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World Wrestling Entertainment: The Draft's Fallout!

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OOC: This is a split between me and a firend of mine from WNW Forums.

The time is July 2005, and the WWE Draft has just finished. Oh, the draft hasn't finished in real life you say? Yeah, well who needs their draft. This is our draft. RAW & SD reach aciqured 5 wrestlers from the other brand during the month of June, and now that the draft has finished, how about we show you the results of everything!

~On the first RAW of June, the crowd in attendance were shocked to find out their first new talent: Rob Van Dam

~Smackdown fans were just as shocked when they heard their first pick was none other than 'The Crippler' Chris Benoit

~Some RAW fans were delighted, some were angry when they found out RAW's next wrestler to come to RAW; Carlito Carribean Cool

~The Smackdown fans continued to be shocked when their next selection was the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin

~RAW fans everywhere were esctatic for their next selection when their phenom returned to WWE, The Undertaker

~Another grest RAW Wrestler was drafted to SD to the fans delight, when SD recieved the one and only Chris Jericho

~The last 2 RAW picks debuted together, for they are the greatest tag team ever possibly. The Dudley Boyz returned to RAW as the final 2 RAW selections

~On the last Smackdown of June, Smackdown had a nice surprise with their 4th pick, but left with a sour taste in their mouth to find out who their last pick was. 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions from RAW came over to SD in The Hurricane. But sadly, their last pick was Muhammed Hassan

The draft picks were over, but things related to the draft were not. After Smackdown, trades were allowed to be made, and trades sure were made. SD GM Teddy Long, sick and tired of JBL and Orlando Jordan, promised himself he'd get them off SD. He sure did get them off SD when he humiliated JBL and Orlando Jordan when he tarded the 2 to RAW for Val Venis & Steven Richards! That wasn't all though, as Eric Bischoff acquired the tag team of Bob Holly & Charlie Haas for Tajiri, and upon Hassan's request/begging, Daivari.

Everything from the draft was over, execpt one thing... The Draft's Fallout!

Main Event:
Batista- Face
Christian- Tweener
Edge- Heel
JBL- Heel
Kane- Face
Shawn Michaels- Face
Triple H- Heel
Undertaker- Face

Bubba Dudley- Face
Carlito Cool- Heel
Chris Masters- Heel
D-Von Dudley- Face
Maven- Heel
Orlando Jordan- Heel
Simon Dean- Heel
William Regal- Heel
Viscera- Face

Lower Midcard:
Antonio- Heel
Bob Holly- Face
Charlie Haas- Face
Gene Snitsky- Heel
Robert Conway- Heel
Romeo- Heel
Rosey- Face
Slyvian Grenier- Heel
Tyson Tomko- Heel

Managers & Personalities:

Christy Hemme- Face
Lillian Garcia- (Viscera's Valet)
Lita- Heel (Edge's Valet)
Stacy Keibler- Face
Trish Stratus- Heel
Victoria- Heel

Tag Teams:

Bob Holly & Charlie Haas
Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane)
Christian & Tyson Tomko
Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley)
HHH & Ric Flair
Heart Throbs (Antonio & Romeo)
JBL & Orlando Jordan
La Resistance (Sylvian Grenier & Robert Conway)
Simon System (Maven & Simon Dean)

Injured List:
Eugene Dinsmore- Torn Patella, Out Until August/September
Garrison Cade- Injured Knee, Fully Recovered, Wrestling in OVW
Mark Henry- Torn Quad, Fully Recovered, Wrestling in OVW
Randy Orton- Shoulder Injury, Out Until September-November
Rob Van Dam- Torn Meniscus & ACL, Out Until End July/August

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista
WWE United States Championship: Orlando Jordan
WWE Tag Team Titles: Vacant
WWE Women's Title: Trish Stratus

WWE Champion: John Cena-Face
Kurt Angle-Heel
Eddie Guerrero-Heel
Rey Mysterio-Face
Chris Benoit-Face
Chris Jericho-Face
Big Show-Face


Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin-Face
Booker T-Face
Muhammed Hassan-Heel
Rene Dupree-Heel
Val Venis-Face
Steven Richards-Face
Matt Morgan-Heel
Danny Basham-Heel
Doug Basham-Heel


Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London-Face
Chavo Guerrero-Heel
Sho Funaki-Face
Billy Kidman-Heel
The Hurricane-Face
Shannon Moore-Face
Johnny Nitro-Heel
Joey Mercury-Heel
Spike Dudley-Heel
Juvi Guerrera-Face
Super Crazy-Face


Tag Team Champions: Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury-Heel
Akio and Tajiri-Heel
Heidenrich and Matt Morgan-Heel
Val Venis and Steven Richards-Face
The Hurricane and Shannon Moore-Face
Doug Basham and Danny Basham-Heel
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Heat Results:
~Dark Match:
Ricky Reyes defeated Bino Gambino
~William Regal defeated Chris Cage
~Viscera beat Romeo of the Heart Throbs
~Charlie Haas pinned Maven​

Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
July 4, 2005

*The RAW theme and video plays to start the show, and an amazing display of fireworks kicks of the opening of Monday Night RAW!*

Jim Ross: 'Lo everybody and welcome to Monday Night RAW and happy Independance Day! I'm good ole' JR, alongside me is Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and King, what a night we are going to have tonight!

