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Hey guys, I decided that I'm going to try to write a new BTB. I haven't done so in a while, so I might have a little writing rust, But I'm going to try to make it great. The time of this will be right after Wrestlemania 21 and here are the WrestleMania results

WrestleMania 21 results

Rey defeats Eddie
Chris Jericho wins the Money In The Bank Ladder match
Trish beats Christy
Sumo Match: Akebono defeats Big Show
Undertaker beats Randy Orton
Kurt Angle makes Shawn Michaels tap out
WWE Championship: John Cena pins JBL
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista defeats Triple H

The rosters and the title holders are the same as they are now. I am working on Raw and I hope you all injoy it. :)

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The show starts with footage of last nights WrestleMania 21 highlights. Then Pyros and fireworks go off to start the show. Cameras go strait to JR and the King.

JR: Hello and welcome every one to Monday Night Raw! Last night was a phenominal WrestleMania.

KING: Boy are you right. I could barely sleep it was so exciting. But tonight will be just as exciting.

JR: Yes it will. Tonight we have the Tag champs William Regal & Tajiri facing off against La Resistance and Hurricane & Rosey, in a tripple threat tag team title match.

KING: We also have "the Legend Killer" Randy Orton going one on one with Shelton Benjiman. I can't wait.

Chris Jericho's music plays and he makes his way down to the ring with a microphone and the suite case.

Y2J: How is every body doin' tonight?! I'll tell you guy, I'm doing great. With my guaranteed tile shot, which I won at the grand stage of them all, baby. After I won, me and my lawyers were reviewing the contract, and it didn't say which title I could go after and it didn't say how many titles I can get. So I talked it over with Vince and next week it will be "Y2J" Chris Jericho vs the "World Heavyweight Champion" Dave Batista vs the doctor him self, John Cena! (hug pop) Winner Unifies the titles.

Edges music plays and he comes down to the ring.

EDGE: Once again I was screwed out of my title shot! At wrestlemania of all places. You screwed me over Chris.

Y2J: Just to let you know, I didn't screw you over. It dosen't count as screwing someone over, if there the reason they lost.

EDGE: Don't you dare give me that crap. I am more of a champ then you and Batista put together. This is a bigger scandal then Bret getting screwed.

Y2J: You think your a better wrestler then me?

EDGE: I know I'm better then you.

Y2J: Then prove it. You me, tonight. Oh, and this time, don't complain if you lose.

Edge runs and spears Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring.

EDGE: How does that feel Chris? I hope it feels good, because it's going to happen again tonight.

Edge leaves the ring and refs come in the ring to help Chris Jericho up.

KING: Wow, tonight we'll have Edge and Jericho clash.

JR: I can't beleave Edge would sink so low as to spearing Chris Jericho.

KING: What do you mean? Jericho deserved to get speared. He cheated Edge out of a title match.

JR: Whatever.

La Resistance's music plays, folowed by Hurricane & Rosey's. Then the Tag Team Champion's music plays and William Regal and Tajiri make there way down to the ring to strt of tonight first match up.

TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: William Regal & Tajiri vs La Resistance vs Hurricane & Rosey
MATCH - The match starts off with Rosey dominating the match. Rosey uses his power and strength for an early lead. Regal is tagged in and he gives Rosey a series of viscious chops. Then Sylvain Grenier getts tagged in and La Resistance bolth double team bolth Rosey and William Regal. Hurricane runs in, but Rob Conway dropkicks him and throws him over the top rope. Tajiri runs in but Sylvain Grenier gives him a spine buster. La Resistance dominate the rest of the match up.
ENDING - Bolth La Resistance members are in the ring once again and they throw Hurricane and rosey over the top rope. Tajiri comes in and starts kicking Rob Conway. Tajiri steps back and spitts out his green mist, but Rob Conway ducks and the mist nails William Regal in the face. Sylvian Grenier closelines Tajiri over the top rope. Rob Conway and Sylvian Greneir pick up William Regal and hit him with a Au Revoir. Sylvian goes for the pin. 1....2....3.
WINNER - La Resistace

JR: La Resistance wins because Tajiri missed the green mist and hit Regal.

KING: That's what Tajiri gets for cheating. HA HA HA, long live the Champs.

JR: We'll be right back after this commercial break


The Cameras are showing triple H and Ric Flair going into Eric Bischoff's office.

HHH: Eric, why is Jericho getting to face Batista next week. I have my rematch don't I.

FLAIR: Yeah, my man here deserves a rematch.

BISCHOFF: I can't deal with you anymore. Tonight, you will face Batista in a match of your choice. If you win you get the title, but if you lose, don't complain to me anymore. You got that.

HHH: I got it. the match will be a handicap match. Me and Ric vs Dave Batista.

