and Lance Storm)
Triple XXX (Chris Daniels and Elix Skipper)

Andy Douglas
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brock Lesner
Carlito Carribean Cool
Charlie Haas
Chase Stevens
Chavo Guerrero
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Jeter
Johnny Nitro
Juvi Guerrera
Ken Kennedy
Kurt Angle
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Matt Cappotelli
Matt Morgan
Orlando Jordan
Paul Birchill
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Super Crazy
The Big Show
The Undertaker
William Regal

Tag Teams

Reigns and Jindrak
MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro)
Regal and Birchill
Bashams (Doug and Danny Basham)
The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens
The thrillseekers (Matt Cappotelli and Johnny Jeter)

Title Holders

World Heavyweight Title: Triple H
Intercontinental Title: Shelton Benjamin
Tag Team titles: Cade and Murdoch
WWE Title: JBL
US Title: John Cena
Tag Titles: MNM
Cruserweight Title.

New Years Revolution Results

Muhammed Hassan defeated Eugene
Dudley Boyz defeated Triple X in a Tag Team Tables match
Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin defeated Lance Storm to retain his title
Matt Hardy defeated Test
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch beat the Superheroes to become the World Tag Team champions
Kane defeated Gene Snitzky in a no DQ Match.
Christian defeated Chris Jericho.
Triple H defeated Randy Orton, Batista, HBK, Edge and Chris Benoit in a elimination Chamber match to become the New World Heavyweight Champion

Raw should be up tommorow night

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WWE News

It has been announced that two former WWE Champions will appear at this weeks shows for the first time for quite a while. They have signed contracts with the WWE, one will debut on Raw this week while the other debuts this Thursday on Smackdown.

Also i'm going to write my matches for Raw and Smackdown just the finish. Except for all Main Event/Improatant/Speciality matches.

Raw shoukd be up later tonight just got the main event to do

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WWE Raw from Orlando Florida –January 10th​

A video of the highlights of New Years Revolution starts the show off. We are shown The Dudley Boyz hitting the 3d to Elix Skipper through a table- Cade and Murdoch beating The Superheroes to win the tag team titles-Kane tomb stoning Gene Snitzky on some steel steps to win his match-Christian beating Y2J- And finally showing some highlights of the elimination Chamber with Triple H winning the World Heavyweight Title.

The Raw theme Music plays and some fireworks go off from the ramp. We pan around the arena before being sent to the announce table

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw. I’m JR and with me is the Coach and Jerry the King Lawler. It was only 24 hours ago when Triple H won that gruesome Elimination Chamber.

King: What a gruelling and bloody match it was but Triple H thanks to Batista became the World Champion for the tenth time

Coach: And rightfully so King. He deserved, he put his career on the line and he deserves what he has got

JR: I wouldn’t say that he rightfully deserved it; he only won thanks to the Animal.

Coach: Animal or no Animal, he would have successfully won the title either way

“Evolution” Evolution hits and Evolution Members Ric Flair and Triple H come down to the ring. Triple H limps down to the ring with a bandage on his forehead

JR: Talk about the devil, Triple H is coming down to the ring

: He is not a devil he is just a successful man.

King: I just want to know, where is Batista

JR: I don’t know. But last night when Randy Orton hit the RKO and pinned Batista. Triple H was right by Orton and did not help his partner out.

Coach: He was dizzy he didn’t know what was happening

JR: Well it certainly did not look like that

Triple H grabs a microphone off Lillian Garcia and gets into the ring along with Ric Flair as RKO chants are heard around the arena

HHH: Go on chant his name see if I care.

Crowd quicken there chant, Triple H looks like he is getting P’d off.

HHH: The matter of fact is, I have something he doesn’t and that is the World Heavyweight Title

Crowd boos

HHH: Last night in Suan Juan I went to hell and back. I got Superkicked, speared, was in the Crippler Crossface, had Orton hit me with the RKO, smashed my head against the chain wall, thrown through a glass chamber and I am still walking. And I am once again the World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H holds his title in the air and Ric Flair claps him

HHH: I have joined the very short list of men who have held the World Heavyweight title ten times or more. Now i will have to admit that I won’t win this title 16 times like the Naitch

The crowd shout Whooooooooo

HHH: Because I will keep hold of this title until I am retired

Crowd boos

HHH: When I am a 70 year old man I will still be kicking ass and will still have this title. Every challenger who will step up before me, will go down. I will nail them with the Pedigree and (Triple H clicks his fingers) There careers will be over.

Crowd boos and start a you suck chant

HHH: You can chant that to me all you like. But you know that Orlando is the biggest piece of crap on God’s green earth.

Crowd boos

HHH: Now……………

“ Burn in my Light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he makes his way down too the ring. Orton takes a mic and gets in too the ring

Orton: I’m sorry to interrupt your bragging speech, but your boring everyone in this damn arena including me.

