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World Wrestling Entertainment: Young Blood

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30 Man Royal Rumble Match - CM Punk wins the Rumble
This years Royal Rumble match turns out to be one of the best rumbles in the history as we've seen the returns of Christian, Triple H, The Great Khali and the Undertaker but no one from these guys able to won the match as Nexus leader CM Punk grabbed the opportunity to main event Wrestlemania. With the final four competitors as Punk, Triple H, John Cena and Sheamus, the other members of the Nexus returned to help their Straight Edge leader and outlasted Cena to finally win the Rumble.

WWE Championship - Randy Orton defeated The Miz to become the new champion
Orton overcame the odds and ended the era of The Miz by punting him with the knee to capture the WWE Championship, after some interference from Alex Riley and Michael Cole and a Skull Crushing Finale, Orton still pulled through.

World Heavyweight Championship - Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain
Edge managed to shut a very annoying Ziggler after escaping from a Zigzag and countered it with a devastating Spear.

Alberto del Rio defeated R Truth
In an interpromotional impromptu match, Del Rio beats Truth to showcase his talent and brag it to the 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Shawn Michaels.

Divas Championship - Natalya defeated Melina to retain
Natalya shows her dominance as the champion after putting Melina to a Sharpshooter.​

Monday Night Raw
WWE Champion - Randy Orton
United States Champion - Daniel Bryan
WWE Tag Team Champions - Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
Divas Champion - Natalya

Alex Riley
Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Evan Bourne
Gail Kim
Heath Slater
Husky Harris
Jackson Andrews
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Mark Henry
Michael McGillicutty
Michael Tarver
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Ted DiBiase
The Great Khali
The Miz
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal
Zack Ryder

Friday Night Smackdown
World Heavyweight Champion - Edge
Intercontinental Champion - Kofi Kingston

Alberto Del Rio
Beth Phoenix
Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
Jack Swagger
Joey Mercury
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Michelle McCool
Rey Mysterio
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks
Wade Barrett
Vickie Guerrero
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can u post a roster, champions, ppv list, backstory, ect please? this could be a good thread. i like the results of the rumble, even though most were predictable. i like how adr and rtruth got a non title ,match im the rumble ppv cuz that dosnt happen much and seeing adr out of the rumble match is interesting. good luck and ill follow

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Okay, I thought I should not post the roster since I will be using the current guys for now and as for the PPV's, I have some plans for the future so I won't post it.
you should still post it though, cuz there are some guys that are undecided about wat roster they are on aand if they are hurt or not, for example: heath slater, justin gabriel, joey mercury, evan bourne, paul bearer, ect. i suggest you also put wat tag team there are so it is not just like you have a match and we dont know if the guys are just a random put together or a team. if you dont want to put the roster, at least put if the guy is injured.

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In Focus!

The World Wrestling Entertainment had announced the signing of a new Creative Consultant named Martin Gibson, a 22 year old college drop out who had been a fan of the WWE since he was 7. With the addition of Gibson, there could be some changes with the product as he will be in focus of some storyline and ideas for both brands.

WWE also announced the release of the Usos, Skip Sheffield, Yoshi Tatsu, Rosa Mendes and Trent Baretta.

Announced Card for Monday Night Raw
Triple H vs. King Sheamus
- Triple H returned last night at the Royal Rumble to get his revenge at the Celtic Warrior and eliminated him before he got eliminated by John Cena. Now, the two will square off on Raw and finally settle their differences.

United States Championship - Daniel Bryan will defend the title against Tyson Kidd.
- Daniel Bryan was one of the competitors who did an outstanding performance at the Rumble starting at no. 5 and able to last up to 15 minutes until he was eliminated by Tyson Kidd. After putting the geek champion out the match, Kidd will try to put Daniel Bryan away of the US title.

The Miz is also upset after his losing his WWE Championship last night against the Viper, now he will try to have his rematch clause. Can the Awesome One get his title back this Monday?


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In Focus!

The World Wrestling Entertainment had announced the signing of a new Creative Consultant named Martin Gibson, a 22 year old college drop out who had been a fan of the WWE since he was 7. With the addition of Gibson, there could be some changes with the product as he will be in focus of some storyline and ideas for both brands.

WWE also announced the release of the Usos, Skip Sheffield, Yoshi Tatsu, Rosa Mendes and Trent Baretta.

Announced Card for Monday Night Raw
Triple H vs. King Sheamus
- Triple H returned last night at the Royal Rumble to get his revenge at the Celtic Warrior and eliminated him before he got eliminated by John Cena. Now, the two will square off on Raw and finally settle their differences.

United States Championship - Daniel Bryan will defend the title against Tyson Kidd.
- Daniel Bryan was one of the competitors who did an outstanding performance at the Rumble starting at no. 5 and able to last up to 15 minutes until he was eliminated by Tyson Kidd. After putting the geek champion out the match, Kidd will try to put Daniel Bryan away of the US title.

The Miz is also upset after his losing his WWE Championship last night against the Viper, now he will try to have his rematch clause. Can the Awesome One get his title back this Monday?

Looks good. It annoys me that you had Miz do all that at the Rumble and he still lost. I'd say I wanna see him win it back now but it would just make things worse. Interested to see what comes next. Kidd/Bryan should be good. Sheamus/HHH will hopefully be personal (bloodshed very neccessary)all in all I'm looking forward to it.

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The show opens with a Royal Rumble video package featuring the WWE Championship match where we have seen the end of The Miz' reign as champion after Orton punts him in the head for the win. Then the other half of the video shows the Royal Rumble match that saw the return of Triple H, beating the Celtic Warrior King Sheamus in the whole match and eliminated him the same, but it isn't the main highlight of last night's Rumble as Triple H didn't won the match after getting eliminated by John Cena and it isn't also the former Champ as Punk's followers suddenly came back to help their Straight Edge leader win the Rumble.

Pyros then start to burst around the titantron as Monday Night Raw is about to start as a neck braced Michael Cole started the introductions.

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw! We just started the road to Wrestlemania last night with the Royal Rumble and we've seen a new winner and that's none other than the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk. Hi! I am Michael Cole along with Jerry the King Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: The Royal Rumble has ended with the Nexus standing tall in the ring while my partner Michael Cole here was sent to the hospital after receiving a neck snapping RKO from our new crowned champion, Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: Can you please stop it King, I am trying to forget what happened last night. The Miz was strong last night but Orton found his blindspot and get the opportunity to beat him up.

Punk's theme song then blasts around the titantron as the 2011 Royal Rumble winner comes in the arena with his Nexus followers as the fans throw some boos while they walk down the ramps and enters the ring.

CM Punk: You are now looking at the next World Champion of the WWE!

crowd boos...

CM Punk: Last Night at the Rumble, all of you people are expecting to see John Cena, Rey Mysterio, the returning Triple H and the Undertaker or even John Morrison win the Rumble match but then you all turned silent when you see the Straight Edge Saviour win the match. After eliminating your hometown hero John Cena, you all turned silent and started throwing boos. You see people, John Cena can be compared to your Boston star, Paul Pierce!

crowd boos...

CM Punk: He is the star of the Boston Celtics and helped the team win a ring back in 2008 but now, he's just a washed up guy who can't beat Lakers and in no time, they can be thrown out by Derrick Rose and the Bulls in the Playoffs!

crowd boos much louder...

