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~ Backstory ~​

This BTB starts The night after Survivor Series, were John Cena was fired following a screwjob put together by Mr. McMahon and Wade Barrett. When the event went off air, Vince released a statement regarding The Company’s future. He stated that The PG era had finished and it would be TV 14 again. He then said we would see The return of single brand PPV’S aswell as a shake up in The rosters, with some superstars being released and re signed. There will be no more NXT or Superstars and The anonomyous GM would be revealed on Raw.

~ Results ~

WWE Championship Match : Randy Orton DEF Wade Barrett, Special Referee John Cena. After a long match both men were struggling to their feet, Vince came down to the bottom of the ramp and shouted to Barrett " You know what to do " . Barrett was almost back to his fet but suddenley dropped back down and lay on the ground, Orton and Cena were unaware of this while Orton was facing the other way tring to get up as Cena checked on him and assumed Barrett was stil out, he went for the cover, Cena hesistated before Vince shouted at him. Cena counted to 3 and Orton retained costing Cena his job. Nexus came down and pulled Barrett out of the ring. When Orton got up the footage played back on the titantron and Cena looked furious as it went off air.

Edge and Kane fought to a double pin meaning Kane retains The Title.

John Morriosn DEF Sheamus

Daniel Bryan DEF Ted DiBiase to retain The US Title

Dolph Ziggler DEF Kaval to retain The Intercontinental Title

Laycool DEF Natalya to retain The Divas Title

Team Mysterio DEF Team Del Rio

Gabriel and Slater DEF Santino and Kozlov to retain The Tag Titles

~ Administration ~

~ General Manager ~
Vince McMahon

~ Announce Team ~
Micheal Cole and Jerry " The King " Lawler

~ Backstage Interviewer ~
Josh Matthews

~ Ring Announcer ~
Justin Roberts

~ Champions ~

~ WWE Champion ~
Wade Barrett

~ United States Champion ~
Daniel Bryan

~ WWE Tag Team Champions ~
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

~ WWE Divas Champion ~
LayCool... Michelle and Layla

~ Roster ~

Main Event

Triple H
John Cena
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho

Upper Mid Card

Wade Barrett
Big Show
The Miz
John Morrison

Mid Card

Daniel Bryan
Ted DiBiase
Drew McIntyre
R Truth
Shelton Benjamin
David Otunga
David Hart Smith
Justin Gabriel
Tyson Kidd
Heath Slater
Mark Henry
Chris Masters


Santino Marella
Charlie Haas
Alex Riley


Kelly Kelly
Gail Kim
Rosa Mendez

~ Stables ~

~ The Nexus ~
Mr. McMahon, Triple H, Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga and Heath Slater

~ Heart Dynasty ~
DH Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya

Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse

~ Administration ~

~ General Manager ~
Teddy Long

~ Announce Team ~
Micheal Cole and Matt Striker

~ Backstage Interviewer ~
Todd Grisham

~ Ring Announcer ~
Todd Chimel

~ Champions ~

~ World Heavyweight Champion ~

~ Intercontinental Champion ~
Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes

~ WWE Tag Team Champions ~
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

~ WWE Divas Champion ~
LayCool... Michelle and Layla

~ Roster ~

Main Event

Undertaker *
CM Punk
Jack Swagger

Upper Mid Card

Alberto Del Rio
Rey Mysterio

Mid Card

Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy
Jimmy Uso
Cody Rhodes
Jey Uso
Zach Ryder
William Regal


Gregory Helms
Chavo Guerrero
Brian Kendrick


Beth Phoenix
Michelle McCool
Gail Kim
Queen Kong

* Inactive due to injury or other

~ Stables ~

~ The Samoan Society ~
Rikishi, Manu, Tamina, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

~ LayCool ~
Carlito, Michelle McCool and Layla

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Gurrero

~ Internal Shows ~

Carlito's Cabanna ( Carlito )

V.I.P Lounge ( MVP )

Cutting Edge ( Edge )

Highlight Reel ( Chris Jericho )

The Peep Show ( Christian )

~ Title History ~

WWE Championship

Wade Barrett
DEF Randy Orton
11/22/10 - Present

Randy Orton
DEF Sheamus
09/19/10 - 11/23/10 ( 9 Weeks )

World Heavyweight Championship

DEF Kane
12/19/10 - Present

DEF Rey Mysterio
07/18/10 - 12/19/10 ( 22 Weeks )

Intercontinental Championship

Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes
DEF Kofi Kingston and William Regal
12/19/10 - Present

Doplh Ziggler
DEF Kofi Kingston
08/16/10 - Present

United States Champion

Daniel Bryan
DEF The Miz
09/19/10 - Present

WWE Tag Championships
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater ( 1 )
DEF John Cena and David Otunga
10/25/10 - Present

Divas Championship
Michelle McCool and Layla ( 1)
DEF Melina

~ PPV Schedule ~

12/19/10|Armagddon|Smackdown|Toyota Centre|Houston, Texas

01/02/11|New Years Revolution|Raw|First Mariner Centre|Maryland, Baltimore

01/30/11|Royal Rumble|Raw and Smackdown|TD Gardn|Boston, Massachusetts

02/20/11|No Way Out|Smackdown|Oracle Arena|Oakland, California

02/27/11|In Your House Nexus|Raw|The O2 Arena|London, England

04/03/11|Wrestlemania 27|Raw and Smackdown|Georgia Dome|Atlanta, Georgia

05/01/11|Backlash|Raw|St.Pete Times Forum|Tampa, Florida

05/22/11|Judgemant Day|Smackdown|Key Arena|Sattle, Washington

06/05/11|King Of The Ring|Raw and Smackdown|Air Canada Centre|Ontario, Toronto

06/19/11|Vengeance|Raw|Verizon Centre|Washington, D.C.

07/17/11|The Great American Bash|Smackdown|Allstate Arena|Rosemont, Illinois

08/14/11|Summerslam|Raw and Smackdown|Staples Centre|LA, California

09/18/11|Unforgiven|Raw|HSBC Arena|Buffalo, New York

10/02/11|No Mercy|Smackdown|New Orleans Arena,|New Orleans, Louisianna

10/23/11|Taboo Tuesday|Raw|AT&T Arena|San Antonio, Texas

11/20/11|Survivor Series|Raw and Smackdown|Madison Square Garden|New York

12/18/11|Armageddon|Smackdown|Wells Fargo Centre|Philidalphia, Pensylvannia​

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Looks solid, rosters seem casual, results are all good, and I can't wait to see if this continues, most current day threads fall behind and fade away. Good luck, and I'll be reading and possibly reviewing.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

~ WWE News ~

* As a result of The new regime, The following Superstars have been released from their contracts, when asked why, Vince said they just weren't what he was looking for to take the company forward...

Darren Young
Skip Sheffield
Micheal Tarver
Husky Harris
Micheal McGillicuty
Great Khali
Ranjin Singh
Yoshi Tatsu
Vladimir Kozlov
The Bella's
Curt Hawkins
Joey Mercury
Evan Bourne
Trent Barreta
Tyler Reks

* Three former Superstars have been re signed. Carlito, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy. One would question why they were ever let go but nonetheless they are back.

* It was announced that due to the cut of alot of lower card stars that there was no need for Superstars. Vince claims that he felt it was benificial for The rosters to be smaller and give The midcard more attention.

* The return of single branded PPV'S was also a ply to give The strong midcard some PPV time. A few old favourites such as King Of The Ring and Armageddon will also be making a return to The calendar.

* The departure of John Cena has not been discussed much with alot of people waiting to see what happens on Raw first before jumping to conclusions. As far as we know he is not injured or scheduled for a movie anytime soon.

* The reason behind the removal of PG was said to be an outnumbered vote amongst The WWE board with Shane McMahon strongly behind the move.​

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Well it's good to see you back in the game, even if your prior record isn't exactly amazing in terms of consistency. Regardless, if you make this one stick, I'm sure it'll be really good, so do us all a favour and just do that for us. Anyway, I'm not really feeling all the nicknames, especially the ones like Y2J and Version 1 when these guys haven't used those names in ages, but you certainly put your own spin on things with the WWE Title match finish, so you've got me hooked there.

As for your recent post, I can't say I agree with all those releases. Namely the guys like Evan Bourne and Michael Tarver, who have real talent, while Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty were supposed to be in Nexus, I thought. Guys like JTG and Yoshi Tatsu were guys with potential too, while you didn't even spell Trent Barreta's name right. You called him Trent Barnetta. Come on, really?

Carlito, Shelton and Hardy back is a good move, though. All three are talented guys, I hope you use them well. If you're doing single-branded PPVs, which is great because more guys can have PPV-worthy feuds, it makes it even more nonsensical to release those guys earlier, considering they could have been added to those PPVs as undercard matches. Oh, and Shane left in January, I swear.

Mixed bag on the opening stuff, but hopefully you can blow me away with the first show. Best of luck.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Smackown V Raw 2011 Presents..
Monday Night Raw
Orlando 11/22/10
" In with The Old, Out with The New "

*** Video Recap ***

We see footage of numerous defining moments in John Cena's career. From winning his first Title at WrestleMania 21 to beating Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania 23.. It then fades to dark and shows Barrett defeating Cena at Hell In A Cell, along with embarrassing moments such as throwing water in his face. Finally we see highlights of the end of The Survivor Series Title match were Barrett lay down for Orton to pin him while Cena didn't see. Cena startes at Vince who he notices outside the ring and begins to sense something went down. He looks up at the titantron and see's as Nexus and Vince back up the ramp laughing. Video ends with a close up of a disappointed Cena...

Yessir, we promised you a great main event here tonight.
Andre the Giant!!
Hulkamania is RUNNIN’ WILD…
Iffff ya smeeeeeeel…
Gimmie a ‘Hell yeah’ ?
Its not over…
The world is watching…

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

As we go on air, we get shots of the fans cheering and holding up loads of different signs including a few saying Goodbye Cena. Then our camera team take us straight over to our announce team of King and Cole.

COLE: Hello Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to Monday Night Raw. Im Micheal Cole and alongside me my broadcast partner Jerry " The King " Lawler. What a night last night at Survivor Series and I have feeling that tonight we will pick up from were we left off.

That's right Micheal, I can't believe we have seen the end of John Cena, Raw without Cena is going to be strange and what was Wade Barrett thinking. He claimed he wanted The WWE Championship so badly and he just lay down for it ?

COLE: King only time will tell the reason behind that and hopefully we will find out tonight. Just as exciting is then return of Mr.McMahon, what was that all about ?

KING: I don't know but usually it means trouble when he shows up...

" We Are One " hits to loud boo's from this Orlando crowd. Wade Barrett leads the pack down to the ring, Otunga, and The Tag Team Champions, Gabriel and Slater follow. When they get to the ring they take up their usual positions of standing side by side. Barrett gets on the mic and moves forward slightly...

BARRETT: I guess you're all wondering why I chose to do what I did last night ?

Crowd Boo as the other members of Nexus look around at the crowd in disgust

BARRETT: Its simple really, you all thought it was in Cena's hands last night but that's were you were all wrong.. It was in my hands, I was in control of both mine and Cena's destiny. I had two options... Become The WWE Champion in less than a year or get rid of John Cena and ensure I will have a lot of Title reigns in the rest of my career.

Crowd Boo

BARRETT: As I weighed the options up it was easy to decide, but I didn't decide alone sure I didn't boys..

He looks at the rest of Nexus as they shake their heads in agreement

BARRETT: You see all this time, while I was The leader of Nexus, I was also being controlled by a higher power!

Crowd boo in anticipation of what was going to be said

BARRETT: That's right and without further a due let me introduce to you, The founder and creator of The Nexus, Mr. McMahon!!!

" No Chance " hits as Vince takes his time to come out and allows the fans to get most of their booing out of the way. He finally makes his way out and is still met by boo's. He shapes down the ramp, greeted by applause from Nexus. He takes The mic from Barrett and shakes all their hands one by one...

VINCE: Ladies and Gentlemen.. Future WWE Champion, Wade Barrett !!!

Crowd boos Barrett smiles

VINCE: Its true, I am the founder of this group of exceptional athletes. Why, you may ask ?... Well, because I can!

Vince laughs and the crowd boo again

VINCE: While is sat at home "recovering" ( sarcastically said, as it was obviously a set up ), I just wasn't happy with what I was seeing on The TV. So I thought id spice things up. I was impressed with all of them on NXT and thought they all deserved a contract I had them make an example out of me for their own good. Anyone who can man handle The owner means business. I decide to get rid of Harris and Mcgilicuty in order to replace them with some of my own recruits that will help us take over...

The Nexus start whispering between eachother in speculation s to who he means. Vince whispers into Barrett's ear and afterwards he smiles..

VINCE: So lets not waist anymore time, allow me to introduce to you My son in law and member of Nexus!! Triple H!!!

" The Game " hits and The crowd are furious. The camera zooms in on some of their faces and they look betrayed by The Game. Triple H doesn't seem to mind what they think of him as he is also greeted by applause from Nexus. He takes a mic...

TRIPLE H: Don't act surprised!! Im The Game, Im a bad guy, you think you're reaction is going to make me feel guilty ? Not even a bit. Im in this for what's best for me and that's control of this company and making sure that punk Cena gets what he deserves.

Crowd Boo

TRIPLE H: I never liked Cena. He should never have beaten me at Wrestlemania and that moment has stayed with me. The only way I could erase it was by seeing to it that he was erased from The WWE. I have watched Barrett and the boys from home and in them I see a bit of me, that wanting to be the best, win at all costs mentality. So when Vince offered me this, I couldn't turn it down.

BARRETT: Triple H, we are all delighted to have you as part of Nexus. With you on our side we will be unstoppable. I have something I think you would like. Earlier today I got a call from John Cena, asking me to allow him to come to Raw tonight and say farewell. I made him beg for a while before telling him no!

They all laugh as the crowd boo. Vince takes out what looks like a phone and is typing something. The message tone for The anonymous GM's laptop goes off. Cole gets up..

COLE: Excuse me, I have re...

He stops and realizes that it happened to go off while Vince was typing on his phone...

VINCE: Read the message Damitt!!!

COLE: And I Quote " You are looking at The Raw General Manager, he is standing in the middle of the ring,its none other than me, Mr. McMahon...

Crowd boo as Vince pretends to not know what was going on...

VINCE: I guess it was me all along, how about that! On to tonight's business. Randy Orton, because you did not fairly beat Wade Barrett, there is going to be a WWE Championship rematch, but were not going to wait until New Year's Revolution... Were going to have that match right here tonight!!

Mixed reaction from the crowd as Barrett smiles and Nexus slap him in the back for encouragement

VINCE: I almost forgot, last thing. With the departure of Harris and McGilicuty, there is one more replacement. This is a superstar who I hand picked to be a future WWE Champion, some call him " The Chosen One "...Drew McIntyre!!!

" Broken Dreams " hits and out comes newest member of Nexus, Drew McIntyre. He comes down to the ring and grabs a mic.

Thank you Mr.McMahon. It's a pleasure to be apart of Nexus! Im can't wait to learn from The Game and yourself! When I was approached I didn't think twice about my answer and anyone who tries to get in our way is going to pay for it..

TRIPLE H: As Drew said, If you wanna survive don't mess with us and even at that you may not be safe. You see im on a different mission now, I have been World Champion enough times now, Its Wade's time now and were going to make sure he leaves here tonight as WWE Champion.

" We Are One " hits and we cut to a break.

*** Commercial Break ***

COLE: Hello and welcome back to Raw. Im in shock over what we have just seen. I don't know about you King but I kind of like what's going on..

KING: Are you kidding me? This industry may never be the same again Micheal. Nexus, Triple H and Vince on the same side?

COLE: Well nonetheless, we have a huge main event that was just announced tonight. We will see a rematch of last night's main event when Randy Orton takes on Wade Barrett with The Title on the line...

*** Shattered Dreams *** hits and Goldust makes his way to the ring to kick things off. Goldust has recently been stood up at his wedding to Aksana, who has recently been deported, so he doesn't look too happy...

*** Im Comin *** Hits and Raw's newest draft pick MVP makes his way to the ring with cheers from the crowd. MVP had been on Smackdown for the last while. He gets into the ring, watching Goldust the whole time, aware of his bizarre ways...

Match 1
MVP v Goldust

Summary: After an impressive start for MVP, it seemed like he was closing in on an easy victory but as he went for a running big boot to Goldust while lying against the turnbuckle, Goldust moved out of the way, sending MVP into the turnbuckle. As MVP composed himself and turned around Goldust took him out with a clothesline. He went for a cover and got a two but was building momentum. He picked MVP up and tossed him to the turnbuckle. Goldust grabbed the legs of MVP and positioned one either side of the turnbuckle. He walked away preparing for The Shattered Dreams but as he began running, The Referee got himself inbetween them to stop the illegal move. As Goldust complained, MVP got back to his feet and caught Goldust with a facebreaker, he was now groggy and MVP took advantage by nailing him with The Playmaker. The fans were on their feet as The Referee counted to 3 and announced MVP the winner in his first match back on Raw.

Winner: MVP @ 6: 36

We cut to the back were Josh Matthews is standing by with a special guest...

JOSH: Ladies and Gentleman please welcome my guest at this time... John Morrison!

Crowd cheer

JOSH: John, last night you defeated Sheamus. Not many others have been able to do that and with Sheamus being a former 2 time WWE Champion, you must fancy your chances of getting a future title shot?

MORRISON: Thanks Josh, while im happy with my win over Sheamus, it's important not to get carried away. There are some great competitors on Raw and when my time comes ill take it...

Morrison's eyes change direction which forces Josh to turn around and see why. David Otunga is approaching.

OTUNGA: I was just down the hall watching on a monitor and I think I heard Josh call you a title contender? If I heard right, I know your smart enough not to mess with Nexus!

MORRISON: Is that a threat ? Coming from someone who has never won a singles match on Raw ?

Otunga Moves closer to Morrison, taking Josh out of the picture. He puts his head up to Morrison's.

OTUNGA: Its funny you say that, I had next week lined up as the night I win my first match and I can't see no better way to do it then against you...

MORRISON: Your on!

Otunga backs away from Morrison as we go to another break

*** Commercial Break ***

We cut backstage to the locker room area. Maryse knocks at The men's locker room door and calls Ted. There is no answer, so she opens the door and walks in. Nobody seems to be there although the shower is on. Maryse walks towards the shower expecting DiBiase to be there but its Daniel Bryan. She keeps looking despite knowing its not Ted. The shower stops and she turns around in embarrassment and he quickly grabs his towel.

BRYAN: Were you spying on me ?

MARYSE: Don't flatter yourself!

BRYAN: Don't worry I wont say anything to Ted...