Crowd give a big pop

Orton: I know you like talking about yourself, saying how great you are, but it really gets boring, so I had to save the show. Now I can’t save the show every week, because you’re a very vain guy and you will come out every Monday to say how great you are. So I decided I need to make a stop to it, I am challenging you for a title match 3 weeks time at the Royal Rumble

Crowd cheers

Orton: So what’s your decision champ, are you gonna be a man by accepting my challenge, or are you gonna be a little wuss and reject my challenge

Triple H and Ric Flair talk to one another for a few seconds before agreeing with something,

Triple H: Orton you have had your chance I beat you at Unforgiven and I beat you last night at New Years Revolution. So I don’t need to prove to myself that I can beat you. So your answer…………..HELL NO!

The crowd boos

Randy: So…………….

“Animal” Batista’s music hits and the crowd give him a good reception. Batista gets into the ring and gets a mic.

Batista: Well since Orton is not getting a title shot from you Triple H. I think the only real person who deserves a title shot against you Triple H…………..Is me

The crowd cheers as Triple H looks shocked

Batista: Orton has had his chance and has blown it. Well I have not had a singles match against the champion yet. And also last night I helped you beat Orton so I deserve a favour. So is it on

Ric Flair: Hey hang on there big guy, this is Evolution for crying out loud. We fight all challengers and adversaries, and not each other.

Batista: Well I deserve a title shot Ric!

Ric Flair is now shocked

Randy Orton: I’m sorry to but in here but I agree with Batista even though he screwed me out of winning the World Title last night. If I can remember Triple H, when I hit the RKO and pinned Batista you just stood there and watched.

Batista looks at Triple H who tells Batista he was Dizzy.

Randy: That’s real teamwork Triple H. Not helping your partner out.

Batista stares out Triple H who looks very worried. Flair tells Batista to forget about what Orton said

“I’m back” Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he storms down too the ring

Eric: Hey all of you shut up! I’m the boss and I make the matches. I have decided there will be number 1 contendership match tonight. But Orton, Batista you’re not the only men is this match. Since we’ve got the Royal Rumble match coming up in a few weeks. I thought we could keep the Royal Rumble spirit up. So tonight there will be a Twenty man over the top rope battle royal to decide the number one contender.

The crowd cheers as Triple H seems happy since he might not have to face Batista or Orton at Royal Rumble.

Eric: And Triple H, an former WWE Champion will be returning for good in this match

JR: By gawd what a match that will be!

Coach: And who will that former WWE champion be.

JR: It could be anybody Coach

King: A lot of tension there between Triple H and Batista there JR

Coach: It was all thanks to Randy Orton causing problems between them

“Metalingus” Edges music plays, “I see clearly” and he comes out to huge boos. He takes off his Jacket and waits for his opponent to come down.

JR: Last night Edge fought in the hellacious Elimination Chamber but he was the second man eliminated courtesy of Chris Benoit.

King: Well this man must be very angry, he got screwed out the title at Taboo Tuesday and yet again at New Years Revolution

“ Man beast” Rhyno’s music hits and he comes down too the ring to a good pop

JR: One on one action here as two former friends collide

King: Can you see the jealousy In Rhino’s eyes, he is jealous of Edge.

JR: Oh will you shut up

Match 1
Singles match
Edge v Rhyno

Edge kicks Rhyno in the mid section and goes for the Edge-O-Cution but Rhyno rams him into the corner. Rhyno hits a series of shoulder thrusts to the sternum of Edge. Rhyno attempts to whip Edge against the ropes but Edge reverses it whipping Rhyno to the ropes. Edge comes back off the ropes with a spinning heel kick, but Rhyno falls onto his knees ducking the manoeuvre. Edge runs back at Rhyno, but Rhyno catches him with a Powerslam. Rhyno hooks the legs sure of victory 1……………..2…………..kickout. Both men get onto their feet and Rhyno pounds away at Edge with some hard right hands. He whips Edge of the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster. Rhyno goes into the corner and taunts to the fans signalling for the Gore. Edge gets up onto his feet, and Rhyno charges towards Edge and goes for the Gore……….But Edge moves out the way and Rhyno crashes shoulder first into the Steel ring post. Edge pulls Rhyno away from the turnbuckle, he kicks him in the mid section and plants him with a DDT. Edge rolls into the corner and sizes up Rhyno signalling for the Spear. Rhyno gets onto his feet and turns around into the Spear!! Edge hooks the leg 1……………..2……………….2!!

Winner of the match Edge

JR: Edge gets the victory

Coach: And that will happen later tonight to the other 19 men in this battle royal later on tonight.

JR: Well I am not so sure about that one but he has a chance

King: Now that was a great display by Edge he deserves respect for that one


Backstage we see Triple H and Ric Flair talking

Triple H: Okay tonight your job is to get Batista eliminated in his match

Ric: Why Champ?

Triple H: I can’t have him turning against me, there is only one champion in Evolution and that is me.

