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I am starting a thread, should go somewhere...

Judgement Day...Cleveland , Ohio

Great American Bash....Madison Square Garden

Summerslam...Galveston, Texas

No Mercy....Oklahoma City

Survivor Series....Montreal , Canada

Armaggadon.... St. Louis, Missouri

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I guess your keeping the same rosters as the actuall WWE, good luck. Suggestion, If you reply to other people's shows then they will reply to yours. Once again good luck and keep at it.

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Jushin Liger said:
I guess your keeping the same rosters as the actuall WWE, good luck. Suggestion, If you reply to other people's shows then they will reply to yours. Once again good luck and keep at it.
If it's a good reply not good job or you can improve going into detail will always be a good reply like good show because you have great buildup between so and so if you get technical then thats a good reply.

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ok, i think im gonna have
sum free time to do anything, so ill start my shows (Smackdown)
very soon....
i was out becuz i got in a fight and went to juvy, so my friend
updated the last post....

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i am looking forward to your btb.

i have a btb where i use the current wwe rosters.

well good luck and ill keep reading

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OK, im starting the show now...

First off, i decided to do current sd! events..

7:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M.

Smackdown! Intro plays followed by the pyros.

COLE:'' Welcome to smackdown! Tonight, were live in phoenix Arizona, and it is a hot night out
TAZZ:"Yes it is because the undertaker returns tonight!"

TORRIE WILSON' music hits and she comes out.

EDDY'S music hits and he comes out in his lo-lo, preferably dark blue. He bumps it. Gets out and
Torrie introduces him.
KURT'S music then hits and he comes out with pyros. Gets in the ring and spins. TORRIE introduces Kurt.


Kurt and eddy stare off. Kurt talks trash. Slap by Kurt, and eddy punches Kurt down, picks him up and chops at him rapidly to a corner, whip to the opposite. Eddy begins kicking away at Kurt, until he sits allowing eddy to choke him with his boot. The ref stops it, and eddy picks up Kurt, then gets a headlock, Kurt gets the back slam, and Kurt kicks eddy on the back. Picks him up and chops and whip from the rope. Kurt gets a belly slam. Pin fall, but eddy kicks out. Kurt
then begins punching away at eddy, and eddy grabs Kurts ankle, and tries the ankle lock, Kurt rolls out to the outside. He begins to circle around in shock eddy almost had his finisher. Eddy signals his hands behind his back, so Kurt can come back in. Kurt goes through, and eddy pounds at Kurt. Kurt gets the eye blind, and Kurt locks a unique head submission. Eddy punches
At Kurts stomach, allowing to escape, and gets a dropkick. Eddy pins, and Kurt gets a shoulder up. Eddy then begins the 3 amigos.
Goes for the 3rd one, but Kurt wont go up and gets his own suplex. Kurt slowly crawls for the pin, and eddy gets out. Kurt then
A pick up eddy and gets a belly-to-belly suplex. Kurt then picks up eddy and sits him on top of the turnbuckle. Goes for a super
Belly to belly, but eddy punches away and gets a super suplex landing Kurt on his stomach. Eddy then goes for a frog splash, hits
it. He holds his stomach in pain, crawls and gets an arm for the pin. 1..2..Kurt kicks out, and eddy sits up and looks worried.
(BREAKE TIME - 7:16 - 7:20)
Back live, eddy has submission with his legs around Kurt’s neck. Cole and tazz replay during the break, Kurt gets a clothesline
hard on eddy. Back live, Kurt slowly uses the submission to turn it into a powerbomb.Kurt pins him and gets a 2. Kurt, now p'd
off gets up and takes off his straps. He waits for eddy during the replay of the bomb. Eddy gets up and Kurt gets the angle slam.
Pins and still gets a 2.Kurt then gets the ankle lock. Rey distracts the ref, which gets Kurt mad and argues with rey . Eddy secretly
gets the roll-up, but only a 2. Eddy then begins to punch away, and gets a whip. Goes for a backdrop, but kurt kicks him in the mouth, causing it to cut open, and kurt gets neckbreaker.Rey then runs in and kurt punches away, but rey trips him on the 2nd rope.Rey gets the 619. The ref then calls for the


Rey looks disappointed, as eddy gets up. After a tense moment...they hug.

