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This is my version of WWE Raw. This is how I would like to see WWE Raw be ran after Summerslam 2004

World Wrestling Entertainment
RAW Brand

Monday Night RAW - August 23, 2004

The show starts off backstage in Eric Bischoff’s office. The General Manager is told that Vince McMahon is expected to be on the show tonight…

The Pyro goes off and JR and the King welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw.

JR: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw
KING: Oh man, this is going to a great night in RAW. I can’t wait!
JR: Earlier today Eric Bischoff announced a huge main event… Ric Flair of Evolution gets an opportunity to capture the World Heavyweight Championship as he will go one on one against Randy Orton.
KING: Will Ric Flair become the seventeen-time Heavyweight Champions or will he just be another statistic on Orton’s T-Shirt?
JR: Plus the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line as Edge defends it against Y2J Chris Jericho in a Ladder Match!!!!
KING: But let’s go to the Ring!

Val Venis’ Music plays as he comes down to the ring and grabs the microphone…

Venis: HELLOOOO LADIES!!!!! The Big Valbowski is back on RAW once again and this time… I am back with the intention of strapping some gold around this waist… Maybe, an Intercontinental Championship!!!!

Val puts the microphone down and whips off his towel. He then brings it out to the audience and hands it to a female in the first row. He gets back into the ring as Tomko is introduced…

Match 1:
Val Venis vs. Tyson Tomko w. Trish Stratus
The match starts off with Tyson getting the advantage over Venis, however Tomko makes an error by putting his head down as Venis is returning from the ropes and Val gets the opportunity to nail him with an elbow to the back of Tomko’s neck. Venis sets up Tyson for a running bulldog, landing the rookie on the mat face first. Val goes up top for the Money Shot, however Trish gets the better of Val, as she hits his back with her championship belt. Venis falls to the ring canvas as Tomko crawls over to pins him. The referee counts two as Val puts his foot on the rope, and the match continues. Tyson gets back up and starts working on the back of his opponent. With a series of chops to the back, the rookie sets Val up for a Spine buster, however Val is able to grab the neck of Tyson and drive him down to the mat again with a DDT. Both men lay on the mat as the referee counts to six. Val is the first one to his feet and delivers yet another DDT to Tomko. With Tyson out cold Val goes back up to the top rope for another attempt at the money shot. Trish tries to interfere again, however out of nowhere Bobby Heenan comes out to the ring and pulls Trish off the ring apron. Venis nails his opponent with the Money Shot and gets the win.
WINNER: Val Venis

After the match Val looks in disbelief as Bobby Heenan walks back up the ramp.

The Coach announces the next diva to be eliminated in the RAW Diva Search. The Coach then continues to tell the Diva hopefuls what their next task will be… A Royal Rumble game of Twister, each diva hopeful will participate in this event with only one female becoming the Queen of RAW Twister. They start the game on a large twister board as RAW leaves for a commercial break.


We return from the break to find the divas still competing in Twister. After another few minutes of twists and turns, the game is ended and the winner of RAW Twister is JOY…

Back in the Arena…

JR and the KING are talking about Twister…

KING: Have you ever see so many girls playing Twister in their Bra and Panties JR?
JR: Now King, I can honestly say I haven’t seen that before.
KING: Puppies and more Puppies going up and down and turning over on each other… That was great. Let’s do it again!!!
JR: Unfortunately we have to get back to action.

Outside the arena a large limousine pulls up and out comes Mr. McMahon. Vince comes into the arena as we go back to break…


Val Venis is backstage trying to find Bobby Heenan. Valbowski finally finds Heenan in a lockeroom talking to Ric Flair. Val approaches Heenan about interfering in his match and helping him win over Tomko.

VENIS: Mr. Heenan, why did you come to the ring during my match and pull Trish off the apron?
HEENAN: Why? Let me tell you why. Because Val, I watch you on RAW and HEAT and I see in you something that I haven’t seen in a very long time. I see in you something that resembles another great superstar to hold the Intercontinental Championship, Ravishing Rick Rude. I want to help you Val, do something that Rick Rude only ever dreamed about. I want to help you become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What do you say?
VENIS: Well, Let me think about that and I’ll get back to you next week!
HEENAN: That would be great. Next week on RAW I’ll get my answer.