CM Punk: And now we go back to Cena, he is a 9 time world champion and became the new face of the franchise after Stone Cold Steve Austin hanged up his boots but today, just look at him, he became a Nexus' dog! He keeps losing and losing his matches and he can't get back up after he pulled himself down.

crowd boos...

CM Punk: Cena is no more your superhero! He is no longer the face of the WWE. Cena is nothing but a washed up movie star just like Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme and at Wrestlemania, you are going to see a new era of WWE as it will be the time for Straight Edge....

CM Punk was suddenly cut off when "I Came to Play" hits the speakers and the former WWE Champion, The Miz enters the ring with Alex Riley on his side.

The Miz: I had enough of your talk Punk! I know you are the Royal Rumble winner and you are going to become champion at Wrestlemania but I would like to remind you that Wrestlemania 27 is still 2 months away. So you better wait for your turn before making a huge speech inside this ring.

CM Punk: Oh you're right! I almost forgot I am still have to beat either Edge or Randy Orton at Wrestlemania before I start bragging myself, but wait, why are you here? You are not the champion anymore and I thought you should be now resting in your hospital bed after receiving a .punt from Orton last night!
Alex Riley: You better shut up Punk!

The Miz: Wait A-Rod! Let me handle this! As you see Punk I am here, that only means that I am fine after what happened last night and I am here because I am the former champion and that means I have a power to challenge Randy Orton to a rematch! Unlike you, who .still have to wait until Wrestlemania!

The two continued to argue inside the ring when suddenly the Annonymous GM sent a message to Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Will you two please stop this instance as I received a message from the General Manager.

crowd boos...

Michael Cole: "And I quote!"

crowd boos much louder...

Michael Cole: As The Miz said, CM Punk will have to wait for April 3 as he is about to main event Wrestlemania with whoever champion he is choosing to challenge but we are still not sure if either Edge or Randy Orton will Punk going to face off because before Wrestlemania, we will be having the Elimination Chamber on February 20, where 5 superstars from Raw and Smackdown will challenge the champions inside the the dreaded structure and we are going to have qualifying matches to determine who will enter the Elimination Chamber. As for you Miz, you can use your rematch clause against Randy Orton but not tonight as we are going to see an Extreme Rules match between Triple H and King Sheamus in the main event where the winner will have his spot at the Elimination Chamber, so you can face Orton next week for the WWE Championship.

The Miz: That's good! Alex and I can take the night off and prepare for next week as I am going to regain my title!

Michael Cole: Oh I am sorry Miz, I am still not finish here, because our Annonymous General Manager put Alex Riley to an Elimination Chamber qualifying match against this man...

"The Time is Now" hits as John Cena runs in and tried to attack CM Punk and the Nexus but the Straight Edge Superstar and his followers gets out of the ring before the Chain Gang Warrior arrived inside the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Now, we are going to see John Cena face Alex Riley to an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match. This is going to be great.

Commercial Break.

First Match - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: John Cena vs. Alex Riley w/ The Miz

The match started during the commercial break and as the show goes back on air, we see Alex Riley stomping Cena down the mat gaining the early advantage inside the ring. Riley continues beating down the former champion and as he is about to slam him with a suplex but Cena able to counter it with a snap suplex of his own and started gaining his momentum by beating A-Rod with some massive clotheslines until he finally took him down with a sit-down hip toss then followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena then waits for Riley to get up and he finally connects him with the Attitude Adjustment and then followed by the STF. A-Rod is about to the tap when suddenly Miz enters the ring and kicks Cena at the back of his head, letting the ref end the match via disqualification. The two continues beating their opponent down until the WWE Champion comes in for the save and hits A-Rod with the RKO while Miz manages to escape.

Result: John Cena wins via DQ

Jerry Lawler: A great way to start the show by seeing two of the biggest names in the WWE today.

Michael Cole: Are you talking about CM Punk and The Miz?

Jerry Lawler: Absolutely not! Punk just ran off like a chicken while Miz is almost getting punted again! I am talking about John Cena and Randy Orton and we are still not finish seeing massive superstars tonight as we are going to see the return of the Game Triple H!

Michael Cole: Yes King! Triple H returns by facing King Sheamus in an Extreme Rules Match!

We go inside Daniel Bryan's locker room as he prepares for his US title match against Tyson Kidd.

Brie Bella: So Daniel, are you ready for your match tonight?

Daniel Bryan: Yes Brie! I am just tying up my boots and let's go!

Nikki Bella: If you win your match tonight and retain that United States Championship, I will give you a surprise during our date tonight.

Brie Bella: Wait a sec! I think it's my turn to date Daniel?

Nikki Bella: No, you're not!

Daniel Bryan: Girls! Girls! How about we have another double date with my Rookie, Derrick Bateman?

Bella Twins: NO!

Commercial Break

Second Match - United States Championship: Daniel Bryan w/ the Bellas vs. Tyson Kidd w/ Jackson Andrews

Daniel Bryan's theme hits the arena as the United States Champion arrives the stage along with his escorts, the Bella Twins. The three entered the ring as Tyson Kidd's music hits and the cocky Canadian enters the ring with his big bodyguard Jackson Andrews in his side. Tyson enters the ring with his newest ally intimidating the twins before the match starts. The bell rings and Tyson charges and hits Daniel with a forearm smash to gain the early upperhand. The United States Champion tried to get back up but Tyson knocks him down with a high dropkick and attempts for the pin but Daniel quickly kicks out. Tyson continues beating down the champ with some stomps at the back of his head but the US Champ is still fighting and countered one of Kidd's attack with a big kick to the side of his head.

Kidd stumbles down the mat after that huge kick from Bryan that gave him the chance to get back in the match as he hits his the challenger with a low dropkick to his face before he able to stand up. The US Champ now turned the match to his side as he puts Kidd to a headlock but the challenger manages to escape from his arm and gives Daniel Bryan an irish whip to ropes. Bryan bounces back as Kidd charges and gives him a running heel kick and covers, 1... 2..., but Bryan kicks out. Kidd then grabs Bryan up as the champ counters and stunned his opponent with an European Uppercut. Daniel Bryan then attempts to charge but Tyson Kidd's bodyguard Jackson Andrews distracts the US Champion, giving Kidd the chance to recover and knocks his opponent down with a big clothesline. Kidd then goes at the apron while waiting for Bryan to get up. He goes for a springboard but the US Champion catches him with the LeBell Lock and taps out before his arm gets broken.

Result: Daniel Bryan wins and retains the US Championship

Michael Cole: Daniel Bryan once again stole a victory from a very athletic Tyson Kidd.

Jerry Lawler: What are you talking about Cole? Daniel Bryan just found another victim of his LeBell Lock and how I wish your next!

After that match, we go inside the Nexus' locker room as Punk and the rest of the group decided to take the night off.

CM Punk: Tonight, we go rest the whole night and reflect. As I've told you my people, we only need is faith and trust within and we can surpass any obstacle. Now the New Nexus is facing the biggest opportunity and that is to dominate the WWE that your former leader, Wade Barett failed to do. After Wrestlemania, everyone will all look above your Straight Edge leader as the new World Champion and then we are going to get all of the titles on Raw and put it under the possesion of the Nexus and control the whole WWE in our bare hands.

Commercial Break

We go backstage as we see the United States Champion Daniel Bryan walking at the hallway with the Bellas when suddenly Ted Dibiase attacked him from behind while Maryse takes care of the twins. Dibiase then throws the United States Champion to the wall. The Million Dollar son the leave the champ down the floor as his girl prepares for her tag match.