MARYSE: Excuse me, I am a professional and I...

BRYAN: You what ? Is Ted not stepping up to the plate ? I mean we know he can't wrestle but I mean...

MARYSE: Stop!! You got lucky last night and later on he is going to kick your ass!!

BRYAN: Really ? Haha

Maryse: Really! Ted is a real man. You are nothing but a loser!

Maryse storms out of the room. The camera goes back to Bryan as he snigers to himself and mutter " She totally wants me "

We go back ringside were we are ready for our second match of the night. We are shown some highlights of recent week's were The Heart Dynasty had been having problems. " New Foundation " hits and The Heart Dynasty come down to the ring, Kidd follows behind the other two, showing signs of them still not being on the same page. They get in the ring and Natalya is giving them a talk. " We Are One " hits and The WWE Tag Team Champions make their way down. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater come out to boo's and if they lose this match they must give The Heart Dynasty a shot at the title's.

Match 2
Tag Team Match
The Heart Dynasty w/ Natalya v Gabriel and Slater

Summary: The match went back and forward for most of it. Gabriel and Slater were making regular tags but Smith had been in the ring the whole match so far, isolated for most of the last few minutes. Smith was calling for a tag furiously. Gabriel hammering away on Kidd at the opposite turnbuckle as he tags in Slater. Gabriel holds Kidd up as Slater hits him with a shot to the mid section. A hurt Tyson Kidd is then suplexed to the mat. Slater watches him crawl to the corner and as he gets closer he pulls him back by the legs. Smith then gets off the apron before being reprimanded by natalya, who forces him to continue. Slater tosses Kidd back to the turnbuckle again. Another tag, Gabriel comes in and gets Kidd setup for a ddt but its reversed as Kidd scoops Gabriel over his head. He then lands a dropkick on him as he got to his feet. Kidd makes the tag and smith enters for the first time. He runs at Gabriel and knocks him down with a few clotheslines before getting him in position for the running powerbomb. Slater gets up the apron and distracts Smith. Gabriel slides down his back and as Smith turns around he is met with a superkick. The Referee starts the count and Slater runs in and knocks Kidd off the apron as the 3 count is made.

Winners: Gabriel and Slater @ 09:25

When Kidd and Smith both eventually get to their feet, they start arguing. Natalya gets a mic form outside and stands in between them.

NATALYA: This has got to stop! You can't keep fighting with eachother!

They stare at eachother and then Natalya...

NATALYA: I think I might have a solution for this. You both obviously think the other isn't doing enough work. The bets way to sort this would be if you face eachother one on one next week...

They both seem surprised that Natalya would say that...

NATALYA: Its the only way...

*** New Foundation *** hits and Natalya leaves the ring as we got to a break with Smith and Kidd staring at eachother

*** Commercial Break ***

We return to the car park were Josh Matthews had been waiting for Randy Orton to arrive. He gets out of a car with The WWE title in hand. Josh runs after him...

JOSH: Randy...Randy, Could I have a minute please...

ORTON: Not in the mood Josh

JOSH: Are you aware you will be defending your championship here tonight against Wade Barrett?

Orton stops walking and stalls to answer Josh..

ORTON: I saw what happened and to be honest it doesn't bother me. I'll beat Wade anytime anyplace and if any of Nexus or Triple H try to get involved they will be sorry...

He starts to walk again..

JOSH: Randy, one other question..Had you have known about what Barrett did last night would you still have pinned him ?

He stops again and stares as Josh before walking off...

We go back to ringside and " I Came To Play " hits and we are graced with The Miz's presence. He is accompanied to the ring by his apprentice Alex Riley. Money In The Bank briefcase in hand, Miz gets in the ring and picks up a mic. Crowd are booing as he is about to talk..

MIZ: Last Night was one of the big four PPV'S on The WWE Calendar, Survivor Series! A Survivor Series without The most awesome superstar on Raw.. Really? Do you believe that Alex ? Someone is going to pay for that. So how about someone in the back come out here and go one on one with The Miz...Before Anyone does, although I don't think there will be many takers, I apologies in advance for the beating you are going to receive due to bad WWE management...

" Aint No Stopping Me " hits and The returning Shelton Benjamin comes out to answer The Miz's call. Miz looks stunned as Riley is concerned. Benjamin claps the hands of some fans in the front row on his way.

Match 3
The Miz v Shelton Benjamin

Summary: From the start of the match Benjamin took it to The Miz with a number of fast moves. He hit Mix with a few belly to belly suplex's in a row before Miz rolled to the outside, where Riley tried to get him back on his feet. Shelton bounced off the ropes and threw himself over with a moonsault landing on top of Miz and Riley! Referee began a count but Shelton did not want it to end like that so he rolled Miz back in the ring. He went for a pin but only got a 2. As he was picking Miz up he was caught with some right hands to the mid section. Miz tossed Benjamin into the turnbuckle and landed a swinging corner clothesline on him. Shelton eventually dropped to the ground. Miz was stalking him waiting for him to get up. Alex Riley slid The Briefcase into the ring before he got up on the apron distracting The Referee. With his back turned The Miz nailed Benjamin right across the face with it and threw it out of the ring. He went for the pin and after a 2 count he pulled Benjamin back up. He hit him with The Skull Crushing Finale before getting the win.

Winner: The Miz @ 12: 56

We then see a video recap of The Orton/Barrett rivalry...

*** Commercial Break ***

When we get back Ted DiBiase and Maryse are in the ring. They are set for mixed Tag action against Daniel Bryan and Eve.

DiBiase: Daniel Bryan, you know last night was a fluke! I had you beat. Tonight Im going to get the job done that should have been done last night and after that Im going to take your title. Another thing, I heard about the way you spoke to Maryse earlier, No woman would be interested in a nerd like you!

" Ride Of The Valkryies " hits and Daniel Bryan interrupts as he and Eve walk down to the ring together. Maryse gives Bryan a dirty look and he winks at her...

Match 4
Mixed Tag Match
DiBiase and Maryse v Bryan and Eve

Summary: Most of the match sees DiBiase and Bryan in the ring together, reversing eachothers moves more often than not. After a while Maryse shouts at DiBiase to tag her in. He is confused but does it. She gets in the ring and slaps Bryan in the face. He turns around for a second and looks back at her with a grin before grabbing her and kissing her. DiBiase runs in and goes to clothesline Bryan but he moves and he nails Maryse instead. Eve enters the ring and while Ted is looking down on Maryse, Eve low blows DiBiase. As he is falling Bryan takes him down with a ddt. Both Maryse and Ted down now, Bryan tag's Eve in because Maryse is legal. Eve goes to the top rope and lands a crossbody on Maryse before pinning her.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Eve @ 7: 45

After the match Eve and Bryan celebrate while Ted pulls Maryse out of the ring and carries her up the ramp. We go to the back and Josh is talking to Wade Barrett..

JOSH: Wade, how confident are you going into tonight's Title match ?

BARRETT: Im always confident Josh. I don't have a single doubt in my mind that I will be leaving here tonight as WWE Champion. I was just told it would be a No DQ match so even better.

JOSH: Are you afraid of what state Randy Orton may be in after you making his win a mockery last night, I mean he's pretty pissed.

BARRETT: I don't care what state Orton is in but I do know what state he will be in after the match, as he will be watching my championship celebration next week from his home...

Barrett walks off as cameras take us to a different backstage area where Santino is walking around...


He is opening some doors and is clearly trying to find Vladimir Kozlov. He bumps into Mark Henry...

SANTINO: Sexual A Chocolate, have you seena my partner Vladimir Kozlov ?

HENRY: Em... No Santino I haven't...

SANTINO: Damn it !! I need to find him, he hasa not spoken to me since the match, ima worried he thinks the defeat wasa my fault...

HENRY: Im sure you'll see him somewhere...

Santino keeps walking down the hall looking, Chris Masters comes along..

MASTERS: What's up with him ? He's not still looking for Kozlov is he ?

HENRY: He sure is! Somebody has got to tell him Kozlov was fired..

Crowd laugh as we go to a break

*** Commercial Break ***

Its time for our main event... " No Chance " hits and Vince makes his way down to the ring. He gets a chair and places it outside the ring. " We Are One " hits and Wade Barrett makes his way down to the ring, on his own. " Voices " hits and Randy Orton makes his way down. Orton has his eyes on Vince as he taunts on the top rope.

ROBERTS: Introducing The Challenger, from Manchester England, Wade Barrett!!

Crowd Boo, Vince claps

ROBERTS: Introducing The WWE Champion, from St. Louis, Missouri, Rannnnndyyyyy ORRRton!!

Crowd cheer

Main Event
WWE Championship
Randy Orton v Wade Barrett

Summary: Throughout the match Orton didn't take his eyes off Vince on the outside, which was proving to be a distraction. Orton began to stamp various parts of Barrett while he was lying on the ground. Vince stood up on the outside which caught Orton's attention. He walked over to the ropes and started mouthing at Vince. When he turned back around a recovered Barrett hit him with a big boot. He went for a cover but only got a 2. Barrett looked frustrated and stomped away at Orton before picking him up. He got Orton in position for a powerslam but as he reached the top Orton rolled down his back and reversed it into a inverted backbreaker. The crowd reacted to this with cheers as they felt Orton was on top. He threw Wade against the drops and caught him with a quick powerslam. Orton was building momentum and began to stalk Barrett for an RKO. Vince was shouting at Barrett trying to tell him and eventually got up from his hair and pulled Barrett to the outside. The crowd booed as Orton looked furious. Barrett climbed back up on the apron before Orton kicked him in the mid section and dragged his head through the middle rope. He set up or his trademark DDT and nailed it. The crowd started booing out of nowhere, our camera's eventually found at why as Otunga, Gabriel, Slater and McIntyre were running down the ramp. There was nothing The Referee could do as it was No DQ. Orton was fighting them off at the start but the numbers game picked up. They all began to hit Orton with heavy blows and kicks. Then a cheer came from the crowd, this time it was Raw's newest Star, The Big Show running down to help, but he wasn't alone. Mark Henry, John Morrison and Chris Masters were alongside him. They fought off Nexus and the eight of them took their fight up the ramp and towards the backstage area. Barrett looked down at Orton with a smile. He sensed it was time fir him to take his moment. He picked Orton up but out of nowhere Orton hit an RKO. He went for a cover but The Referee was looking at what was happening up the top of the ramp, unaware at what was going on in the ring. Orton shouted at him and got his attention. 1.......2........The Referee got pulled out of the ring by Vince!! Orton walked over to the ropes were he was shouting at Vince and Barrett. There was noise coming from a section of the crowd but wasn't loud enough or Orton to hear. CHRIS JERICHO climbed over the barriers from the crowd, steel chair in hand. He entered the ring and waited for Orton to turn around. When he did he was met with a chair shot to the face. Jericho went out and pushed Barrett back in the ring. Barrett crawled over on top of Orton, both of them out of it. Barrett now had his hand across Orton. 1......2........3!! Ding Ding Ding!!

Winner; Wade Barrett @ 15: 45

COLE: Barrett's done it King. He's The Champion!!

KING: I can't believe it, what was Jericho thinking ?

Big Show, Henry, Morrison and Masters run back down to the ring as Jericho drags Barrett out. Jericho, Barrett and Vince backed up the ramp. The show went off air with The whole of Nexus at the top of The ramp. Even Triple H came out and shook the hand of Barrett before raising his hand.

*** End Of Show ***


MVP DEF Goldust
Gabriel and Slater DEF Heart Dynasty
Bryan and Eve DEF DiBiase and Maryse
Miz DEF Shelton Benjamin
Barrett DEF Orton to become new WWE Champion

Confirmed For Next Week
David Otunga v John Morrison
Tyson Kidd v David Hart Smith
Wade Barrett Celebration

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Raw Feedback

Cena career flashback is good, I don't really like that he won't be able to be at the show, I thought he could have got some revenge on The Nexus someway.

The whole Nexus segment was great, I like that Vince McMahon was the guy behind the whole thing, Triple H's reasoning isn't that great, I couldn't imagine him saying, Im the Game, Im the bad guy, he surely would have gave some more reasoning and him....say it's Barrett time? Thats different and Drew McIntyre being on Nexus is eh, his dialog I couldn't imagine him saying either really. Why is McMahon being orderly on Cole? Isn't Cole heel?

MVP and Goldust is OK, to be honest, I was skimming through all the matches, I don't really like the pairing of them two in a match though, just saying.

The Morrison interview was good, I can imagine Otunga saying the stuff he said to Morrison, but he don't really have anything special to his mic skills really. A Morrison push, I could dig though.

The Bryan and Maryse segment is eh, I can't see Maryse trying to fall for him, or spy on him really, unless its a plot, trying to find his weaknesses for her Million Dollar Man.

The Hart Dynasty vs Nexus match would have been good, Natalya on the mic is great, so Kidd and Smith next week, I hope you keep them as a Tag Team, instead of breaking them up with all the other Tag Teams.

Orton interview was good, him saying, Im not in the mood, is eh, I just think you need to add stuff that they would actually say. The Miz Promo was good though, I like it really, him and Benjamin would be exciting to see in my opinion, probably Benjamin would have carried the match.

DiBiase promo against Bryan is good, I like that you are keeping the feud, well somewhat, I think somebody else could challenge for the US championship but Maryse in the middle makes it kind of interesting. The Mixed Tag after the promo was good, I like the pairing of Bryan and Eve, maybe she can stick around as his valet, just maybe.

The Barrett interview was Ok, you have an interview like after every match lol, which is good, I can kinda see WWE doing that, the match being NO DQ makes it better, I like the hype leading to it.

Santino/Henry/Masters was great, you captured Santino's Italian accent very well to me and him referring Henry to Sexual Chocolate was good too, if you made Henry go back to that gimmick, I wouldn't mind actually.

The main event was great, I like that Jericho was helping out his rookie Wade Barrett, does this mean he is joining Nexus? I hope it does, Nexus would be more fn great than ever.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

WWE News

On Monday Night Raw, Nexus leader Wade Barret became The first ever British WWE Champion. People had speculated wether there was a reason for Orton to drop The Title beyond WWE control but as it turns out it was a genuinley planned Title change. It is said that Vince wanted to raise more revenue in The UK and by having a British Champion that would help. Also, Vince is said to be a keen follower of Barrett's work on the mic and in the ring, so expect more reigns down the road.

WWE ratings have shifted up by over 10,000 after the first non PG Raw in almost a year, figures prove that it may have been the right desicion to make. WWE has also been busy in talks with a former World Heavyweight Champion on a possible return to The WWE. It is said that talks are not advanced but are in progress.

Chris Jericho made his return to Raw this week, screwing Randy Orton out of The Title. His desicion to return so quick was down to an offer that was made to him regarding his upcoming role on the show. He said it was too good of an opportunity to turn down.

It is reported that R Truth is set to go on strike following the release of friend and WWE Superstar Evan Bourne. In a interview, He was quoted on saying that " It was a bad desicion and if good workers were going to be dis respected in that way, who's to say it won't be me next week ? " Evan Bourne has not made a statemant regarding his release.

Also thanks for the feedback from Raw, it is still open for some feedback as I am writing Smackdown at the moment.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

The Bella's and Evan Bourne leaving makes me cry tbh :p. Shelton Benjamin is a favorite of mine, I'm glad you have him back, and Carlito is okay also 8*D. Single brand pay per views back could be good, but could be bad, guess we'll find out.

Looks like you've planned ahead, and I see this BTB lasting a while. I'm looking forward to it taking off, so good luck.

Orton dropping the title also makes me a tad angry as he's a favorite of mine, but I see your reasoning for having Barrett be the champion.

Taking away the P-G rating was genius in my opinion, but you could have incorporated a storyline into it, and that made me a bit sad as well :/.

Jericho returning is pretty cool, and I can't wait to see what Orton has to say about this.

I'm not very good at leaving reviews, so I'm just going to say that I'm indeed reading, and I like what your doing. Good luck.

Your friend,
TeaZy :)

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Jacksonville, Florida

Yessir, we promised you a great main event here tonight.
Andre the Giant!!
Hulkamania is RUNNIN’ WILD…
Iffff ya smeeeeeeel…
Gimmie a ‘Hell yeah’ ?
Its not over…
The world is watching…

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

*** Video Recap ***

The video starts by showing how Big Show and Rey Mysterio had finished the classic 5 v 5 Survivor Series match as Survivors and winners. During the match, Del Rio was helped out of the arena after getting a knockout punch from Show. We see after the match Mysterio stays behind a little longer to celebrate after the match and Del Rio runs back down to the ring after and knocks him off the turnbuckle to the outside were he landed awkwardly on the steps. Del Rio then climbs the turnbuckle and looks down on him. The video then moves on to footage of Edge v Kane. We see the ending where after a spear it appeared both men were covering eachother as The Referee had no choice but to count to three. Video ends with a disappointed looking Edge.

We cut to a unfamiliar setting in what looks to be Florida's main Airport, as we get some shots of Plane's taking off. Next shot is of Edge and the crowd inside the arena cheer after seeing this on The Titantron. He is standing in front of a desk, waiting for someone to come out, Edge moves out of the way for a second and Paul Bearer is behind him in The wheelchair... A lady finally walks out after Edge presses The Bell a few times...

LADY: Good afternoon Sir, Can I help you ?

EDGE: Yes, actually you can... See this guy behind me ? The good looking one, sitting in the wheelchair...

LADY: Em, yes...

EDGE: Well, He's special to me. He's a good friend and it's his birthday. He is like The Father I never had... Yano what, I'll cut to the chase otherwise I'll get a bit emotional here, sorry.

The Lady looks at Bearer and then looks back at Edge and is a little confused..

EDGE: I wanted to give him a gift that would show how much he means to me. I have him blindfolded as you can see, so he wont know what the surprise is. Also explains the ear muffs and tape across his mouth. I don't want him to have an clue what his present is going to be.

LADY: Are you sure this is ok ? I mean is it not a little unsafe and un normal ? He looks like he is struggling...

Camera goes back to Bearer and he is moving around as if he wanted to get out, crowd laugh in the arena

EDGE: He is just a little anxious that's all. Anyway, about my present. Im looking to send him off to the furthest destination you have today...

LADY: You mean he is traveling alone ? Sir, IM afraid if that's the case IM going to need to speak to....

Edge puts his hand on top of her hand and stops her from continuing the sentence...

EDGE: You know, Im a WWE superstar..

LADY: You're in The Wrestling ?

Edge smiles and nods his head...

LADY: My son loves Wrestling, he watches it all the time...

EDGE: Well, why don't you also give a present, give your son my autograph and lets forget about the situation I have here and just hand over a ticket huh ?