COLE:" Great sportsmanship shown here, but Kurt advances to England. Folks, tonight, jbl and Jordan team up against rey and cena and the unveiling of the new wwe title. But also, the undertaker’s first appearance since wrestlemania, and carlitos caravan…all, tonight!”

(BREAKE TIME – 7:30 – 7:34)

Backstage, the undertaker walks in a dark hall.

COLE:” Tonight…the undertaker is back….”

Booker T and his wife are walking towards the stage, when big show confronts him. Big show says next week…they’ll meet one on one.
BOOKER T:”Well…next week. after I whip some big show ass, it ‘s celebratin’ time for the book man…NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT…’”
Big show just smiles.

(BREAKE TIME – 7:38 – 7:40)


Booker T’s music hits and booker comes out with pyros. He stops and his wife accompanies him to the ring.
Heidenrichs music plays and he comes out to a short entrance.


They lock up and t gives Jon a slap on the chest, followed by a punch and another chop. Booker whips Jon and Jon gets a shoulder block. Jon begins kicking away. Jon looks at his wife and gets a slow and painful neck breaker. Pin and a 2. His wife claps. Jon picks up book, and he begins fighting back sending Jon to a corner. Booker runs at him and Jon raises his leg, kicking him.
Book falls, and Jon gets an elbow drop. Starts a sumb.Book begins to fade, but book gets the momentum and gets elbows to the stomach, book runs from the ropes and clotheslines Jon to the outside. Book then uppercuts Jon and Jon whips book to the steps. Jon picks him up and throws him back in. Jon grabs the steps and throws it in. Jon goes in and grabs the steps and busts booker. Ref calls a DQ


Jon stares at the wife as he leaves. Books wife checks on him.

COLE:” Oh, no. booker looks hurt…”

(BREAKE TIME - 7:52 – 7:54)

Cole and tazz replays the hit.

Backstage, JBL meets Kurt.
KURT:” Well, well. well. JBL…hey, did you watch wrestlemania? Good show, huh? “

JBL:”Get out of my way…Kurt.”

KURT:” Wait, wait…at wrestlemania ..I gained a new level of respect…in 2 weeks…I gain that WWE championship. And there’s nothing…nor noone…heh, noone will stop me from doing so.”

COLE:” Wow, strong words from a strong man. But, folks ,the next time we have the privilege to join you for pay-per-view will be may 22, when smackdown and XBOX presents judgment day. And what will be the main event? We’ll find out in 2 weeks in a #1 contenders match between JBL, KURT and the winner of next weeks booker T/ Heidenrich. But what condition will booker t be in. We’ll see next week.”

Backstage, cool is coming.

(BREAKE TIME – 8:00 – 8:04)


Carlto’s music plays and he comes out to a ring with a palm tree and a fountain. Also, a blue ocean carpet. He grabs the microphone.

CARLITO:” So…I hear there is someone out there who thinks there cool. Heh.I know carlito..dats cool. So, whoever out there who thinks there cool…show yourself.”

The lights go off with a huge pop. The bell rings followed by the music of the deadman. The
Undertaker comes out slowly to a scared carlito.

CARLITO:” Heh, look man, I don’t want any trouble..c’mon man, I- “

Taker snatches the mic. Pop.


Fans laugh out loud.

CARLITO:” Um…sure, yeah..undertaker? Now, dats cool.”

UNDERTAKER:” Give me 5 reasons…why im cool…or..ELSE…”

CARLITO:” UM…UM, Uh…takers cool because..um…you are.. a legend. Dats cool. Taker..can beat anyone…Dats real cool. You have a lot of tattoos, that’s cool. You can float around like at wrestlemania 21. Ya..and..you …you..”

Camera shows signs of 13-0.

CARLITO:”Um…your cool. There 5 reasons why your cool.”

Fans boo.

TAKER:” You forgot 1…reason. I have never been defeated at wrestle…mania. And last week…I slayed randy from entering the thrown of the dragon. I am …13…and 0.”