Ric: But how the hell am I going to eliminate Batista, I’m like a mouse compared to him

Triple H: Distract him long enough for another guy to eliminate him

Ric: I’m not so sure about this champ

Triple H: Come on Ric do it for your buddy

Ric: Ok Champ you’re the boss. Whoooooooooooooo

We are then shows Batista standing by the Evolution locker room door listening to Triple H and Ric Flair’s conversation. He smirks and then walks away from the Evolution locker room

JR: God how disgusting

Coach: What?

JR: I’m not a big Batista fan Coach but i am disgusted that Triple H wants to screw around with his own partner.

King: Well the interesting thing is that Batista overheard the conversation and he must not be happy

“ Arabian Music” Muhammed Hassan’s music hits and he is met by boos. He comes down to the ring with his manager Khrosaw Davairi.

JR: Someone please take this man of our show

Coach: I don’t like this man’s views about America but you just have to love his wrestling skills.

JR: Well I don’t love them but there okay I have to admit.

King: Well his unbeaten Record might come to an end here JR, as he goes one on one with the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin

“ Ain’t no stopping me now” Shelton Benjamin’s music hits and the crowd give him a good reception

JR: Last night Shelton Benjamin successfully defended his title against Lance Storm in a fantastic Match up

King: Both of these men will be entering the Battle Royal later tonight

JR: Imagine Muhammed Hassan facing Triple H for the title

Coach: It would be quite good actually so shut up.

Match 2
Singles Match
Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin v Muhammed Hassan​

Hassan bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Shelton ducks, and Shelton then goes for a superkick but Hassan catches his foot but Shelton uses his free foot and hits an enzuigiri to the back of Hassan’s head. Shelton quickly hurries over and hooks Hassan’s leg 1………………2…………..kickout. Shelton applies a headlock to Hassan, Hassan quickly gets onto his feet and elbows his way out of the headlock position, Hassan bounces off the ropes, he goes for a clothesline but Shelton leapfrogs him. Shelton falls onto his back and catches Hassan with a monkey toss. Both men get onto their feet, Shelton pounds away at Hassan with hard right hands, Hassan swings his right fist wildly, but Shelton ducks and he hits Hassan with a German superlex. Shelton stomps away at Hassan with no remorse. Davairi from the outside at Shelton trying to distract him but Shelton ignores him. Shelton hits some right hands to Hassan in the corner forcing him to fall down. Shelton takes a few paces back, he then runs up at Hassan and hits a low dropkick to the face of Hassan. Shelton goes to the opposite corner and sizes up Hassan signalling for the Stinger Splash. Hassan gets onto his feet, Shelton runs up at him and hits Hassan with the Stinger Splash. Hassan groggily steps into Shelton’s path, Shelton puts Hassan’s arm over his head and he hits Muhammed Hassan with the T-Bone Superlex! Shelton hooks the leg 1…………………..2……………………Khrosaw Davairi distracts the referee. The ref goes over to Davairi. Shelton Benjamin gets onto his feet looking very annoyed he has a few choice words. Davairi grabs the referee by his shirt and with his other arm throws the Intercontinental Title Belt over to Muhammed Hassan. Shelton goes to pick up Hassan, but Hassan smashes the Intercontinental Title belt off his skull! Davairi lets go of the ref. Hassan hooks the leg 1…………………..2………………..3.

Winner of the match Muhammed Hassan

After the match Davairi gets into the ring and celebrates with Hassan. Hassan signals to Shelton he wants his Intercontinental Title. Hassan picks up the Intercontinental Title and smashes it off Shelton’s spine a few times. Hassan then gets Shelton in the Camel Clutch. Davairi gets in his face and trash talks Shelton in Arabic. He slaps Shelton around a little bit until Chris Jericho comes storming down to the ring. Hassan and Davairi see this and they quickly exit the ring. Hassan and Davairi about what they just did while Jericho checks up on Shelton.

JR: Thank God for Chris Jericho. Shelton Benjamin was in deep trouble there, but Jericho saves the day

Coach: Muhammed Hassan has sent a message to Shelton Benjamin, he wants the Intercontinental Title.

Wrestlemania 21 promo​

JR: We are two months and a bit away from the biggest Pay Per View Event of the year, Wrestlemania 21.

Coach: And I guarantee you Triple H will be walking there as World Heavyweight Champion.

Simon System” Simon Dean’s music hits and he comes down too the ring. Simon Dean gets into the ring and does some squats and press ups before waiting for his opponent to come down to the ring

“Burn in my Light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to a big pop

Match 3
Singles Match
Randy Orton v Simon Dean​

Simon Dean whips Randy Orton off the ropes, Orton comes back off the ropes with a devastating clothesline. He sizes up Simon Dean signalling for the RKO. He goes for it, but Simon Dean pushes him away against the ropes. And Dean catches Orton with a Powerslam as he comes back off the ropes. Dean goes over to his bag, he gets some of his Simon System out and he had a drink of it. Orton begins to get up but Dean takes him down to the mat with a kick to the face. Simon Dean then begins to do some squats showing off for the crowd. And with Dean’s back turned, Randy Orton springs up onto his feet HBK style and waits for Dean to turn around, Dean turns around and walks straight into the RKO! Randy Orton hooks the leg 1…………………2…………….3!!