LADY: I guess so... There is this guy in it that he hates, his name is Edge, you probably know him ?

Crowd laugh and Edge looks disappointed...

EDGE: Oh yeah, that guys an ass. Anyway here you go...

Edge signs The autograph in Kane's name... The Lady hands him a ticket

LADY: Thank you and here you go, Return ticket to China...

EDGE: Return ? I was thinking more of a One Way ?

Crowd laugh and we go to a break

*** Commercial Break ***

When we return, we got to The backstage area where Kane is walking around with a purpose. He is on the lookout for Bearer. He walks down a corridor where Jack Swagger is talking to Rosa Mendes! We hear some of the conversation but all of a sudden they stop talking due to a shadow being casted over them. Swagger turns around and Kane grabs him by the truth. Rosa runs off screaming. Kane now has Swagger off his feet and against the wall...

KANE: Where is he ???

Swagger does not answer him but its probably because he couldn't. The grip on his throat was so tight.

KANE: I know you have seen him, later on tonight in The Ring IM going to find out when I beat it out of you!

Kane releases the grip but throws Swagger into some boxes. Swagger is lying on the ground helpless as an angry Kane walks off...

*** Announce Table ***

COLE: Well, I guess its official, Kane v Jack Swagger right here tonight Ladies and Gentleman. Kane cleary in a bad mood.

KING: The guy is paranoid Michael, Jack Swagger was minding his own business in the back, now he's gonna have to fight Kane ?

COLE: Minding his own business ? King the guy gave Kane no information at all...

The bell rings as we are set for our opening contest. " Chavito Ardienre "hits and Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring. The crowd give out a mixed reaction. " The Realist Killaz " goes off and Kaval fresh from his defeat to Dolph Ziggler last night makes his way to the ring. They were announced as Tag Team partners. " Get Up " hits and Jimmy and Jay Uso make their way down.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
The Uso's v Chavo and Kaval

Summary: During most of the match, Kaval and Chavo were showing some great teamwork and were really clicking as a unit. They were handing it to The Uso's and looked like closing in on a victory. Chavo planted The Three Amigos on Jay. He poses for a minute and wastes his own time. Eventually he climbs the turnbuckle and points to the ceiling. Chavo went for the frog splash but he missed. Kaval doesn't look to happy. Both men are down and crawling towards their corners. They reach their partners and Jimmy and Kaval run at eachother, Kaval ducks under a clothesline of Jimmy and next time slides between the legs of Jimmy. Kaval dropkicks the lower legs of Jimmy, he falls to his knees and Kaval bounces off the ropes before coming back and dropkicking a kneeling Jimmy Uso. He went for the cover but only got a 2. Jay ran in and clotheslined Kaval, stopping all his momentum. Chavo got up on the turnbuckle and aimed a crossbody at Jay Uso but he moved out of the way and Chavo hit Kaval. When he got back up he was met with an assisted Samoan Drop. They picked Kaval back up and he was victim of The assisted Samoan Drop. Jimmy pinned Kaval for 3. There is some tension between Chavo and Kaval as the two realize their defeat. Kaval rolls out of the ring and leaves, never taking his eyes off Chavo...

Winners: The Uso's @ 8: 15

*** Commercial Break ***

We go to The Divas locker room, where LayCool are standing watching The TV monitor. It's highlights of their match at Survivor Series. After Michelle pinned Natalya using the ropes and Layla arm for leverage, Layla got in the reign and beat down on Natalya. Beth Pheonix ran down and ran Laycool out of the ring..

MICHELLE: Like, who does Beth think she is ?

LAYLA: I know right ?

MICHELLE: Just because she lost a few pounds, she thinks she can come back and get in our way ?

LAYLA: She needs a...

LAYLA and MICHELLE : Reality Check !!!

MICHELLE: Lay, I think we should send a message to our friend Beth later on when you face her one on one...

The camera zoom's back in on The Tv monitor that shows Beth posing on the top rope...

" I Am Perfection " Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrrero appear at the top of the ramp. The crowd are booing because Dolph is still Intercontinental Champion. Vickie rubs him on the shoulder before they start walking down. When they get to the ring Vickie grabs a mic...

VICKIE: Excuse me !!!

The crowd are loud and booing

VICKIE: Allow me to introduce to you, The Intercontinental Champion and My Boyfriend... Dolph Ziggler !!!

Crowd react with louder boo's

ZIGGLER: Last night, I showed all of you that it's not a wise thing to challenge me for my Title. This belt around my waist mean's The World to me and...

Vickie nudges into him and looks a little disgruntled..

ZIGGLER: And of course my beautiful Girlfriend Vickie...

The crowd boo and they smile at eachother creepily

ZIGGLER: Im feeling so confident in my ability that tonight I pledge to never lose my Title. At the moment I have been Champion for 16 weeks and counting! So anyone who think they are worthy of getting in the same ring as me, come on out here...

There is a pause and nobody comes out for a few seconds. Dolph and Vickie look at eachother as if to say I though so... " SOS " hits and Kofi Kingston is met with lots of cheers from the fans. Dolph and Vickie are arguing in the ring upon his arrival.. Kofi walks down as far as outside the ring...

KINGSTON: Dolph... I could have sworn I heard you say you were going to keep my Title forever ?

ZIGGLER: I also could have sworn I said anyone who is worthy of being in the same ring as me should come out here, that would automatically rule you out of it...

KINGSTON: Haha Im glad you actually have some humor in you, I was mistaking you for a boring Champion before you made that joke.

Ziggler walks over to the ropes, furious. Vickie is talking in his ear, trying to calm him down a nd hold him back. " Its A New Day " hits to the confusion of everyone as it was the old songs of Rhodes and DiBiase. Cody Rhodes comes out to the ramp, without his usual jacket, music or titantron...

RHODES: I was in the back there and I realized something. I looked in the mirror and thought, Dashing does not win titles. Before I came one with my dashing side, I won titles here. So you know what Dolph, Im going to be taking that title away from you...

Kofi looks intrigued and Ziggler looks like his head is going to explode...

ZIGGLER: You know what ? Maybe this was a bad idea. I defended My title last night. I could probably do with a break, so...

A face appears on The Tron. Its William Regal...

REGAL: Dolph... We could do this two ways. First, I could come down there, beat the hell out of you and take your Title from you or else you could respectfully give me a shot and we wrestle for it ?

VICKIE: I am The Consultant for Smackdown and Im going to repeat what Dolph said. He is tired and needs a break so if you would all just...

" MacMillitant " hits and Smackdown GM Teddy Long appears from behind Rhodes..

LONG: That's right Vickie. You are my consultant, but I am The General manager and what I say goes. Later on tonight, we are going to have a triple threat match to determine who will face you for that title at Armageddon Playa.

Crowd cheer as Ziggler is furious!

LONG: Dolph don't think I forgot about you, I have a match for you lined up for later on tonight, Enjoy!

" MacMillitant " hits and we go to a break

*** Commercial Break ***

We go to the back were Todd Grisham is standing by with a guest...

TODD: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, Alberto Del Rio....

Del Rio comes in to the picture and looks a little unhappy and less arrogant then usual.

TODD: Alberto, thank you for joining me, last night you...

DEL RIO: Todd, last night I was victim of an unfair advantage. The Big Show was not legal when he knocked me out. So the way I see it is, I was not beating..

TODD: But Alberto, you're team lost the match, Rey Mysterio's team...

DEL RIO: Allow me to continue for you Todd, Rey Mysterio's team never officially won the match as I was not eliminated by pinfall, sumbmission or count out... Later on I will be going out to the ring with a special proposal for The little Chihuahua...

We go back to the ring for our next match. " Not Enough For Me " hits and LayCool make their way down to the ring. They get in the ring and Michelle sits on the turnbuckle. Layla leans into her with her back as Michelle massages her neck. " Glamazon " hits and Beth Phoenix comes down to the ring to cheers from the fans.

Match 2
Beth Phoenix v Layla w/Michelle

Summary: In a match were Beth dominates from the start with a number of Powerfull moves, Layla was struggling. From scoop slam to clothesline, Layla was in trouble and Michelle was helpless on the outside. Beth would stare at Michelle after everything she did to Layla as if to say you are next. Michelle was shouting at Layla to get up. Beth walked over and stood on her hands as she tried to get to her feet. Beth then picks her up and drives her to the ground with a GlamSlam! She goes for the cover and while she is pinning she is looking at Michelle, 1.....2......3. Michelle gets up on the apron,w aiting for her opportunity to go and check on Layla but Beth is still standing in the ring. Beth signals for Michelle to come in and fight her but she gets back down from the apron. Beth laughs and turns to walk out. Michelle grabs the belt and runs at Beth, nailing her in the back of the head. Michelle hammers away on Beth before there was a loud cheer from the crowd. Melina runs down and Michelle rolls out of the ring dragging Layla with her.

Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 6 : 46

*** Commercial Break ***

We go back to a shot of Edge and Bearer in The Airport. He is sitting down on a chair waiting for the flight for Bearer. The Wheelchair is beside him with Bearer sitting in it. He opens a packet of crisps and offers one to Bearer even though his hands are tied and mouth is taped...

EDGE: Fine, was just trying to be nice. Afterall It's going to be a long trip!

Bearer makes some noise as if to make out he doesn't want to go..

EDGE: There is one way out. Only your son, Kane can prevent you're holiday! You see if he gives me what I deserve, what I should have got last night, then he can have you back. He has until the end of tonight's Smackdown to answer me.

Edge drinks his drink and sits back relaxing

*** Announce Table ***

KING: So Edge is blackmailing Kane for another Title shot ?

COLE: Rightly so. What an opportunist Edge is. He knows that Kane wont be able to say no to this and he will get another shot.

KING: I don't know if opportunist is the word I'd use Michael. Getting Family involved is a bit much don't you think ?

COLE: All's fair in love and war King...

" It's A New Day " hits and Cody Rhodes comes out, ready for his number one contenders match. He looks confident as ever. It seems like he is starting to get some cheers aswell now. " Regality " William Regal former King Of The Ring makes his way down after a very blunt threat he dished out to Ziggler earlier can he now back it up. " SOS " Fans favorite for this match, Kofi Kingston is last to come out. He is as energetic as always on his way down.

Match 3
Triple Threat
Number One Contenders Match for Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes v William Regal v Kofi Kingston

Summary: This match is played under a fast pace throughout. Rhodes and Regal looked to be teaming up a little bit on Regal. It started off with a one ups men ship, with both men showing their abilities at the expense of Regal. Kingston hit him with a flurry of kicks, forcing him through the ropes and to the outside. Rhodes was onto Kingston as soon as his back was turned and got him in a roll over pin..1...2... kick out. Kingston gets up quick and they stare at eachother for a bit with Kingston nodding his head in approval at the smartness of Rhodes. They circle eachother before going in for a grapple. Rhodes wins the strength battle, forcing Kingston over to the turnbuckle. The referee makes him brake his hold. Regal form the outside grabs Kofi's legs and pulls him down. He gets one leg and smacks it against the turnbuckle. He does it again. Rhodes slides out of the ring and kicks Regal before attempting to bounce his head off the side of the ring but it was reveres and it was Rhodes who got it. Regal back in the ring now and picks up Kofi. Kingston goes for a kick but Regal catches his foot before being hit with a enziguri. Kingston looks for the boom drop on Regal as he sets up but Rhodes grabs his leg and pulls him out of the ring before tossing him into the barrier. Rhodes now tries to take advantage of Regal. He picks him up and goes for a ddt but Regal reverses it into a suplex with a bridge..1...2.. Rhodes kicked out. Regal was stomping away at Rhodes without realizing Kofi was back on top of the turnbuckle. When he turned around, Kofi caught him with a flying crossbody. He went for a pin and got a 2 count. He started gearing himself up and when Rhodes got up he ran at him looking for a running bicycle kick but Rhodes ducked and nailed him with a ddt. He went for a pin and Regal broke it up after 2. Regal picked Rhodes up and used a backbraker on him. He turned his attention to Kofi and put him in a headlock. Rhodes dropkicked Regal in the back sending both men flying. Rhodes grabbed Regal into the crossroads. He hit it and went for a pin..1....2.... Kingston jumped on them to brake it up. Trouble in Paradise on Rhodes. He went for the cover..1...Ding Ding Ding! Kofi gets up and doesn't know what happened. The Referee is informed of something from the ring announcer before Todd Chimel gets mic.

CHIMEL: The following match as reached its 15 minute time limit and therefore is a no contest!

Winner: Time Limit Drawn @ 15: 00

*** Commercial Break ***

When we get back, we are taken to Teddy Long's office. There is a knock at the door...

LONG: Come in playa...

The door opens and Finlay walks in. The crowd from the arena cheer... Teddy gets up from his seat and shakes Finlay's hand...

LONG: Finlay! How are you ? Good to see you back playa...

Thanks Teddy, not as good as I feel to be back.

Finlay is still holding the hand of Teddy and wont let go as it seems teddy is trying to pull away...

FINLAY: Well, I was feeling good until I arrived here tonight. I got in touch with you last week and told you I was ready to compete again but here I am, no match!

LONG: If you let go I will explain...

Finaly lets go and Teddy shakes off his jacket...

LONG: I have something better planned for you... Close the door...

The door is closed and we lose our footage as we go back ringside. Dolph Ziggler is in the ring ready for his match that he was told he would have by Teddy Long earlier on. " Written In My Face " hits and Smackdown's newest draft pick Sheamus comes down to face Ziggler. The crowd are cheering that he will now be on Smackdown.

Match 4
Non Title
Sheamus v Dolph Ziggler

Summary: Both men begin the match looking to be aggressive but its Sheamus who gets the early advantage over Dolph. Sheamus whips Ziggler to the turnbuckle and follows it up with a hard clothesline. Giving Ziggler no time he straight away does it again over to the other turnbuckle. Ziggler walks out and then drops to the ground. Sheamus picks him up and whips him against the ropes, on the way back, Ziggler ducks under a boot and takes Sheamus standing leg from underneath him. He gains some time to re cooperate. They get up around the same time. Sheamus goes for a clothesline but Ziggler ducks and hits him with some right hands to the mid section. Sheamus eventually ducks under one and turns it into a powerfull spinebuster. He poses to the crowd and they cheer. Ziggler gets up and walks straight into The Irish Curse. Sheamus is calling for The High Cross, Ziggler has no idea. Sheamus gets him up on his back but as he starts the run, Ziggler slides down his back and goes for a Zig Zag. Sheamus stands still though and Ziggler just falls to the ground. Dolph gets back up and runs at him but Sheamus lands A Brogue Kick .1......2.........3. Good win for Sheamus on his first match on Smackdown. " This Fire Burns " hits and CM Punk walks out to the ramp. Sheamus stares at him, wondering why he was out here. CM Punk just applauds Sheamus, confusing all of us.

Winner: Sheamus @ 12: 35

*** Commercial Break ***

" Mexican Melody " Hits and Alberto Del Rio pulls up beside the ramp in a Bentley. He is wearing a suit as he makes his way down to the ring, picking up a mic from the steps. He waits for boo's to stop before talking...

DEL RIO : Last Night I was victim of unfairness. I was knocked out by an illegal superstar and it cost my team. Lets face it, no team without Alberto Del Rio was going to win the match. Last Night was the first and last time that Rey Mysterio will get one over on me. Which is what brings me out here...

" 619 " hits and to the joy of the fans, Rey Mysterio comes out. He walks all the way down to the ring. He gets in and looks at Del Rio shaking his head...

MYSTERIO: You know, I knew you were a sore loser but I never thought you were this bad. Come on, you lost man,face it..

DEL RIO : That's funny Rey, I don't remember being pinned ?

Del Rio poses to the crowd with an arrogant smile on his face...

MYSTERIO: Look cut to the chase, what's this proposal I heard you mention in the back?

DEL RIO: I have come up with an idea, that might be of interest to you...

MYSTERIO: Im listening...

DEL RIO: A Match! Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio... At Armageddon!!

MYSTERIO: That doesn't sound like such a bad idea. But I want to add my own stipulation. A falls count anywhere match, that way there is no excuse when I beat you're ass !!

Crowd Cheer and Del Rio does not look happy...

I wont be needing excuses. Im going to crush you at...

Mysterio dropkicks Del Rio and he goes flying into the ropes. He is in position for a 619, He nails Del Rio with it, sending him groggy in the middle of the ring. Mysterio on the apron on the outside is about to look for a springboard but Del Rio gets himself out of there quick. Del Rio backs up the ramp as Mysterio smiles at him shouting Armageddon!!

We cut back to the back were the returning Matt Hardy is lying on the ground knocked out. Paramedics rush over to attend to him. They give IM an oxygen mask and get him on to a stretcher. Todd Grisham walks over and asks them what happened, they told him they didn't know and that there was nobody else around.

*** Announce Table ***

KING: Who would have done such a horrible thing ? What has Matt Hardy done wrong, he is only back ?

COLE: Hang on, before you back him up, wait and see if he was responsible for something first..

KING: You can't be series ?

COLE: Lets not get into this. Ladies and Gentleman, moments ago we found out that Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio will meet at Armageddon in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

KING: It's about time they had a one on one match.

COLE: I can't wait. Were going to take a break and when we get back it will be time for our main event between Kane and Jack Swagger.

*** Commercial Break ***

" Man On Fire " hits and Kane comes down to the ring. He looks pissed and is going to try take it out on Swagger for the second time tonight. " Get On Your Knees " Jack Swagger comes out looking like he has seen a ghost...

Main Event
Non Title Match
Kane v Jack Swagger

Summary: From the bell, Kane starts off very aggressive and a lot of the time Swagger finds himself trying to avoid The Big Red Machine! A number of times, Swagger rolls out of the ring or ducks his body under the ropes to escape Kane. While Swagger was on the outside, this time he seemed to have had enough of Kane. He started to walk up the ramp, with The Referee starting a 10 count. Kane got over the top rope and ran after Swagger, catching him with a clothesline across the back of the head. He dragged him back to the ring before sliding in and then back out to break the count. He gets Swagger set for an Irish whip into the steps but Swagger reverses it into a drop toe hold, sending Kane face first into the steps. Swagger rolls back in the ring and demands The Referee to start his count. During the count, Swagger pleads with him to go faster but on 8, Kane gets back in. Swagger loads like he had seen a ghost. He runs at Kane but is met with a big boot to the face. He gets back up and walks into a side walk slam. Kane now stalks Swagger in position for a chokeslam. He turns around and into the chokeslam he walks. 1.....2.......3. Kane gets the win but he isn't done there. He grabs Swagger and thrown him over the tope rope, following him out. Kane gets a mic

KANE: Edge !!?? I heard what you said earlier and if it's another shot you're looking for, all you had to do was ask. I have no problem beating the hell out of you again. So me and you at Armageddon. Now bring back Paul Bearer.