Third Match - Divas Champion Natalya and Eve vs. Melina and Maryse

Paparazzi plays and Melina enters the stage with Maryse and the two walk down the red carpet and to the ring. Then New Foundation hits the speakers as the team of the Divas Champion, Natalya and Eve Torres makes their way to the ring. The match starts with both Melina and Maryse work on Eve, trying put the Diva out of the tag match. Melina then hooks Eve up for a suplex but she manages to escape and tags in her partner, Natalya. Melina quickly runs back to her corner and tags in Maryse as Natalya runs toward and hits the French Canadian with a clothesline. Melina tried to help her partner only to get hit by a dropkick from Natalya. With Melina got knocked out of the ring, Natalya capitalizes the Sharpshooter and Maryse taps out.

Result: Eve and the Divas Champion Natalya wins

We then go backstage as Scott Stanford is standing in front of the camera.

Scott Stanford: Hi! I am Scott Stanford and with me at this time is King Sheamus!

crowd boos...

Scott Stanford: King Sheamus, tonight you are going to face the man you put into sidelines for almost the rest of 2010, the Game Triple H in an Extreme Rules match and whoever wins will get a spot at the Elimination Chamber. Are you ready to face the Game tonight?

King Sheamus: What kind of question is that Scott? Let me remind you, you are talking to the 2010 King of the Ring, the Celtic Warrior! I have already beaten Triple H in the past and I would be happy to take him down again and go in to the Elimination Chamber and regain the WWE Championship. You all people might be happy to see the Game made his surprise comeback at the Rumble but he will leave again because tonight the King of Kings will bow down at the Celtic King!

After the interview, the scene jumps off to the Nexus' locker room as their Straight Edge Leader is about to end his preaching.

CM Punk: And now, let us all raise are arms up and close our eyes while repeating what I am saying. We the Nexus... with the power of trust and faith, we are going to be the strongest group ever to control the WWE Universe!

Some members are buying what Punk is saying as they repeat it while Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater look at each other and shook their head in shame.

Commercial Break

Main Event - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Extreme Rules Match: King Sheamus vs. Triple H

Written In My Face plays as the 2010 King of the Ring, the Celtic Warrior, King Sheamus enters the stage and receives some tough boos from the crowd. Sheamus walks down the ramp and mocks some of his opponent's taunts before he enters the ring and waits for the Game. After a long anticipation, the Game suddenly blasts down the speakers as the fans go wild for the arrival of Triple H. The Game did his usual entrance ritual but the Celtic King can't wait as he attacked the Game at the apron and he lands face first to the barricades. Sheamus then rolls out of the ring and starts attacking Triple H but the Game countered and he whips Sheamus to the steel post and he throws him back in the ring while he looks for something under the apron and found his favorite toy, the Sledgehammer. The crowd goes wild as Triple H attempts to smash his opponent's head with the hammer but Sheamus manages to counter by kicking him at the gut and then he knocks him down with a Polish hammer. An angered Sheamus then starts stomping his opponent and then he grabs the Sledgehammer. The Celtic King is about to swing the hammer as Triple H attacks him with a spear that let the hammer toss out of the ring. Triple H then starts throwing his fist against his opponent's face before he puts him at the corner and starts giving him some knife edge chops to his chest.

Triple H then pulls Sheamus away of the corner and beats him down with a clothesline and covers but the Celtic Warrior quickly kicks out. Triple H then grabs his opponent back to his feet as Sheamus fights back with a boot and knocks the Game down. Triple H tries to get up as the Celtic Warrior kicks him to his jaw. Sheamus to rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair beside the announcer, Justin Roberts. He returns back in the ring and smacks the chair a at the Game's back. Sheamus continues beating HHH with the chair before he goes for the cover but his opponent kicks out. Sheamus then grabs the Game up and hits him with an uppercut. Sheamus continues to gain some momentum against his opponent until the Game fights back after rebounding from the irish whip and knocks Sheamus with the high knee. This time, the Game did some paybacks as he grabs the chair from the mat and he blasted it at the Celtic Warrior's back. After giving Sheamus some chair shots, it seems the Game is still not satisfied as he rolls out of the ring to get his Sledgehammer. Triple H enters back in the ring and as he is about to use the Sledgehammer, Sheamus counters and knocks the Game down with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus puts Triple H between his legs and he lifts him up for the Celtic Cross but the Game slips away. The King of Kings then attempts his own finisher but Sheamus also manages to escape and knocks HHH down with a massive clothesline. HHH gets up as his opponent charges only to get caught by a Swinging Spinebuster. Sheamus then slowly gets up as Triple H grabs his Sledgehammer and he finally use it to Sheamus gut and then he connects the Pedigree for the cover, 1... 2... 3... and Triple H wins the match.

Result: Triple H wins, earning himself a spot at the Elimination Chamber.

Michael Cole: What a match King! We have just seen the return of Triple H with a big win against King Sheamus. Now, we will see him inside the Elimination in 4 weeks!

Jerry Lawler: The Game once again hunts the WWE Championship, and we are going to see him back in his throne in no time.

Michael Cole: This has been a huge Royal Rumble aftermath! This has been one hell of a night! I am Michael Cole with Jerry the King Lawler and next week the WWE Universe are going to see The Miz regain his WWE Championship!​

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Smackdown Preview

The Undertaker Returns with one thing in mind, Revenge
Last Sunday at the Royal Rumble, we have seen the return of the Phenom inside the Rumble match to get his hands off the his brother. The Undertaker never thought of the chance to win the match to main event Wrestlemania as he throws Kane over top rope with him and the two break loose at the ringside until Kane manages to escape from the grips of his brother. Now, Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long decided to end the chapter between the two grueling brothers and he knows how to end this as he scheduled the two to a Casket Match on the next Smackdown. Can the Phenom finally get his revenge or will the demented Kane finally puts his brother to retirement.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match on Smackdown
On Raw, we have seen John Cena and Triple H got their slots inside the Elimination to get their chance to become a WWE Champion again. Now, some of the potential Smackdown Superstars will try get their place inside the Elimination Chamber. Who among our Smackdown favorites will join World Heavyweight Champion, Edge inside the dreaded structure.


In Focus!
There are some rumors that the 1st man to be inducted in the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame, Shawn Michaels will have his very last match at Wrestlemania 27. WWE.com hinted this possibility as they posted a poll on their website with the question:

If ever Shawn Michaels return inside the ring for his last match, who would you like to see him face?

a.) Triple H
b.) Rey Mysterio
c.) The Rock

Former TNA X Division Champion, Petey Williams have posted in his website that he signed a long term contract from the WWE. He told his fans that he is very happy and excited to be a part of the WWE and he was really surprised that the company still had interest in though he is now 29 years. He also posted through his site that he may be put to the main roster immediately without entering the company's development territory, FCW. There are also some rumors that WWE are also interested in signing former TNA wrestlers, Christopher Daniels and Homicide which are both currently working at Ring of Honor.

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The show opens with a Royal Rumble video package featuring the World Heavyweight Championship where the challenger, Dolph Ziggler was unable to get the win against Edge after a mistake move by his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero. The we go to Royal Rumble match and have seen the return of Christian trying to win the Rumble but was cut short after getting eliminated by Sheamus. Another Smackdown Superstar made his return at the Royal Rumble and it was The Undertaker. The Phenom made his surprise comeback inside the Rumble match but his focus is not to main event Wrestlemania as he gets his hands off his brother Kane, costing him to be eliminated as well. The two brothers continued to battle out of the ring until the officials tried to stop them.