Winner of the match Randy Orton

JR: A convincing win for Randy Orton

Coach: Well I tell you this he might of beat Simon Dean, but he hasn’t got a chance of winning the Battle Royal Later tonight


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and next up we see the World Heavyweight Champion in action.

Some Random Crappy music plays and out comes Matt Stryker for his Raw Debut

JR: A debut for Matt Stryker and what a debut it will be

Coach: This man used to be a teacher JR, and tonight he will be taught how to get an ass kicking in Ten Seconds by a World Heavyweight Champion

“ Time to Play the game” Triple H’s music hits and he comes down to the ring to big boos. He gets in the ring and taunts to the crowd with his World Heavyweight Title.

Match 4
Singles Match
Matt Stryker v Triple H​

So far in this match Matt Stryker has given a Triple H a run for his money nearly pulling off a shock or two. Stryker runs towards Triple H, who quickly reacts and throws him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Triple H pounds away at Stryker with hard right hands. Triple H goes to the opposite corner. He then charges towards Stryker, but Triple H only gets a face full of boot from Stryker. Triple H staggers away from Stryker as Stryker climbs onto the middle turnbuckle. Triple h charges towards his opponent, but Stryker catches him with a Sunset Flip 1……………2………….kickout. Stryker quickly gets onto his feet and bounces against the ropes and hits Triple H with a spinning Heel Kick. Stryker goes for the overdrive but Triple H elbows Stryker away from him. Triple H kicks Stryker in the mid section and puts his head between Triple H’s legs. He hooks the arms and he plants Matt Stryker with a pedigree! Triple H hooks the legs 1………………..2……………..3!

Winner of the match Triple H

JR: A great performance by Matt Stryker but at the end of the day Triple H was too good for him

King: Your right JR, Triple H certainly took the former teacher back to school.

Coach: Now he didn’t teach him Maths, he taught him an ass whooping

JR: Oh will you shut up

“ Break the Walls down” Chris Jericho’s music hits and the crowd give him a big pop. Jericho gets into the ring which now has the Highlight Reel Set up in the ring. He grabs a mic off Lillian Garcia.


The crowd pop for Y2J, then a loud Y2J chant is heard

Jericho: As you might remember , a few nights ago. Six men entered a structure not for the weak of heart. A structure which is only for one purpose , punishment. Those six men took a hell of a lot of punishment, as you can see with the stitches on their head, Bruises, Scrapes and cuts. My guest tonight on the Highlight Reel was one of those men in the elimination Chamber this past Sunday, and arguably took the most punishment than any of the other men in that Chamber. He was busted open, torn muscles, had his skull smashes off that Chain wall more times than The Coach has cleaned his teeth his whole life, and he missed a diving headbutt from the top of the chamber and he was eventually eliminated by Edge

Crowd boos as they Edge’s name

Jericho: You all know who I’m talking about, the man who has probably lost another tooth and every dentist’s nightmare. Without further ado, please welcome, CHRIS BENOIT!

“Whatever” Chris Benoit then makes his way out to a huge pop from Orlando Florida. He signals to the fans and then gets into the ring

Jericho: Before we get to the serious stuff Chris, I just want to congratulate you on an awesome performance in the Elimination Chamber.

Jericho extends his hand for Benoit, Benoit looks around almost asking the crowd what to do. He shakes Jericho’s hand which gets a good pop.

Jericho: But moving on from the pleasantries Benoit. I want to start getting into the groove for the Highlight Reel. So my first question is …what was going through your mind at New Years Revolution. When you was on top of that chamber and you was about to hit that Diving Headbutt which you eventually missed by a country mile. Did you think that you could get some chicks for the first time in your life by showing off and taking a daredevil risk. Or couldn’t you handle it and you Suicided your way out knowing that you won’t win.

Benoit looks less than impressed and then begins to speak

Benoit: What was I thinking? Chris I need to have a think about that one. So while I’m thinking I will ask you a question.. How did you feel when you walked back after your match last night to the locker room, and realised you spent more time posing before the match than any offence you got in the actual match?

“Ooooooooo” comes from the crowd as Jericho stops smiling and stares at Benoit

Jericho: You wanna know how I felt Chris. I felt sick to my Stomach. I felt like I let myself down, and felt like I let all my Jericholics down!