Edge is shown on The Titantron...

EDGE: Hi Kane! Im glad we were able to come to an agreement, I knew you would do the right thing.

Edge rips up the plane ticket he had got for Bearer and walks off wheeling him. Kane looking more angry now, clears the announce table and picks up Swagger. He delivers a second chokeslam to The all American American, this time through the announce table as we go off air.

Winner : Kane @ 8: 02

** End Of Show ***


The Uso's DEF Kaval and Chavo
Beth DEF Layla
Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes and William Regal fought to a Draw
Sheamus DEF Dolph Ziggler
Kane DEF Jack Swagger

Confirmed For Armageddon

World Heavyweight Championship match
Kane (c) v Edge

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Alberto Del Rio v Rey Mysterio

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Monday Nigth Raw
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – Wachovia Center

"Like Student Like Teacher "

Last week on Raw, We saw a new WWE Champion crowned. Nexus leader Wade Barrett finnally completed his quest for gold but as always he did not do it alone. This time it wasn't a Nexus member to bail him out though. It was former Mentor Chris Jericho. Jericho had been out since getting punted in the head by Orton and has certainley got his revenge. This im sure will provoke a reaction from The Viper but does he go for his title or pride this week on Raw. Jericho was not the only one to return last week. The Iconic " Game " Triple H returned and shocked the world by joining Nexus with his father in law and Drew McIntyre, Nexus now lookign stronger than ever. On top of that, Barrett and Mr. McMahon have promised a big Championship celebration for Barrett. See what happens, this week on Raw.

The " Awesome " One The Miz was faced with an unwanted problem last week when Shelton Benjamin chose him to try make his impact return. Benjamin looked all set for doing so until Alex Riley got involved, resulting in Miz smashing the MITB Briefcase off the head of Shelton behind The Ref's back. Is revenge on the cards for Benjamin this week after an unlucky defeat last time out ?

Trouble has continued to brew in the form of Heart Dynasty. Piece maker, Natalya made a big call last week when she decided Kidd and Smith would be better off wrestling eachother to release their tension. This came after they lost a Tag match to the champs, Gabriel and Slater last week. Who will come out the better man on Raw this week ?

Some backstage tension last week between John Morrison and David Otunga has resulted in a match this week on Raw. We expect this to be a great contest but will it be spoilt by a possible Nexus attack or will Morrison have the last laugh ?

Ted DiBiase's frustrations have grown further over the last few weeks. United States Champion Daniel Bryan has embaressed DiBiase on more than one occassion now after getting a win over him in a mixed Tag Match last week on Raw. What will happen next between the two ?

Confirmed Matches

John Morrison v David Otunga

Tyson Kidd v David Hart Smith

Barret Championship Celebration

and much more....​

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

You're promos are awesome really love how they are written, matches i like more detail but this seems to be working. bringing back a few superstars is great but losing bourne is a bit disappointing.

the single show ppvs is a good way to keep the mid card active which is cool. good luck with everything

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )


Well it's obvious that you are a talented writer and booker. You are definitely one of the best in the business.

I hate that for some reason I don't have interest in the BTB. It might be because of Triple H joining the Nexus or that i don't like the idea of a regime type thing like on TNA, but your style of writing, and what you write, your storylines and everything make it worth reading. You really are a great writer, and you attract the readers. In my opinion, I don't like where you are taking the NExus but nonetheless it's going to be interesting and unique to see where it ends up. I am keepin my eye on this league for sure. And I congratulate you, for your writing style is top notch, and I'll be looking forward to your future posts.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: ( TV 14 )

Monday Night Raw
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – Wachovia Center

" Like Student Like Teacher "

*** Video Recap ***

We see a shot of Barrett in the ring talking about his match with Orton at Survivor Series. He introduces Vince McMahon as The founder of Nexus. Vince struts down and explains why he did it before calling out his accomplice, Triple H. Triple H came down looking series and shared a few words about his hate for Cena. Vince then named Drew McIntyre as the other new member of Nexus. We then cut to The main event were Barrett was taking on Orton for The WWE Title. We see some moves from the match, then Nexus come down but are followed by Big Show, Morrison, Henry and Masters, who fight them back up the ramp. This distracted The Ref and a returning Chris Jericho got in the ring and nailed Orton with a chair, Barrett Pinned Orton and became The New WWE Champion. Barrett raising The Title was the last shot.

Yessir, we promised you a great main event here tonight.
Andre the Giant!!
Hulkamania is RUNNIN’ WILD…
Iffff ya smeeeeeeel…
Gimmie a ‘Hell yeah’ ?
Its not over…
The world is watching…

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

*** Announce Table ***

COLE: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw. Im Micheal Cole and Im joined by My broadcast partner, Jerry " The King " Lawler. We just saw the events off last week as we went off The air, A new Champion King....

KING: That's right Micheal. The Title is now over in Nexus, I don't think that will go down well with anyone else in the back Cole. It will be interesting to see how long he will be Champion for..

COLE: I think he is Championship material and could be there for a while. What about Chris Jericho ? His involvement last week, helping Barrett win The Title. What was that all about?

KING: Jericho is like a headache Cole, He just wont go away and the minute he's back he is at the centre of controversy.. I hope he explains himself later.

COLE: We have a packed show here tonight, John Morrison v David Otunga to come later on, not to mention David Hart Smith facing off with partner and friend Tyson Kidd. Who knows what will go down there...

KING: I don't know how you forgot to mention Wade Barrett's Championship Speech considering you have been tasking about it all week....

" WE Are One " hits and the crowd boo. The Chairman of the board and Nexus founder, Vince McMahon leads the way out. He is Followed by his Son In Law, Triple H. A few more steps behind them come, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. No Barrett or Otunga. Vince gets a mic and makes an attempt to talk but the boo's are loud. Triple H looks pissed with the crowd, as do the others. Vince finally gets an opening as The crowd get a little quieter...

VINCE: That was good but I have been booed way louder than that before...

The crowd boo again, this time they try get it louder in response to what Vince just said

VINCE: Idiots!! Moving on to something that is actually important, unlike you fans here tonight... Last week was a historic night for Nexus! We added to the group, we started life without Cena and we brought The WWE Championship to us

Crowd boo and we see some signs saying Orton was robbed etc

VINCE: I know all of you are wondering where you're Champion is, well he is preparing his speech for later on when he addresses all of you for the first time as Champion. There is something else that Im forgetting...

He turns to HHH and the others as if to be asking them even though he knew what he wanted to say, Triple H whispers in his ear and Vince smiles

That's right... Just like at Survivor Series, Cena being fired couldn't have happened if it wasn't for myself and Hunter. Well last week on Raw, Barrett could not have won The Title, if it wasn't for this man...

Vince points up to the stage and we see highlights of Jericho nailing Orton with the chair, leading Barrett to victory. The rest of Nexus are all clapping in the ring.

VINCE: So lets bring out... Wait for it... The newest member of Nexus, Chris Jericho!!!!

" Break The Walls Down " Hits and Chris Jericho slowly walks down to the ring, expressionless in his suit. The crowd are booing him but it looks like he doesn't even notice. He gets in the ring after Vince sitting on the rope for him. He walks around, shaking the hands of all members of Nexus in the ring.

JERICHO: Sir, may I start by saying you are a modern day genius...

Vince smiles and you can lip read " Thank You "

JERICHO: I suppose you hypocrite are all wondering why I did this ? Well when I was offered a chance not only to get one over on Orton or to help my NXT Rookie Wade progress but even to be a part of a group led by Mr.. McMahon, I just could not say no.

Crowd Boo as Jericho stares at them in disgust

JERICHO: A while ago I was punted in The head by Randy Orton. I was injured at The hands of You're at the time WWE Champion... What sort of Champion injury another competitor on purpose? What sort of Champion intentionally kicks another in the head ? This is why you are all hypocrite, If anyone in this arena punted another in the head, they would be a scumbag, but if Orton does it he is not ?

Triple H takes the mic off Jericho

TRIPLE H: You see Chris, all these fans care about is who is Champion... I did so much for these fans and when I was injured, I did not get one fan mail or Phone call or anything along the lines of that and why ? Let me tell you why, Cena and Orton are like the fans little puppets. They are on a string and do everything the fans want them to do. That is partially the reason why Cena no longer works here and Orton is no longer Champion. The other reason is because of Nexus!

Jericho takes The mic back off HHH, Triple H did not seem too impressed as he stared at him but Vince had a word with HHH

JERICHO: Randy, Im not finished paying you back for what you did to me. I know you're not here tonight but next week I will be waiting for you and its going to ...

" Crank It UP " hits and The Big Show comes out to The ramp. The fans are cheering as he smiles at the cheers he got. In the ring, Nexus are talking among eachother wondering what he was doing

So I guess you're wondering what Im doing interrupting The Nexus ( Sarcastically looking scared ) Im out here because I don't like this. Sure I have had some run ins with Cena and Orton but this is a business and you wont be friends all of the time. Im not going to have some group run around here trying to tell everyone what to do. Look at me Im 7 Feet, 500 Pounds. Who is going to stop me ?

VINCE: I am going to give you 10 seconds to turn around and walk away or we will make an example out of you, do the right thing...

The crowd count from Ten downwards as Big Show count the seconds on his hands, making a fool of Vince

TRIPLE H: Nobody disrespects Vince like that. You will pay for that. Why don't you come down here now and see how smart you are...

Gabriel, Slater and McIntyre walked towards the ropes and are urging Show to come down

SHOW: You think I'm stupid ? I may be Big but 5 on 1 ? I'll tell you what Hunter, Me and you later on tonight, One on One, how about it ?

TRIPLE H: You're on Fatboy!!

" Crank It Up " hits and Big Show laughs and walk back into the backs we got to a break...

*** Commercial Break ***

We come back and Gabriel and Slater had stayed in The ring as they were set for Tag Team action. " Somebodies gonna get their ass kicked " hits and Mark Henry and Chris Masters make their way to the ring. If they win they will get a title shot at Armageddon. They were part of the 4 who fought Nexus off during The main event last week.

Match 1
Tag Team Non Title Match
Gabriel and Slater ( NEXUS ) v Henry and Masters
If Henry and Masters win they get Title shot at Armageddon

Summary: The match started with Henry on top, overpowering Heath Slater. He sued a number of power moves. Tossed him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle following up with a running splash before a gorilla press slam knocked him tot he mat. Slater was struggling trying to make his way over to Gabriel for a tag. Henry watched him as he moved and waited until he got closer to stop him. He stood on his two hands. Slater shouted in pain and Henry lifted him up. He whipped him against the ropes, as Slater hit the ropes, Gabriel tagged his back without Henry seeing it. Henry caught him in position for A World Strongest Slam but Gabriel ran in and took his legs from under him, forcing him to drop Slater on his way down. Gabriel began to hammer away on Henry, kicking him on the ground. Masters ran in not knowing that Gabriel was legal either and clotheslines Gabriel from behind. The Referee got Masters out of the ring after explaining to him that there was a tag. Henry tagged in Masters, who was raring to go. He hit Gabriel with a few shudder charges before a scoop slam. Gabriel was getting up groggy and Masters locked in a MasterLock. After a few seconds, Slater attempted to get in and The referee went over to stop him, Gabriel gave Masters a low blow with his foot, forcing a break for The lock. Gabriel rolled out of the ring and Slater helped him up the ramp. We could over hear Slater telling Gabriel another place another time as they both backed up the ramp. The Referee counted up to ten and awarded the win to Henry and Masters due to a count out.

Winners: Henry and Masters via Count Out @ 7: 46

We go backstage and to the Locker Room. The Miz is pacing around looking furious. Alex Riley walks in and watches him for a minute as Miz does not even acknowledge that someone else had walked into the room.


The Miz still ignoring what was around him, continued to pace up and down. Riley stopped The Miz with his hand on his chest

RILEY: Buddy snap out of it...

Alex you don't get it. It has been on my mind all week. Who does Shelton Benjamin think he is ? This is My show and he decides to come back and get in my face.. Really ?

RILEY: Calm down man, I have a plan and I think you're goanna like it. I went to Vince just now and arranged a match. This time I will be in The ring with you and Shelton. He will find a partner and it will be a Tag Team match. Together we will take him down, no bother, so relax...

Good, This plan better work because nobody messes with The Miz. I will make sure that Shelton Benjamin will regret he picked me to try make an impact..

RILEY: And why will he regret it ?

Because Im The MIZ and I'm AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

*** Announce Table ***

COLE: The Miz really is Awesome King and I can't wait until Shelton Benjamin gets his ass kicked by The Miz..

KING: Would you get you're tongue out of Miz's ass!

COLE: Grow up King, don't be jealous... Ladies and Gentleman, we have had an eventful night so far, we learnt Chris Jericho is now in The Nexus and Big Show and Triple H will go one on one in our main event.

KING: I don't envy Triple H being in the position he is in Cole. Big Show is one mean giant...

COLE: Coming up next we have John Morrison v David Otunga...

*** Commercial Break ***

We go to the back where Maryse is stretching for her match later on tonight. Ted walks into the room.

TED: That's good Maryse, make sure you don't miss any area, this match is important.

MARYSE: Is this all you care about nowadays Ted ? You're precious United States Title. When was the last time you paid some attention to me ?

She turns around facing the other way and Ted's facial expression suggests that's not something he wanted to hear. He approaches her and puts his hand on her back..

Look, Maryse... I have a name to live up to, My Father won Titles and I want to do one better than him. Once I win this title, I will pay more attention to you, but for now I got something for you.

Ted takes a package from his pocket and pulls out a gold necklace. He puts it on her from behind and she seems happy. She turns around and kisses him no the cheek.

TED: So, if you win tonight I get a shot at Bryan and his title again. So lets focus..

Ted walks out of the room and Maryse loses her smile and looks a little sad again as we go back to the ring..

" We Are One " hits and David Otunga comes out to boo's. He is not on his own as fellow Nexus member Drew McIntyre is behind him. They are talking while on the way down, stratigising over their plan for the match. " This Ain't No Make Believe " hits and John Morrison makes his way down to cheers. He gets up on the tunrbuckle posing and stares at McIntyre on the outside, warning him not to interfere.

Match 2
Singles Match
John Morrison v David Otunga ( NEXUS ) w/ Drew McIntyre ( NEXUS )

Summary: This match started off in a fast pace with Morrison not holding back on Otunga, running towards him with right hands in the corner. The Referee would break it up and Morrison would go straight back in after. Otunga started putting his head under the rope and rolling out of the ring. Anything to stop the fury of Morrison. Otunga looked surprised by what he was seeing. McIntyre gave him some advice which seemed to motivate Otunga to get back in. Before he does Morrison comes flying between the ropes, spearing both Otunga and McIntyre into the announce table. All Three men are down for a few seconds before Otunga gets up first and rolls back in the ring. The Referee is making sure he is ok, while this happening, McIntyre grabs Morrison and whips him into the steel steps. The Referee looks out and suspects it happened and tells McIntyre to leave ringside. Drew tries to plead with Chioda for a bit but eventually leaves. Otunga looks like a plan had just been ruined. He goes tot he outside and picks up Morrison, rolling him back in the ring. Otunga slowly picks Morrison up but is being hit in the mid section by a resilient Morrison. Morrison tosses Otunga against the ropes, As he comes back Morrison ducks under a clothesline and hits him with a Russian legsweep. He pulls Otunga over towards the turnbuckle. He sets up for Starship Pain but Otunga quickly gets up and pushes him off the turnbuckle to the outside. The Referee begins counting out. R Truth runs down ringside and tries to get Morrison to get up. It looks like its working. Drew McIntyre comes down from behind and knocks Truth to the ground. Otunga is watching what is going on between Truth and McIntyre and doesn't notice Morrison had crawled around the other side and sneaked back in. Otunga turned around and Morrison nailed him with a powerful enziguri.1....2....3. Morrison wins the match and McIntyre slides into the ring and attends to Otunga. Morrison rolls out and hugs Truth as they walk up the ramp.

Winner: John Morrison @ 12 : 24

*** Commercial Break ***

We go backstage to a corridor where we see Natalya and Tyson Kidd talking. At first it is too far away to listen to what they are saying but eventually the camera zoom's in

KIDD: Look Nat I just don't think it's a good idea...

NATALYA: I don't care whether you think it's a good idea or not Tyson, It is something that has to be done, otherwise every week the same thing is going to happen..

KIDD: But I don't see how David and I fighting is going to make things better, I mean we're friends ?

Natalya grabs Tyson's face and moves closer to him

NATALYA: Tyson...All This tension is down to both of you thinking they are better than the other, we both clearly know that you are better than David, so go out there and prove it...

Natalya walks off down the corridor as Tyson is sitting on Frate contemplating about his match. The camera zoom's away and shows David Hart Smith was listening in behind one of the corners as we go back ringside.

" I Come From Money " hits and The Million Dollar couple make their way to the ring. The whole way down, Ted is in Maryse's ear about her match, showing how important it is to him. Maryse does not seem too bothered by what he is saying. "Ride Of The Valkyries" goes off and Daniel Bryan accompanies Eve to the ring. There is a lot riding on the match for him too. He creepily waves at Maryse on the outside and she puts her hand up to her face as if to say get away from me loser.

Match 3
Singles Match
Maryse v Eve
If Maryse wins, DiBiase gets a US Title Shot

Summary: Maryse starts the match aggressively running straight at Eve, knocking her down. She grabs her hair and uses it for grip to slam her head up and down against the mat. Eve rolls over and reverses it. This happens a few times until The Referee has to get involved and break them up. They go at it again as they grapple. Maryse kicks Eve in the mid section, Eve bends down and Maryse kicks her again to knock her down to the mat. Maryse poses to the fans and gets booed. Ted shouts at her to keep her eyes on the match. She doesn't look happy with him. Bryan begins to clap and the crowd join in with him to try get Eve going. Maryse is picking Eve up and Eve hits her a few times before whipping Maryse against the ropes. She comes back and Eve uses a flying forearm to knock Maryse down. She gets up on the top rope. The Referee attends to Maryse, this gives DiBiase an opening and he knocks into the ropes, forcing Eve to fall off. Nobody seen it, not even Bryan. Maryse pick Eve up and nails her with a ddt before pinning her for a Three count. Ted gets the shot and he looks delighted.

Winner: Maryse @ 4 : 45

Ted and Maryse back up towards the ramp and he raises Maryse's hand in victory. He has a mic in his hand that he got from ringside...

DiBIASE: Hey, Daniel, looks like we will meet again...

Ted laughs and looks at Maryse, whispering something to her. Bryan is in the ring making sure Eve is ok after that ddt.