Val Venis leaves with a smirk on his face as he heads for the showers.

In the Arena

Eugene’s music plays and he comes down to the ring accompanied by William Regal. Eugene stumbles into the ring and waves at the crowd as Regal grabs the microphone.

REGAL: You have all seen what happen on RAW two weeks ago at the hands of the bloody tyrant Triple H and that is why I have talked to Mr. Bischoff earlier today about getting my revenge on the people who have beaten me within an inch of my life. Tonight on RAW, Eugene and I will be teaming up to take on Triple H and Batista.

The game’s music plays and Triple H comes out with Batista.

HHH: You don’t know what the hell you have just gotten yourself and Eugene into. Evolution is the solution to everything that happens here on RAW and tonight will be no different when Batista and I cripple your ass and send Eugene to ICU…
REGAL: Tonight we will get our revenge on you and Evolution…


Match 2:
Kane vs. Rhyno
Kane and Rhyno lock horns at the start of the match when Kane starts drilling his knee into the stomach of Rhyno. Once the big red machine got the advantage of the match, he then pushed Rhyno into the corner and delivered lefts and rights to the man beast. Lita came down to the ring and distracted Kane, while the man beast regrouped when Kane turned around to continue his attack on Rhyno, the man beast charged at him with a gore straight to hell. The two men went in between the ropes and onto the mat. Matt Hardy charged down to the ring and attacked Kane with several steel chair blows to the head as Rhyno got back in the ring and distracted the referee. After close to five chair shots, Hardy threw Kane back into the ring and Rhyno attempted a frog splash from the top rope. Rhyno pinned Kane for the victory and then left the ring.

After the match, Matt Hardy brought the chair into the ring and nailed Kane a few more times with his. Hardy then picked up Kane and delivered the Twist of Fate on the chair. With Kane lying in the middle of the ring, Hardy took out a gas can and poured gas around the ring area. After going around the entire ring with the gas can, Hardy did the most unthinkable thing ever by setting the ring area on fire with Kane right in the middle of the ring. Hardy then left with a twisted smile on his face.


Mr. McMahon goes into Eric Bischoff’s office and the Raw GM greets Mr. McMahon.

ERIC: Mr. McMahon, welcome to Monday Night Raw. How may I help you?
VINCE: Well you can start by telling my how you intend on handling that situation between Matt Hardy and Kane? You have just seen what happened, now solve the problem…
ERIC: (Thinks for a moment) When you play with fire your going to get burned and obviously Matt likes to play with fire, and so does Kane. That’s why at Unforgiven Matt Hardy and Kane will end their war with an Inferno Match!
VINCE: That’s a good idea Eric. I like that and that’s why I am going to give you the opportunity you have always wanted… A chance to have complete control of WWE RAW! I am going to make you the President of RAW. You will have complete control of RAW, making your own Pay Per Views, hiring superstars and firing superstars as you wish, hell, I’ll even put you on the WWE Board of Directors. You will have complete creative control over the RAW Brand! What do you think?
ERIC: That would be the greatest thing ever Mr. McMahon!!!
VINCE: However, there is a stipulation. In order to become the President of RAW you have wrestling in a match… AGAINST ME!!!!! If you win, well your dreams come true. But if you lose, then YOU’RE FIRED! Are you willing to risk everything you have right now for a chance at making your dreams come true?
ERIC: Yes Mr. McMahon! I am ready for that! I accept your challenge. You and me at Unforgiven in… an I QUIT Match!!!
VINCE: You don’t know what the hell you are getting yourself into Bischoff…
ERIC: Neither do you VINCE. I will get the opportunity to stick to you one more time!
Both men look at each other with evil smiles on their faces…