Crowd pops

Jericho: But you know what, I’ll get over it, I’ll come back. I will beat that CLB next time and I will also become the World Heavyweight Champion soon. And we can’t say the same thing about you. You see Mr Roboto since you lost your World Heavyweight Title to Randy Orton, you’ve done nothing, nothing successful or good at all. It just proves that you are just a one night stand and you were lucky. You are just not good enough

Benoit: Oh I am good enough. There is a fire which is burning inside my body, and every time I get close to that World Heavyweight Title, it pushes me more. And soon Enough Jericho I will win the World Heavyweight Title again

Jericho: Who wait there Junior. I suggest you call the fire brigade buddy, because the amount of times you have come close to the World Title, which lights that fire more, you will burn down this entire World.

Benoit: Jericho I will like to tell you something which you say a lot, Will You Please SHUT THE HELL UP!

Benoit and Jericho imediatley go face to face, toe to toe. They trash talk to each other until…………..

“ If you close your eyes” Christian’s entrance theme hits and he and Tyson Tomko appear at the top of the ramp

Christian: Cut the music………………Now I was sitting backstage chatting with some of my Peep(Slaps his chest) and then I look at the monitor and see you two arguing about who the bigger loser is. Well if you ask me and all my Peeps who the bigger loser is(points to the peeps). See they all agree with me, they can’t decide but because your both losers.

Crowd boos

Christian: Your time has been lasting too long. Your time is up, game over. And my time is just beginning to roll. You see I’m gonna win this Battle Royal tonight. And then I am gonna beat Triple H and become the World Heavyweight Champion

Crowd boos

Christian: And that’s how I roll

Christian slaps his chest and then high fives Tyson Tomko

Jericho: Shall I tell you how I roll Junior. I’m gonna tell you to roll your ass to this ring, bring Black Beard with you too. And I’m gonna give you the biggest ass whooping which you have EVER…………..EVERRR Experienced in your life.

Christian and Tomko look at each other very angry about what Jericho said. They both Nod heads and they head down to the ring. Jericho and Benoit look ready to fight but from behind Edge smashes the steel Chair off both men’s spines. Edge bounces off the ropes and hits Y2J with the spear. Christian gets into the ring and whips Benoit into Tomko who takes his head off with a big boot. Christian picks up Benoit onto his feet and he plants him with the Unprettier. Christian rolls to the outside and gets a steel chair, Christian brings it into the ring with him. Christian and Edge hit a double chair shot to the head of Jericho knocking him out.


JR: Before the break we saw a damned ambush by Tomko, Edge and Christian as they beat up Chris benoit and Chris Jericho.

Coach: That was just fantastic to see

JR: Everything you see is fantastic

Triple X’s music hits and Chris Daniels makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Elix Skipper

A gunshot is heard and out comes One half of the tag Team Champions Lance Cade coming out with his partner Trevor Murdoch.

Match 5
Singles Match
Chris Daniels v Lance Cade​

Lance Cade goes for a clothesline but Daniels ducks, and Daniels comes back off the ropes with a flying lariat. Daniels meets Cade with hard right hands as he gets onto his feet. Daniels hits a snap superlex to Cade. Daniels climbs onto the top rope and he hits a diving moonsault. Daniels hooks the leg 1……………2…………kickout. Daniels gets onto his feet; he sizes up Cade signalling for the end. Cade gets onto his feet and turns around into Daniels who kicks him in the mid section, he hooks the arms and he hits Cade with the Angels Wings. Daniels hooks the leg 1…………….2………….Trevor Murdoch puts Lance Cade’s foot on the rope. Elix Skipper goes after Trevor Murdoch and the two men have a brawl on the outside. Trevor Murdoch gets the upper hand on Skipper, low blowing him and throwing him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Daniels has completely lost focus of Cade and he climbs onto the top rope looking to do a high flying move onto Trevor Murdoch on the outside. But Lance Cade bounces against the ropes causing Chris Daniels to fall on his crown jewels. Lance Cade grabs Daniels around the neck and he hits Daniels with a falling Neckbreaker off the top rope! Cade hooks the leg and holds onto the tights! 1…………………..2……………..3!!

Winner of the match Lance Cade

JR: And Lance Cade has got the victory thanks to his partner Trevor Murdoch

King: What a performance there by Lance Cade.

JR: It was good but only thanks to his team mate and a bit of cheating. I hear Maria is standing by Shawn Michaels

Maria: HBS, Heart Breaker Shawn, last night you participitcip…cip.cipito..cipta

HBK: Participated

Maria: Yes………..In the Chamber Elimination Match. Now I want to know is how did it feel to be in that match

HBK: Well Maria I’ve never actually been in a Chamber Elimination Match

Maria: So what were you in? your confusing me here

HBK: Well Missy Maria I was in the Elimination Chamber

Maria: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Anyway…..

HBK: How about we just let me do the talking. Huh

Maria: Uh.Uh..Okay

HBK: You will thank me one day. Annnyway last night I was in the most brutalist matches off all time. I was in a match with five of the greatest superstars today in that Elimination Chamber. And unfortunately the Heart Break Kid did not win

Crowd boos

HBK: And instead Triple Ass went on to win the title.