DiBIASE: Im going to choose to use my shot later on tonight, so you better be ready..

Vince appears on the titantron. Ted turns around and looks up because from the crowd reaction something was going on.

VINCE: Ted, I make the matches around here.You see tonight is Wade's night and nobody is going to overshadow him. I know you are capable of winning the title so I don't want that to happen tonight before wade's celebration. I have a better idea. The Two of you are going to compete in a Best Of Five series for the title. You will face eachother every week until New Year's Revolution and if needed The Fifth and final match will be at New Years Revolution, Good Luck..

Ted and Maryse look like they have not yet decide if it was a good thing or bad thing. Bryan does not seem to care as he is still attending to Eve.

*** Announce Table ***

COLE: Big News from our Chairman, DiBiase v Bryan in a Best Of Five Series. I can't wait to see Ted become Champion King.

KING: I wouldn't be too sure of that yet Cole. I wonder who Shelton Benjamin's Tag Team partner is going to be ?

COLE: We will find that out after the break but its irrelevant as Miz and Riley will win either way!

*** Commercial Break ***

" I Came To Play " hits and The Miz and Alex Riley come down to the ring. Miz has a mic in his hand as he enters the ring. He hands his MITB Briefcase to Riley..

MIZ: So Shelton, lets see what you got this week. Im not even bothered who you're partner is it could be Big Show or Santino for all I care. The One thing I do care about is handing you the biggest beating of you're life and if we win tonight, Im done with you, I will be moving on to bigger and better things.... Because Im The Miz......

" Aint No Stoppin Me " hits and Shelton interrupts Miz with his music. Miz is less than impressed as Benjamin comes down with a smile on his face. He waits at the end of the ramp before getting in the ring. " Im Comin " hits and MVP comes out and is revealed as Benjamin's Tag Team partner. Two of Raw's newest members team up. They greet eachother and both slide into the ring together, forcing Miz and Riley to slide out the other side.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
The Miz and Alex Riley v Shelton Benjamin and MVP

The match opened up with alot of frequent tags. Neither side gaining any advantage of significance. Miz and Shelton had yet to be in the ring together. It was Shelton and Riley currently in and Benjamin was making it known that he wanted The Miz as he pointed at him. Miz was mouthing towards Benjamin. Shelton got tired of it and pushed Riley into Miz. The Referee acknowledged a Tag. Miz was reluctant to get in the ring. Benjamin went over to pull him in but Miz reversed it and punched him in the face. He got in the ring and stayed on the attack as he fought Benjamin into the opposite corner. He grabbed him and did a powerful Irish Whip, sending Benjamin flying into the opposite corner. Mix preformed a swinger corner clothesline and the camera showed a close up of him smiling after. Miz was taunting Benjamin to get up. When he did Miz got him in position for The Skull Crushing Finale but Benjamin elbowed him in the head and went to kick him. Miz caught his foot and laughed until Benjamin came back at him with a spinning heel kick. He tagged in MVP and the fans cheered. MVP ran at Miz knocking him down with a few shoulder charges. He bounced off the ropes and landed a Ballin Elbow. He went for a cover but only got a Two count. He picked Miz up and hit him with a German Suplex. He went for another cover but Riley came in and broke it up. Benjamin ran in and clotheslined Riley over the ropes, so powerful that he went over with him. MVP was watching what was going on outside. Miz got back up and hit him with a Skull Crushing Finale.1......2.........3. Shelton realized he lost on the outside and couldn't believe it. Benjamin got back in the ring and Miz slid out, collecting his Case and walking up the ramp celebrating with Riley.

Winners: The Miz and Alex Riley @ 12: 24

*** Commercial Break ***

Camera goes to the back, where Josh Matthews is standing by with a guest...

JOSH: Ladies and Gentleman, My guest at this time, The Big Show...

Fans Cheer and Big Show smiles

JOSH: Show, If you don't mind me asking, What are you're thoughts before facing Triple H tonight ?

SHOW: My thoughts Josh? I don't do thoughts...I Do action. What I do speaks more words than what I could say I will do. Triple H doesn't know who he is messing with. He has been running his mouth off about John Cena since he came back and Im getting pissed.

JOSH: But what about if Nexus get involved ?

SHOW: Look at me, Im a Giant. Im capable of watching my own back and even if I wasn't, there is a bunch of guys in the back that can't wait to get their hands on nexus. If they make this a war, that is what they will get. Im going to do this for Cena tonight..

Big Show walks off and we go back to ringside

" New Foundation " hits and all Three of The Heart Dynasty come out together. We are shown a clip of earlier on tonight when Kidd and Natalya were talking. The Announce Team speculate over what is going on. They get in the ring and Kidd offers his hand out to shake, Smith thinks about it but eventually shakes.

Match 5
Tyson Kidd v David Hart Smith

Summary: From the start of the match it was evident that neither man wanted to wrestle this match. They stared at eachother for much of the start with Natalya shouting at them to get on with it. They would grapple a few times and it would be quite even and end up breaking it up. Natalya got up on the apron and told them it had to be done. They grappled again and Tyson was taken down in a head lock. Smith held him in it for a minute before Kidd countered it with a leg scissors. They both got back up and looked at eachother. Kidd grabbed Smith's arm and landed an arm drag, followed by another. Kidd then ran at Smith but Smith ducked and elevated him over his back. As Kidd got back up, Smith hit him with a belly to back suplex. He paintbrushed Kidd for a few seconds before Kidd got up and shrugged him off. They grappled gain and this time Smith over powered Kidd and pushed him backwards. Kidd got up and ran at Smith, sliding under his legs and getting him in a roll over pin. He got a Two count and followed it up with a dropkick as Smith got up. Tyson went up to the top rope and got in position for moonsault. Smith moved out if the way and Kidd landed face first. Smith pinned him using both legs.1......2.....3. Smith scored the win after Tyson's mistake. Natalya got in the ring and raised both of their hands but looked a little disappointed with Kidd. Kidd and Smith shared a friendly hand shake.

Winner: David Hart Smith @ 6: 34

*** Commercial Break ***

We go backstage and Santino is sitting down at a table. It looks like he is colouring in as he has a sheet of paper and a few crayons. R Truth walks into the room. Truth stares at Santino wondering what was going on...

TRUTH: You ok man ?

Santino gets a fright and knocks over the table. He looks back and sees Truth

SANTINO: Ima sorry, don't creep up ona me lika that..

TRUTH: Its cool man, sorry. What's going on ?

SANTINO: What do you a mean?

TRUTH: What's with The Crayons ?

SANTINO: Ima making Vladimir Kozlov a Card...

TRUTH: A Card ?

SANTINO: Yes, he is ignoring a me and wonta show up so I need to send a card... If he doesa not come nexta week, I will go to the ring and apoligise to him for our defeat.

TRUTH: Santino I don't think that is such a good..

Drew McIntyre walks into the room and hands a letter to R Truth while they look at eachother intensely. R Truth opens the letter and looks pissed off...

We go back ringside and ready for our main event. " The Game " hits and Triple H comes down to the ring on his own to the surprise of everyone. He looks in good shape and focused to face Show. " Crank It Up " hits and Big Show makes his way down to cheers and points at triple H while mouthing something. When he gets in the ring Triple H gets out.

Main Event
Singles Match
Triple H ( NEXUS ) v The Big Show

Summary: Triple H took a while to get back in the ring as every time he tried he decide against it. It was eventually when HHH turned his back to give some abuse back to some fans, that Big Show grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up to the apron. The Game countered after that by performing a inverted Stunner on Show, forcing his neck down onto the top rope. Show bounced back and gave Triple H time to get in the ring and settle. Triple H dropped a few knee's to the legs of The Giant. He then picked up his right leg and kicked the back of it a few times. He looked in pain, holding his leg. Triple H dragged him over towards the turnbuckle and slid outside the ring. He grabbed Show's right leg and pulled away before slamming it into the turnbuckle. He then positioned it against the turnbuckle and kicked it. Show was know in pain. HHH got back in the ring and was stamping away at his upper body now. Show kicked out at him with his other leg, forcing him backwards. Show got up but couldn't put pressure on his right leg that HHH had damaged. Show went to punch Triple H but he ducked and kicked the bad leg of Show again. He stayed up despite losing some balance. Triple H went to run at him but Show turned his body and shouldered HHH down to the ground. HHH ran at him again, this time Show grabbed him and headbutted him. When he ran at him again, Show caught him in a scoop slam. Show called for The Chokeslam. Triple H got to his feet and ran straight into it. Show got him up but as he held him up his leg buckled and Triple H was released. HHH had seen enough. He went outside and got his sledgehammer. The Referee tried to grab it off him but as he finally did, due to Triple H letting go on purpose, he fell back into Big Show who was getting up, hurting his leg even further. The Referee was apologizing to Show and Triple H picked the sledgehammer back up. He nailed Show in the kneecap with it and The Referee called for the bell. Henry and Masters ran down to help Show but HHH spotted the danger and left. He walked up the ramp with a grin on his face.

Winner: Big Show via DQ @ 14: 23

*** Commercial Break ***

" We Are One " hits and Mr.. MacMahon appears first. He is followed by Tag Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, along with David Otunga and Drew McIntyre. They walk down to the ring, ignoring the boo's they are getting. The ring is set up with a red carpet. Vince grabs a mic...

VINCE: Well here we are. We told you it would happen but none of you believed us. Wade Barrett has brought The WWE Championship to Nexus!

Crowd Boo and Vince smiles to the others

VINCE: This is a proud day not only for wade but for me too. You see there is nothing more satisfying then putting together a well executed plan. None of you had any idea what was going on...

Otunga gets The mic

I have been in this from the start and to see Wade live his dream is something I am happy to be a part of. So lets get The Champ out here. Ladies and Gentleman, Wade Barrett...WWE Champion

" We Are One " hits and Wade Barrett comes out with The WWE Championship raised above his head. The crowd are booing loudly as he parades his Title. He is still smiling and walks down to his fellow Nexus members. He hugs every one of them and goes to a turnbuckle where he lift the title above his head again.

BARRETT: Wow! Thank you all for such a wonderful reception. I am flattered

Crowd Boo and Wade smiles

BARRETT: Last week was the happiest day of my life. Who needs John Cena to become Champion?

Barrett laughs towards his nexus team mates

BARRETT: I have a few people to thank before we start the party... First of all, David, Justine and Heath... You have stood by me throughout, always believing in me and now we are even stronger. Justin and Heath as tag Champions aswel, we are stronger than ever. Mr.. McMahon without you're master plan of NXT and Nexus, I wouldn't be here, so I thank you. Finally, Chris Jericho!

Crowd boo when they here Jericho's name

My Pro... Jericho thought me a lot of things on NXT but the most important one was to be ruthless and not care about what all of you think. Last week, Jericho made this possible for me by scerwing Orton, Chris come on out here...

" Break The Walls Down " hits and Jericho walks down slowly in his suit. Barrett is clapping as he gets in the ring. They share a hug and Wade gives Jericho a mic...

JERICHO: Wade, no need to thank me. I was honoured to be you're pro, just like I am to be in Nexus! This is the bigger picture Wade. All of this and none of those fans or Cena would listen to you...

" I Hear Voices " hits and Randy Orton appears on the ramp...

VINCE: What the hell are you doing here, I gave you the night off!!!

ORTON: I wasn't staying at home while my Title was here with someone else!

Crowd Cheer as Nexus look pissed

ORTON: Chris Jericho I half respect you for what you did, afterall I did punt you in the head but you will pay for costing me my Title. First I will win it back and then I will come after you..

BARRETT: You see Orton, there is One problem with that. You won't be getting a re match. Myself and Mr.. McMahon have discussed it and feel there is a need for a new challenger..

ORTON: I am entitled to a re match and I don't care what any of you say about it. Vince knows what it is like to be punted in the head, so I'm sure he will make the right decision.

VINCE: How dare you!! I'll tell you what, next week you have a match with Drew McIntyre and if you win, you get you're rematch...

ORTON: Even better, I get to take out Drew and get a shot

JERICHO: Wait a second, Mr.. McMahon with all due respect, I think Randy should be given more of a challenge. How about if he beats Drew he faces me after and if he beats me he gets a shot ? And Randy you better hope you lose to Drew because I am going to make you sorry you ever punted me.

That is genius Chris. So Randy you better be ready because to have to go through Three of us for this, Its not going to happen...You're WWE Champion days are behind you..

Wade emphasizes the behind you and points, Orton turns around and Triple H nails him in the mid section with his sledgehammer and tosses him off the stage. He goes through a few tables. Triple H walks down and shakes Barrett's hand as they celebrate, we go off air.

*** End Of Show ***


John Morrison DEF David Otunga
Maryse DEF Eve
Mark Henry and Chris Masters DEF Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater
The Miz and Alex Riley DEF Shelton Benjamin and MVP
Tyson Kidd DEF David Hart Smith
Big Show DEF Triple H

Confirmed For Next Week

Randy Orton v Drew McIntyre
Randy Orton v Chris Jericho ?
Ted DiBiase v Daniel Bryan ( Best Of 5 Series, Match 1 )

Match Card So Far


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With the Nexus expanding and picking up some big name players in the Wrestling World can either do one of two things to the originals, either bury them with the new power heads wanting to do everything or ultimately send them to the top. I hope for the second one.

Not sure if the divas match stipulation was a good way to give DiBiase the shot. If anything it lowers the value of the Title but the best of five series could lift it so interesting.

In general your matches were good if anything a touch short.

Chucking Orton in a gauntlet style to get his title shot is interesting but still expect him to win.

Looking forward to your next show

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Raw is still open for reviews, just wanted to get this out.

WWE News

WWE has just announced that The Annual Slammy Awards will be held on a special Monday night Raw show on December 13. It will involve both superstars from Raw and Smackdown. The WWE has decided to keep at as a Two hour show this time around. There will be 7 Awards on The night, including Superstr Of The Year, featuring, John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, The Miz, Kane and Sheamus. Raw is expected to advertise this next week during it's broadcast.

John Cena released his first Interview since being fired by WWE Champion Wade Barrett. It was a shoot interview with a local Boston Journalist. In the interview he was quoted to have saying that he does not regret the way his time at WWE ended and he had to do the right thing. Cena claimed HHH was a nightmare to work with as he looked down on people and he knew from day One that he saw him as a threat and is not surprised he was involved in the screwjob. When asked what was next, Cena said he was going to take some time off before deciding.

R Truth has played with fire as regards to Mr. McMahon again. On a Radio show, He slated The Boss for his firing of Evan Bourne, calling it a joke. Last week on Raw, you saw R Truth get handed a letter. It is suggested that Truth has been suspended and it is being brought into a stoyline. THis incident comes just a few days after R Truth and Chris Masters swapped shows. Masters is going to play out his current role on Raw also.

As seen on Smackdown last week, Matt Hardy was attacked in the backstage area. There is speculation that the person behind the attack went too far and really did injure Hardy. Keep watching Smackdown to follow the developments in this story.

The reason behind the early return of Chris Jericho was due to a plea from Vince. Jericho was due off for another few months but it's rumoured he arranged to meet with Jericho and pleaded with him to come back, so he would be involved in the main storyline on Raw involving Nexus.

WWE presents Armageddon, Sunday December 19, Live from Houston, Texas. This is the return of single branded PPV's and Smackdown kicks things off. The Theme song for the event was announced earlier today as " Let The Bodies Hit The Floor " by Drowning Pool. So far only Two matches have been announced


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Friday Night Smackdown
Scope Arena
Norfolk, Virginia

Yessir, we promised you a great main event here tonight.
Andre the Giant!!
Hulkamania is RUNNIN’ WILD…
Iffff ya smeeeeeeel…
Gimmie a ‘Hell yeah’ ?
Its not over…
The world is watching…

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

*** Video recap ***

We open with scenes of Edge and Paul Bearer in a local Airport. Edge buys a One way ticket to China for Bearer in hope of a reaction from Kane. We skip to The Intercontinental Triple Threat Numbers One Contender Match, between Kingston, Regal and Rhodes. We see some moves from the match before reliving the ending in which the match reached its time limit. We then see Kane taking out his anger on Jack Swagger in the main event. After he beats Swagger he tells Edge that he can have another shot once he returns Bearer safely. Edge rips up the ticket and walks out. Kane grabs Swagger and chokeslams him through the announce table. The video ends with a close up of Kane's face.

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

As the Smackdown entrance theme plays out, we go to the arena. The camera is zooming in on some fans before ending up over at the announce table. Micheal Cole welcomes us to the show before introducing himself and King. Cole previews tonight's show, telling us Carlito is set to make his WWE return in action against CM Punk. King tells him not to forget that The Intercontinental Title situation would be cleared up by the end of the night. Cole informs us that next week he will be joined by a new Colour Commentator and that King would go back to being on Raw only.

*** Metalingus ***

The Rated R superstar opens up the show. For the first time in weeks he is alone. Edge has obviously returned Bearer to Kane after he was offered another shot at The World Heavyweight Title. Edge comes to the ring dressed for action, wearing a Rated R Superstar T Shirt. The crowd cheer him as He enters the ring and gets a mic from Todd.

EDGE: Last week I had a plan... I pushed Kane as far as possible to the point where he had to give in. Little does Kane know that it was a complete set up...

Crowd Cheer as Edge smiles and wipes his face

EDGE: That lady was in on everything, although the part where she said her kid think I suck wasn't in the script I gave here...Anyway, The point is, I got one over on Kane and IM pretty proud of it. Now all that's left is to take his Title at Armageddon.

Crowd Cheer and Edge nods his head in a more serious manner this time

EDGE: And Kane, don't think I didn't see what you did to Swagger last week. I seen it alright but was that suppose to impress me ? I mean Jack Swagger isn't the most intimidating guy on The Roster but I'll tell you what... Tonight I am going to show Jack swagger a real beating, a beating that will be similar to the one you will receive at Armageddon..

*** MacMillitant ***

The crowd cheer as Smackdown GM comes out to the top of the stage. Edge looks surprised to see Teddy and runs is hand through his hair. Teddy has a mic in hand

TEDDY: Edge, playa, Now I admit at Survivor Series you were unlucky but... You're here on Smackdown long enough to understand that there is only One GM around here and is the only person with The authority to make a match...

EDGE: Teddy I...

TEDDY: Just hold on a minute playa... What Kane has done to become Champion and keep his Title is ruthless and heartless..

Edge nods to agree

TEDDY: But Edge, stealing someone's Father and keeping them for weeks, is just not acceptable behavior. Do you have any idea what sort of mood Kane is going to be in ? He could have ran riot here last week...

EDGE: Ok, Teddy. You're right. It was immature and un professional of me but you know how much that Title means to me! I will go to any lengths to get it back and I hope you understand that..