Jerry Lawler: You betcha JR because tonight, we find out more on Triple H's condition after his brutal Hell in a Cell match with Batista at Vengance!

JR: King, everyone knows only you and Ric Flair care about HHH! Moving onto important matters, we will find out about the situation with the Tag Team Titles, and most importantly, we will see 'The Heart Break Kid' Shawn Michaels go one on one with Edge! What a match that will be tonight, and King, I can't wait!

JK: Oh sure, you can wait for HHH's condition, but not for Edge vs. Shawn Michaels!

JR: You're damn right King. That will be an excellent match, and I want to see it happen.

JK: Yeah, well we also get to see another Masterlock Challenge. I bet you can wait for that too.

JR: I'm not saying anymore on that matter. Tonight, marks an important date for RAW. It is the date where the fallout of the draft begins!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

As soon as JR says this, the music of the one and only 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair hits, and the living legend himseld walks out to the stage and down to the ring, dressed in his best dress attire. Flair recieves a lot of jeers with a bit of cheers, as the crowd hates Flair for being with HHH, but love him being Ric Flair. Flair grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia, and is ready to speak, but the crowd has already got into a frenzy, chanting 'Ba- Tist- A, Ba- Tist- A!'

Ric Flair: Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up! This is RAW, damnit! RAW is not about Batista, it is about 'The Game' Triple H, Hunter Hearst Helmsley! So Shut the hell up!

The crowd doesn't take to kindly to those remarks by Flair, and change their chanting to 'Asshole'. Flair's eyes widen, and he walks around the ring, acting crazy at the crowd's chants.

Flair: You know what, call me Asshole all you want, but we all know you losers just want to be me! You want to be Ric Flair. You want to be a 16 Time World Heavyweight Champion, Woo! You want to be the man who gave the NWA any kind of credibility in the 80's, Woo! You want to be The Nature Boy, Woo! You want to be Ric, Woo!, Flair, Woo!

The crowd isn't buying what Flair is saying one bit, and continue to chant 'Asshole'.

Flair: Ya know what; screw you people! The Nature Boy doesn't need nor care about your opinion! Ric Flair came down here for one reason, and one reason only; Batista!

Flair: June 26th Batista, you defended your World Heavyweight Championship inside a Hell in a Cell against RAW' premiere man, Triple H, Woo! And Batista, you somehow got a 3rd fluke against Triple H, and beat him again! But Batista, you did much, much worse than just pin Triple H! You injured Triple H! You hurt RAW's greatest wrestler! God damnit Batista, you may have ruined Triple H's career!

The crowd is going esctatic, cheering and chanting 'Ba- Tist- A, Ba- Tist- A!' after hearing the news about Triple H.

Flair: Oh yeah, cheer all you want too, but the fact is: Triple H may never wrestle again! Triple H has suffered serious injuries and no one, not even Triple H or the best doctors on the planet today, know if Triple H will step inside this ring again.

The crowd erupts into more cheers, blowing the roof off of the Arco Arena at hearing this negative status on Triple H and his career.

Flair: This whole tragedy results from one man; Batista! Batista, this all your fault that Triple H is at home right now, getting helped around by nurses! Batista, this is all your fault! Batista, you're a danger to RAW and all of it's superstars! And Batista, I am going to make sure you are no longer a danger. Batista, I want you tonight big boy! Batista, I want you in a match! Woo! Woo! Woo!

The crowd is going into a frenzy, and their chants of 'Ba- Tist- A, Ba- Tist- A!' once agin start up as his music hits, and 'The Animal' Batista comes out onto the stage, microphone in hand. Batista looks around at the cheering fans, slightly smiling. Batista lets the crowd cheer him all they want, playing the face part well.

Batista: Ric Flair, Woo!

The crowd laughs at Batista's attempted rip on Flair. Batista makes himself look like an ass trying to be like Flair, but the crowd doesn't notice.

Batista: Now that I got that out of the way... Ric, you really want me in a match tonight? You, a washed up legend, want to face the World Heavyweight Champion... all because of Triple H? Come on Flair, when are you going to stop letting Hunter push you around and stop being Hunter's lackey? What I did to Hunter at Vengance was because he wanted my title. Hunter wanted to get the World Heavyweight Title back, but he forgot one thing; this is my Title now!

The crowd continues to cheer and chant for Batista, soaking up everyword he says.

Batista: Ric, if you want me in a match tonight, so be it. I have no problem fighting you in a match at all Ric because I still remember that low blow you gave me last month. You fooled me before, but tonight, there will be no fooling tonight because Ric, I will destroy you!

Batista gives Flair an intenseful glare before walking backstage as we head to a...


JR: Oh my gawd King! Batista vs. Ric Flair one on one tonight! What a match!

JK: Now, I amy like Batista, but come on Batista, Ric Flair is a legend, you don't wrestle a legend!

JR: Yeah King, but Flair is the one who made the challenge!

JK: But but but...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

Whatever The King was going to say, we don't know, as the music of Chris Masters hits, and 'The Masterpiece' comes out onto the stage, doing his poses/flexing the artificially enhanced muscles. Masters get barely any reaction from the crowd, as they just aren't into him nor his gimmick. Masters makes his way down into the ring, microphone in one hand, $10,000 hanging out of his trunks. Masters gets into the ring, and prepares a promo.