Crowd boos louder

HBK: I had the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion but I failed. But that does not happen to the Heart Break Kid two times in a row. Because tonight in that twenty man battle royal, I will be throwing people out Left, right and centre. And I will become the Number 1 contender. And then I will go on to the Royal Rumble, and give that punk Triple H the ass kicking of a lifetime and become the World Heavyweight Champ.

Royal Rumble commercial followed by Advertisements.​

As we come back from the break, 19 men are standing in the ring waiting for the Mystery Man to come down to the ring

JR: Welcome back to Raw and it is time for the Battle Royal

Coach: These are the matches in my view which anybody can win. But tonight that will all change because either Christian or Edge will win it.

“If ya smelllllllllllllllllllll” R=The Rock’s music hits and the crowd erupts. All 19 men are in the ring are stunned as the returning Rock is the twentieth man in this Battle Royal


Coach: No this can’t be happening

King: I can smell something JR. And it is not good

JR: You can only think the Rock is desperate to once become World Heavyweight Champion

Match 6
Battle Royal​
Featuring Batista, Bubu Ray Dudley, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian, Dvon Dudley, Edge, Elix Skipper, Eugene, Gene Snitzky, Kane, Matt Hardy, Mohammed Hassan, Randy Orton, Rob Conway, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Simon Dean, The Rock and Val Venis

As soon as the Rock gets into the ring, Simon Dean charges towards Rock, who catches him and tosses him over the top rope.

Elimination 1 Simon Dean by The Rock

The 19 men left brawl with things going out of control. The Rock hits punches to anyone who gets in his sight. The Rock bounces Edge off the ropes and he catches him with a spinebuster. Christian attacks the Rock from behind with some hard clubs to the back forcing Rock onto his knees. Christian picks Rock up onto his feet and whips him against the ropes but Rock comes back with a clothesline. Meanwhile in the corner Kane is working away at Gene Snitzky with some hard right hands. Val Venis comes from behind and saves Snitzky as he punches away at Kane’s back. Val gets Kane in a front facelock but Kane rams him into the corner using his strength. Kane hits a series of shoulder thrusts to the sternum of Val. Kane grabs Val by the throat and he choke tosses him over the top rope to the outside.

Elimination 2 Val Venis by Kane

As soon as Kane turns around, he gets kicked in the mid section by Eugene, Eugene goes for the stunner but Kane pushes him away against the ropes. Kane then lifts Eugene over his head and he tosses him to the outside

Elimination 3 Eugene by Kane

Meanwhile Muhammed Hassan is working over Chris Benoit against the ropes. Hassan grabs Benoit and tries to get him over the top rope. But Benoit keeps hold onto the top rope. Rob Conway comes to help Hassan out as he grabs Benoit’s hand off the ropes. And Hassan gets him over the top rope but Benoit lands on the ring apron. Hassan rests his foot over Benoit’s throat and he tries to kick him out to the outside. But Rob Conway turns on Hassan taking him down with a clothesline. Elix Skipper runs towards Dvon who ducks down and he and Bubu Ray Dudley nail the 3D onto Elix Skipper. Bubu tells Dvon to eliminate Skipper. Dvon picks up Skipper and he and Bubu throw Skipper over the top rope to the outside.

Elimination 4 Elix Skipper by the Dudley Boyz

Both Bubu and Dvon trash talk to Elix Skipper on the outside. \And from behind Batista clotheslines both men over the top rope to eliminate them

Elimination 5 Bubu Ray Dudley by Batista
Elimination 6 Dvon Dudley by Batista

Batista after eliminating the Dudlyz goes straight after Chris Jericho attacking him from behind as Jericho was working on Edge. Batista bounces Jericho off the ropes and he catches Jericho with a vicious spine buster. Batista does the thumbs down signal, and he hits Chris Jericho with the Batista bomb. Batista then turns around into Randy Orton who takes him down with a diving crossbody from the top rope. Meanwhile Shelton Benjamin is pounding away with vicious hard right hands to Muhammed Hassan in the corner. Shelton Benjamin backs up to the opposite corner , he then charges towards Hassan and hits Hassan with the Stinger Splash. Shelton bounces off the rope, but Hassan catches him and throws him over the top rope as he comes back but Shelton lands on the ring apron Shelton gets back into the ring and goes for a superkick on Hassan, who ducks causing Shelton to get tangled with the ropes. Hassan then grabs Shelton’s other leg and avalanches it over the top rope eliminating Shelton.

Elimination 7 Shelton Benjamin by Muhammed Hassan

Jericho comes from behind and nails Hassan with a hard right hand. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Hassan ducks. Jericho comes back off the rope ducking a clothesline attempt and hitting a bulldog to Muhammed Hassan. Jericho runs to the ropes and he connects with the Liansault to Hassan. Jericho picks up Hassan and tries eliminate him. But from behind Edge tosses Jericho over the top rope.