Pyros then start to burst around the titantron as Friday Night Smackdown starts with Michael Cole, Joey Matthews and Matt Striker.

Joey Matthews: Welcome everybody to Smackdown, I am with Joey Matthews along with Matt Striker and one of the greatest announcer's in all time, Michael Cole.

Matt Striker: What's up with the introductions, Josh?

Michael Cole: Why? he's right! I am the best announcer ever, and as Joey said you are tuning on Friday Night Smackdown, the first Smackdown episode after the Royal Rumble. Last Sunday, we have seen Edge retained his World Heavyweight Championship and the biggest Royal Rumble match ever with the returning Undertaker who will also be here tonight as he faces his demented brother, Kane in a casket match.

While Cole is talking in the announcer's booth, an angry Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero appear in the stage and annoys the crowd with her screeching voice while they walked down the ramps and inside the ring.

Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE ME!

crowd boos...

Vickie Guerrero: I said EXCUSE ME!

crowd boos...

Vickie Guerrero: You see last night, my man Dolph Ziggler is this very close in capturing the World Heavyweight Champion until your champion managed to outsmart Dolph here. I say the match is a fluke and we demand a rematch!

crowd boos...

Dolph Ziggler: You see! Your champion is nothing but a cheap opportunist! You should never credit him of being a 10 time champion because he got all of those by being a cheap opportunist!

The crowd are against Dolph and Vickie's challenge as "Just Close Your Eyes" plays and the returning Christian arrives the stage, receiving some cheers from the crowd. Captain Charisma then walks down the ramps and enters the ring to confront the couple.

Christian: What's with all this commotion? I just arrived inside my locker room and I here pig squeals coming from the arena.

crowd pops...

Christian: You see Dolph! Whatever you do, you already had your title opportunity last sunday at the Royal Rumble and unable to accomplish it.

Vickie Guerrero: You are wrong! My Dolph here got screwed by Edge last sunday and as Smackdown's Official Consultant, I am demanding a title rematch tonight against Edge.

Christian: So you think he got screwed? Well, can we see the footage from last sunday and see if Dolph here really got screwed by Edge at the Rumble.

A video footage was shown from last sunday and we see Vickie climbing up the apron to distract Edge with his squealing as Dolph charges in but failed to attack Edge with his own version of spear as the champ evades and instead he hits his girlfriend. Ziggler then turns around and got struck by Edge's spear for the win.

Christian: You see Ziggler! It's more like Vickie screwed you instead of Edge!

Dolph Ziggler: Shut up Christian! Why are you here in the first place? As far as I remember, the last time we saw you is that you are tapping from Alberto Del Rio's armbar! You are not on the same level with me, a contender for the top prize! You see Christian, you will never get a title shot like me and I know you are jealous about it! I can become a World Heavyweight Champion before you ever become one if it will ever happen!

crowd boos...

Christian: You may be right Ziggler! You became a contender for the World Heavyweight Champion while I am still here trying to climb up the top, trying to prove to this fans that I am Championship material...

crowd cheers...

Christian: But after tonight, when I get my hands of you Ziggler, I am going to get my chance to be in a title match.

Dolph Ziggler: Oh! I would love to face you tonight Christian but not tonight, because I have much bigger fish to catch and that is to challenge Edge to a rematch.

The crowd didn't liked Ziggler backing out from Christian's challenge and so does Smackdown General Manager, as he shows up in the stage.

Teddy Long: Wait just a sec playa! I know you are in a relationship with Smackdown's Consultant but that doesn't mean you two can run this show. Let me remind you that I am the one running Smackdown!

crowd cheers...

Teddy Long: Dolph Ziggler, you are going to get your another title shot but in one condition, you need to beat Christian because tonight, I am going to schedule you two in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match! So how 'bout you give me a hola hola!

Josh Matthews: What a big announcement from Teddy Long! Christian and Dolph Ziggler will go toe to toe tonight in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match!

Matt Striker: And looks like Vickie isn't happy about the announcement!

Michael Cole: She should be unhappy! His man is the perfection! He almost beat Edge last night and he should have his rematch! While Christian failed to win the Rumble!

We then go backstage and see Drew McIntyre preparing for his own Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match.

Drew McIntyre: I assure you Kelly... I am going out in that ring to face Rey Mysterio and win that Elimination Chamber match!

Kelly Kelly: Well good luck Drew, I just wish you don't get enrage when you loss out there.

Drew McIntyre: I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE!!!! Uh... I am sorry Kelly! I told you I am now a changed man, I am going out there and beat Rey Mysterio to get my spot inside the Elimination Chamber.

Commercial Break

"Broken Dreams" hits as Drew McIntyre enters with Kelly Kelly and the fans start throwing some boos to the Sinister Scotsman while the two walks down the ramps and into the ring. The young "Chosen One" then waits for his opponent until "Booyaka 619" plays the arena and the fan favorite, Rey Mysterio enters to try get his spot inside the Elimination Chamber.

First Match - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Drew McIntyre w/ Kelly Kelly vs. Rey Mysterio

The match starts with Drew trying to get the upperhand but the former World Heavyweight Champion is just too fast for him and tried to counter every move the Scotsman is trying to do. Mysterio's quickness comes to an end after the young Scotsman took him down with a big clothesline. This started McIntyre to be on hold against his opponent, putting Rey down with his technical abilities. The masked marvel tries to fight back but he got knocked off by McIntyre with the big boot and covers, 1... 2... and Rey kicks out. Drew then grabs his opponent back to his feet and knocks him off with a clothesline and covers, 1... 2... and the masked marvel kicks out again. Drew then tries to finish the match off as he applies a butterly on Rey but then he counters with a couple of kicks to the Scotsman's thighs. Drew gets furious and attacked Mysterio only to get hit by the knee with a low dropkick from Mysterio. Mysterio runs off as McIntyre catches him with the STO. Drew then whips his opponent to the ropes and Mysterio rebounds with a hurracarana on Drew to the second ropes. Rey then runs and hits McIntyre with the 619 followed by a big splash and covers, 1... 2... 3.. and Rey Mysterio wins the match.

Result: Rey Mysterio wins and qualifies at the Elimination Chamber

Rey celebrates his victory as the Scotsman gets up and attacked him from behind. Drew starts stomping Mysterio out of the mat and he lifts him up for a Scots Drop but he failed after Rey escapes from the butterfly lock and he knocked him down with a big dropkick. Rey then leaves the ring as an upset McIntyre enrages inside the ring, punching the mat with his fist.

Michael Cole: What a disappointing night for Drew McIntyre!

Matt Striker: He is ready to get his chance to be inside the Elimination Chamber until he got hit by a 619. Poor kid!

We the go inside Christian's locker room as he prepares for his match against Dolph Ziggler when the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge to check out his friend.

Edge: Glad to see you back bro!

Christian: I know! I really hate when I am on the couch watching you won the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge: Nah! It's alright! Uhmmm... Well, good luck with your match tonight!

Christian: Thanks, and you better prepare to defend that title when I get qualified inside the Elimination Chamber.

Edge: I know and I tell you, it won't be that easy!

Commercial Break

Michelle McCool: Teddy! It's been overdue now! We need to get our title back!