Masters: Once again, the offer is on the table. Break my Masterlock and win 10,000 G's... if you dare. No one can break the Masterlock, and no one ever will. So if you want to try and break my Masterlock, come down now.

As the crowd continues to sit in silence after that horrid promo by Masters, the words "I Will Save You From Evil!" and out runs Rosey to the ring, sporting new entrance music. Rosey gets a pop from the crowd, but not much of one. Rosey charges down to the ring, and snatches the mic from Chris Masters.

Rosey: Young Christopher Masters, I have not come down here to break your Masterlock and win that tainted $10,000. That would not be helping the good of mankind! Young Christopher, you are a dread to society, and you need to be done away with! Young Christopher, I have come out here to challenge you to a match!

Masters: I am a dread to society? I am not the one who is fat and overweight, and running around in a "superhero" outfit that was made and designed by a 7 year old. So I really don't think myself wrestling you would be a good idea. I'm just better than you.

Masters throws the mic down at Rosey's feet, and turns around to walk out of the ring. Masters gets to the ropes, but is turned around and decked by a Rosey right hand! The bell rings and we go into a...

Match 1
Chris Masters vs. Rosey
Singles Match

Rosey continues to dish out right hands to Masters, getting Masters into a daze. The crowd behind him, Rosey charges Masters, knocking him over the top rope and out of the ring with a clothesline! The crowd continues to get behind Rosey and cheer him on, especially after Rosey nails Masters with a Double Axe Handle off the apron! Rosey engages into a brawl with Masters, drilling Masters in the face with multiple right hands. Masters tries to flee the scene, heading over to the timekeeper's table area. Masters climbs up onto the barricade, but goes no further as Rosey pulls on Master's left leg, sending Masters crashing onto the barricade spread-eagle!

Masters looks on the verge of puking from the fall, and rightfully so as the man's package crashed onto the barricade. The crowd is cheering Rosey on like there is no tomorrow, as Rosey just pounds on Masters. Rosey gets Masters to his feet by the hair, taunts to the crowd, and lands a right hand to Master's jaw. Rosey grabs Masters' left arm for an irish whip, but Masters somehow fires back, reversing with an irish whip of his own, right into the ring post! Rosey's face smacks incredibly hard off of the ring post, and Masters looks at the fallen Rosey in disgust, blood slightly trickline from Masters' nose.

Master's disgustful look turns into rage, as he starts stomping the hell out of Rosey, landing boots with his right foot to Rosey's face and neck, with Masters holding onto the bottom ring rope for leverage. Tired of the stomping act, Masters crouches on top of Rosey, pummelling Rosey with stiff right hands to the nose and forehead. Masters continues to savagely beat Rosey in the same spot for almost another minute, punching and stomping the hell out of Rosey. Rosey is basically out of it, but Masters could care less, as he pulls Rosey to his feet, and throws the big load against the ring. Masters orders Lillian Garcia and timekeeper Mark Yeaton out of the way, and grabs a chair. Masters, chair in hand, signals for Rosey come towards him. Rosey stutters his way over, and is KO'ed with a vicious chair shot to the skull! Referee Chad Patton knows the rules of wrestling, and calls for the Disqualification after seeing the chair shot.

Winner: Rosey by DQ at 5:19

Masters isn't done with Rosey yets, as he pulls the big load up to his feet and rolls him into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Rosey is struggling to get to his feet after the chair shot, and rightfully so. Rosey finally gets to his feet, but by the time he does, Masters is behind Rosey and easily locks in the Masterlock! Rosey tries to fight it off, but in his current condition, he is no match for the Masterlock and Rosey passes out, blood dripping from his face underneath his mask from the chair shot. The crowd boos Masters (He must be shocked from this!), and Masters spits on Rosey before leaving the ring. EMT's quickly rush out to ringside and attend to Rosey. The EMT's get Rosey onto a backboard quickly, and get him out of the arena as the crowd chants 'Rosey, Rosey'. We cue into a...


JR: Welcome back to RAW ladies and gentleman, an' ma gawd King, what a disgraceful display by Chris Masters!

JK: I have to actually agree with you on this one JR. Masters' actions in this match weren't need, using the chair shot on Rosey. Rosey could be permenately injured!

JR: And then that damn Masterlock! He locks in his Masterlock when Rosey couldn't defend himself one damn bit. Gawd Damnit!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

His music hits, and the one and only General Manager of RAW walks out onto the stage, mic in hand, chorus of boos reigned down upon him. Bischoff ignores the boos, and brings the mic up to his mouth to deliver his announcement.

Eric Bischoff: Now if I may have your attention please! I did not come out here to bore you with some long, drawn out speech. I am out here to issue an announcement, and that is what I will do. My announcement is regarding the Tag Team Championship!

Bischoff: You see, Hurricane was drafted over to SD during the annual draft lottery. He's gone, and the Tag Belts were vacated in the process. I was going to just let Rosey find a new partner, but seeing as he is out of action it seems for a while, that will not happen.