Match 3:
Ladder Match - Intercontinental Championship
Edge © vs. Y2J Chris Jericho
These two start their fight outside the ring before the bell even rings. Y2J throws Edge over the guardrail and pursues after the champion. The two men brawl their way to the commentary area. Edge is then put in the walls of Jericho on top of ther commentary desk. Y2J releases his hold and picks up a chair, he then cracks the chair over the head of the champion. Jericho gets back onto the table and piledrives Edge through the table. With Edge knocked out, Jericho takes the opportunity to throw him into the ring, so the match may officially start. The ladder is brought into the ring by the challenger who places it over the champion. As Jericho starts to climb the ladder, Edge gets enough strength to push the ladder over. This causes Jericho to land on top of the rope, and eventually out of the ring. The champion finally gets up and summersaults out of the ring, landing on top of the challenger. Both men slowly get to their feet and fight each other on the outside of the ring and eventually back to the inside. Edge gets the advantage of Jericho and lands a DDT on him. The champion grabs the ladder and sets it up in the corner of the ring, then grabs the “highlight of the night”. Edge tries to whip Jericho into the corner of where the ladder is, however it’s Jericho who reverses and sends Edge into the Ladder. Edge came in contact with the ladder and went flying onto the outside again. This time the ladder followed behind knocks Edge in the head. Jericho goes to the outside and sets the ladder against the guardrail Y2J stands on top of the rail as well and waits for Edge to come to his feet. Edge staggers to his feet only to meet with the ladder again as Jericho jumps on the other end. The ladder nails Edge who falls back onto the floor.


During the break, Jericho gets the ladder back into the ring and sets it up again in the middle of the ring. Edge gets back onto his feet and runs into the ring to push the ladder over. Jericho falls down again as Edge closes the ladder. This time Edge uses the ladder to his advantage by repeated blows to Jericho’s stomach with it. Edge sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring and starts to climb it. Jericho musters up enough strength to start climbing on the other side of the ladder. As they both go the to top. The two men punched each other. This continued until out of nowhere, Christian came out with a chair. Christian cracked the chair across Jericho’s back, forcing him to fall off the ladder and granting Edge the championship.
WINNER: Still Intercontinental Champion – Edge

After the match Christian and Edge teamed up on Jericho. First delivering a series of punches, and then both brought in a chair. They were about to hit the Conchairto on Jericho as Chris Benoit ran down to the ring with a baseball bat. Both men ran towards the ramp and celebrated their reunion.


Triple H and Batista get set for their match coming up after the break.


Match 4:
Triple H and Batista vs. William Regal and Eugene
The bell rings and Batista starts the match for Evolution while Regal starts the match for his team. The two lock up and Batista kicks Regal in the stomach, he than begins a series of chops and kicks to the Blackpool brawler. Regal is whipped across the ring and comes back only to receive about boot to the face from Batista. The monster then puts a sleeper hold on Regal as Eugene starts to get the fans chanting REGAL, REGAL, REGAL. The chants get William pumped and he fights his why out of the hold. Regal brawls with Batista and delivers a series of punches to the head of his opponent. With Batista staggering, William figures it would be the best time to nail him with a running clothesline. However it is Batista who gets the better of Regal by catching him with a bear hug. The referee checks to see if Regal is ready to give up, however the veteran wrestler does not submit. Eugene gets the fans chanting again and Regal starts to fight his way out of the massive arms that Batista has. It is evolution who gets the better of the situation though as Batista changes his bear hug to a spine buster. Triple H is tagged in and he begins to play with Regal, slapping him across the head a few times. From there the game starts to assault his opponent by throwing him into the corner and kicking Regal down into a sitting position. The Game pushes his kneepad down and jams his knee into the face of Regal. Hunter lets up to bad mouth Eugene, which forces Eugene to try to get involved in the match. As the referee tries to get order with Eugene, Evolution takes advantage by bringing a chair into the ring. Batista holds it in front of Regal’s face as Triple H repeatedly kicks it against William. Eugene can’t stand this assault anymore and he chases after Batista with a chair. Batista goes up the ramp and out of the arena. Triple H pedigree’s William Regal and gets the one, two, three.
WINNER: Evolution – Triple H and Batista

After the match, Triple H celebrates in the ring until Eugene comes after him with a chair. The Game dodges the chair and exits the ring. Eugene continues swinging the chair around in the ring and accidentally nails William Regal, who is trying to get back to his feet. Eugene can’t believe what he just did to his friend and runs back to the locker room as quickly as he can.