BISCHOFF: Good choice of match. Just so you know, if Ric Flair wins, he gets the title.

HHH: What, it shouldn't work that way.

FLAIR: Hey Trip, don't worry, you can pin him.

HHH: Thanks Ric.

BISCHOFF: Oh how cute. Now if you don't mind, GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!

Steven Richards music plays and he makes his way down to the ring. Then Val Venis's music plays and he makes his way down to the ring.

MATCH - Val Venis and Steven Richards lunge towards one an other and start grappling. Val Venis pushes Steven Richards to the rope, but Steven Richards bounces back and gives him a drop kick. The match goes back and force but is short.
ENDING - Steven Richards and Val Venis start exchanging blows. Then Kane's music hits and the two superstars stop what they're doing and get worried looks on there faces. Kane goes to the ring and Steven Richards and Val Venis start pumling him. Kane Pushes them bolth back. The monster Kane gives Val Venis a big boot, then gives Steven Richards a chokeslam. Kane then picks up Val Venis and gives him a tomestone to hell. The ref calls for a DQ, but Kane then chokeslams him. Kane lifts his arms up and throws them down and the ring post shoot up with fire. Kane leaves the ring with the mangled bodys behind.
WINNER - Nobody

JR: How could somebody do that? My god.

KING: I think he is angry about the ladder match at Wrestlemania. But I admitt, that was to far.

Refs come and get Val Venis and Steven Richards out of the ring. Afterwards, Randy Ortons music play and he makes his way down to the ring. Followed by Shelton's music, and he makes his way down to the ring.

MATCH - Randy Orton trys to attack Shelton Benjiman, But Shelton reverses every move he pulls off. Randy starts to get frustrated and jumps up and down, stomping his feet. Shelton Benjiman dominates the rest of the match.
ENDING - Shelton Benjiman closelines Randy Orton over the top rope. Orton stands up and kicks the steel steps. Randy Orton then stand up on the apron, Shelton runs toward him, but Randy Orton pulls the top rope down and Shelton falls out of the ring. Randy Orton then grabs the steel steps. Shelton Benjiman stands up and acts wobly. Orton then bashes Shelton Benjiman with the steel steps. The ref calls for the bell.
WINNER - Shelton Benjiman

JR: What is the matter with Randy Orton.

KING: I don't know. I guess he just lost his cool.

JR: That was more then just losing your cool.

KING: He must be chemically imbalanced.

The cameras go backstage to Maria with Edge.

MARIA: Hello Edge, how do you feel about your match with Chris Jericho?

EDGE: How do I feel? HOW DO I FEEL? I'll tell you how I feel. I'm going up against the man that screwed me at WrestleMana. The man that made me lose my chance of a garanteed title shot. I am going to show all thoughs people who don't think, that there Edgeheads, why I should be Mr. Money In The Bank.

Edge Walks away.

MARIA: Well, back to you JR.

Edge runs towards Maria and spears her.

EDGE: That's how I feel.

Chris Jericho's music plays and he walks down to the ring. Then Edge's music plays and he runs into the ring.

MATCH - The two angry superstars start exchanging blows before the bell rings. Edge throws Chris Jericho into the turnbuckle and starts pumling him. Jericho starts punching back and throws Edge into the turnbuckle. Y2J starts to furriously chopping Edge. Edge pushes Jericho down and starts to give him some mounted punches. The two roll out of the ring, punching one an other. The rest of the match, they bolth just have a brual with plenty of pin attemps.
ENDING - Chris Jericho gets Edge in a Walls of Jericho, but Edge quickly grabs the rope. The ref pulls Jericho off of Edge and Chris starts to argue with the ref. Edge stands up and spears Chris Jericho. Edge goes for the cover. 1................2..............3.


The show comes back with the cameras backstage, showing bolth Steven Richards and Val Venis in the lockerroom, holding icepacks.

RICHARDS: How come every time we have a damn match, somebody interferes.

VENIS: I don't know.

RICHARDS: It's like they don't respect us. I'm sick of it.

VENIS: I've been here for so long, and they keep doing it. But what can we do?

RICHARDS: I'll tell you what we will do. Next week, we'll make them respect us. We'll show them why we're still here.

VENIS: If anyone gets in our way, we'll make them respect us. I have a plan. This is how is goes.

The cameras go back to the ring where Triple H's music plays and him and Ric Flair make there way down to the ring. The Batista's music plays and the crowd goes crazy.