Bischoff: Instead, we will have a 16-Man, 8-Team, Tag Team Tournament, that will end at the next PPV, Summerslam!

The crowd pops big time for the Tag Tournament. Eh, maybe it will give the belts come credibility for a change!

Bischoff: So who are those 8 teams? Well glad you asked. Production Team, hit those brackets!

Dudley Boyz
JBL & Orlando Jordan

Simon System
Bob Holly & Charlie Haas

Christian & Tyson Tomko
La Resistance

Heart Throbs
William Regal & ???

Bischoff: As you can see, William Regal does not have a tag team partner? Do you know why... that is because William Regal is going to be debuting a tag team partner in his new team! You see, Regal has become a close associate of mine, and he told me just a moment ago he wanted a Title Shot of any kind, so William, you go find yourself a partner and win those Tag Title Belts!

Bischoff: Did I mention when that Tournament starts? Oh yeah... it starts tonight! Tonight, Bob Holly faces Simon Dean in singles action as a preview for their match, and the first match itself starts.... right now! And it is JBL & Orlando Jordan... versus The Dudley Boyz!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

The crowd is popping insane, and thier pop gets even louder because once Bischoff leaves the ring, the music of the Dudley Boyz hits, and those damn Dudleyz comes out to the ring! The Dudley's charge out to the ring, getting a lot of pops from the crowd. The Dudleys slap hands with the fans, and get into the ring, still being cheered. Those cheers turn into jeers as JBL's music hits and JBL & the reigning US Champion Orlando Jordan walk out to the ring. JBL arrogantly waves to the crowd, recieving even more jeers from them. JBL & Jordan take their time getting down to the ring, taking long breaks on the entrance ramp. JBL & Jordan finally get down to the side of the ring, and stop again. The Dudleys, sick of the waiting, charge the ringside JBL & Jordan are on, getting them both with a baseball slide...

Match 2
Dudley Boyz vs. JBL & Orlando Jordan
WWE Tag Team Title Tournament: Quarterfinals

...With all 4 men on the outside from the baseball slide by the Dudleys, Bubba Ray and D-Von take it right to JBL & Jordan, with Bubba tossing right hands at JBL & D-Von stomping on Jordan as he is against the steps. The match still hasn't officially begun, but the Dudley's still brawl on the outside with JBL & Orlando Jordan, with The Dudley's continuing to control over the heel unit. The Dudley's offensive streak continues on for almost another minute, but the tides change when Jordan reverses a D-Von irish whip into a whip of his own, with D-Von's skull cracking off of the ring post and when JBL counters a Bubba Ray powerbomb, sending chills up Bubba's spine with a back body drop onto the steel entrance ramp. Jordan leaves D-Von down and heads to the opposite corner, and JBL rolls Bubba into the ring to officially (and finally) start the match.

JBL & Orlando Jordan easily have the match in hand after they countered the Dudley's offense on the outside. The offense for JBL & Jordan is able to continue on from outside out of the ring into the ring, as JBL & Jordan are able to isolate Bubba-Ray for the first 7 minutes of the match up. JBL & Jordan keep Bubba in either their corner or in a neutral corner, knowing to keep Bubba as far away as possible from D-Von. The heel unit of JBL & Orlando Jordan work on Bubba Ray's back when actually focusing on a certain body part, with Jordan doing most of the work on Bubba's back, using various suplexes and holds on Bubba. JBL, not ever known for actual wrestling skills, uses stiff forearms and such to the back of Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray has a few sparks of offense in the isolation period, getting in some brief punches to his opponent, but the illegal man of the heel team makes sure Bubba never gets the tag in.

The match reaches the 7:30 mark, with Orlando Jordan working over Bubba Ray... still. Jordan has just given Bubba Ray a northern lights suplex after JBL nailed a forearm to the back of Bubba-s head. Jordan goes up to the top rope, and goes for a moonsault, but only finds canvas as Bubba somehow finds it in him to rolls out of the way. Both men are down, and D-Von and the crowd try and get behind Bubba, stomping their feet and clapping their hands in support for Bubba. Bubba and Jordan both start crawling to their corners, and Jordan makes it to his corner first, tagging in JBL. JBL runs (What!? JBL ran!?) into the ring, grabbing Bubba's foot before he can tag in D-Von, much to the crowd's displeasure. JBL drags Bubba into his corner, and pulls Bubba to his feet. JBL kicks Bubba in the gut, runs off of the ropes behind him and charges Bubba. JBL swings his arm out for the Clothesline from Hell lariot, but Bubba ducks and grabs JBL's neck with his right arm, dropping him with a neckbreaker. Both men are down, and this time, both men make the tag out, as D-Von and Jordan storm into the ring.

D-Von is a house of fire, knocking Jordan down multiple times with a right hand, before knocking him down with a clothesline. JBL storms back into the ring, but he gets a back body drop for his troubles. D-Von continues this pattern, sending both Jordan and JBL down to the canvas one after another, until Bubba fully recovers and helps out D-Von, working on JBL in the corner. Orlando Jordan, who was being worked over by D-Von, gets a breath of fresh air as he sends a thumb to the eye D-Von's way, connecting to him in the corner of the ring. Jordan quickly charges Bubba Ray but Bubba sees it coming, ramming JBL into Jordan. JBL stumbles around, and he gets crushed with a Bubba Bomb! JBL goes down hard, and Bubba keeps going, performing his punching combo finished off with an Atomic Elbow.