In the locker room…

Triple H and Batista warns the Nature Boy that he has no other alternative than to win the World Heavyweight Championship and bring it back to Evolution. Flair leaves the locker room to come out to the ring.

Match 5:
Main Event – World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton © vs. The Nature Boy Ric Flair
The match starts off Flair show boating to the crowd. Randy challenges Flair to a test of strength. The two lock their right hands up and Orton immediately applies strength to Flair, but it is the Nature Boy who cheats out of the maneuver by poking the champion in the eye. From that point, the veteran immediately starts to work on the legs of the young champion. Flair takes Orton down and drags his legs to the outside of the ring by the ring post. The Nature Boy then slams the legend killer’s leg into the post repeatedly. Flair gets back into the ring as Randy drags himself back across the ring. Once in position, Ric attempts the figure four, however Orton reverses and rolls the Nature Boy up in a small package for a two count. The match continues with Orton getting back onto his feet and backing Flair into the corner, the two men exchange chops to the other’s chest with Randy getting the better of Ric. The rookie applies an arm drag take down to the veteran and then elbows the back of his head. With the Nature Boy down on the ground, Orton climbs to the top rope and flies off with the signature move of Randy Savage, the flying elbow. The fans erupt when the legend killer successfully nails the Macho Man’s finisher on the Nature Boy. Randy then attempted another pin fall, however he only gets a two count.


We return from break to find both men on the outside of the ring chopping each other again. Ric Flair gets the advantage this time and throws the champion into the steal steps. Flair goes into the ring to break the count, however goes back outside to assault the champion further by slamming his leg against the steps then positioning it on the steps only to jump off the ring apron and sandwich the rookie’s leg against the steps. Once again the ten count was broken, and the Nature Boy went back outside, but this time he applied the figure four on the arena floor. Orton begins to scream in pain as Flair applies more pressure. This continues until the referee finally goes outside on the floor himself to break up the hold. Both men go back into the ring and Flair starts show boating to the crowd. Some fans cheer on the nature boy as you hear WOOOOO calls throughout the arena. Flair makes the mistake of allowing Orton regroup and when the challenger turns around the champion nails him with a low blow. Orton gets his opportunity to finally get the RKO on Ric Flair for a one, two, and three.
WINNER: Still World Heavyweight Champion – Randy Orton

After the match, Orton celebrates his victory until the Nature Boy gets up. The two men stare at each other in the middle of the ring before the veteran extends his hand in congratulations to the champion. Orton leaves the ring as the Games music comes on. Triple H heads to the ring and confronts Flair on his loss to the champion. Before Flair can answer he is kicked in the stomach and Pedigreed. Triple H then gets a chair, throws it into the ring and delivers another pedigree to the sixteen-time champion. Orton runs back to the ring and surprises the Game with a RKO. Orton then helps Ric Flair to the back.

Show’s Over…

Please rate and give constructive criticism

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Next time, could you use Bolds and Italics to make your shows look better, also, you could add some colour to it, l enjoyed your show and l will be reading it.

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I was only going to do RAW but i figured I show do SmackDown! as well...

World Wrestling Entertainment
Smackdown! Brand

Smackdown! – August 26, 2004

The show begins with 20 men standing in the middle of the ring; all of them are unaware of why they are there. Those 20 men were:
Badd Ass Billy Gunn Rene Dupree John Cena
Rob Van Dam Kenzo Suzuki Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle Doug Basham Danny Basham
Scotty 2 Hotty Buh Buh Ray D Von
Orlando Jordan Johnny Stamboli Bill Demott
Hardcore Holly Rico Charlie Haas
Luther Reigns the Cat
Mr. McMahon walks out to the ring with Theodore R. Long they both enter the ring and Mr. McMahon grabs the microphone.