TEDDY: I do playa but that does not mean I agree with it. So here is what I am opposing... I want this to end at Armageddon, so I will book the match but there is a catch...

Edge looks confused and stares into the crowd who also seem confused. Teddy takes a deep breath before bringing the mic back up to his mouth

TEDDY: At Armageddon, Edge will challenge for The World Heavyweight Championship against The Champion Kane...In A Wheelchair match!!

The Crowd cheer and Edge looks slightly put off by the idea. He puts his head down and walks around thinking. He pulls at his hair and looks up with an evil face

EDGE: On December 19... Kane will be leaving The arena in a WHEELCHAIR!!!

*** Metalingus ***

Teddy nods and walks backstage. Edge has a crazy look in his face as we go to a commercial break

*** Commercial Break ***

When we come back form the break we are ready for our first match of the night as Todd Chimel is in the ring ready to announce...

*** Lambeg ***

The music of the hard Irish Man hits and out walks Finlay. Finlay had been out for a long time and is raring to go. I would not like to be his opponent tonight. He gets in the ring and is gesturing his opponent to come down before The Referee takes his scelili off him

*** Radio ***

Zach Ryder is the unfortunate opponent of Finlay but on his way down, He does not seem bothered, probably because he is too stupid to notice. Ryder gets in the ring and extends his hand to Finlay to shake but Finlay slaps it away.

Match 1
Finlay v Zach Ryder

Summary: It was a match in which Finlay dominated from the start. A helpless Ryder was on the end of a brutal attack. Finlay tossed Ryder from corner to corner hitting him with running spears. A dazed Ryder came out from the turnbuckle and was clotheslined by The Irish Man. He went for a cover but Ryder kicks out after a Two count. Finlay picks Ryder up and suplex's him back down to the floor. He stalls Ryder, who is struggling to get up. Ryder turns around straight into a Celtic Cross. Finlay pins him aggressively with his arm cross his face.1.....2......3. Finlay gets up and has his arm raised in victory.

Winner : Finlay @ 4 : 25

We are taken over to the announce table where Cole and King and discussing what happened to Matt Hardy last week on Smackdown. They show a clip from last week of Hardy being found, laid out on the ground backstage. They talk about what a shocking act it was and who ever did it is not right in the head. Then Cole tells us that we are about to speak to Matt via satellite. Matt Hardy appears on The Titantron. It is in his home and he has a bandage around his head.

COLE: Matt, Thank you for agreeing to talk to us tonight, I know it must be hard having only 1 week ago been behind a viscous assault...

MATT: Micheal, Jerry It's my pleasure. You know, I have been thinking about what happened over and over again in my head, wondering why he did it. I still can't figure out a reason..

COLE: When you say why he did it. Does this mean you aware of who you're attacker was ?

MATT: Unfortunately yes Micheal. Which makes it even harder. I don't get it. It was my first night back, I did nothing to offend the guy but here I am, at home having to talk to you via sat.

KING: Are you going to tell us who it was ?

MATT: Im going to keep it to myself for now. When Im back, you and the rest of the WWE Universe well know who it was, when I beat the hell out of him.

Cole: I don't blame you, I hope he gets what he deserves. The quicker you get back the better..

KING: We look forward to seeing you soon Matt.

MATT: Thanks guys...

Cole and King talk about what a coward Finial is to attack someone from behind like that. Cole reminds us that Edge v Swagger is our main event as we go to a break.

*** Commercial Break ***

We go backstage where we see Kaval stretching for his match later on. Chavo walks into the room. Kaval gets up and squares up to him..

KAVAL: What do you want ?

CHAVO: Easy man, It's not just you're dressing room. You're not quite good enough to have you're own..

KAVAL: Cut The Bull Shit, I know you are here for a reason...

CHAVO: What was all that about last week ?

KAVAL: What was what about ? We lost the match, Were not a team, There is nothing else to it..

CHAVO: I seen the way you looked at me and I'm not stupid. I'm just going to warn you now... Don't mess with a Guerrero essay...

Chavo walks out of the ring and Kaval sblacks to himself. We go back ringside where Melina is in the ring waiting for her opponent. Beth Phoenix is with her on the outside.

*** Not Enough For Me ***

The Divas Champion, Michelle McCool makes her way down to the ring accompanied by Layla. They are talking to eachother while walking, clearly slagging Melina and Beth. Michelle has a mic in hand

MICHELLE: Awh, You Two look so pretty today...

LAYCOOL: NOT!!! Hahaha

MICHELLE: Seriously though, you do make a good couple, I mean you are a couple right ?

LAYLA: Have you seen how manly they are, You would have to assume so Michelle..

MICHELLE: Lay you're so smart... Anyway, Teddy Long told me before I came out here that at Armageddon I would have to defend my Title. He said that you Two have to decide between you who faces me, by the end of the night.

MELINA: You know what Michelle, we don't need time to decide, Beth is going to face you and beat you for that Divas Title...

Match 2
Singles Non Title Match
Michelle McCool w/ Layla v Melina w/ Beth

Summary: Match starts with both Divas trash talking eachother in the middle of the ring. After some words are exchanged Michelle kicks Melina in the mid section and slams her head down to the floor. She wastes no time in getting straight on top of Melina. She begins to slap Melina in the face a few times before Melina rolls over and gets on top of Michelle. Melina grabs Michelle by the hair and slams her head back and forth. Melina gets back up and slams Michelle's face against the top of the turnbuckle. Michelle bounces back and falls to the ground. Melina goes to the top rope and while The Referee is checking on Michelle, Layla knocks Melina off the turnbuckle. Layla smiles and when The Referee stares at her she denies doing anything. Beth runs over and clotheslines Layla to the ground. Michelle goes over to the ropes and is shouting at Beth. Melina grabs Michelle in a roll over pin.1......2... Michelle kicks out. She gets up and runs straight at Melina but Melina ducks by athletically bending her back. Michelle turns around and Melina hits her with The Last Call. She covers him.1..........2.......3. Melina celebrates as Layla pulls Michelle out of the ring, retreating up the ramp.

Winner: Melina @ 7 : 15

*** Commercial Break ***

We go back to Teddy Long's office and Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio are standing in front of his desk..

MYSTERIO: Teddy what's this about man ?

TEDDY: Alberto...Rey... I have arranged a match for you two tonight. You're match at Armageddon is an important one and I don't wanna risk either of you injuring eachother before it. So what I have done is, Tonight, You Two will team up...

DEL RIO: Are you mad ?

TEDDY: Hear me out playa... I make the rules around here and if either of you put a hand on eachother tonight, you will automatically lose the match at Armageddon. Now good luck, Holla!

Mysterio and Del Rio stare at eachother as we go back ringside. Cole and King are previewing Armageddon. They talk about Edge v Kane in a wheelchair match, Rey Mysterio v Alberto del Rio in a falls count anywhere match, Michelle v Beth for The Divas Title and The WWE Tag Title match between Gabriel and Slater v Masters and Henry.

*** The Masterpiece ***

Chris Masters comes out and performs his routine of removing his robe and flexing his muscles. He walks down to mixed reaction from the fans, some cheering, some booing. He gets in the ring, looking like he just poured a bottle of baby oil over his body.

*** The Realist Killaz ***

Kaval comes out to a good cheer from the crowd. He looks up for this match after the exchange between Himself and Chavo earlier.

Match 3
Singles Match
Chris Masters v Kaval

Summary: Two different styles in this match and it is evident from the start. Masters tries out powering Kaval, but Kaval's speed makes it hard for Masters. They exchange blows, Masters with right hands, Kaval with kicks to the leg. After a few, Masters catches Kaval's leg and swipes his other leg from under him. He then grabs Kaval's leg and cannonpults him into the turnbuckle but Kaval lands on the top of the turnbuckle. Masters is unaware of this and when he turns around he is caught with a crossbody. Kaval goes for a pin but Masters powers out before Two, sending Kaval across the ring. Kaval gets up and nails Masters with a dropkick. Masters stays on his feet but is dizzy, leaning against the ropes. Kaval runs at him, looking to clothesline him over the top rope but Masters elevates Kaval over his head and sends him crashing to the outside. Masters follows Kaval outside and throws him into the side of the ring. Kaval goes down, holding his back. The Referee shouts at masters to get back in the ring. As he gets back in the ring, he is receiving a talking to. Chavo Guerrero comes down and picks Kaval up. He throws him into the steps. He then picks Kaval back up and rolls him into the ring. Masters is waiting for him to get up, when he does he locks in The Masterlock. Kaval taps out and The Referee calls for the bell. Chavo is at the top of the ramp laughing while Kaval is out.

Winner: Chris Masters @ 9 : 45

*** Commercial Break ***

*** I Am Perfection ***

The Intercontinental Champion is welcomed by boo's although most are probably directed at his Girlfriend Vickie Guerrero who is alongside him. He has his Title around his waist and is wearing a trademark Waistcoat. Vickie has a mic in her hand. She is about to talk but has to wait for the boo's to stop.

Excuse me !!

Crowd boo and Dolph shouts at the crowd

VICKIE: You know what, I don't care if you're listening or not. It is more important for those involved in The Triple Threat Match last week to hear this.

The crowd are still booing at Vickie so she gives The mic to Dolph

DOLPH: Allow me to do the honours Vickie. You all saw what happened last week, just incase you didn't see it, role the footage...

We are shown the ending of last weeks Number One Contenders match that finished after the time limit was reached. We go back to Dolph and he and Vickie laugh

DOLPH: None of those Three were able to win the match, therefore none of them are worthy of facing me at Armageddon. So that night I will be taking the night off

Crowd Boo

*** A New Day ***

Cody Rhodes comes out to the top of the ramp. Dolph and Vickie are talking off the mic and don't look too impressed that they were stopped by Cody. There is a mixed reaction form the crowd

RHODES: That's funny Dolph. I just came straight form Teddy Long's office and he had come up with a good idea.

DOLPH: What do you mean a good idea ?

RHODES: Teddy said that he thought all Three of us should be rewarded for putting on such a good match last week. So at Armageddon it will be Dolph Ziggler v Cody Rhodes v Kofi Kingston v William Regal

DOLPH: What ? That is ridiculous. Im going to go back there and tell Teddy exactly what I think of that. Vickie is The official consultant, she will get this changed...

The crowd start cheering but nobody knows why. Kingston appears through the crowd and gets in the ring. He attacks Ziggler from behind. He hammers away on him. Vickie had seen enough and jumps on Kingston's back. He can't get her off until he runs backwards into the turnbuckle. Rhodes is then clotheslined form behind by Regal. Hell is breaking lose between these Four. Kingston is bent down after hurting his back from having Vickie on it. Dolph runs and hits him with a Fameasser. Security comes out and separates Rhodes and Regal the The top of the ramp as we to a break.

*** Commercial Break ***

When we get back The Uso's are in the ring ready for action against Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio. While The Uso's music is still playing. Cole and King talk about how Mysterio and Del Rio are going to get on as a team. They don't see it going too good.

*** Mexican Melody ***

Alberto Del Rio drives into the arena in a vintage car from the 70's. He gets out and has his normal smug look on his face. He walks onto the ramp and poses while sparks fall from the roof behind him. He gets in the ring, awaiting the arrival of his partner.

*** Booyaka 619 ***

The crowd cheer as Mysterio comes out. He goes over to each side of the ramp, setting off fireworks on each side. We see a shot of a less then impressed Del Rio. Rey gets in the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
The Uso's v Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio

Summary: Rey Mysterio started the match off against Jimmy Uso. Rey had the upper hand, out wrestling Jimmy, who could not handle the speed of Mysterio. After a few minutes, neither man had tagged in. Jimmy had not got an opportunity and Rey just didn't try to. Mysterio hits Jimmy with a hurricaneranna. This throws Jimmy across the ring but he lands right in front off his partner Jay. Jay tags himself in as Jimmy doesn't know where he is. Jay runs at Mysterio but Rey jumps over Jay's head. Mysterio dropkicks Jay into del Rio, knocking him off the apron. Mysterio laughs at his team mate falling. He waits for Jay to get back up and tries whipping him against the ropes but its reversed as he is not as strong as Jay. Jay knocks him down with a shoulder charge and now that Jimmy was available for a tag, Jay tagged him in. They hit a double suplex on Mysterio before The Referee forced Jay out of the ring. Del Rio was now back up on the apron and had his hand out for a tag. Mysterio was crawling towards him but when he got closer, Del Rio jumped down off the apron and walked up the ramp backwards. He was mouthing stuff and smiling while leaving Mysterio. Mysterio looked pissed and when he turned around he was knocked down by a massive kick to the head by Jimmy Uso. He went for a cover but Mysterio kicked out after Two. Jimmy picks Rey up slowly thinking he has loads of time but Mysterio nails him with an uppercut. He follows this up with another one, before dropkicking him into the ropes. He was in position for 619. This brought Jay in. Jay Uso went for a clothesline but Rey ducked and dropkicked him beside Jimmy. Mysterio ran and preformed a double 619. He finished Jimmy off with a west coast pop.1......2.......3

Winners: Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio @ 12: 56

We go backstage where CM Punk is walking down the corridor getting ready for his match with Carlito. His first match back from injury and Carlito's first back since being re signed. He seems focused. As he walks further, Sheamus is leaning against a wall. Punk keeps going...

SHEAMUS: Hey.... Fella...

Punk stops but does not turn around

SHEAMUS: If for some reason you thought you where trying to get in me head last week, You better think again. Nobody intimidates me, you hear me ?

Now Punk does turn around and he squares up to Sheamus

PUNK: Can't a guy just applaud a fellow Superstars performance without it meaning something ?

SHEAMUS: Don't mess with me Punk, I mean it. You are picking the wrong guy to play you're games with.

Punk stares at Sheamus and keeps walking

*** Commercial Break ***

When we come back Cole and King talk about what just happened between punk and Sheamus and they are as confused as everyone else.

*** Cool ***

Carlito comes out to some cheers, due to him not being seen for a while. He has a T shirt on over his ring gear and is chewing on an Apple. He gets in the ring and gets a mic.

I missed being around. I got pretty bored not wrestling and when Vince told me he wanted me back I was delighted... Until I though of having to come back and listen to you fans!

Crowd Boo as the Old Carlito is back

CARLITO: This time things are going to be different for Carlito. I will...

*** This Fire Burns ***

CM Punk comes out to a mixed reaction. He also has a T shirt on over his ring gear and he had heard enough of Carlito.

Match 5
Carlito v CM Punk

Summary: Match starts off at a quick speed. Carlito runs at Punk only to be taken down by a few hip tosses. Carlito doesn't retreat though and is straight back up, being aggressive. This time he takes Punk down with a clothesline, followed by another. He goes for a dropkick but Punk blocks it and shoves him out of the way in mid air. Punk picks Carlito up and nails him with a backbreaker. He gets a Two count after going for a pin. Carlito back up for more runs at Punk, sliding under his legs. He goes for a backcracker but Punk uses his strength to stay standing and Carlito falls back. Punk runs against the ropes and flies back at Carlito, hitting him with a springboard clothesline. He gets another Two count. Carlito gets back to his feet and kicks Punk heavily to the mid section. While Punk is bent down recovering. Carlito runs against the ropes and knees him to the side of the head. Carlito get a Two count. He is frustrated and picks Punk up. Punk starts punching Carlito in the mid section before whipping him against the ropes. They collide with a double clothesline and are both out for a few seconds. The Referee begins to count both men out but they get to their feet after 7. They share punches, Punk with right hands, Carlito with lefts. Carlito goes for a clothesline but Punk ducks and gets him up in position for a GTS. He connects and covers Carlito.1.......2.......3. Punk wins in his return match. He seems happy as he celebrates. We see a shot of Sheamus backstage watching Punk on a monitor and smirking to himself.

Winner: CM Punk @ 8 :35

Backstage Vickie is sitting down on the sofa of her and Dolph's private locker room. Dolph brings in an Ice Pack and places it behind Vickie's head.

DOLPH: Kofi is going to pay for this Vickie, I want Kofi next week in the ring, I need you to make it happen...

VICKIE: I want nothing more then to see you beat him, so next week it will be you and Kofi Kingston One on One.

Dolph smiles at Vickie as she smiles back. We go back to the announce team who talk about our main event between Edge and Swagger. They speculate whether Kane will show up or not. Cole tells us it's coming up after the break.

*** Commercial Break ***

*** Get On You're Knees ***

The all American American comes out looking pissed. He is in our main event for the second week in a row although it seems like he is a punching bag in the Edge Kane rivalry.

*** Metalingus ***

The crowd cheer as The Number One Contender, Edge makes his way down to the ring. He slides into the ring and goes up to the turnbuckle to pose.

Main Event
Edge v Jack Swagger

It starts off as an even match. Swagger meant business after not looking too happy to have being used as a measuring stick by Edge. After a bit of early mat wrestling from The All American American, Edge seemed to not know where he was. Swagger had taken him down in a number of different ways. He poses to the crowd and calls for an ankle lock. Edge kicks out at him and forces him back against the ropes. He is going backwards so fast that when he bounces off the ropes he comes straight back to Edge, who gets him in a roll over. Swagger kicked out after Two. Edge dropkicks Swagger into the turnbuckle. AS he runs at Swagger, The former World Champion moves out of the way. Edge goes into the turnbuckle and Swagger takes advantage by hitting him with a triple German suplex. Swagger picks Edge up and gets him in position for a gut wrench powerbomb. He gets him as far as up in the air but Edge rolls down his back, reversing it into a Edge O Matic. Edge goes for a cover but only gets a Two count. Edge sits up and looks a little frustrated that he has not won the match. Edge walks over to the corner and is lining up a spear to try end the match. Swagger has no idea where Edge is. Paul Bearer then appears at the top of the ramp, in his wheelchair, but how did he get there. Edge stares up and runs his hands through his hair. Swagger gets up and pulls Edge's tights down in a roll over but Edge kicks out after Two. They both get back up and Edge nails Swagger with a spear.1........2........3. Edge gets the win but Swagger was impressive. Edge turns his attention back towards Bearer on the ramp. The arena goes Red and Kane appears behind Edge in the ring. Edge turns around and walks straight into an uppercut. He gets back up and now runs into a big boot. The next time he got back up, It was a chokeslam that he faced as Kane slammed him down to the mat. Kane poses and brings fire to the turnbuckles as we go off air.

Winner: Edge @ 12: 16

*** End Of Show ***


Finlay DEF Zach Ryder
Melina DEF Michelle McCool
Chris Masters DEF Kaval
Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio DEF The Uso's
CM Punk DEF Carlito
Edge DEF Jack Swagger

Confirmed For Next Week

Dolph Ziggler v Kofi Kingston

Smackdown presents " Armageddon "
Relaint Stadium
Houston, Texas

Card So Far


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Smackdown still open to reviews, just wanted to get this out.