Bubba grabs Jordan's legs, and screams out 'Wasssup!'. D-Von, who has scaled the top rope, mirrors Bubba, yelling it too. D-Von then comes off the top rope, knocking Jordan with the Headbutt to the groin! Bubba and D-Von both signal for a 3-D, and the is loving it, as they yell out '3-D' right as Bubba & D-Von connect with the 3-D to JBL! JBL is out, and Orlando Jordan recieves the same fate as he gets swamped with the Dudley Death Drop for the Dudley Boy victory!

Winner: The Dudley Boyz at 11:02 (D-Von pins Jordan)

JR: What a victory for The Dudley Boyz!

JK: I hate those damn Dudleys!

JR: You just like that corporate butt-kisser JBL! None the less, The Dudley Boyz return to RAW, advancing in the Tag Team Title Tournament, knocking off JBL & Orlando Jordan with a Dudley Death Drop! We gotta go to commercial break folks, but stay tuned because still to come is Shawn Michaels versus Edge, Bob Holly versus Simon Dean, and Batista going one on one, with Ric Flair!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

When we come back, the decorations and scenery is set up for... Carlito's Cabana! Carlito Carribean Cool is already in the ring, mic in hand.

Carlito Cool: Do you people recognize cool? Because you're looking at cool right now, Carlito. Carribean. Cool. Carlito is cool, but you know who isn't? Chris Jericho. You know what isn't cool? The Highlite Reel on RAW. But you know what is cool? Carlito's Cabana on RAW!

The crowd isn't really into Carlito and his bashing of Y2J, booing CCC.

Carlito: You see, Carlito's Cabana is now on RAW, so I am going to make this edition of Carlito's Cabana very... cool. So please, would my guest for the evening please make his way out here.

The fans wonder who the guest is, but they know soon enough as the lights go out and purple smoke fills the air. A gong goes off, and the familiar music of the Deadman, The Undertaker, hits! The Undertaker gets an enormous pop from the crowd, and Undertaker slowly walks down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Carlito slightly applauds, doing a bit of a golf clap, slight smirk on his face.

Carlito: You know what is cool, Undertaker? Being bright. Being alive. Not being a Dead Man.

The crowd boos Carlito, insulting their Phenom.

Carlito: Undertaker, this whole charade of yours... is not cool. Undertaker, you are my guest tonight... for me to change you. For Carlito Cool to show the world who the true Undertaker is. Because let's face it, you as this whole Undertaker thing, it just ain't cool. You are not cool at all Undertaker. You are the complete oppos-

Carlito Cool is suddenly cut off when his voice is cut off by the Undertaker's hand clasped around his throat. The crowd is cheering for Undertaker, and Undertaker gives them more to cheer about as he crushes Carlito with a Chokeslam! The Undertaker rolls his eyes back into his head, and picks up the fallen mic.

Undertaker: You want to tell me what's cool... being a Deadman is cool. But even more cool is kicking your ass. Carlito Cool, maybe now, you won't disturb the dead! Rest in Peace.

With that, the Undertaker leaves the ring as we go backstage...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

...Where Maria is with 'Captain Charisma' Christian.

Maria: Christian-

Christian: Whoa, whoa, whoa... You do not call me Christian. You don't have that honor. Only people who are within 10,000 levels of coolness of me can call me Christian. Because that's how I roll! You will refere to me either Captain Charisma, Your Almighty Coolness, or Sexy Babe!

Maria: Okay... Captain Charisma, recently you have been collecting a lot of momentum on RAW, and many are starting to consider you a possible #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship

Christian:Now hold up hear slut, are you trying to tell me that I am not a definite Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam?

Maria: Uh, Y-

Christian: It doesn't matter what you think, Woo!

Maria: Ye-

Christian: Hey, I never asked for your opinion!

Christian: Now, before you interrupted me. As I was saying, how could people possibly not think of me as the definite number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship? I am Christian! I am Captain Charisma! The Peep's Champion! The #1 Babe on RAW! How could I not already be the number one contender!? Batista has nothing on me at all! You can guarantee I will be having a word with Bischofff about this!

Christian leaves, but then comes back.

Christian: And that's the bottom line... because Christian said so!

Christian leaves the screen and as we go into the ring.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

We go back to the ring, where Shawn Michaels is already in the ring. The music of Edge hits the arena, and he comes out to the ring, (The Slut) Lita by his side. Edge gets jeered out the ass, along with chants such as "We Want Matt" and "You Screwed Matt". Edge plays off the chants, getting more heel reaction. Edge gets into the ring after a quick make-out session with Lita. Both men are ready to do battle, and it's on!

Match 3
Edge w/ Lita vs. Shawn Michaels
Singles Match

The two circle each other around the ring before finally engaging in a collar and elbow tie-up. The two fight for leverage, until HBK goes into a headlock. HBK wrenches it on, but Edge counters into a headlock of his own. The two men engage in a series of pure wrestling, going hold for hold with headlocks, hammerlocks, wristlock, waistlock, and arm wrenches. The two pure wrestle for about a minute and a half, getting several near falls in the process. The whole thing ends with a stand-off, making the crowd quite excited even more for the match-up.