CARLITO:” Yeah..that’s also cool, too.”

Taker almost leaves when he chokeslam him. Then gets the tombstone. Poses for the crowd.

(BREAKE TIME – 8:14 – 8:18)

Backstage, eddy and rey discuss that they should stay out of each other’s matches.

WM21 Video package.

Backstage. Luther keeps making fun of show w/ the guys. London passes and chavo pushes him.

CHAVO:”Whatcu gonna do?”

London tries to walk away but chavo pushes him again.

LONDON:” Man, let me just go home..please.”

CHAVO:”Aww..poor baby wants to go home, aww..”

London pushes him, and chavos friends surround London.

CHAVO:” Come on…I dare you to hit me.”

London leaves.

(BREAKE TIME – 8:28 –8:30


Chavo and funaki circle around, lock up and chavo elbows him on the back. Chavo gets a quick suplex. Chavo poses, and whips funaki, ducks for a backdrop but funaki rolls over it and gets a rollover cover. Gets a 2. Chavo gets up and kicks him, sets him up for the powerbomb, but funaki turns it into a hurricurana. Pinfall.1…2..OHH!! Funaki goes up top, and chavo pushes him to the out, and chavo fakes a knee injury and ref checks on him as Luther throws funaki to a post. Throws him in and chavo gets the gory bomb. 1…2…3.



(BREAKE TIME – 8:38 –8:42)

Burger king and psp sponsor tonight’s show.

JBL’S music hits and he comes out of his limo followed by Jordan and the bashams. The ref immediately informs him the bashams must go back. JBL is livid.

Rey jumps up and runs to the ring with the 619 cam.

John cena comes to a huge pop with a belt that is just a shiny WWE logo and JOHN on one strap, And CENA on the other strap.

JBL is mad.


Rey and Orlando circle and rey runs through Jordan’s leg and dropkicks him down. Rey then does a standing backflip and pins for a 2. Picks up Orlando who out of nowhere gives rey a huge spinebuster getting the fans back in the match. Pin and john kicks it out. Orlando then kicks rey over and over, and gets a suplex. Poses and tags JBL, who just pounds away at rey. Pin-2. Begins punching at rey, then tries to take of his mask, and cena attacks. Then begins full on assault on JBL. Stops and pumps the crowd up. Rey
Then fixes his mask and begins kicking at JBL’s leg. Rey whips himself and does a flying clothesline.Rey points at john, and tags him in. John starts kicking at JBL. Picks him up and gives him a suplex. Cover-2.Cena knocks out Jordan and JBL kicks cena in the mid-section. Chop then JBL whips cena, delivers a hard shoulder block. Rey jumps from the top rope to JBL, but JBL counters with a clothesline while rey was landing, causing rey to pretty much get knocked the %^$^ up!! The crowd goes holy beep and they replay it.
(BREAKE TIME – 8:54 – 8:56)

In the last 4 minutes, the action picks up as cena is about to be powerbombed by JBL. He goes and cena escapes, then gets a desperationed clothesline. Everyone is down…Rey got the snot knocked out of him , cena just gave it his all, JBL got clotheslined, and who knows where Jordan’s at. Ref begins counting to 10, as rey,cena,and JBL get up. Rey trips JBL when he was going for a clothesline. Gets the 619, follow up by cena’s F-U.


They celebrate as JBL leaves shocked.


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On to my 2nd show...

WWE Smackdown!

7:00 P.M TO 9:00 P.M.

Week 3 of 6 before judgment day

Replay package of last week’s kurt/eddy. Smackdown! Intro plays and the pyros explode as we are live tonight in Dallas Texas (My hometown, so ill be in attendance).

TIM CHIMMEL : “ Please welcome… the general manager of smackdown…Teddy Long!”

Teddy’s music plays and he comes out walking like he always does…stiff. He gets in the ring with a wwe contract.

TEDDY :” First, I want to welcome everyone to smackdown! (POP). Now…we have to get down to business. Next week… and for the next 6 months… I have to go through surgery and rehab. So…I will have to make a big decision. Now…when I am gone… we are going to need a general manager. Now…tonight…this contract will have to be signed, so a new general manager will be signed tonight!”