VINCE: I have tried everything to try and shake things up on Smackdown! I went extreme by hiring Paul Heyman as our general manager. I made a lottery change with the Smackdown and RAW Superstars, but that didn’t work! This time, I Vincent Kennedy McMahon guarantee you that what I am about to do tonight will be the first thing that will start to shake things up on Smackdown.
LONG:How do you expect to do that playa’?
VINCE: Well Mr. Long, I will start tonight by saying YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!
LONG: What do you mean? I just became the General Manager!
VINCE: Yes, I know you just did become General Manager, but as I said, Smackdown! Needs to be shaken up and I am going to do that right here tonight. No get the hell out of my ring…

Theodore leaves the ring and heads to the back.

VINCE: Now, on to the business at hand. I am going to give you all a chance to let your dreams come true. All twenty of you in this ring tonight will be competing in a twenty-man battle royal, with the winner getting the opportunity to become the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship at No Mercy.

The twenty men look at Mr. McMahon approvingly as he prepares to announce the main event for tonight.

VINCE: Tonight’s main event will feature the Undertaker and John Bradshaw Layfield wrestling for the WWE Championship.

Vince McMahon leaves the ring as the Smack Down! Theme plays.

Match 1:
20-man Battle Royal – No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship at No Mercy

All twenty men begin to brawl inside the ring with a few people double and triple teaming each other. After about minute of wrestling, Doug Basham is the first to be eliminated by a double team from Charlie Haas and Rico. RVD delivers a flying drop kick from the top rope, which nails Luther Reigns and sends him over the top onto the floor. Kurt Angle jumps on RVD and tries to work him out of the ring. D Von and Buh Buh 3-D Danny Basham, from there the Dudleys clothesline Basham out of the ring. RVD kicks Angle over the head and with the help of Eddie Guerrero, sends him to the outside. Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn help each other in eliminated Bill Demott, and then Badd Ass pushes his friend Holly over the rope as well.


During the break we learn that Kenzo Suzuki eliminated John Cena and the Cat only to get eliminated by Rene Dupree. The match continues with Dudleys eliminating the team of Charlie Haas and Rico by scooping them up and throwing them both over. Stamboli eliminates Scotty 2 Hotty and Orlando Jordan. Eddie Guerrero uses a pair of knucks to knock Dupree out. From there Latino heat through Rene out of the ring. Billy Gunn, RVD, and Eddie Guerrero team up to take the Dudley boys out of competition for the championship shot. And then it was down to three. Billy Gunn and RVD team up on Eddie Guerrero with Gunn setting Guerrero on his knee and RVD flying off the top rope to land his leg across Guerrero’s neck. Billy Gunn and RVD lifted Guerrero up and threw him over the top. It’s now down to two, Rob Van Dam and Billy Gunn. Both men look at each other and shake hands before getting it on in the middle of the ring. They locked up and Gunn throws RVD across the ring and delivers a flying knee to the face. Billy Gunn lands an elbow on the chest of Van Dam. Mr. Ass lifts Rob up and is about to drop kick him as RVD ducks out of the way and runs onto the top rope. When the Ass Man got back up from his fall, Mr. Thursday Night did a summersault in the air and landed on Billy. RVD quickly got up and set Gunn up for the rolling thunder, however Gunn moved out of the way and RVD slammed hard onto the ring mat. Gunn got back up and kicked RVD in the stomach. Gunn nailed the Fame-ass-er on Van Dam before scoop slamming him over the top rope.
WINNER: No. 1 Contender WWE Championship – Badd Ass Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn celebrates in the middle of the ring as RVD heads to the back.



Mr. McMahon is on the phone talking to somebody.

VINCE: So you are on your way here tonight? That’s great I will see you then…

JBL storms into McMahon’s office to discuss tonight’s Main Event.

JBL: Mr. McMahon, how the hell do you expect me to defend my WWE Championship tonight when I have a broken neck?
VINCE: You’re neck’s not anymore broken then Kurt Angle’s leg was. If you expect me to change my mind on tonight’s main event then you not only have a broken neck but you have brain damage as well.
JBL: But I can’t wrestle.
VINCE: If you can’t wrestle tonight, then you can’t be the WWE Champion. I am giving you a choice. Either defend your championship tonight, or lose your championship and your job?
JBL: I guess I have no other choice then...