The two men go into a tie-up again, but this time Edge decides to fight dirty, raking HBK's eyes after a kick to the mid-section. Edge fires off right hands, and the charges HBK after going off the ropes. HBK knocks Edge down however with his shoulder, runs off the ropes behind him, steps over Edge and runs off the opposite ropes, gets leapfrogged by Edge, and the two then run off opposite ropes and collide with a double clothesline. Both men kip up, and we have another stand-off!

Instead of going into a tie-up this time, the two men start exchanging punches, going right hand for right hand. The contest starst out slow, but with each punch, the rate of fire keeps getting faster and faster, and soon enough it is a huge slugfest. HBK, with the veteran experience, starts getting control in the punching battle, leaving Edge staggering. HBK bounces off the ropes and connects with his pattented diving forearm. HBK drops an elbow, and covers:


Tw- Kick Out!

Nowhere near far enough in the match for the win, as HBK knows. HBK stomps down on Edge as Edge tries to get to his feet. Edge is unable to get to his feet because of HBK's flurry of stomps. Getting desperate, Edge delivers a right hand to the groin, and HBK falls down from the low blow. Edge starts to gain control of the match as we head to a...


When we come back about 3 minutes later, Edge still has the solid control over HBK, working the back of HBK. The isolation on HBK continues for another 3 to 4 minutes, with Edge continiously working on the back of HBK, going after HBK's old injuries. As the match reaches the 11-minute mark already, Edge has HBK up on the top turnbuckle, and Edge attempts a Superplex. Edge has everything all set to go, but HBK manages to fight back with right hands to the ribs. HBK continues to mount a counter attack, shoving Edge off the top rope all the way to the outside of the ring, with Edge's face smashing off the barricade! Edge goes down, and HBK patiently waits for Edge to get to his feet. Edge finally does, and HBK dives off the top rope, landing on Edge with a Cross Body! Both men go down, and a weak "Holy Shit" chant starts up.

Both men slowly make their way up to their feet, feeling the affects of the move by HBK. The two conitnue their fight on the outside, with HBK delivering right hands to the forehead of Edge. Edge tries to flee through the crowd quickly when he gets away from Edge, but HBK wraps on a waistlock on Edge. With Edge standing on the barricade and HBk on the floor, HBK drops Edge right onto his head with a German Suplex! Another "Holy Shit" chant breaks out, seeing Edge get dropped on his head with the sick German. HBK gets another good spot in the match, giving Edge a northern lights suplex on top of the steel steps! HBK quickly rolls Edge into the ring, and goes for a cover:




No Three! Edge propped his foot into the bottom rope, and the referee says the match shall continue. HBK can't believe he didn't get the three, and is frusterated after that. HBK tries to keep his momentum going, nailing right hands and a snap suplex to Edge after getting Edge to his feet. Edge is down in the center of the ring, and HBk thinks it is time to end this thing. HBK stomps his foot in the corner, tuning up the band. Edge stumbles to his feet, and HBK prepares to go for Sweet Chin Music, but Lita grabs Michaels' foot! Lita wraps her arms around Michael's foot, saving the match for Edge! HBK throws his foot out of Lita's grasp, sending Lita to fall backwards in the barricade. HBK faces the crowd and yells at Lita some more, venting frusteration. HBK turns around, but when he does, he is met with an Edge Spear! Edge falls into a cover:




Edge wins! Edge wins the match after Lita saves Edge from a Sweet Chin Music and distracting HBK long enough for Edge to recover and Spear HBK!

Winner: Edge at 14:38

JR: Gawd damnit! Edge and Lita screwed HBK out of the match!

JK: Shawn Michaels lost that on his own JR! Michaels didn't have to yell at Lita after he got rid of her! He should have been smart and went back to Edge!

JR: That is a poor excuse there King! Shawn Michaels had Edge beat, but that jisabelle Lita screwed Michaels! This is horrible!


When we come back, the camera crew is rushing behind Christian, who is storming into Bischoff's office.

Christian: Bischoff! Bischoff we need to talk!

Eric Bischoff: What the hell is it Christian!? It better be a damn good reason Christian. You better have a damn good one.

Christian: It is a damn good reason Bischoff! I want to know why you haven't named me the Number One Contender for the World Hevayweight Title! I am Captain Charisma, the Peeps-

Bischoff: Yes, yes, Christian, I know who you are. Look, you may be an amzinng comptetitor, but you haven't proved yourself to just be named the number one contender. I know you have the skill to be World Heavyweight Champion, but if I just name you the number one contender, the Board of Directors will be on my ass in seconds.

Christian: Then do something for me to prove myself! The peeps wants to see Christian as the number one contender! The peeps want to see Christian fight for the World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam! The peeps want to see just how I roll in a Main Event for RAW on PPV! When I say peeps, I mean the millions *Pauses, impersonates The Rock with facial expressions* And millions of Christian's fans! The peeps are chanting Christian's name, Christian, Christian-

Bischoff: Ok, we get the-

Christian: Christian, Christian, Christian, Chris-

Bischoff: *Yelling* Alright you got a match!