Carlitos music plays and he comes out.

CARLITO: “ Somehow, or another…I think youre talking about me. I will be happy to represent smackdown! As the general manager. I mean carlito … the general manager … now that…that’s cool.”

TEDDY: “ I never said…that carlito will be signed!”

CARLITO: “ What!!??? I SHOULD –“

TEDDY: “ HEY!! I also never said you wouldn’t be signed. But if you do wanna be signed, then tonight, you better find yourself an opponent, and impress me with a good match. Okay?”

CARLITO : “Ok..ya, dats cool.”

TEDDY:” Holla, Holla, Holla! Playa’.”

COLE:” Wow, what a big announcement made by teddy long! And what a big night, booker T and big show #1contenders for next weeks match-up. Its gonna be a night of surprises tonight.”

(BREAKE TIME – 7:10 – 7:15)

JBL’s music plays and jbl comes out of his limo, without accompany. He looks pretty upset.

Then , jindrak comes out looking better than ever.


Jindrak immediately starts punching away at jbl into a corner until jbl reverses him into the corner and starts punching. Then he whips mark into the opposite corner. JBL starts working at mark until he sits and jbl chokes at him with his boot. JBL picks him up and whips him against the ropes, then gives mark a huge spine buster. JBL then gets a headlock. Mark seems to be the face as he starts to get momentum and starts elbowing away and escapes, and gets a dropkick. Cole notes that there trying to impress teddy long. Mark gets a pin – 2. Mark picks up jbl and sets him for a suplex. Hits it and pins- 2. Picks him up and jbl starts to hit away and then whips him against a ropes. JBL gets the knees to the stomach of mark. Pins and gets a 2. JBL punches away and then whips him and clotheslines from hell to mark. Picks him up and power bombs mark. Pins and gets a 3.


Backstage, chavo and Luther are coming.

(BREAKE TIME – 7:28 – 7:32)
Chavo and Luther come out,

London comes out running and Scotty comes out dancing with flashing lights and beats.


Luther and London start off by circling, lock up and Luther gets elbows to the back sending London down. Kicks and Luther picks him up and whips him and backdrops. Luther then tags chavo who takes his time. London tackles him and punches, the ref separates him, and they circle around. Lock up and chavo sends Paul down , and does an old school wrestling circling around the back and messes with London’s hair.Chavo then gets a headlock. London then backdrops him and pins-2.Paul picks up chavo, and he blinds Paul, and gets a body slam. Tags Luther who starts kicking. London gets a quick dropkick, and tags Scotty. Jumps in and gets a drop kick and then goes for a suplex but Luther turns it into a spine buster. Cover-2. Luther picks up Scotty and gets a bear hug. He’s about to fade until London jumps in from the top rope and gets a flying dropkick. Scotty tags London who starts punching and whips Luther but gets shoulder blocked. Luther tags chavo who goes up top the rope and gets a moon Sault. Pins and gets the 3.


AFTERMATH – Scotty checks on London . Luther then power bombs London.

Backstage….Eddy looks upset as rey starts bragging about his match.

EDDY:” Hey, rey-rey. Look, man …ive been feeling a little…energetic. So, how about we go out there tonight and have a wrestlemania rematch…tonight.”

REY:” Nah, man…I got a bad neck from the chokeslam from last week…. So maybe another time. That’s cool?”

EDDY:” Yeah…”

(BREAKE TIME – 7: 40 – 7:45)

TORRIE WILSONS music hits and she comes out with a mic.

TORRIE:” I just wanna say…that next week the DIVAS of sd! Are gonna announce a new wwe championship…The WWE DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP!”

JOY’s music plays and she comes.

JOY:” I am so excited about the new belt. And I will be happy to represent the smackdown divas next week as the champion.”

TORRY:” Um…im sorry but im gonna be the first divas champion ever.”

They start arguing. Teddys music plays and he comes on.

TEDDY[/B]:” Ladies ,ladies please! Next week, we will see the belt itself… but in 3 weeks, at judgment day…it will be, Torrie Wilson vs. Joy Giovanni for the first ever divas championship. Thank you , very much”

He leaves.