JBL is about to walk out the door, as Vince stops him…

VINCE: Bradshaw, just to make sure that I am guaranteed a championship match tonight, I am going to make this match… … a Casket Match!

In the Arena…

TAZZ: Can you believe that Cole? Right here tonight, JBL and the Undertaker one on one, in a casket match for the WWE Championship…
COLE: That is the most out bizarre match I have ever heard of in the history of Smackdown.
TAZZ: Speaking about the History of Smackdown, the 5th Anniversary addition Smackdown Magazine will be on sale soon.
COLE: Let’s go back to ring action

Match 2:
United States Championship
Booker T © vs. John Cena

Before the match officially began Mr. McMahon’s music came on and the WWE Chairman came out and grabbed the microphone to address the crowd…

VINCE: I would like to inform you that this is not the second match in the best of five series, this will be the FINAL match in this best of five series. Yes this will be the last time these two men will wrestle each other for the WWE United States Championship...

Mr. McMahon leaves the ring as the match gets under way. The two men stare each other down as Cena badmouths Booker T. Booker starts to chop Cena in the face with a series of rights. Cena blocks and starts jabbing with lefts and rights until the champion staggers out of the ring. Cena dances in the ring for the crowd before going after the champion. Booker T kicked Cena and threw him into the steps before re-entering the ring. Cena tried to come into the ring as Booker T accomplished a baseball slide, which sent the challenger against the barricade. Booker T went out and threw Cena into the ring. With the challenger struggled to get to his feet, the champion went after him, like a hunter seeking his prey. Booker T backed Cena into the corner and was about to pick him up when Cena kicked Booker in the stomach. Cena got back to his feet and powerbombed the champion onto the ring mat. Cena then set up his five-knuckle-shuffle which made contact with the champion. After a two count from the referee, Booker T kicked out and spin-a-roonnied up kicked Cena and landed a scissors kick across the head of John Cena. The champion covered his opponent for a two-count as Cena was able to kick out. Booker became frustrated and went outside to get the championship. As he came into the ring with the belt the referee confronted him about it. This allowed Cena to get his knuck on and wait for the champion to come over. The referee finally got the championship from Booker T’s hand, as he was giving it back to the time keeper, Cena nailed Booker T with the brass knuckles. The challenger lifted up Booker T and finished him off with an F-U for the one… two… three…
WINNER: New WWE United States Champion – John Cena

After the match, John Cena celebrated his championship victory by going through the crowd and up the arena stairs to the back!


In the GM’s Office…

Vince McMahon enters the office to meet with RVD, The Dudley Boys, Bill DeMott, Hardcore Holly, the Basham Brothers, Johnny Stamboli, and Jamie Noble… Mr. McMahon puts a brief case up on the table and starts to address the superstars…

VINCE: You are probably wondering why I have asked you all here tonight… and as you are all aware, I am here tonight to send a shock wave through the Smack Down! Brand and by god that’s what’s going to happen. I have already announce the Firing of Theodore Long as General Manager, announced a new number one contender for the WWE Championship, and signed the Main Event for tonight’s Smack Down! I am going to continue the shock with a major announcement that concerns everybody on Smack Down! But mainly you…

The fans cheer, as the superstars look at each other in first bewilderment, then approval.

VINCE: The WWE Board has been discussing the return and expansion of one of our divisions in WWE, and we have decided to incorporate this division to the Smackdown! Brand. I present to you (opens the briefcase) the WWE Hardcore Championship. This Championship will be decided in a Hardcore Championship Elimination Invitational. This match will take place at NO MERCY!

The wrestlers are very satisfied as they leave the office and the crowds cheer…

Inside the Arena…

TAZZ: Michael Cole, what an exciting announcement by Mr. McMahon.
COLE: The WWE Hardcore Championship will return to Smackdown at WWE NO MERCY… This will be exciting.
TAZZ: Most definitely, that along with Billy Gunn challenging the WWE Champion at No Mercy. Two great matches announced for our pay-per-view.