Christian: Christ- Wait, I what?

Bischoff: I said you got a match. Next week Christian, it is going to be a re-union for you! E & C re-unite once again in th-

Christian: Eric, Eric, the Peeps, yeah, they like Edge & Christian as a Tag Team, but damn man, they love Christian the sexy singles star! They want to see Christian fight alone, not with a tag partner. The Peeps need to see Christian in singles action! The Peeps have to see Christian in singles action! They all want to see Christian walk into that ring and make people a bit more Unprettier! Because THAT... is how I roll! *Attempts to do the People's Eyebrow*

Bischoff: Maybe Christian, you should let me finish before you start talking. When I said it will be an E & C re-union, I didn't meant a tag match. I meant an E & C singles match... because next week, Christian, you will face Edge one on one, with the winner becoming the Number One Contender! And Christian... that is how I roll!

Christian: Bro, you don't steal people's trademark sayings or actions. No one does that anymore, geeze!

Bischoff: Christian, I think you fail to realize what comes out of your mouth sometimes.

Christian: Dude, what are you talking about!? Are you saying that The Peeps Champion, Captain Charisma, RAW's #1 Babe, Christian, steals other wrestler's trademarks? I think you need get off what you're on man. I am the most creative person in wrestling. I create all the things I say. I am the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be when it comes to being creative and being a wrestler! Because THAT is how I roll!

Bischoff: Alright, Chrisitian if you say so. *Rolls Eyes*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

We go back to ringside, where Simon Dean is already in the ring. Bob Holly's music hits, and Holly runs out from the back, down the ramp, and into the ring, recieving no reaction at all. JR and King quickly announce that Maven & Charlie Haas have both been barred from ringside.

Match 4
Bob Holly vs. Simon Dean
Singles Match: Preview for Tag Team Title Tournament Qualifier

Holly charges right away, dropping Dean with a clothesline. Holly continues this, dropping Dean with 3 more consecutive clotheslines. Dean is staggering after the quick ass whooping, and is then sent out of the ring with a Holly dropkick. Dean clutches his jaw, feeling the effects of the dropkick. Holly tries to go balls to wall, launching himself over the top rope with a Cross Body. Dean however, gets out of the way, sending Holly crashing onto the hard ring mats below. Dean starts to gain full control over this match as we go to a...


Back from the break, Dean is controlling over Holly, a sleeperhold locked in. Dean has the sleeper locked in tight, trying to stop the blood flow to the brain, resulting in Holly's passing out. Holly is trying to fight off the sleeper, but the pressure is too much, and Holly starts to fade out. The crowd tries to get behind Holly a bit, showing that they either slightly care about Holly, or the hate Dean enough to give a damn about Holly. What one it is we may never know. The referee checks Holly's arm for a pass out... his arm drops: One! The referee checks Holly's arm again for a pass out... and it drops: Two! The crowd tires to get Holly back into it, as the referee checks Holly's arm again... it drops, but not enough for the three! Holly starts getting a second wave of energy, as he slowly gets his way to his feet, the sleeperhold still locked in by Dean. Both men at their feet now, Holly tries to escape the sleeperhold, ramming his right elbow repeatedly into the right side of Dean's head. Dean, knowing that his grip is being broken, quickly switches to a waistlock on Holly. Dean lifts Holly up for a German Suplex, but Holly won't budge. Holly fires off elbows to Deans head, escapes the waistlock and locks Dean in a waistlock of his own, and plants Dean with a German Suplex!

Both men are down, and the referee has started a 10 count: One! Two! Three! Four! Five! (Both men start getting to their feet) Six! Seven! Eight! Ni- Both men are at their feet! Holly and Dean start slugging it out with right hands, with Holly easily getting the advantage, brawling being his best area of wrestling. Dean is staggering quickly, Holly's punches working effectively as an offensive strategy. Dean is finally knocked down after a huge Holly right hand, and then again after a lariat. Dean is stumbling, and Holly kicks him in the mid-section and goes for the Alabama Slam! Holyl has Dean up for the 'Bama Slam, but Dean rolls through with a roll-up and grabs a hold of the tights!




Winner: Simon Dean at 5:18

Dean quickly flees the ring, happy to have the match won after the blantant cheating.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

JR: Another tasteless move in a match to get a cheap win.

JK: Was there a hidden insult thrown at Simon Dean in there?

JR: Huh!?

JK: Nevermind JR.

JR: Well, we have to take our final commercial break ladies and gentleman. Please don't go away because Batista vs. Flair is next!


When we come back, the music of 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair hits, and out walks the living legend himself to the ring. Flair struts out to the ring, wearing his oh so famous robe. Flair recieves mostly jeers, but there are still a few Flair marks in the crowd. Flair gets into the ring, and the crowd goes into a frenzy because the music of RAW's World Heavyweight Champion hits, and Batista walks out onto the stage! Batista does his whole entrance routine, getting many pops from the crowd. Batista gets into the ring, and the bell is rung leading to...