COLE:” Wow, what an announcement for judgment day, but coming up next… Booker T will take on The big show for a # 1 contenders for next weeks big match-up.”

(BREAKE TIME – 7:52 –7:55)

John Cenas theme hits and the crowd goes wild. He comes out and joins Cole and tazz.

CENA; Yo. The chain gang has arrived.”

COLE:” Wow, were being joined by the wwe champion, john cena,,,”

TAZZ:” Yeah, wassup my man?”

They hug, more black cred. For cena.

CENA:” Yeah.. tazz my homeboy.”

Booker T’S entrance…his wife seems a little upset and not excited.

CENA: “ Man, booker s a tuff man… I know from experience, we dawgs now.”

Big Show comes.


Book and show stare off. Show then shows off by putting his hand over books face, followed by him pushing book down. Book gets up and starts chopping away followed by a whip, its reversed and show gets a big boot. He whips himself and does a big splash on T.Pin and only gets a 2. Big show picks up book and chops him back down. Show then picks him up, and book starts chopping and fighting back, booker whips show to a corner, and runs at him but show boots him. Big show then whips and sidewalk slams him. Pin and booker kicks out. Heidenrich walks down the ramp to watch..

(BREAKE TIME – 8:10 –8:15)

Back live, heidenrich watches as booker is punching show and then whips show. Hits the side kick. Booker T then sets him up for the bookend, but show gets the elbow. Big show then sets up the choke slam, but booker fights out and sends him to the outside, ref checks on show as booker t does his spin and Jon attacks, Heidenric does an F-5. Shocked, bookers wife just runs off. Jon gets out, and show picks up booker , gets the choke slam. Pins the 3.


Big Show and cena stare off.

Backstage….cool is looking for an opponent. Finds an agent.

COOL : “ Hey you, make an announcement to everyone that ill face anyone tonight..anyone. Okay?”

AGENT : “ Yeah…”

COOL:” Heh. Whats your name?”

AGENT : “ Um… Jason.”

COOL: “ Tsk. Well…Jason…by the looks of things…you don’t look very cool… no, that’s not cool.”

Bites into an apple and spits at him.

(BREAKE TIME :8: 25 – 8:30)

Kurt’s music hits and he comes out with a smile.

KURT: “ You know…the past few weeks has treated this American hero pretty well. I mean…from at wrestlemania 21 by defeating Shawn Michaels in what is being named the match of the year… to advancing to next week’s # 1 contender match for the world title. Nothing would top that other than winning and defeating that punk kid john cena. What would be the icing on the cake, would be me successfully defending my gold medals. Now, im changing the rules to spice things up here. Instead of giving them 3 full minutes, I bet I can beat them…in less than 2 minutes. So bring the kid out.”

The smackdown music plays as a up comer makes his way out.

KURT: “ Whats your name and where you from?”

ROB : “ My name is Rob Johnson and im from right here in Dallas.”

KURT: “ Alright…you get 2 minutes with me…you got it?”

ROB : “Yeah.”


Mics down. The 2 minutes are shown, as kurt takes down rob for a 2, and locks in a bear hug. Rob tries to find a way out but is stuck, impresses everyone by getting a put down on kurt and escapes. Rob starts circling with kurt …kurt violently gets a knee to the stomach, as we head toward 1 minute. Kurt starts getting an headlock. Rob punches at the stomach, and gets a dropkick. Fans go crazy as rob starts running from kurt, 10 seconds and rob trips kurt, 5,4,3,2,,,1!!! Fans go wild as rob goes to the crowd and celebrates. People are nuts, and cole just lost his voice.( What a moment it’d be, eh?)

Rob goes to the ring and kurt gives out his hand. Rob handshakes, and kurt clotheslines him. Gets the ankle lock and makes him tap. Kurt leaves mad.


Backstage…cool is coming.

(BREAKE TIME – 8:40 – 8:45)

PSP sponsors tonight’s show.

Cole and Tazz talk about rob is going to jay leno this Friday.

Carlito comes out looking ready.