Elimination 8 Chris Jericho by Edge

Edge taunts to Jericho on the outside. He then turns around into Matt Hardy who pounds away at him with hard right hands. Hardy whips Edge into the opposite corner. Hardy charges towards Edge but gets a face full of boot from Edge. Hardy staggers back holding onto his Jaw. Edge runs up at Hardy and goes for the spear but Matt Hardy catches him with a knee to the face. Hardy picks up Edge and hits him with a superlex. Hardy picks Edge up onto his feet and attempts to whips Edge against the ropes but Edge reverses it, Edge goes for a clothesline but Hardy ducks and grabs Edge, and he connects with the side effect. Hardy is pumped up, he signals for the Twist of Fate, Hardy kicks Edge in the mid section and connects with the Twist Of Fate. Hardy is not finished with Edge yet though. He goes to the corner and climbs onto the top rope. He goes for the Diving Leg drop but Lita gets onto the ring apron and shakes the ropes causing Hardy to fall on his crown jewels. Edge gets up onto his feet and clotheslines Hardy from the top rope all the way to the outside.

Elimination 9 Matt Hardy by Edge

In the corner the Rock is working over Christian with hard right hands. Rock whips Christian against the ropes and he catches him with a spinebuster. Rock stands over Christian, he throws an elbow pad to the crowd. He then bounces off the ropes but he gets caught by a huge big boot by gene Snitzky. Snitzky eases Rock up onto his shoulders, he runs to the corner and drops Rock face first onto the turnbuckle. Snitzky eases Rock onto his shoulders yet again but this time hitting him with a Running Powerslam. Snitzky then goes after Kane, he hits Kane with some hard right hands. Snitzky bounces off the ropes and goes to clothesline Kane but Kane ducks and holds down the top rope causing Snitzky to fall over the top rope to the outside.

Elimination 10 Gene Snitzky by Kane

Orton whips Rob Conway off the ropes, and as Conway comes back Orton throws him over the top rope but Conway hangs onto the top rope saving himself from being eliminated. Conway gets back into the ring, he charges towards Orton and takes him down with a Chop block to the back of the leg. Conway quickly gets up and stomps away furiously at Orton’s leg. Conway drags Orton and rests his leg over the bottom rope. He drops an elbow onto it. Conway picks up Orton and whips him off the ropes. Conway ducks down too early attempting to back body drop Orton over the top rope and Orton catches him with a kick to the face. Orton goes for a clothesline but Conway ducks. Conway goes for the Ego Trip but Orton gets out the position and he hits a clothesline to Conway. He then tosses Conway to the outside.

Elimination 11 Rob Conway by Randy Orton

Christian runs up from behind and clotheslines Orton over the top rope, but Orton somehow hangs onto the top rope. Christian hits a numerous amount of elbows to the face of Orton. He hits Orton with a hard right hand causing Orton to lean back holding onto the top rope with one hand. Christian tries his best to get Orton to fall back, as he bites away at Orton’s hand. But from behind Chris Benoit grabs Christian around the waist and he connects with a German superlex. He keeps hold of Christian however, and he hits a second German superlex. He gets Christian up and goes for a third but Christian blocks it holding onto the top rope. Christian switches behind Benoit, and he kicks Benoit square in the nuts from behind. Christian grabs Benoit by both arms, he turns Benoit around and drops him with the Unprettier.Christian then picks Benoit up and tosses him over the top rope

Elimination 12 Chris Benoit by Christian

The Rock runs up at Kane and takes him down with a clothesline. The Rock then turns around into HBK. The two men lock eyes which gets a big cheer from the crowd. The two men start trash talking to each other. HBK throws a right hand, Rock throws one back and we have a fist fight here. The Rock gets the better of HBK, he whips HBK off the ropes, but HBK comes back with a flying forearm smash. HBK jumps up onto his feet, he grabs Rock and hits an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. HBK quickly rolls into the corner and he begins to tune up the band. Rock gets up and turns around into HBK who takes him down with the sweet Chin Music. HBK then sees Edge charging towards him so he catches him and throws him over the top rope eliminating him.

Elimination 13 Edge by HBK Shawn Michaels

In the corner Kane and Batista are exchanging hard right hands. Kane whips Batista off the ropes and catches him with a thunderous big boot. Batista quickly gets up and runs towards Kane who catches him and hits a side slam to Batista. Batista quickly backs up into the corner trying to get away from Kane. Kane does an evil smirk and he goes straight after him. He hits a numerous amount of hard right hands to the face of Batista. Kane grabs Batista by the throat, he goes for the Chokeslam. But Batista uses a trick out of Ric Flair’s book and levels him with a kick to the crown jewels. Batista then sets him up, and hits Kane with a huge Batista Bomb. Meanwhile Christian is working over Randy Orton with hard right hands. He whips Orton against the ropes and he catches him with a reverse elbow. Christian notices Rock getting up onto his feet so he goes after him. He goes to punch Rock, but Rock blocks it, and Rock pounds away at Christian to the other side of the ring. He then hits a spit punch to Christian sending him over the top rope to the outside.