Monday Night Raw Preview
Freedom Centre, Louisville, Kentucky.

Last week on Raw, Randy Orton came out looking for his automatic re match for The WWE Championship, only to be told by Mr. McMahon that he makes the rules and he would have to fight for his re match in a series of matches. First off, He would have to defeat " The Chosen One " Drew McIntyre. If he was to win that he would have to face the man he punted in the head a few months ago, Chris Jericho. As Raw went off air last week Orton was subject of an assualt from behind by " The Game " Triple H, who hit him with a sledgehammer and threw him off the stage, will he even make it to Raw ? If he does, Will Orton win both of his matches and get his return Title match ? Will Nexus get involved and make it even harder for " The Viper " ? Watch Raw this week and find out....

Last week it was announced that Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase will compete in a best of Five series for Bryan's United States Title. This came after Maryse won the right for DiBiase to get another title shot after failing at Survivor Series. This week on Raw, The first match of the series will take place. Who will get the all important first win ? Find out this week on Raw...

Before Miz and Alex Riley took on Shelton Benjamin and MVP last week, Miz told us all that if He and Riley win, Benjamin would not be involved in another match with Miz. A distracted MVP fell victim to a Skull Crushing Finale as The Miz pickedup the win and got rid of Benjamin. What will he have to say about this on Raw ? What is next for The Miz ?

Few weeks ago John Morrison was challenged by Nexus member David Otunga. After a hard fought match, Morriosn was able to shut Otunga up by beating him. After this and beating Sheamus at Survivor Series, Who is next on the list for Morrison in this impressive run ?

The interesting developments between friends and Tag Team aprtners, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd continues. Last week, after Natalya forced them to wrestle to release their frustration, In a backstage segmant before hand, It would appear Natalya was siding with Tyson Kidd as DH Smith listened in. After a good wrestling match, Smith got the win and it ended with a hand shake. What will happen this week on Raw between the Two ?

Chris Masters and Mark Henry are The New Number One Contenders for The WWE Tag Team Titles. Last week they defeted The Champions to earn it and will now face eachother at Armageddon. See who gets the upper hand this week on Raw...

Confirmed Matches

Randy Orton v Drew McIntyre ( Match 1 of Orton's Two Number 1 Contenders Match's )

Ted DiBiase v Daniel Bryan ( Match 1 of Best Of 5 Series )

Randy orton v Chris Jericho ??? ( Match 2 of Orton's Number 1 contenders Match's )

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Monday Night Raw
Freedom Centre, Louisville, Kentucky.

Yessir, we promised you a great main event here tonight.
Andre the Giant!!
Hulkamania is RUNNIN’ WILD…
Iffff ya smeeeeeeel…
Gimmie a ‘Hell yeah’ ?
Its not over…
The world is watching…

WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

*** Video Recap ***

We start our video recap of last week's show, with footage of Chris Jericho being revealed as a Nexus member. We are brought back to the week before when Jericho helped Barrett win The WWE Title by nailing Orton. We hear Jericho say Orton will never be the same again after he gets his hands on him. We then see shots of Triple H and Big Show trading blows in the ring. The speed of our video slows down as Triple H catches Show in the back of the kneecap with his Sledgehammer. The Game gets ran out of the ring then by Mark Henry and Chris Masters. Our highlights conclude with Wade Barrett's championship celebration. Orton came out to state his intent on getting his rematch before Vince explains the stipulations to him. Triple H re appears, coming from behind Orton and throwing him off the stage to the ground. Our video ends with Triple H looking down at Orton.

The Raw official opening theme hits. As it finishes, our camera's go inside the arena, where some Pyro goes off and we get images of all the fans going wild in anticipation to tonight's show. We are then brought over to our announce team as they are ready to start the show.

COLE: Hello Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw. Im Micheal Cole and I am joined by none other then Jerry " The King " Lawler...

KING: Thanks Micheal, Im psyched for tonight's show Cole, I wanna see Randy Orton secure his re match and take back what belongs to him from Nexus!

COLE: I don't know if that will happen King but what we do know will happen is Orton will definitely face off against Drew McIntyre tonight and If he wins he will then go One on One with Chris Jericho, The man he punted and put out a few months ago...

KING: Certainly an interesting night Cole. On top of all that we will see The opening match of The best of 5 series for The United States Title. When Daniel Bryan take son Ted DiBiase..

COLE: Lets hope Daniel Bryan's pathetic Title run begins to come to an end tonight and Ted goes 1 up...

*** WE Are One ***

The Nexus leader and WWE Champion, Wade Barrett is on his way out. He is followed by the rest of his Nexus members... Chairman and founder Vince McMahon....Mentor, Chris Jericho.... " The Game " Triple H.... " The Chosen One " Drew McIntyre... The WWE Tag Team Champions, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater and finally David Otunga. The Nexus are looking as strong as ever as they all make their way into the ring. Wade Barrett grabs a mic and after listening to some boo's the whole way down to the ring, He is finally ready to speak.

BARRETT: Thank you for such a warm welcome as always. You certainly know how to treat you're WWE Champion...Look At what is before you in this ring.... You are all looking at history. Sure, In the past you had The NWO, Evolution, D Generation X but what you see today is a lot more then those mentioned. You are looking at The Nexus!!

Crowd Boo loudly

BARRETT: You have, The most intelligent, creative man in the history of sports entertainment, Vince McMahon!

Crowd Boo loudly

BARRETT: You have a former Royal Rumble winner, King Of The Ring winner, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, European Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Champion, Triple H!

Crowd boo loudly, everytime Wade mentioned an accomplishment the boo's got louder

BARRETT: The first ever Undisputed Champion of this industry... He is The best in the World at what he does and successfully guided me to becoming The Winner of NXT Season 1, Chris Jericho!

Crowd Boo as Jericho mutters to the others that he beat The Rock and Austin in the same night

BARRETT: Not to forget the array of talent standing behind me in the shape of Drew, David, Justin and Heath. My point is, The Nexus is here to stay and we have already got rid of you're precious John Cena. All that's left is to take out Randy Orton for good. Without Cena and Orton, there is no hope for The WWE Universe.

Crowd Boo

BARRETT: Which brings me to tonight. Orton has two choice the way I see it. He will either be put down tonight by McIntyre and Jericho or, If he manages to come through them, It's not a reward he will be getting! Randy seems to think that by getting a Title rematch against me, It would be a good thing ?

Crowd Boo as Barrett looks to Vince and the others in laughter at Orton. The others agree with him

BARRETT: You see, If Orton gets his re match against me. It will be the worst mistake he ever makes because I will personally make sure to it that it will be his last match in The WWE. If you're looking for proof Orton, just take a look at what's behind me...

Barrett turns around and looks at the rest of Nexus

*** Im Comin ***

The crowd cheer as MVP comes out to interrupt Barrett. Nexus are going mad in the ring at the lack of respect shown by MVP. Barrett stares at MVP as he plays to the crowd...

BARRETT: And you are....?

MVP laughs and looks at the crowd

MVP: Funny stuff Wade, really that is a top joke and IM glad you're good at being funny because you certainly can't wrestle!

Crowd cheer and Barrett gets closer to the ropes. Jericho puts is arm on a furious Barrett and drags him back as The rest of Nexus try to cool him down

JERICHO: How dare you...Who Do you think you are ? He is The WWE Champion and he deserves some respect. I demand you give it to him now...

MVP: You know what, you're right Chris. I was out of order. I have no right to come down here to speak my mind, what was I thinking ?

JERICHO: You were probably thinking the same thing all of these hypocrite's think every week. That they are on the same level as those in Nexus. Well there not, you're not and I want you to turn around and leave...

MVP looks around and laughs as Jericho is pointing at him

JERICHO: Are you listening to what Im saying to you now ?

MVP: Listen man, I came out here to...

Triple H grabs the mic from Jericho...

HHH: Before you finish that sentence, did you see what I did to both Bog Show and Orton last week ? Well I would have no problem coming up there, grabbing you're power ranger costume and literally showing you what I did to...

MVP: Hunter why you got to bring the Power Ranger into it, that shit is personal man!

The crowd laugh as MVP tries his best not to laugh as well

MVP: Listen, all I came out here to do was to challenge you're WWE Champion, Wade Barrett to a match tonight. What you say champ ?

BARRETT: What makes you think you are worthy enough to step in the ring with me ? Its beyond me but I'll tell you what. I have no plans for tonight so I will face you tonight. You are going to regret this challenge..

MVP does his ballin taunt as his music hits. Nexus are all discussing stuff in the ring following this as we go to a commercial break

*** Commercial Break ***

When we get back, Rosa Mendez is already in the ring ready for action as she is being introduced by Justin Roberts. Alicia Fox walks out without her music playing and walks over towards the announce table. She joins King and Cole in announcing this match. Rosa seems confused in the ring.

*** Holla ***

Kelly Kelly is announced as the opponent for Rosa Mendez. Kelly comes down to cheers from the crow as she high fives some of the front row crowd on the way down. She is also confused by the presence of Alicia Fox on the outside.

Match 1
Kelly Kelly v Rosa Mendez

Summary: The match starts with some trash talking in the ring. Rosa grabs Kelly's hair and pulls across the other side of the ring. Kelly lies on the ground holding her head in pain. Rosa stays on top of her, giving no time. She picks Kelly up whips her against the ropes. Kelly slides under Rosa's legs but as she was going under, Rosa expected it and grabbed Kelly hair again, this time pulling her up to her feet by the hair. Kelly kicks Rosa in the mid section and drop kicks her back into the turnbuckle. Rosa falls down into a sitting position. Kelly looks to the crowd. She runs at Rosa and and gets her with a broncobuster! She gets up and pulls Rosa into the middle of the ring. Kelly goes top rope.She stares over at Alicia before she attempts a diving elbow. Rosa moves out of the way and Kelly's elbow goes crashing into the mat. Rosa goes fro a cover.1.....2..... but Kelly kicked out, not letting Rosa take advantage of her own mistake. Rosa picks Kelly up and has her in position for a ddt. Kelly reverses it into a cradlepin.1.....2....Rosa kicks out and Kelly holds her elbow as she hurt it more. They both get up and run at eachother. Rosa goes for a clothesline but Kelly ducks. Rosa turns around and gets kicked in the face by Kelly .1.....2.......3.

Winner: Kelly Kelly @ 4: 24

We go to the back where we see The Nexus in their dressing room. This special locker room as a few leather sofa's and glass tables. Some of them are sitting down but HHH is standing up pacing around.

VINCE: Hunter relax..

Triple H ignores Vince and keeps pacing around. He gets up and walks over to him to stop him.

HHH: We should not have people like MVP not being afraid of coming out and interrupting us as well as challenging our Champion! We obviously don't look as strong as we actually are. I mean you saw what we did to Cena, Orton and Show. Why would MVP want some of us ?

VINCE: You're looking too far into it. MVP is just an idiot. By the end of the night he will regret it. Trust me. Tonight is a big night for us. We need to teach MVP a lesson and eliminate Orton from the title hunt, that's if he makes it here, Haha.

Barrett gets up and puts his hand on HHH's shoulder

BARRETT: Listen to Vince Hunter. We have this. By the end of the night, Nobody will want any part of us again.

HHH: Im going to re assure myself tonight. Im gonna go out there and call out The Big Show. If he is brave enough to come out, Im going to finish what I started last week.

VINCE: Drew what are you still doing here ? Go get ready. This is important match for you. You need to focous.

Drew gets up and leaves the room to get ready for his match. Otunga is reading the paper and stops...

OTUNGA: Hey Boss... Have you seen this ?

VINCE: What is it ?

OTUNGA: R Truth speaking to a radio station telling them that you sacking Evan Bourne was a big mistake.

VINCE: don't worry about that David. Truth has been suspended until I decide what I want to do with him. I was thinking, next week I am going to invite R Truth to come to Raw and join a very illustrious group in order to redeem his name.

Vince looks at Nexus and they smile at eachother as they know what Vince means

*** Commercial Break ***

We see a advert for next week's Raw. It is The Slammy Awards. The video previews certain awards that will be up for winning and some shots of what happened throughout the year. It is announced as a normal 2 hour show but will feature stars from both shows.

As we come away from that we see Todd Grisham waiting in the car park. A car pulls up. Randy Orton gets out of it and there is a big cheer from the crowd. Orton gets his bag and looking a little banged up, He walks straight past Todd, who is trying to get a word with Orton. Todd doesn't try too hard as he knows what mood Orton might be in. We go back to the ring.

COLE: King, some how I don't see R Truth accepting Mr.McMahons conditions for him to redeem his name...

KING: Would you blame him ? Nobody wants to be in that club. It is One of the most embarrassing groups to be a part of.

Well we will just have to wait until next week to see. In the mean time, as we just saw, Randy Orton is here tonight despite being thrown off the stage by Triple H last week.

KING: He did not look in the best of mood's Cole did he ? I have a feeling Nexus are going to pay for what they did to Orton.

COLE: Yeah King, Im sure that is going to happen. Orton is going to take out all 7 of Nexus... Come on King... But you're right, later on tonight we will see Randy Orton face Drew McIntyre. If he wins that he will then face Chris Jericho, with a win giving him a WWE Championship rematch...

*** WE Are One ***

Its Nexus again. They seem to be popping up all night so far and the fans show their dis comfort with that. David Otunga leads out The WWE Tag Team Champions, Gabriel and Slater. Justin Roberts announces that the following match would be a 6 Man tag match. So these Three men were about to compete in a match. They get in the ring and stand beside eachother before raising one arm each up in the air.

*** Somebody's Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked ***

The music of the number One Contenders sounds around the arena. Mark Henry and Chris Masters make their way to the ring. They stop at the end of the ramp and are talking before giving eachother a double low Five.

*** A'int No Stoppin Me ***

It's Shelton Benjamin. The man who recently took it to The Miz, is teaming with Henry and Masters. Benjamin now forbidden from competing against Miz until further notice, after losing to him last week, is looking to get straight back into some action here. He slaps both men on the back and all Three of them slide in the ring. This forces Nexus to leave the ring.

Match 2
6 Man Tag Match
Otunga, Gabriel and Slater ( Nexus ) v Henry, Masters and Benjamin

Summary: Match started with Slater and Benjamin in the ring. Benjamin's speed and experience was proving too much for The rookie Slater. Benjamin hit Slater with a number of high flying clotheslines and a spinning heel kick. Slater got a tag in to Gabriel after a while and The South African was able to match Benjamin for speed. He countered an attempted t- bone suplex from The Golden Standard by kneeing him in the side. He gets Benjamin in an abdominal stretch. Benjamin desperately tries to get out of it but nothing is working. Henry gets in the ring and clotheslines Gabriel as he was releasing Shelton, realizing Henry was coming in. The Referee made Henry leave the ring and while his back was turned, Otunga came in and planted Benjamin with a clothesline. Gabriel crawled and got a tag to Otunga. Otunga got Benjamin in an arm bar in order to keep him isolated. Masters and Henry started clapping in order to get the crowd going. This seemed to give Benjamin some inspiration as he began to get up. He started hitting Otunga with right hands to the side but Otunga just kneed him and followed it up with a ddt. Otunga pulled Benjamin over towards their side of the ring and tagged in Gabriel. Otunga pointed up to the top rope and Gabriel nodded in agreement. Gabriel climbed the top rope looking for a 450 splash but Shelton moved. He crawled over and got a tag to Henry. Henry came in and so did Slater. Slater was knocked down twice with too strong shoulder charges. Henry picked Slater up and was about to toss him out of the ring but Gabriel ran and shouldered the back of Henry's knee. THis forced him down to One knee and to let go of Slater. Masters now ran in and clotheslined Slater over the top rope. Otunga ran in and tried to clothesline Masters but Masters ducked and got him in The Masterlock. Masters was not legal so the hold could not be stopped. Until Gabriel got back up and nailed Masters in the back. Henry pulled Gabriel around and hit him with the Worlds Strongest Slam.1...........2..........3.

Winners: Henry, Masters and Benjamin @ 8: 34

*** Commercial Break ***

COLE: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw. We have had an exciting night so far tonight and the best is still to come...

KING: Let's not forget about Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase kicking off their best of 5 series. I can't wait for that Cole!

COLE: Daniel Bryan is going to find out tonight that lucky wins won't keep him his Title over a series of 5 matches. I can't wait until he realizes he is nothing but a One hit wonder.

KING: Are you still going on about Daniel Bryan ? It's time to just accept he is here and he is a top performer...

*** I Came To Play ***

COLE: Now this is what IM talking about... A Top class athlete like The Miz. That's what we all came here to see...

The Miz comes out wearing a suit with a hoddie underneath the jacket. He has his M.I.T.B briefcase in his hand and his protege Alex Riley is also with him. He has a serious face on as he enters the ring. Riley grabs a mic and hands it to him. The crowd are booing and does not look phased. He looks at his watch arrogantly.

MIZ: Really ?

The crowd answer this what more boo's

MIZ: Really ? You come here and pay all that money to watch me and you spend that much time booing ? That's not exactly a smart thing to do now is it ? Oh hang on wait I forgot we are in Kentucky!

Crowd Boo as Miz laughs to Riley, who seems to be enjoying the joke a bit too much

MIZ: Awh boo hoo. Did I insult you're precious state ? Get over it! There are more important things for you to be concerned about then the state of where you live. Things like, Who is going to be the next superstar that I embarrass. Just like I did to Shelton Benjamin

Crowd Boo. Miz goes right up to the camera

MIZ: ( Shouting ) Nobody messes with The Miz. I am the start of this show. Daniel Bryan and Shelton Benjamin both found that out the hard way and I have no problem in showing anyone else, who doesn't believe IM the best, exactly what it's like to be on the opposite end of The Skull Crushing Finale!

Crowd boo and Alex Riley is talking in The Miz's face, praising him

MIZ: But we all know that's not going to happen... Why ? Simply because nobody is willing to put themselves in the position! And I don't blame them. After all I am The Miz and I'm AWESOME!!!!!!

*** This A'int No Make Believe ***

Miz stares at the top of the ramp as his former friend and partner comes out to a good cheer from this crowd, who were just happy to see someone other then The Miz. Morrison has a mic in his hand. He is not dressed to compete, like Miz. He is wearing a pair of jeans and a John Morrison T Shirt. Miz puts his arms out as if to say what do you want. A Morrison chant begins and Miz looks furious. John plays to the crowd using hand signals to suggest they keep going.

MIZ: Enough !!

Crowd boo

MIZ: You picked the wrong guy's time to steal Morrison. I mean, I do feel sorry for you to a certain degree. I know they don't give you any allotted screen time so you have to get it from someone else. I get it...