Slight pause…

The undertaker’s music comes out and he comes out leaving cool looking like someone’s stalking him.(tired of him following him)


Cool tells him hell let him pin him, so cool lays down. Taker chokes him, picks him up and chokeslam him. Taker then does his death neck thing and sets up cool for the tombstone but cool escapes and goes to the outside. He catches his breath and taker goes to the outside, and starts punching away. Whips him to the steps. Picks him up, and sets cool by his shoulder and sends cools head to a post. Sends cool back in. Taker pins and gets a 2. Cool just takes the beating from here on now. Taker whips cool and boots him… taker picks him up and busts him with punches at a corner. Taker does the arm twist and sets up the old school…..COLE: “Vintage Taker!!”……Taker hits it and pins, but cools legs get on a rope.Taker gets fustrated and pounds at cool. Cool again escapes to the outside, to get a little break
(BREAKE TIME – 8:54 –8:56)

We are now in the final 4 minutes. Cool is just trying to survive now with a busted lip. Taker sets him up for a tombstone, hits it and pins the 3.


Cool gets up and teddy’s theme hits, comes out to the stage.

TEDDY : “ Carlito…ive gotta say, that was impressive. Now..i want you, and all of the wwe fans to watch this video, but before I go… I just wanna say it was a pleasure o work for smackdown. Now, back to business…holla,holla,holla.”

A video shows Linda McMahon.

LINDA: “ It is my right to give smackdown! Fans to have pleasure and excitement in watching this program. So, without any further waiting, let me announce the smackdown general manager. But, this man needs no introduction ,so as T.I. says…bring him out.”

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN ‘S music plays and he comes out to a crazy crowd. He celebrates and stuns cool.


Confirmed matches for judgment day….

WWE Divas title…Torrie Wilson vs. Joy Giovanni

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ok shows cant wait till judgment day

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week 4 of 6


Tonight, we’re live in the U.K. STONE COLD’s theme hits and he comes out to a loud ovation.

STONE COLD : “Thank you very much…it’s an honor to be your general manager. Last week…I was sitting at home…drinking beer, and eating some Mexican food, ( starts talking to a ref) And you know those Mexicans make some pretty spicy stuff, don’t they? Yeah, I can tell you from experience the aftermath…well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty. Now, we gotta get down to business. We have a ref here , so were gonna have a match. We all know, the main event…tonight…will be for the WWE championship, between JBL , KURT ANGLE…and BIG SHOW. But right now…were gonna have ourselves a little U.S. title match. So bring out my employees.”

Stone cold stays in the ring to watch the entrances.

Booker T comes out with his pyros….

Orlando comes out as Austin leaves.

The start:

Booker locks up with Orlando and sends Jordan to a corner. Booker starts chopping away, then sends him to the opposite corner. Booker runs at him but Jordan kicks him with his boot.

Mid-match notes:

Jordan then grabs T by the back of his head and throws him back-head first. Orlando poses for the crowd, then gets a headlock submission. T starts getting momentum in getting up, starts hitting Jordan in the stomach with elbows. Escapes and whips himself against the ropes and gets a flying clothesline. T pins him for a 2. Booker T quickly picks up Orlando and wrenches his arm, followed by a heel kick. T pins a 2. Booker then picks up Orlando, but Jordan blinds him, and whips him. Goes for a backdrop, but T lands on his feet, turns Jordan and punches him down. Picks him up and uppercuts, Jordan gets kicks and gets a suplex. Pins but only gets a 2. Orlando then throws T to the outside as we head to a break……


The finish:

Back live, booker T whips Orlando and backdrops him. Fans get pumped, booker picks up Jordan and gets the book-end. Waits for Orlando to get up and hits his kick to the gut follow by the scissors kick. Pins and gets the 3.
Winner and NEW U.S. champion, Booker T

The Aftermath:

Booker T celebrates, grabs the mic.

BOOKER T : “ Come on, I don’t wanna have this moment myself, wife , come on out here!”

On Tiatron, Heidenrich is shown in a dark room.

HEIDENRICH: “ Booker…T….you want your wife back? Come on out… and get her.”

Booker T panics and runs to the backstage area.

COLE: “ What is going on?”