Layla El: Ya right! We need those Diva's title 'coz it really fits Michelle's eyes!

Michelle McCool: Oh really!

Layla El: Really!

Teddy Long: What are you talking about?

Michelle McCool: It's about that Diva's Championship belt! You need to send us to Raw, Teddy and we are going to get the title out of Natalya.

Teddy Long: But you lost that belt to Natalya! She beated you fair and square way back at the Survivor Series.

Michelle McCool: We all know about that, but let us face the fact that LayCool is the most dominating women in the WWE today and we are more deserving to that title compared those hogs, Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

Teddy Long: Okay, then how about you prove it that you are really worthy to become a Diva's Champion again. Next week, I will put you in a No. 1 Contender's Match against the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix...

crowd cheers...

Michelle McCool: What!? You have got to be kidding me! That girl just broke my nails the last time we face off!

Layla El: Yeah! She's not a girl Teddy! She's a beast I tell you!

Second Match - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Christian

"I am Perfection" hits and Dolph Ziggler enters the stage with his girl, the Smackdown Consultant Vickie Guerrero accompanied and escorted him in the ring. Then "Just Close Your Eyes" plays and the fan favorite, Christian enters the stage with cheers coming from the fans. The bell rings and the match starts with Ziggler attacking Christian from behind to gain the upperhand. Ziggler continues beating Capatian Charisma down the mat and starts working on his surgically repaired arm. Ziggler applies an armbar on Christian as Vickie just smiles and cheers at the corner. Christian tries to get up and escape from the hold as Ziggler stomped his shoulder. Ziggler then grabs his opponent back to his feet as he surprises him with a European Uppercut. Ziggler walks back as Christian follows him and gives him some couple of backhand chops to the chest until he leans at the turnbuckle. Christian then charges as Ziggler escapes from the corner. Ziggler is now the one to charge as Christian counters him with a pendulum kick. Captain Charisma then grabbed his opponent as he attempts to put him into the Killswitch but Ziggler shoves him away and he quickly rolls out of the ring.

Vickie then approaches Ziggler to check him out as Christian quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and jumps off for a crossbody but his opponent quickly escapes, leaving his woman getting knocked out. Christian then checks on Vickie as Ziggler takes the opportunity to attack his defenseless opponent. Ziggler then throws Christian back in the ring and he jumps in and gives him an elbow drop. Ziggler continue to get the upperhand at the middle of the match while Vickie has been attended by the medics. The "blonde bastard" then grabs his opponent back to his feet and gives him a whiplash to the corner. Dolph has the momentum once again until Christian escapes from a clothesline coming from him. Christian then drags Ziggler to the ropes as he counters and slams him down with a Leg drop bulldog. Ziggler then waits for his opponent to get up and he goes for a Zigzag attempt but Captain Charisma escapes and turns to his back for another Killswitch attempt but Ziggler escapes with an elbow straight to his jaw. Ziggler then once again turns to his back and quickly wraps his arms around his waits as he throws him with the German Suplex. Christian lands on his feet and he finally connects the Killswitch and covers, 1.. 2... 3...

Result: Christian wins and gets his spot at the Elimination Chamber

Matt Striker: What a return from Christian! He is now entering the Elimination Chamber.

Michael Cole: These two just did an impressive performance but at the end, Dolph Zigger failed to get his another title opportunity after Christian beat him.

Joey Matthews: Thus this mean, Ziggler will go back in the line?

Michael Cole: That won't took awhile! Since our Smackdown Consultant is in his side!

Joey Matthews: Well, we are just on the half of the show as we are still going to see one more Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match and don't miss our main event tonight as we go see the return of The Undertaker against the man who buried him alive, his own brother, Kane!

Commercial Break

After the commercials, we go backstage and see former World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger confronts the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

Jack Swagger: Next week Kofi, I am going to face you in an Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match. I may be coming this short in winning that Intercontinental Championship from but next week I am going to beat you for the bigger prize! A chance to become 2 time World Heavyweight Champion!

Kofi Kingston: Enough of the talk, Jack! Let's just meet in the ring next week and see who is much deserving for that spot.

Jack Swagger: Say all you want! Next week, I am going to break your ankle!

We then go back the arena as "End of Days" plays and Wade Barrett enters the stage and walks down the ramp for a chance to be inside the Elimination Chamber. Wade then enters the ring and waits for his still unknown opponent. Then "Crank it Up" hits the speakers as Wade Barrett was totally surprised after revealing Big Show as his opponent.

Third Match - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show

The match starts with Big Show gaining the early momentum by tossing his large opponent around. Wade tries to fight back but Big Show keeps him down. Wade then finally found a way to knock off the Biggest Athlete by kicking both his knees. This starts Barrett to gain the momentum as he tries to injure Big Show's log like thighs. Wade then tries to put the big man in a Boston Crab but he's just too heavy for him as he got kicked out by the World's Largest Athlete. Big Show tries to get up but Wade gives him a boot to his knees. After wearing the Big Show out, Wade tries to lift the Giant for a Wasteland but Big Show counters by giving his opponent a huge elbow to the side of his jaw. Barrett goes mad as he rolls out of the ring to get a steel chair under the apron. Wade then confronts his opponent with chair as Big Show just punches it out of his hands. The Big Show then grabs Wade by the neck for a Choke Slam attempt when suddenly from nowhere, Raw's Ezekiel Jackson comes in the ring to interfere. The referee tries to stop the big man from entering the ring as Wade quickly counters his opponent with low blow. Big Show kneeled down as Wade grabs the chair and smacks it at the giant's massive back. The former Nexus leader then goes for the pin as Ezekiel Jackson jumps out of the apron and let the referee to turn his focus back in the match and does the count, 1... 2... 3... and Wade did an upset against the Big Show

Result: Wade Barrett wins with some help from the returning Ezekiel Jackson

Michael Cole: What in the hell Ezekiel Jackson's doing here? He's from Raw!

Matt Striker: Ezekiel Jackson just helped Wade Barrett to earned himself a spot inside the Elimination Chamber by beating the Big Show!

Joey Matthews: What ever this means, looks like Wade Barrett just hired Ezekiel Jackson.

After the match, Ezekiel Jackson enters the ring and stared down on Barrett. Big Show gets up as the former ECW Champion strucks him down with a big clothesline.

Michael Cole: And looks like this two are not yet finish with the Big Show!

The two then stands up at the center of the in the ring raising their hands while an unconcious Big Show is lying down the mat.

We then go backstage as the former World Heavyweight Champion, Kane is walking down the hallway with a sinister look on his face as he goes face to face with the Undertaker.

Commercial Break

Main Event - Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Kane

We return after the commercials as we see the casket has been already set up in the arena. "Man in Fire" then plays as the demented Kane enters the stage with only thing in his mind, and that is to beat his brother again. Kane enters the ring, he calls out the flame then waited for his brother to appear. "Rest in Peace" then hits the speakers and the light suddenly turned dark and fogs appears out of the stage and when it clears, the Phenom finally arrived and fans started to cheer as the Undertaker slowly walks down the ramp. The Deadman then enters the ring, signalling for the lights to go back and confronts Kane at the center of the ring. The bell rings and an angry Kane started to beat up his older brother, trying to put him down but the Deadman fights back and chokes the Big Red Machine but then he countered by kicking him in the gut and then planted him with the DDT. Kane had dominated the early phase of the match the Undertaker isn't standing at all after receiving some strong punches and elbows to the back of his head. Kane then lifts his brother up to his shoulders for a Snake Eyes attempt but the Deadman manages to escape and counters his brother with a Big Boot. This started the Undertaker to put his side on the match as he works on his brother's arm with different holds.