MATCH - Triple H and Batista start to do a test of strength, Batista is over powering Triple H, but Triple H give Batista a gut kick and a suplex. Triple H starts to give Batista some mounted punches. The rest of the match goes back and forth, with lots of intrference from Ric Flair.
ENDING - Triple H trys to give Batista a Pedigree, but Batista flips Triple H off and then Batista closelines him. Batista throws him against the ropes and Ric quickly tags him, Batista gives Triple H a spinebuster. Ric comes into the ring and kicks the back of Batista's knee, and Batista falls down. Ric runs against the rope and gives Batista a knee drop. Ric Flair grabs Batista legs and gives him a Figure 4 leglock. Batista is yelling in pain. Triple H gets up and gives Batista a knee drop. Triple H claps his hands and goes to his corner. Ric follows and is about to tag in Triple H, but Batista pulls Ric Flair away from Trple H and gives him a spinebuser. Triple H goes into the ring but Batista gives him a gut kick, then a Batista Bomb. Batista then grabs Ric Flair a Batista Bomb and goes for the cover. 1.....2..........3.
WINNER - Batista

Batista grabs his title. He climbs the turnbuckle and lifts the World Heavyweight Title above his head as the show ends.
I hoped you like the show. Please reply and tell me what you think. :)

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It was Ok, nothing special, but not terrible. Sad to see the unification of the WWE and World Title to be honest. But its your call, Im going to make this short, cause I just want to help out your show with this review. Starting next week, I will give actual reviews. But for a word of advice, definately work on promos. Not that in character. That can be fixed though. Also, work on length. Coulda used two more promos at least. Take those two things into advice and you will be fine. As for this week, 7.5/10

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Thanks for the reply, I am working on Smackdown, so hopefully it will be up today. I have some crazy plans for the future and I hpe you enjoy them. :cool:


- Rikishi, Billy Gunn, Test, Raven, and X-Pac have been signed to OVW, and might be seen on Raw or Smackdown in the near future.

- Stephanie McMahon has decided to go to an Ivy League school. Paul Heman has been hired to fill her shoes as head of the Creative Department.

- Some OVW stars are going to make a job over to the WWE, but they will not be using the same names they have over at OVW. When they do jump over, the WWE will post who they were at OVW.

- Brock Lesner and the WWE have came to a settlement, Brock dropped charges and he will be returning to either Raw or Smackdown soon.

- During a press confrence, Vince said that the next few weeks will change the way people look at the WWE.

- John Hiedenreich, Gene Snitsky, and Luther Reigns have been released. the WWE wishes them the best of luck in their future careers.

- The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan are also in talks with the WWE and there are rumors of them having a comeback in the near future.

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The show is pretty average but if you add a few more promo's and build some storylines you could turn it into something good.

Chris Jericho/Edge Segment
Overall an entertaining promo and a great way to set up Jericho vs. Edge for later in the night. I liked how you got Edge to answer the challenge with a spear, good stuff.

Regal/Tajiri vs. La Resistance vs. Hurricane/Rosey
Nothing too special but I guess it's a good thing the titles were taken off of Regal and Tajiri. The Tag Team division really needs some youth, try creating some new young teams to catch readers attentions.

HHH/Flair in Bischoffs Office
Good choice of matches, it was going to be an unofficial handicapped match anyway so why not just make it one to make Batista look stronger. Funny stuff from Bischoff telling them how cute they were together and kicking them out of his office.

Val Venis vs. Steven Richards
Not a big fan of either of these guys but I guess there has to be a few weak links in the show. I wonder whats going to happen with Kane, will he begin a fued with them or was it just to make him look like a monster?

Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton
The disqualification ending was used well if you want to start a fued between these guys. I hope you do anyway as I like both guys, Shelton for his in ring skills and Orton for his gimmick.

Edge Interview
Nothing really to comment on. A short interview that didn't really mean anything, you could have done better.

Chris Jericho vs. Edge
Good match but bad move by having Edge defeat Jericho. Jericho should be on a huge roll of momentum after winning The money in the bank ladder match and it just made him look weak. I wonder whats going to happen with these two from here?

Venis and Richards backstage
I wonder what they are plotting? I don't know why they think everybody keeps getting involved in their matches, it was Kane and he always does that. It also only happened once so I don't know what to think here?

Batista vs. Triple H/Ric Flair
Good choice of a main event as mentioned earlier and exactly what I was expecting to happen. Makes Batista look strong but Triple H weak. I suggest you write the main event out in full or even a more detailed summary because it is the main part of your show.

Realism: 8/10 It has a Raw feel about it

Length: 5/10 Show needed alot more promo's and longer segments

Quality/Entertainment:6/10 Fairly entertaining but not enough promo's to keep me interested

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10 Don't see any faults here

Matches/Booking: 7/10 three good main event matches, only one promo and a few backstage segments. All three main events were last so I think you should have opened the show with Jericho vs. Edge.

TOTAL SCORE: 36/50 = 72/100

Good effort but take some of the advice above and work from it. Don't forget to reply to my show, WWE Thunderstruck. Thanks!
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