Match 3:
Main Event WWE Championship – Casket Match
JBL © with Orlando Jordan vs. Undertaker

JBL comes down to the ring and tells the referee that he can’t wrestle tonight because of his neck. The Undertaker’s music hits and the Deadman walks to the ring. As the Undertaker enters the ring JBL quickly attacks him with the belt, however, the Undertaker fights back and with a series of upper cuts, is able to stagger the champion. The Undertaker grabs JBL by the throat and chock slams him to the ring mat. While the champion favours his neck, the challenger takes off his neck cast, and throws it at Orlando Jordan. Taker then grabs Layfield’s arm, walks to the top rope, across the rope and jumps down on Layfield, plowing the champion to the ground. Layfield gets up and favours his arm, as the Deadman continues to stalk him. JBL kicks Taker, but he doesn’t feel a thing as he pulls JBL back up by his hair and chock slams him again onto the mat. The Undertaker dominates the entire match and completes his Tombstone Pile Driver on the Champion. With Layfield lying on the mat, the Undertaker then sets his sights on Orlando Jordan, who is on the outside. The Undertaker starts walking after Jordan who tries to get away by running, however the Undertaker continues on track and finally grabs a hold of Jordan and throws him into the barricade. The youngster favours his back as Taker kicks him to the ground. The Veteran picks up the youngster and sets him up for the last ride. JBL charges behind the Undertaker with a Chair and slams the Deadman across the back with it. The Undertaker goes to the ground as Bradshaw continues his assault on the challenger with his chair. The Dudley boys race to the ring and take out Bradshaw nailing him with a few blows before landing the 3D on the champion. Paul Heyman comes out with the Urn and raises it in the air. The Undertaker rises from the ground, drags the champion into the ring and orders the casket to be opened. On the lid is opened, the Undertaker chock slams the champion into the casket, and shuts the lid down hard.
WINNER: New WWE Champion – the Undertaker

After the match, the Undertaker orders the Dudleys to bring Orlando Jordan into the ring. The Dudley’s then proceeded to open the lid to casket while Taker seals the fate of Jordan as his friend JBL. With both JBL and Orlando Jordan Chock Slammed into the casket, the Champion then shuts the lid one more time. The Dudley Boys nail the lid shut as Paul Heyman comes down to the ring with the Urn of the Undertaker. The lights go out and the Undertaker bows to the Urn once again, with the championship in his hand. The Undertaker moves his hand down sharply and a lightning bolt strikes the casket, setting it on fire. The Undertaker goes to the back, accompanied by Paul Heyman, and the Dudleys…


Mr. McMahon’s music plays and the WWE Chairman comes down to the ring. The Chairman is given the microphone and prepares to address the crowd…

VINCE: I hope you enjoyed tonight’s Smackdown? (Fans cheer loudly) well that is good, because what you have seen tonight is only the beginning of what you will see every week on Smackdown! As I said I plan on changing the face of the Smackdown! Brand and that is something I guarantee each and every single on of you! Not only will the Smackdown! Brand change, but the RAW Brand will change as well, because the New General Manager of Smackdown, Eric Bischoff and I have all sat down and we have come up with a roster change that will guarantee to give fresh changes to WWE. This new image should have happened a long time ago, and now it has finally happened. Over the next few weeks, you will see new wrestlers appear on both RAW and Smackdown! Some of them will be faces being traded from the brands, and others will be wrestlers you haven’t seen in a very long time. (Fans cheer again in approval) Now I would like to introduce to you, the New General Manager of Smackdown… “Here Comes the Money… Here Comes the Money” SHANE MCMAHON!

Shane McMahon comes out to the arena and smiles at the Fans before finally making his way to the ring to shake his father’s hand. The show ends with Shane and Vince in the ring, celebrating together…

Show Ends

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Hi Hogan_Rules, I'm 2004Kingpin, and am a new user on WEforums.