MORRISON: That's funny Mike. One thing I always liked about you, that was you're humour. You would always make me laugh. The way you would constantly be lying on you're back or making lame excuses. Never a dull moment!

Crowd Cheer

MORRISON: Now you have even gone and got yourself a little friend! What was the reasoning behind that ? Oh wait I get it, you got some loser to walk round next to you so you look a bit better ?

Riley is furious and Miz has to pull him back from the ropes. Riley kicks the bottom rope as Miz calms him down.

MIZ: You think you're funny John ? If you want my opinion all seriousness is sucked out of someone when they have to go change their name to get noticed.

Crowd Boo as Morrison laughs to himself

Lets cut the crap. You told me I picked the wrong guy ? Well that's were you're wrong Miz. You see I picked you because you have something I want!

Miz looks down at his briefcase and looks back up at Morrison

MORRISON: Did use see that ? He does have a brain after all!

Crowd Cheer

MIZ: You want this ? I know exactly where you can get One... Next year at Wrestlemania.....

Miz turns around to Riley and they both laugh

MORRISON: Just what I thought. You don't have the courage to put you're briefcase on the line. That's One of the reasons why you will never be considered a good wrestler...

MIZ: What did you just say ? You think I don't have courage ? Why should I put my Briefcase on the line against you when I went through 5 others including you to win it ? I deserve this...

MORRISON: You could deserve it even more if you successfully defended it as well. I'll tell you what . I''l give you to next week to make you're decision...

*** This Ain't No Make Believe ***

Morrison's music hits and he is staring at The Miz who holds his briefcase tightly. Riley seems to be saying something to him but he is in a world of his own and just leaves the ring, paying no attention to anything.

COLE: Who does Morrison think he is ? He does not deserve the Money In The Bank Briefcase!

KING: If the Miz is Awesome like he says he is, He should have no problem beating him then...

COLE: After the break we have Orton v McIntyre

*** Commercial Break ***

When we come back we are shown a shot of the phsyio room backstage. Kelly Kelly is sitting on the table with a bag of ice against her elbow. The Phsyio leaves the room and Alicia Fox walks in. She puts her hand on Kelly shoulder. This forces Kelly to turn around.

KELLY: What are you doing here ?

FOX: I just wanted to come by and tell you that I was really impressed by you tonight...

KELLY: Eh, Thanks I guess....?

FOX: No bother, maybe some time we could go out for a drink or something, catch up ?

KELLY: Maybe...

Alicia walks out of the room and Kelly looks puzzled at what went on as we go back ringside

COLE: What was that all about ? Are we seeing anew side to Alicia ?

KING: I don't know Cole. I don't trust her. I think she is up to something...

*** We Are One ***

The Chosen One, Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring and is set for action against The Viper, Randy Orton. McIntyre is alone, no fellow Nexus members are at ringside. He is focused on the task of stopping Orton.

*** I Hear Voices ***

The crowd cheer. Its easily the biggest cheer of the night so far. Orton appears later then usual. He does not look fit to compete but is still here. He walks down to the ring slowly, looking behind him a lot. He is probably wondering where the rest of Nexus are.

Match 3
Singles Match
If Orton wins he moves on to face Jericho
Randy Orton v Drew McIntyre ( Nexus )

Summary: The Referee makes sure Orton is ok before he gets the match started. McIntyre goes on the offense straight away. He runs at Orton and hits him with a few knees to the side, forcing him into the corner. The Referee gets in between them and makes Drew back off. When The Referee moves out of the way, Drew comes straight back at Orton, this time with right hands to the face. He gets up on top of Orton and starts punching him slowly. Instead of counting to Ten, The crowd boo'd every shot. After a few, Orton pushed McIntyre off him. Drew came back running at him. Orton moved out of the way, sending Drew into the turnbuckle. Orton was bent down gasping at the ropes. Drew got back up again and ran at Orton but he was lifted over and sent flying to the outside. Orton makes what look to be a mistake by following Drew to the outside. He walks over to McIntyre but is victim to a drop toe hold, sending him in to the steps. Drew gets back in the ring and The Referee begins a Ten count. He reaches Nine before Orton somehow crawls back in. McIntyre looks furious. He runs over and starts stomping on Orton. The Referee breaks it up after a few. Drew picks Orton up and holds him in the air, in suplex position for a few seconds before dropping him into a front face suplex. He went for a cover.1.....2........ and Orton kicks out to the surprise of everyone. Drew is now sitting up wondering how he has not won. He gets straight back on the offense. He tries to position Orton for The Future Shock DDT but Orton just collapses from having no energy. He tries to pick him up again, this time Orton breaks it and catches McIntyre off guard with an RKO. He falls on top of Drew.1.......2..........3. Orton gets the win after taken a beating the whole match.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 12: 35

*** Commercial Break ***

We go backstage to The Divas locker room where we see Maryse getting make up applied to her by some of the make up artists. There is a knock at the door. They look around and Daniel Bryan is standing in the door way. He coughs loud on purpose and the make up artists leave the room. Maryse gets up from the chair...

BRYAN: Hold on now, I'm not here for an argument or any sort of violence...

Maryse backs away a little

BRYAN: I just wanted to come and congratulate you on you're win against Eve last week. I mean, you were asked to do a job for Ted and you did it. Do you not find it satisfying that you are earning all the money he pays you ?

MARYSE: What are you trying to say ?

BRYAN: I guess I'm just saying that maybe you should be appreciated a little more by Ted for what you do for him. All he cares about is trying to win this from me...

Ted appreciates me just fine! Now would you please leave. Ted could be here any minute!

Daniel Bryan backs away, smiling at Maryse. When he leaves she seems to be doing some thinking. Ted walks in...

TED: Hey...

Maryse does not answer and still seems to be deep in though but gives him a slight dirty look

What's up with you ?

Maryse again does not answer and she leaves the room, brushing off him on the way out

COLE: Sensing a bit of friction in the DiBiase camp King...

KING: Ye it looks like Daniel Bryan has planted a seed of doubt in Maryse's head...

COLE: What a jerk! Anyway the first match of the best of 5 series to come later on but as we saw before the break, Randy Orton has beatin Drew McIntyre and will now face Chris Jericho in the main event...

KING: I fear for the state of Orton though Cole. He was lucky to last through One match but another ? I don't know...

*** Im Comin ***

Cheer from the crowd as MVP comes down to the ring. While he is on his way, we see footage from earlier tonight when MVP challenged Wade Barrett to the match. He gets in the ring and bounces off both ropes before doing his ballin pose.

*** We Are One ***

WWE Champion, Wade Barrett is met with boo's from the crowd. He does not care though. He points at MVP while talking trash as he walks down. He gets in the ring and takes off his Nexus shirt. He then throws the shirt in MVP' s face and attacks him while he can't see.

Match 4
Singles Non Title Match
Wade Barrett ( Nexus ) v MVP

Summary: After the attack at the start from Barrett, MVP never really recovers. Wade has new confidence since winning The WWE Championship. He bosses MVP around the ring like he owns it. He whips MVP from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, following it up with clotheslines. MVP was struggling and walked into a big boot from Barrett. Barrett didn't seem to want to pin MVP. He picked him up and scoop slammed him down.He got down and shouted in MVP's face telling him that He should not mess with Nexus. MVP rakes the eye of Barrett, forcing him to retreat. MVP uses the turnbuckle to get up. Barrett runs at MVP but MVP dodges and Wade goes into the turnbuckle front first. He does not fall, instead he just stumbles back. MVP gets behind him and rolls him over.1......2...... He kicks out. They both get back up and MVP runs at Barrett with a big boot but Wade catches his foot and pushes him back. He bounces off the ropes and comes straight back to Wade, who clotheslines him. He pins MVP 1........2........ but he kicks out. Barrett picks MVP up and is getting ready for Wasteland but MVP moves and catches Wade with a ddt. He is unable to cover Barrett as he is still feeling the clothesline. They both get up again, MVP hits Wade with some right hands. He then charges against the ropes. He comes flying back at Barrett but walks straight into a side slam. Barrett gets up and picks MVP up into Wasteland.1.......2.........3.

Winner: Wade Barrett @ 8: 23

*** Commercial Break ***

We are shown David Hart Smith in the locker room's watching highlights of last week's match with Tyson Kidd. He seems a bit unsettled by watching this and he turns it off before letting out a sigh. Natalya walks into the room...

NATALYA: are you proud of yourself ?

DH SMITH: Excuse me ?

NATALYA: How could you go ahead with that match last week ? He is suppose to be you're friend...

DH SMITH: What ?? Neither of us wanted to do that, It was you're idea and you wouldn't agree to let us settle it without getting in the ring.

NATALYA: I expected more from you David! Tyson is hurt, He feels betrayed and next week, He wants answers! So why don't you have a think about what you did and we will see you next week...

Natalya walks out and David Hart Smith looks confused as we go back ringside

*** Ride Of The Valkryes ***

The United States Champion, Daniel Bryan makes his way down to the ring, set for match 1 of this best of 5 series match with DiBiase. He seems confident as he gets in and hands his Title to The Referee.

*** I Come From Money ***

Ted DiBiase is accompanied out to the ring by Maryse. They seem to be arguing as they are walking down the ramp. Ted walks up to Bryan and goes head to head with him before they are separated.

Match 5
Match 1 of Best of 5 Series For The US Title
Daniel Bryan v Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse

Summary: The match started with both men trying to gain an early advantage. They both try to outpower eachother but constantly counter eachother. Bryan goes for a suplex on DiBiase but Ted wont budge. Bryan gets DiBiase in a headlock instead. DiBiase tries to lift Bryan up, so that he can give him a back drop but everytime Bryan is up in the air, he lands back on his feet. Bryan then performs a running bulldog while having Ted in the headlock. He tries to lock in The Lebell lock but DiBiase keeps moving around and gets to the bottom rope before it's locked in. Bryan waits for DiBiase to get up and runs at him looking for a big boot. DiBiase ducks down and kicks Bryans standing leg. Bryan now on the ground. Ted drops a number of elbow drops on him. He picks Bryan up and is trash talking him while getting him to his feet. Bryan pushed him away and dropkicks him to the ground. Maryse starts banging on the apron for her man to get up. DiBiase does get up but from behind comes Bryan with a German suplex. He goes for a pin.1.....2..... but Ted kicks out. DiBiase crawls towards the ropes to try and get up but Bryan stands on his hands. DiBiase screams as Bryan starts stamping on his hands now. Bryan picks DiBiase up and whips him against the ropes. He flies at him,trying to hit him with a crossbody but DiBiase catches him in the air. Di Biase nails him with a fall away slam. The impact of the move forces Bryan to roll right under the bottom rope. Di Biase stays in the ring and tries to re gain some energy. He then slides out of the ring but Bryan slides into the ring. DiBiase looks up and next of all Bryan lands on him after jumping over the ropes at him. Bryan picks him up and throws him back in the ring. He covers him.1........2........ Ted kicks out. Maryse gets up on the apron and is shouting at Bryan. He walks over and she slaps him in the face. He turns around and comes back with a smile on his face. He grabs Maryse and kisses her. Ted gets up and hits Bryan in the back. Maryse goes flying off the apron onto the ground. Ted walks over to the ropes and is looking down at Maryse. Bryan comes from behind and hits a Russian leg sweep on Ted before locking in The Lebell lock. DiBiase taps out and Bryan wins the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan @ 15 : 45

*** Commercial Break ***

COLE: What a match we just saw! If the other matches in this series are anything like that one, we are in for a treat.

KING: It was a pretty good match Cole and you would now have to favour Daniel Bryan. I mean Ted now has to beat Bryan 3 out of 4 times to win. It is a big advantage to get the first win...

COLE: Our main event still to come, Randy Orton faces Chris Jericho to earn a WWE Championship rematch against wade Barrett!

KING: Orton is surely in no state to compete against Jericho, especially when Jericho is out for payback.

What King is reffering to is Randy Orton punted Chris Jericho in the head a while back, forcing him to the sidelines.

*** The Game ***

That's the music of Triple H. The man who was DQ'd against The Big Show last week after using a sledgehammer on him. He looks pissed as he makes his way down to boo's from the fans. He is not in ring gear as he is wearing jeans and a Nexus T Shirt.

TRIPLE H: Last week, I made a statement. That statement was loud and clear for everyone to see. You see I don't come out here mouthing off about what I'm going to do. I just do it!!

The crowd boo as Triple H points up to the titantron where we see highlights of him hitting Show with a sledgehammer. Followed by him throwing Orton off the stage.

TRIPLE H: I would not advise anyone to mess with me or The Nexus. If you do, you are dealt with accordingly. Just ask Cena, Orton, Show or MVP. I realized I might have been a little soft on Big Show. Which is why I want to invite him to come down here right now so we can finish things!

The Crowd Cheer at Show being mentioned and they wait for his music

*** Victory Is Mine ***

Santino Marella comes out to the surprise of everyone and the anger of Triple H. He starts to walk down the ramp, Mic in hand and stars talking while walking...

SANTINO: Sorrya Double H but I a promised I would be acoming to the ring tonight if I hada not heard from Kozlov!

Crowd Cheer

SANTINO: So Kozlov... Why are you a not returning my calls ?

Santino is now in the ring and Triple H is staring at him

SANTINO: You know, Its not a nice to ignore another... I

Ohh what a shot to the back of the head from Triple H. Triple H had heard enough and know is beating on Santino. He picks Santino up and has him in position for a pedigree...

*** Crank It Up ***

The Big Show's song hits and he is walking down the ramp quick. Triple H releases Santino from The Pedigree. He urges Show to get in the ring and fight him. Show climbs up on the apron and Triple H runs over and begins too hammer away on him before he can get in the ring. After a few, Show headbutts him and is able to get in the ring. Triple H runs at Show but all he does is run straight into the hand of Show. Show lifts HHH up for a chokeslam but Triple H slides out of it and continues to slide out of the ring. HHH backs up the ramp furious. He is shouting at Show and pointing his finger. Show has a serious face in the ring before he attends to Santino.

*** Commercial Break ***

COLE: I can't get over Santino coming out and taking Triple H's spotlight, Hilarious!

KING: You know what, somehow I don't think he will be doing that again.

COLE: Thankfully The Big Show came out to the rescue as Santino was about to be the next victim for HHH.

KING: But has Show made the wrong move ? Does he know he is messing with Nexus ?

*** Break The Wall's Down ***

Chris Jericho comes out to boo's from the fans. He walks down to the ring slowly, paying no attention to anything. He gets in the ring and gets a mic.

JERICHO: I want The Referee to announce me as The winner right now!

The crowd boo and The Referee is telling Jericho he can't do that

JERICHO: There is not going to be a match. Orton is not fit to compete again tonight. He never was in the first place. It is for his own good because if I get my hands on him after what he did to me. He won't be wrestling AGAIN!

*** I Hear Voices ***

The crowd cheer as Orton comes out for his second match of the night. He is struggling even more then he was earlier. Jericho is still trying to tell The Referee that Orton can't compete.

Main Event
Singles Match
If Orton wins He gets a WWE Championship Re Match
Chris Jericho ( Nexus ) v Randy Orton

Summary: Just like McIntyre did, Jericho ran straight at Orton, this time with more aggression. You can see the retribution in Jericho's punches. The time Jericho spent on the sidelines down to Orton's punt, is all coming out in right and left hands across the body of Orton. The Referee tries to break it but every time he does Jericho goes straight back. The Referee calls for the bell after Jericho pushed him out of the way to the floor. Jericho did not care as he just kept on punching away at Orton.

Vince McMahon appeared at the top of the ramp. He ordered the man in charge to re start the match. The reason he gave was that Orton deserved what he got. The Referee re started the match despite not looking too happy about it.

Orton was still at the turnbuckle, Jericho ran at him and dropkicked him. Orton slid down into a sitting position. Jericho put his boot up against the throat of Orton and began to choke him with it. He broke after the Referee's count this time and gave Orton time to get up. Jericho was talking trash at Orton while he was using the ropes to lift himself up. Jericho hit Orton with some chops to the chest. They could be heard around the arena. Jericho creepily smiled down at Orton as he struggled to his feet. Jericho ran against the ropes and came back at Orton looking for a one handed bulldog. Orton ducked and pushed Jericho, Jericho went sliding under the bottom rope. Orton got back to his feet and as Jericho got back up on the apron and Orton was quick to kick Jericho in the mid section. Orton pulled Jericho's head through the middle rope and delivered a devastating ddt to him. Orton went for a cover.1........2...... Jericho got his shoulder up. Orton looks frustrated. He picks Jericho up but Jericho counters it into a jaw breaker. Orton falls back and Jericho takes time to recuperate. They get up around the same time and trade blows. The fans cheer Orton's and Boo Jericho's. After a few, Orton began to get a few right hands in a row. He tosses Jericho across the ropes and as he comes back Orton nails him with a powerslam. He goes for a cover again.1..........2........... but Jericho kicks out again. Orton hits the mat in anger as he just can't put Jericho away. Orton tries picking Jericho up but Jericho kicks out at Orton. Orton falls back into The Referee and knocks him out. Orton is attending to The Referee and when he turns around he is met by a codebreaker. Jericho knows he can't pin Orton. He looks to the outside and looks back at Orton with an evil look. Jericho rolls outside the ring and pulls up the bottom of the apron. He pulls out a steel chair but as he does it there is a cheer from the crowd. Jericho turns around and The Big Show punches the chair into the face of Jericho. The Referee still out, has not seen any of this. Show picks Jericho up and chokeslams him on the outside. Show leaves through the crowd, to avoid any of Nexus coming down. The Referee gets back up and sees Jericho on the outside. He begins to count him out.1.........2.............3.........4..........5 Orton still not up either, begins to get to his feet......6........7.........8........9.........10. Its over, Orton has won thanks to The Big Show and he will get his Title re match.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 12 : 24

*** I Hear Voices ***

Orton has his and raised by The Referee as Jericho starts to learn he has lost. We go off air with the look on Jericho's face as if he is about to cry and then turns back to Orton taunting him on the top rope.

*** End Of Show ***


Kelly Kelly DEF Rosa Mendez
Henry, Masters and Benjamin DEF Otunga, Gabriel and Slater
Randy Orton DEF Drew McIntyre
Daniel Bryan DEF Ted DiBiase
Wade Barrett DEF MVP
Randy Orton DEF Chris Jericho

Confirmed For Next Week

The Slammy's
Tyson Kidd calls out DH Smith
R Truth Invatation to join The Kiss My Ass Club
Daniel Bryan v Ted DiBiase ( Match 2 of Best Of 5 Series )
Miz answers Morrison's Challange

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