The Deadman then tries to break Kane's arm as he attempts for an Old Schoot at the ropes but then Kane manages to escape by pulling his brother out off the ropes. This gives Kane back the momentum as he hits a boot down to the Undertaker before it gets up. Kane then rolls under the ropes as he gets a steel chair under the apron. The Big Red Machine gets back in the ring while his brother tries to get up and the ever demented Kane bangs a chair shot to the Undertaker's back. Kane smacks another chair shot but this didn't wear Undertaker down but instead it makes him much angrier as he stands back with a vicious look but then Kane just shut him down with a massive Big Boot. Kane wants this to end as he grabs his opponent back to his feet and attempts to hit his brother with the Chokeslam but the Deadman counters by grabbing the Big Red Machine by the throat. Kane escapes by raking his brother's eye and he whips him to the ropes. The Undertaker then rebounds back and knocks Kane with a flying clothesline. The Undertaker then grabs his brother up to his shoulder and throws him down the turnbuckle with the Snake Eyes. The Deadman then quickly runs to the ropes and bounces back with a massive clothesline to the Big Red Machine. The Undertaker then drags his opponent near the casket as the officials opened it but Kane returns back to his senses and quickly rolls away of the casket.

The Deadman then tries to get his brother back as Kane stands up and counters him with an uppercut to his throat. Kane then grabs the Deadman by his throat and he finally gives him the Chokeslam. Kane then quickly drags his opponent near the casket but the Deadman counters and wraps him up withe the Hell's Gate. Kane tries to escape as he uses his legs to drag himself out of the ring. Kane gets up as his brother runs for a suicide dive but failed as the Big Red Machine jumps out of it. Kane then grabs his opponent back to his feet and he slams his head to the casket and then he throws him back in the ring. Kane then slides back as his brother tries to get up. Kane grabs his opponent by the throat and attempts to throw him down the casket with a Chokeslam but the Deadman once again escapes and counters Kane with a Last Ride attempt. Kane manages to escape and gives his brother a Big Boot. The Big Red Machine then slits his throat, signalling for a Tombstone. Kane lifts his brother up to his shoulder and sets him up for the Piledriver but then the Deadman reverses it and he plants down the Tombstone Piledriver to his brother. Undertaker then asks the referees to open the casket and he drags his brother inside and closes it to end the match.

Result: The Undertaker puts his brother in the casket

Joey Matthews: Kane was just sent in the casket! The Undertaker wins it!

Michael Cole: What a match! This two have gone toe to toe but then at the end, the Deadman stands tall and ended another chapter to this gruelling feud of the Brothers of Destruction.

Matt Striker: With Elimination Chamber is fast approaching, there is no doubt that the Undertaker's next plan is to regain his World Heavyweight Championship.

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Raw Preview

Randy Orton defends the WWE Championship against then-champion Miz in a Royal Rumble rematch
Last week, an irate Miz showed up to publicly using his rematch clause against the new champion, Randy Orton which was scheduled by the Annonymous General Manager for this week's main event. The unknown General Manager also announced at WWE.com that whatever happens at that night's main event, both Randy Orton and The Miz will join Triple H, John Cena and the other two men who will earn their spots in the Elimination Chamber. Who will stand tall after this week's main event? Can the Viper able to enter the chamber as the champion or will the Miz recapture the WWE Championship and have his dream of main eventing Wrestlemania.

Two more Qualifying matches for the Elimination Chamber
This week we are going to see two more superstars to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. It was said that John Morrison and a member of the New Nexus will be scheduled in the said matches, while the qualified Triple H and John Cena will just wait and see who will be their other competitors inside the dreaded steel structure.

Daniel Bryan meets up the Million Dollar Couple
After a successful title defense against Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan was attacked by Ted Dibiase from behind trying to prove his girl, Maryse that he is not a loser. This week, Daniel Bryan will confront Ted Dibiase inside the ring. Can the United States Champion find some payback from the assault that Fortunate Son did to him.​

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The show opens with a video footage of last week's show featuring the Royal Rumble winner, CM Punk telling the fans a new era after Wrestlemania as he will go to the main event of the said event to become champion. Then it was announced that there will be an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship where former champions, John Cena and Triple H have already earned their spot. Then it was also featured some highlights from the Extreme Rules rematch between the Game and the Celtic King that ended with Triple H standing tall.

Pyros then starts bursting around the titantron as Monday Night Raw starts its opening

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to the best show during monday nights, WWE Monday Night Raw! We are almost 2 weeks away to Elimination Chamber but the WWE Champion, Randy Orton still has a challenge before the PPV as he go face the former champion, The Miz in a rematch.

Jerry Lawler: And we are still going to see 2 more Qualifying Matches for the Elimination Chamber as our Annonymous GM announced that whatever happens to our main event tonight, both Randy Orton and The Miz will join the other four superstars inside the Elimination Chamber.

"Ain't No Make Believe" then hits as the fan favorite John Morrison enters the stage with his usual slow mo entrance. The Monday Night Delight walks down the ramp for his upcoming Elimination Chamber Qualifying match without knowing who will he face. The young superstar waits inside the ring for his opponent. Then "Break the Walls" blasted the speakers, and not only the Shaman of Sexy was surprise but also the fans as the get off their seats to see the return of the Best in the World at what he does, Chris Jericho. The fans cheered for his shocking return but this was ignored by the superstar as he heads up in the ring to face off Morrison.

First Match - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho enters the ring with fierce look on Morrison while the Shaman of Sexy extends his hands, welcoming him back but he answers back with a slap to the face. Jericho then starts putting his opponent to the clinic and an early Walls of Jericho attempt but Morrison manages to escape and kicks his opponent out. He then quickly gets up and gives Jericho a slap on his face as well then followed by a roundhouse kick. Morrison shows his technical side by putting his opponent down the mat with an armdrag but Jericho reverses it and slams his opponent down. The two exchange momentums until Chris hits the Shaman with a running back elbow. This started Jericho having the upperhand and tries to insult the young superstar with some slaps to the back of his head. Chris is still on control until Morrison counters a chop from Jericho and he whips him to the corner and charges with a high dropkick to the chest of Jericho.

The Monday Night Delight now has the momentum after dropping some kicks to Jericho and then he knocks him down with a snapmare then followed by a knee smash to his chest. Morrison then quickly goes to the corner for the Starship Pain but Jericho rolls out of the way and the Guru of Greatness crashes down. Jericho then waits for his opponent to get up and connects him with the single hand bulldog but Morrison shoves him away and when he returned, Morrison knocks him down with a Pele Kick. Morrison then waits for his opponent to get up and as Jericho is back to his feet, he runs to the rope and jumps for a Flying Chuck but Jericho able to block it with his forearm. Morrison falls down the mat as Jericho quickly attempts to put his opponent to the Walls of Jericho but he escapes. Morrison gets up and he goes at the apron while waiting for Jericho to get up. The Lionheart is finally up as Morrison goes for a springboard and Jericho counters him with the Code Breaker in mid air and covers, 1... 2... 3... and Jericho wins the match.

Result: Chris Jericho wins after giving Morrison a Code Breaker from mid air.

Jerry Lawler: What a huge comeback from Chris Jericho and that ending is definitely going to be a highlight in the future!