I hope you don't take this criticism the wrong way, but I think you shows are way too obsurd. These are:

a) Bobby Heenan, who managed Andre the Giant, one of the greatest WWE legends, wants to make VAL VENIS the World Heavyweight Champion?

b) Billy Gunn vs. The Undertaker for the WWE Championship on pay-per view? I wouldn't pay anything to see that match (no offence).

c) There was no official turn on Randy Orton by Evolution.

d) KANE is a monster, NOT Matt Hardy. If that were to happen in real life, it would be as if Matt Hardy is a monster and wants to marry Lita, whilst Kane is a good guy who Lita really loves, and who wants to save the day.

Apart from that, good show.

I know we're supposed to grade shows on here, so I'll give this a 2.

Like I said, don't take this the wrong way.

Hoping to see your reply,


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Thank you Kingpin for your input, and I'll try to justify a bit of my INsanity!!!
1) I did date the RAW show as August 23, therefore, Evolution already turned on Randy Orton (it happened on the 16th).
2) As for the Kane/Matt Hardy angle with Hardy setting the ring on fire. That's just going to build to the Inferno match at Unforgiven. Howelse could I have done it to have made RAW different than what's happened in the past! The Hardy playing with fire, adds a bit more of a twist than Kane always setting things on Fire.
3) The idea that people wouldn't pay for to see Billy Gunn vs. the Undertaker, Now in all honesty, who would pay to see JBL and the Undertaker!!! That's right, you know the answer! the Gunn/Taker storyline will be sucessful trust me.
4) In terms of Bobby Heenan managing wrestlers in the 80s. Well Ric Flair's Wrestled people in the 70s so what's the big deal!
Watch my friend, and you will see a HUGE change from what you have ever seen in WWE!!!! MUAHAHHAHAHA

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Ok, sorry about the Evolution thing, I can see that's right now.

Also, I actually WOULD go to see JBL vs. The Undertaker. I think JBL has developed into a very good heel, and basically a jackass who people love to boo. I also think it's good that he's the WWE Champion.

As you will see very soon in my storylines, which should be up in a few days, I have some very exciting plans for the JBL/'Taker feud.



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Raw: A good Raw and I'm glad to see Bobby Heenan around but it was a bad thing in my opinion to turn Evolution against Flair. Looks like Evolution will implode. The Inferno match will be good, as well as Bischoff/McMahon.

Smackdown: Not sure about Billy Gunn winning the Number One Contenders match. Also I didn't like Theodore R Long getting fired. I also didn't like that Booker and Cena not in the best of five series. Also I don't know why you brought the Hardcore Title back and I think it was a bad decision to put the strap on Undertaker because I think JBL should have retained the title to at least let them have a PPV match and I think you could have had the Undertaker/Dudleyz/Heyman segment as the end. Overall I didn't like your Smackdown show as much as your Raw.


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Raw Preview - Will post RAW on Thursday...
One week ago, RAW was shaken up dramatically. First with the announcement of Vince McMahon's arrival to the show, Bobby Heenan offering his managerial services to Val Venis, and the return of Christian. Vince offered Eric Bischoff a dream come true, if the General Manager can make the WWE Chairman say those two words "I QUIT". In dramatic style, Triple H turned his back on the Nature Boy Ric Flair after the Legend became "Just another T-Shirt Statistic" for Champion Randy Orton. An inferno match was announced for Raw's Unforgiven between Matt Hardy and Kane.
Episode by episode, Triple H becomes hated by more superstars then he has ever been. The list continues to grow with Randy Orton and Ric Flair added to the list. Will Batista be the next person to fall to the game?
Will Val Venis except Bobby Heenan's proposal and find new success with the "Brain" managing him?
What's in store for the Crippler and the highlight of the night? Now that Edge and Christian have reunited again on RAW?
On Sunday Night Heat, Joy made a special appearance, to challenge Carmella to a Bra and Panties Match. Will Eric Bischoff confirm the match for RAW?
Find out tomorrow on RAW with confirmed matches:

Intercontinental Championship - Edge (c) vs. Val Venis
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