Elimination 14 Christian by the Rock

Meanwhile Kane and Batista are still brawling. Batista kicks Kane in the mid section and tries to eliminate Kane but Kane rakes the eyes of Batista saving himself. Kane grabs Batista by the throat and he hits a brutal Chokeslam. Kane picks up Batista and goes to eliminate him, but a familiar figure is seen heading down the ramp. It’s Ric Flair. Kane lets go of Batista and starts trash talking to Flair on the outside. And with Kane’s concentration on Ric Flair, Batista comes from behind and tosses Kane over the top rope to the outside.

Elimination 15 Kane by Batista

Batista stares at Ric Flair for a few moments before going to work on Randy Orton. Batista hits some hard clubs to the back of Orton but of nowhere Orton quickly jumps up and hits Batista with the RKO. Meanwhile in the corner Rock and HBK are trying to get rid of each other. Rock picks up HBK and hangs him over the top rope trying to eliminate him, but HBK hangs onto the top rope and he head butts Rock away from him. Rock staggers back into Muhammed Hassan who takes him down with a clothesline. Muhammed Hassan then tosses HBK over the top rope but yet again HBK lands on the ring apron. HBK tries to get back in the ring but Khrosaw Davairi holds onto his leg, Hassan then takes HBK down to floor from the ring apron with a clothesline

Elimination 16 Shawn Michaels by Muhammed Hassan

When Hassan turns around, Orton charges towards him and clotheslines him to the outside

Elimination 17 Muhammed Hassan by Randy Orton.

On the outside Muhammed Hassan and Khrosaw Davairi are furious about Hassan’s elimination. It is now down to three men. The Rock, Randy Orton and Batista. The three remaining men lock eyes. Batista goes straight after Randy Orton hitting him with some stinging hard right hands. But the Rock comes from behind and saves Randy Orton nailing Batista with some of his own hard right hands. Rock whips Batista off the ropes and he catches him with a Samoan Drop. Rock and Orton team up and stomp the hell out of Batista. They pick up Batista and hit him with a double superlex. Both men then go eliminate Batista, BUT Batista overpowers them and throws both men off him. Rock charges towards Batista, who catches him with a huge Spinebuster. Randy Orton goes for a second RKO on Batista but Batista pushes Orton away from him against the ropes, and he hits Orton with a Spinebuster aswell. Batista signals for the end, he picks up Orton and with ease tosses him to the outside.

Elimination 18 Randy Orton by Batista

Batista turns around into Rock who takes him down with a flying forearm smash Rock jumps up onto his feet and he pounds away at Batista with vicious hard right hands. Batista swings his right hand wildly but Rock ducks and he connects with a Russian leg sweep to Batista. Rock picks up Batista and goes to eliminate him. But Batista head butts his way to safety. Batista runs up at Rock who ducks a clothesline and gets his opponent in the Rock Bottom Position. And he nails Batista with the Rock Bottom. Rock jumps up onto his feet, he stands over Batista and he throws an elbow pad out to the crowd. He bounces off the ropes but Batista quickly gets onto his feet and takes down Rock with a devastating clothesline which takes him inside out. Batista shakes the ropes before waiting for the Rock to get up, he bounces off the ropes but Ric Flair yanks his legs!!! Batista turns around and has an argument with Ric Flair who said he tripped on the end of the apron. And with Batista concentration on Ric Flair, The Rock comes from behind and eliminates Batista!!!

Winner of the match The Rock

After the match Batista and Ric Flair get into an argument on the outside. Ric Flair tries to make up with Batista saying he’s sorry but Batista pushed Flair away from him and then storms off down the aisle way.

JR: By gawd the Rock has come back with a bang!! His first match since Wrestlemania 20 and he has won the chance to become the number one contender.

King: Well what happened there with Flair, he yanked Batista’s leg costing him the match.

Coach: Well I am very surprised at that, Ric Flair clearly screwed his fellow Evolution member

JR: Well what a comeback for the Rock. But that’s all we have for this weeks edition of Raw. Be sure to check up next week edition of Raw. See you next time Folks

The screen fades to Black and the WWE logo is shown

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WWE News

On WWE.com it has been announced that Batista, Edge, Kane, Matt Hardy and Randy Orton have entered the Royal Rumble match. Royal Rumble will take place on the 30th of January.

The Rock's return to the WWE has been reacted by a 50/50 reaction backstage. Some members of the Roster are angry since they think Rock turned his back on the WWE, while others are happy and said he will be a helpful member backstage.

Bret Hart has conducted an interview with Prowrestling.com. He has stated that he might make a appearance in the WWE in the future.

Royal Rumble Card

World Heavyweight Title Triple H(champ) v The Rock

30 man Royal Rumble: Featuring Batista, Edge, Kane, Matt Hardy and Randy Orton plus others.

Smackdown should be up hopefully Monday or Tuesday
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