Michael Cole: After almost 5 months of hiatus, the Best in the World at what he does, Chris Jericho returns in the ring and earned himself a title opportunity inside the Elimination Chamber.

After the match, we go see Smackdown's Alberto Del Rio at the backstage.

Alberto Del Rio: Hi! My name is Alberto Del Rio and you are looking at the next best superstar in Smackdown! You have seen me make an impact in my debut by breaking Rey Mysterio's arm and other known superstars in the WWE. I have destined to become a fastest rising stars not only in Smackdown but also here in Raw but then there is someone who tried to insult me by giving me a Sweet Chin Music.

crowd cheers...

Alberto Del Rio: He made a surprise appearance on Raw after we found out that he will be inducted in WWE Hall of Fame yet he has still nothing to prove to be a Hall of Fame. His legacy is nothing but a fraud, he have been cheated and double crossed many people in the WWE just to gain popularity. He betrayed his friends and stepped on others just to get numerous titles in his resume. He is known as Mr. Wrestlemania but he lost many championship opportunities in that event, he also lost not only once but twice to the Undertaker failing to end his streak. You see people, you are blinded by his boyish looks and charming smile but to tell you the truth his legacy in this business is nothing but a piece of trash compared to my "7 month career" here in the WWE. I tell you people, if I met Shawn Michaels again in this ring, I wil not let him hit me again with his signature kick! I will break his arm and totally break his so called legacy!

Alberto Del Rio's music then hits in background and it drew a huge heat from the fans after dissing one of the best wrestlers in the business.

The camera then shows us the hallway as we see the New Nexus heading to the arena before the commercial break.

Commercial Break

Scott Stanford: I am standing by with the returning Chris Jericho who just have won a qualifying match to enter the Elimination Chamber. You see Chris the fans here are alive again after seeing you return the WWE after a 5 month hiatus.

Chris Jericho: I don't care what this hypocrites, this bottom feeders react about my return. I am here today not because of them but because of one thing. While I took a long rest and prepared for my surprise return here in this company, I watched my match from last year's Wrestlemania where I successfully defended my World Heavyweight Championship. That made me think that at Elimination Chamber, I am going to repeat history and win the match to become once again champion. Then there goes Wrestlemania 27, I will make a headline, I will make another history, I am going to defend my title whoever is the challenger and become one of the greatest performers in Wrestlemania history.

Chris Jericho leaves the area as we go back inside the ring and see Mark Henry standing at the middle waiting for his opponent. "Pain" then hits and the Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov enters the ring with his fellow WWE Tag Team Champion, Santino Marella. The two enters the ring to confront the World's Largest Man when the Nexus' theme plays and the New Nexus arrives the arena receiving some large boos coming from the crowd.

CM Punk: Our Annonymous General Manager had informed us that one member of the Nexus will be joining tonight's last Qualifying Match for the Elimination Chamber, and as the leader of this group. I am going to pick who among my members will join this two worthless individuals in a triple threat match.

CM Punk looked at his members which all are anticipating that they will got picked. The Straightedge leader then pointed out David Otunga. The A-lister walks forward to his leader, thanking him while the others are in disappointment.

CM Punk: Congratulations Dave, I've chosen you to be the man! Now go on and make us proud.

David Otunga then walks down the ramp and heads up to the ring when he noticed his other members are just standing at the stage looking at him. He turned confuse as he thinks that they will accompany him during the match.

CM Punk: Now David! Let us see if you have learned something to what I have taught you last week. It's all about faith David! Have faith and trust in yourself! We are going to leave you and just watch in our locker room and see how you beat this two large men and get advance in the Elimination Chamber.

David was shocked and a bit upset seeing his team leaving him behind while he is about to face two of Raw's intimidating monsters.

Second Match - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Mark Henry vs. Vladimir Kozlov w/ Santino Marella vs. David Otunga

The bell rings as a nervous David Otunga enters the ring while looking at his competitors. The three looks at one another until Otunga tries to take out one of his opponents but then failed after Henry knocks him down with a headbutt. After unabling to put down one of his big opponents, Otunga was thrown out of the ring by Vladimir Kozlov with a military press. Mark Henry then attacks Kozlov and the starts battling inside the ring. The two tried to outpower the other as they start exchanging some punches. Kozlov gained the upperhand in throwing some punches and then he attempts to take Henry down with a scoop slam but he failed after he got shoved by the World's Strongest Man. Kozlov stands up and they continue their match with Otunga is still nowhere to be found. Henry then applies a Bear Hug at the Moscow Mauler but then he able to escape after giving him a stunning headbutt. Kozlov then rebounds himself to the ropes and puts Henry down to his knees with a big boot. The Moscow Mauler comes again as Henry catches him with the World's Strongest Slam. Henry goes for the cover when suddenly David Otunga returns back in the ring with a steel chair and he slams it to his back. Henry rolls out of the ring in pain as Otunga covers the Kozlov, 1... 2... 3... and David Otunga steals a victory.

Result: David Otunga earns his Elimination Chamber spot

After the match, we go backstage with Scott Stanford for his next interview

Scott Stanford: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guet at this time, The Game! Triple H!

crowd cheers...

Scott Stanford: Triple H, you made a surprise return at Royal Rumble and then you defeated the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus last week in an Extreme Rules match for payback where you also earned a spot at the Elimination Chamber. Now, may I know what's next and your plans for the upcoming Wrestlemania?

Triple H: Wrestlemania! I almost forgot about that! You see Scott, to tell you the truth, I almost forgot about Wrestlemania. I wanted to return just to get my hands on Sheamus so for the past five months, I focused on my rehabilitation and I become stronger than ever just to beat that red haired albino and take him down just like what he did to me. As for your question, the next for the Game is nothing but to get back what is mine, WWE Championship and at Elimination Chamber, all of them will bow down to the King of Kings!

The crowd goes on cheering Triple H when the former champion, The Miz butts in with his lackey, Alex Riley.

The Miz: Ha! Ha! Ha! Are you trying to pull a joke Hunter? You say we are going to bow down at you? Well, it isn't 2000 anymore! You are nothing but a washed up has been who keeps trying to get out of retirement! The WWE Universe had forgot about you! They don't remember you anymore because there's a new face here and you are looking at him right now.

Triple H: Oh! I believed this is a PG show but I have no idea that it is now running by two clowns, but wait, if you are the "new face" of Monday Nights, what is your proof? Oh wait! I almost forgot! You gave it your WWE Championship away and now you are whining just like a baby! It is true this is a PG show!

crowd laughs...

The Miz: Say all you want Hunter! After tonight's main event, I will get my title back and at the Elimination Chamber! I am going to eliminate you first, 'coz I am The Miz and I am.....

Triple H: You better bring it, because if you fail, you're going to face the consequences.

Commercial Break

We return from the break as "Ride of the Valkyries" hits and the United States Champion, Daniel Bryan arrives the arena with Eve Torres and the jealous Bella Twins. Then "I Come from Money" plays the speakers and the couple of Ted Dibiase and Maryse enter the ring.