(BREAKE….7:20 – 7:24)

Backstage, booker looks for his wife…

Backstage, Austin is with dawn Marie…

DAWN: “ Austin…I just want to welcome you to smackdown! It’s gonna be a great night here..”

AUSTIN: “ Is that so? Well what do you think about this…live…right here in the U.K….Its gonna be…Taker and cool, rematch, live tonight. how do you like that ?”

DAWN: “ Wow, love it…”

Backstage, Kurt Angle is looking for Rob

(BREAKE….7:28 – 7:30)

Boot of the week replays the win by Rob

Michael is in ring and he introduces the kurt angle invitational winner- Rob

Somewhere I belong” by Linkin Park plays and out comes a rookie named Rob

M.C: “ Now, rob, how do you feel on being the first man to defeat kurt angle in his invitational?”

ROB: “First off, I wanna say a wazzap to my Dallas homies! (FANS POOP) Second… I just want to say that im proud…proud that last week I survived the kurt angle invitational. And now…im the 2nd wwe superstar to have won an Olympic gold medal. And that feels very good.”

COLE: “ And now… are you scared of the payback that kurt angle is gonna inflict upon you?”

ROB: “ No… I am not a little bit scared. As in matter of fact… I wanna challenge kurt angle… right here… and right now…”

TAZZ: “ I think this guys a little crazy…”

Kurt’s music hits and he comes out and looks face to face with rob.

KURT: “ Kid… last week…you made the worst decision of your entire life… Now… you have 2 choices… choice 1…give me back my gold medals and ill let you leave without a bruise….choice 2….you can get your ass kicked..”

ROB: “ Im keeping these medals where they belong…”

Kurt knocks down rob, and starts the ankle lock….rob starts tapping…

Ref separates them….

(BREAKE…7:39 –7:42)

Michael and tazz replay what just happened.


Cool’s music hits and he comes out with a mic. Tries to convince taker not to come out… Undertakers music hits anyway and he come s out.

The start:

Cool looks scared as taker stares down on him, taker gives cool a punch and the bell rings….

Mid-match notes:

Cool goes down, and taker continues punching him into a corner. Gets a side leg and whips cool to the opposite corner. Cool bounces off and taker gives him a sidewalk slam. Pins but gets a 2.

The finish:

Taker gets up and picks up cool , cool then gets a low-blow and the ref calls for the DQ bell.


Cool then runs off… taker gets up and looks very p’d.

Backstage…. Booker continues looking …sees his wife taped up in a chair. Booker starts untaping her and his wife just cries..

(BREAKE…7:55 – 8:00)

Stone cold comes out for a huge pop.

STONE COLD: “ Right now…we have some issues to take care off… and it concerns my first stone cold pay per view, judgment day. Now…im gonna make everything in my power to make that pay per view the single greatest pay per view of all time. My first match will be … for the united states championship…booker t versus that sick son of a b…. heidenrich. The next match…will be for the cruiserweight championship between chavo guerrero and Paul London. As well as the divas championship, torrie Wilson and joy Giovanni. So come on out so we can take a little look at this title.”

Torrie Wilson’s music plays and she comes out with joy and a referee holding a briefcase.

TORRIE: “As we all know… in 2 weeks… the first ever divas title will be on the line, between me and joy. So right now… we want to let you, the fans, take a look at the title.”

They open the case, and a title is shown with the words DIVA written on it.

COLE: “ And there it is..”

TAZZ: “ Looks pretty nice.”

Torrie’s music plays .

Backstage… Big Show gets himself pumped

(BREAKE…8:10 – 8:13)

Outside, it has started raining…


Eddy’s music plays and fans go nuts for guerrero, then rey comes out, followed by the bashams..

