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This is my roster

Owner: Mr. McMahon
Commissioner: Mick Foley
Commentators: Jim Ross and Tazz
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers: Michael Cole, Todd Grisham and Funaki

Main Eventers
Faces Heels
Undertaker Triple H with Stephanie McMahon
Chris Jericho Kurt Angle
Batista Edge
John Cena Randy Orton with Ric Flair

Faces Heels

Shelton Benjamin Christian
Kane Carlito Caribbean Cool
Rhyno Muhammad Hassan with Khosrow Daivari
Val Venis Charlie Haas
Booker T Mark Jindrak

Faces Heels

Shannon Moore Chavo Guerrero
Paul London Tajiri
Scotty 2 Hotty Akio
Nunzio Billy Kidman

Tag Teams
Faces Heels

Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam La Resistance
William Regal & Eugene Basham Brothers
Hardy Boyz Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit
Dudley Boyz

WWE Championship
Intercontinental Championship
Tag Team Championship
Cruiserweight Championship

This is the first ever show, the night after WrestleMania 21
April 4, 2005 – WWE Raw – Houston, Texas

It’s the night after WrestleMania 21, Triple H is still the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena beat JBL for the WWE Title, the IC Champion is Shelton Benjamin, the Cruiserweight Championship is around the waist of Paul London and there are 2 sets of tag team champions, the World Tag Team Title is with La Resistance and the WWE Tag Team Title is with Rey Mysterio & RVD.

There is only 1 brand and the commentators JR and Tazz welcome us to the show. They say that tonight will be the beginning of the new WWE product, which is more violent and exciting than ever.

Mr. McMahon comes out and welcomes everyone to the show. He says that many stars have been laid off but they all have received high paychecks and he says that there will be a new Commissioner of the WWE. He introduces the most barbaric, fearless man ever in the history of WWE, Mick Foley. Foley says it’s an honour and he will be a fair as possible. He says that in tonight’s main event, there will be a Tag Team Championship Unification Match, the World Tag Team champs, La Resistance will take on the WWE Tag Team champs, Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam.

Triple H comes down to the ring with Ric Flair, and the man who helped him retain the World Title at WrestleMania last night, Randy Orton. He says that Orton is back in Evolution, and also added to the group are his wife Stephanie McMahon, Billy Kidman and Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Batista came out and demanded a rematch. Foley said that next if Batista beats both Kidman and CCC in a Handicap Match tonight, then he gets a rematch against Hunter at the next PPV, Backlash on May 1.

Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London def. Chavo Guerrero to retain (7 minutes)

Backstage, Kurt Angle says he will wrestle the final Kurt Angle invitational match tonight against anyone from Houston. Mick Foley says he has found an opponent to face Angle, and his name is Booker T.

Kurt Angle def. Booker T with help from Mark Jindrak (11 mins)

After the match, Kurt and Jindrak attack Booker T and Angle says that there is no one from Houston capable of beating him. The arena then goes dark and Undertaker comes out and says he should have been the hometown boy and challenges Kurt to face him right now. Kurt declines, saying that he is tired after his match but says Jindrak will face Taker right now. Jindrak looks worried but Kurt talks him into it.

Undertaker def. Mark Jindrak via DQ (5 mins)
They both attack Taker afterwards and Angle uses a chair to injure Taker’s knee.

John Cena is interviewed and says that there can be only 1 World Champion. He wants Triple H in the ring to determine the Undisputed Champion.

Handicap Match
Evolution’s Billy Kidman & Carlito Caribbean Cool def. Batista after interference from Orton (12 mins)

Triple H says that Batista will never get a rematch for the title and says he will defend against Orton in an all Evolution match at Backlash. Cena comes out and clears the ring except for Hunter who backs down.

Foley then comes out and says that at Backlash, there will be an Undisputed Championship match between Cena & Triple H. he says there will be a stipulation which he will announce next week.

Tag Team Championship Unification Match
Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam def. La Resistance (10 mins)

After the match, the heels Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero came down to the ring and said they would rule the company. Chris Jericho came out and said that he is better than both of them put together. This brings out Edge, Christian and Kane. They all brawled and Foley came out and said that at Backlash, they would all face off in a 6-way #1 Contenders Ladder match.

Matches made for Backlash
Undisputed Championship – Triple H vs. John Cena
6-way #1 Contenders Ladder Match – Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane

It would be good to get some feedback and see what was good and what wasn't. Thanks

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You need to add some promos as well as some mic work from the announcers as well as the wrestlers. HHH should have insulted Cena before Cena coming into the ring and taking everyone down. You need some sort of build up for the Ladders Match at Backlash.

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