Third Match - Mixed Tag Match: Daniel Bryan and Eve w/ Bella Twins vs. Ted Dibiase and Maryse

The match starts with the United States Champion having the early going as he put his opponent in different holds as the Fortunate Son counters with every dirty tactics he had. Ted continues to put his opponent down until Bryan whips him back to his corner and he tags with Eve. Ted then tags in Maryse and the two Divas brawl inside the ring. Eve then ducks out from a kick by Maryse and she fights back with an elbow to her jaw. The former Diva Search Winner then attempts for a standing moonsault but Maryse counters her with a school girl and she kicks out. Eve gets up as Marsye hits her with the French TKO. The french femme fatale than lifts her opponent up for a French Kiss but Eve escapes from the hold and he knocks her with a clothesline that ended both of them crawling back to their partner for a tag. Maryse gets the tag first and Ted quickly enters the ring as Eve also made the tag and the United States Champion charges and takes his opponent down with a hip toss. Ted then gets up as Bryan hits him with a boot to the face. The champ then waits for his opponent to get up when suddenly Tyson Kidd appears and tried to interfere in the match but Daniel Bryan knocked him down with a forearm. This gives the Fortunate Son to recover and he catches a defenseless Bryan with the Dream Street and covers. 1... 2... 3... and the Fortunate couple wins the match.

Result: Ted Dibiase and Maryse won the match with some help from Tyson Kidd

Michael Cole: Tyson Kidd did some payback from last week and screwed the United States Champion!

Jerry Lawler: He not only got his revenge Cole, he also helped Dibiase's losing streak.

After the match, we go inside the Nexus locker room as they celebrate David Otunga's victory.

CM Punk: Congratulations Otunga! Now what have I told you? Have faith to yourself and you will win that match, and now, the Nexus will be having its representative inside the Elimination Chamber. You better wear down all five men inside the ring! I have trust in you.

David Otunga: I'll do my best! I am going to beat all of them and I will even win that match and bring the WWE Championship to Nexus.

We then go see the former WWE Champion, The Miz and Alex Riley heading towards the stage entrance as the WWE Championship match is next.

Commercial Break

Main Event - WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. The Miz w/ Alex Riley

We see both the Miz and A-Rod inside the ring after the commercials as they wait for the WWE Champion to show up. "Voices" then plays as the Viper, Randy Orton makes his way to the stage with loud cheers coming from the crowd. Orton slowly walks down the ramps as he tries to psyche his opponent. He then enters the ring and the two faced off nose to nose before the match starts. The bell rings and an aggresive Miz attacked the champion before he able to get to his stance. Orton fights back as he pushes the Awesome One to the corner and starts throwing some european uppercuts. Miz fights back with a thumb to eye of Orton. The champ was slightly blinded as Miz found an opportunity to put Orton down with a low dropkick. Miz then starts throwing some punches to the champ's head down the mat and then he lifts him up to connect a suplex. Miz continues to wear his opponent down with an inverted facelock backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker. The Awesome One then starts to work on his opponents head and tried to break his neck with a sleeper hold. Orton tries to get out of the pressure and he finally escapes from the sleeper by throwing Miz with a snapmare followed by a knee to the back of the Miz' head. Orton then tried to put him at the sleeper but the Miz counters and he takes him down with a Back Suplex followed by a cover but then Orton kicks out.

The Miz was once again at the upperhand as he applies another sleeper hold on Orton. The Viper then gets up and he slowly break the lock against Miz and goes for a surprise RKO attempt but he fails after his opponent escapes. The Miz then whips his opponent to the corner and he follows with a swinging corner clothesline. The Awesome One then waits for his opponent to return back in his feet, taunting him for a Reality Check. The Miz then runs in as Orton was aware and he catches him with the powerslam. WWE's Apex Predator then watches for his prey and before he gets up he runs for a punt but then the A-List David Otunga appeared and attacked Orton while Justin Gabriel attacked Miz. The other members of the Nexus, except CM Punk, then comes in as well and attacked Alex Riley from ring side. This gives the referee to stop the match due to interference that turned out to a brawl.

Result: No contest due to interference by the Nexus

The Nexus continued their attacks at both men until "The Game" hits and Triple H makes a run in to stop the brawl but he failed as all Nexus members teams up against him. This let the "hero" John Cena makes his appearance and joined both Triple H and Randy Orton to fight the Nexus while the Miz was chickened out and left the ring along with Alex Riley. The three where successful in putting the Nexus down as Cena gives Otunga the Attitude Adjustment while Triple H knocks Gabriel with the Pedigree and Orton RKO'd the other three. After they cleared out the Nexus, the three left standing inside the ring and they give a stare to one another while the Miz is still at the ringside watching the three.​

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X-Power's Raw Review

Okay just glancing over your show, a small detail to do wonders for your formatting would be putting the name of the wrestler who is speaking in bold. It would just add to the visual aspect a lot imo.

Anyway, to the actual show, and I'm not sure about Jericho's return here. On one hand it would have been a great surprise especially at the start of the show but it would have been a great chance to turn him face. When he just kept acting heelish it sort of felt like a wasted opportunity and I think a better way to establish the fact that he was still heel would be a pre-match promo. The match itself has some decent action but it's neither a recap nor a full match and I suggest you choose one or the other as this is pretty much a two minute match written in full. I'm also not sure about Jericho winning as Morrison would have looked rather weak; first being outpopped, then slapped then losing.

Well with Alberto Del Rio you didn't do his catchphrase line with him saying his name and then 'but you already knew that' so the start of the promo just seemed awkward. The whole promo just seemed kinda off as well with a combination of somewhat poor grammar and not really sticking to a tense. The content was decent enough but the execution just killed what it could have been.

Well it looks like Jericho will be sticking to his hypocrites gimmick which is definitely the right decision if he's heel but the grammar is just getting worse and worse at this point. I don't know if it's a lack of proof-reading or English being your second language but it really detracts from your shows. The CM Punk promo just seemed totally awkward, partly contributed to being out of character and also because of improper grammar and tenses, which makes it near impossible to read and enjoy. The match was okay but I don't like David Otunga being in the chamber, he's not nearly good enough, skills-wise and position-wise to be in a match like this imo.

The Triple H promo starts out alright, not as cringe-inducing as the previous promos. Hunter's opening monologue and The Miz's reply are both nice and in character but from HHH's comeback it all goes down hill. It's like both just lose their characters and when the promo ends the bad stuff overshadowed the good stuff which is a shame.

First thing with the mixed tag team match, if Bryan's being accompanied to the ring by the Bellas, why isn't one of them his partner. That's very questionable booking. Anyway, him actually having a proper feud with Kidd is a good thing and I'm curious as to whether DiBiase will be involved because he did pin Bryan tonight after all. Interesting scenario. The CM Punk promo backstage was again awkward because you don't really know his character. Watch some of his recent promos on youtube to get a sense of how he really talks.

I thought Riley's nickname was A-Ri but I'm not too sure do don't quote me on that. I've already mentioned the state of the matches and the same thing applies here, something this length would be better suited to recaps. The Apex Predator is a great nickname so props if you made it up yourself. It's also a very high profile main event and I expected a shady finish so predictable but good booking there. Nexus interfering without Punk is interesting and I'm sure it's going to lead to something. I liked HHH and Cena coming out for the save as well as The Miz running away at the end but The Nexus pretty much got squashed. I get that the crowd needs a feel-good moment but that can always come with the dark match.

Anyway, the show wasn't too bad but could use a lot of improvement. I've already explained to you what I think you should do with the matches and with the promos, just go on youtube and watch some real promos to get your characters down. Your booking was fine for the most part and you have some interesting storylines. Good luck.

Also, just out of curiosity, are you Levi from IWF?
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