Main Event
Batista vs. Ric Flair
Singles Match

Flair tries to go into a tie-up with Batista, but Batista shoves Flair down to the canvas. Flair gets up right away, and gets right into Batista's face... and yells 'Woo!'. Batista replies with a right hook to the Flair's jaw and a 'Woo!' of his own, getting a nice pop and laugh from the crowd. Flair is angered by Batista's mockery of him, and charges again, this time being dropped with a back body drop. Flair is being made a mockery of so far, and blindly charges Batista again. Batista sidesteps Flair, and tosses him right out of the ring, over the top rope. Flair lands with a big ole' thud, and Batista is left in the ring, laughing at Flair's efforts to attack him.

Flair re-groups and recooperates outside the ring, glad Earl Hebner forgot to start a 10 count. (For the love of God Earl, know you damn job!) Flair takes his time before getting into the ring again, and does so after about 30-seconds of standing outside. Flair gets into the ring, and drops down onto two knees, begging Batista for forgiveness. Batista gives Flair a window, and Flair gets a thumb into Batista's eye, followed by a low blow! Flair dives into a cover:



Shoulder Up!

Flair's cheap tactics weren't enough there, as Batista can't be pinned by the low blow. Flair keeps Batista on the ground though, despite his angers at not getting the win. Flair starts his work on Batista's leg and knee for the Figure 4, kicking at the hamstring and back of the knee of Batista. Flair also chop blocks Batista's knee, as well as propping Batista's leg on the bottom rope, and the bouncing off of the bottom rope onto Batista's knee. Flair's work on Batista's knee last at most 3 minutes, as these 2 guys are trying to keep this match shorter (And not just because we're short on time.. someone, or both, just can't wrestle that long and look average *rolls eyes*). The match reaches the 6 minute mark, and Flair locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock! Flair has Batista locked in the FFLL in the middle of the ring, and it looks like Batista will have to tap out!

But then we realize Batista is the World Heavyweight Champion and can't possibly job to a semi-retired legend on free TV cleanly! Batista gets a sudden surge, and is able to use all of his arm strength in both arms to slide across the ring, and grab a hold of the middle rope. Flair can't believe the display of strength by Batista, and rightfully so, as even Jerry Lawler and the crowd were amazed by that. Flair is forced to release the hold, and quickly takes off out of the ring as Batista gets to his feet. Hebner starts a 10 count this time, and Flair cautiously gets back into the ring at nine. Flair tries to shake Batista's hand and be friendly, but Batista just kicks Flair in the gut, and whips him into the ropes. Flair comes back at Batista, and gets planted with a hellacious Spinebuster! Flair bounces off the canvas, and he is out. Batista covers, and it's over:



Batista Breaks the Cover!?

Batista got off of Flair, breaking the cover before the three! Batista grabs Flair by the hair, and signals for the Batista Bomb. The Batista Bomb ensures victory for Batista, as he drives Flair to the canvas with the Batista Bomb for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Batista at 7:09

Batista is given his World Heavyweight Title after the match and raises it up high as he climbs onto the secodn turnbuckle and poses for the crowd as RAW comes to an end.

Match of the Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
Promo of the Night: Christian/Bischoff Promo Setting Up Edge vs. Christian

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Man that was awesome. Edge vs. HBK was your match of the night. I was laughing my ass off when I read Christian and Eric's promo. One wrong thing. I don't think the Undertaker would ever say what you typed for him. Anyway, 85./10. Nice job and I'll be reading.

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That was a good opening Raw, matches were nice, the Christian promos where great, especially with him using other superstars catchphrases. Match of the Night has to be Edge/HBK great match. Edge and Christian next week will be good, look forward to reading future shows, well done.

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Flair and Batista promo: 7/10, believable promo, nothing majorly wrong with it but nothing amazingly great either.

Chris Masters, Rosey promo: 7/10, same as above.

Chris Masters, Rosey match: 5/10, it set up the tag tourney well.. but the match itself was nothing special.

Bischoff announcing title tourney: 6.5/10, like you said.. the tag titles could get some credibility, nice idea.

The Dudleyz vs JBL and Jordan: 7.5/10, started off very well, nice length, however i thought the ending was a bit dissapointing (could have done with JBL and Jordan getting a near fall or two after a potential match finishing move).

Carlito, Undertaker segment: 7/10, good but i would have liked it to be longer, also i felt it was a bit out of character in places.. but only a bit.

Christian interview: 9/10

Edge vs Shawn Michaels: 9/10.. some good spots on the outside, the whole match was pretty solid and a good ending.

Christian, Bischoff segment: 9/10.. very funny :lmao

Bob Holly vs Simon Dean: 6.5/10

(I think a segment here would have worked)

Batista vs Flair: 7/10

overall:............8/10...good show, i will be reading on :) .

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Thanks for all the feedback, it is appreciated greatly. But I ask you do not shill your diaries in here. Shilling diaries is not cool. If I like what I see/interested, I will read it. If you shill your diary, I won't read it for that fact.

I think I did good with this show myself. I kept boring guys boring in their promos and matches (Rosey, Masters, JBL, Holly), while guys like Christian shined. I really think I did great with Christian in his promos, so I am satisfied there.

My worst part was Carlito's Cabana, no doubt. I forced what Undertaker said, as I needed something for him to say, but just couldn't get anything. It sucked, I agree! :D

Hopefully my bud gets SD done soon, to keep updates coming.
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