The start:

Eddy will start with Doug

Mid-match notes:

Eddy and Doug circle follow by a lock-up. Eddy gets a headlock up ,and Doug whips off, and eddy gets a shoulder block, eddy runs against the ropes and Doug goes for a dropkick, but eddy catches him and gets a Boston crab. Danny runs in and eddy gets off the submission and the ref grabs Danny back in. Eddy punches Doug, then tags rey, who gets on the top rope and dropkicks him down. Rey picks up Doug, tries the spike bomb off the tope rope but Doug throws him to the outside. Tags Danny who goes out and whips rey to the steps hard. Danny throws rey back in, and gets the abdominal stretch. Rey slowly gets out and gets a standing hurricarana …fixes it to a pin, and Danny kicks out. Rey runs to the middle rope and gets a moonsault. Pins but Danny kicks out, Rey tags eddy. Eddy goes in and clotheslines Danny , he gets up and eddy gets another clothesline. Eddy picks up Danny and whips him and gets a quick backbreaker. Pins and kicks out, eddy whips but Danny reverses, goes for the backdrop but eddy kicks him, then whips Danny and gets in the backdrop. Tags rey who whips Danny and trips him on the middle rope…gets the 619. Goes for the westcoast pop, but Doug pushes him off. Allowing for Danny to get kicks in, tags Doug who starts working on rey. Doug gets rey on top rope, goes for the hurricarana, but rey stays on Doug falls of. So, rey jumps off and gets the frankensteiner. Pin, and a kick out, Danny starts distracting the ref and eddy knocks out Danny., and continues on the outside. Doug gets his powerbomb finisher, and covers

Winner and NEW tag team champions, the Basham Brothers

The aftermath:

Eddy gets back in, looks disappointed…so does rey.They say oh, well….

Backstage, JBL and his cabinet are outside Austin’s room. They sigh and go in.

JBL: “ Austin, I wanna know what your trying to pull, why aren’t the bashams allowed in ringside. Answer me!”

AUSTIN: “ First off, hello you sonna of a *****, second who the hell do you think you are coming in my office like your some kind of king, or worse like some princess. Answer me that.”

JBL: “ I am JBL… “

AUSTIN: “ Yeah? Well, im stone cold Steve Austin…how may I help you?”

JBL: “ I want to know why the bash-“

AUSTIN: “ What?”

JBL: “ I said I want to know why-“


JBL: “ I said-“

AUSTIN: “ WHAT!!???WHAT!!!??WHAT!!!??”

JBL and his cabinet leave..

AUSTIN: “ And don’t let me catch your ass in my office, either.”


Backstage, kurt angle is crying to jindrak….

John Cenas music hits and he comes out with pyros going off at the roof-top.

John Cena: “ Yes…yes, the chain gang is indeed in the house. Look … I came out here because theres someone out in the back that I haven’t met …personally yet. His name is stone cold Steve Austin. So come on out, partner.”

Stone Cold’s music hits and for the 3rd time tonight, Austin makes an appearance here in the u.k.

CENA: “ Yo, I don’t know who you are…but ive seen your matches. And they were ait.”

AUSTIN: “ First off, what the hell does ait…means”

CENA: “ It means…alright.”

AUSTIN: “ Is that so? What are you…some kind of clown?”

CENA: “ What? Im the WWE champion…john cena.”

AUSTIN: “ You look like a clown to me. I mean…from your little 2$ “I bought this in the kiddy section of some dollar store in phoenix” necklace chain, to your ridiculous t-shirt…ruck fules. I mean, kid, I know you’re a little young for cussing , but if you feel like saying ****(gets bleeped) rules, then just say it. It’s a free nation, and then don’t get me started on your little nike shoes…you look like a clown.”

CENA: “ Cuzz…you got it all mixed up, dawg.”

AUSTIN: “ Now im a k-9? What kind of language you speaking in? Japanese? Mexican? Canadian? Indian ? Cubbish, German, italic, French, Greek….oh, wait… your one of those hip hop ass kids.Arent you? Answer my question.”

CENA: “ Look…yo…I wanna be friends , I don’t wanna start any trouble. Yes… I love hip- hop.”

AUSTIN: “ I hate hip hop. Listen to any mettalica?”

CENA: “ No, I don’t listen to mettalica…”


AUSTIN: “ Iron maiden? Ozzy ?”

CENA: “ Iron what?”


AUSTIN: “ Now, you ‘re just pissing me off. I wouldn’t piss me off…believe me.”

CENA; “Dawg, Ill hook you up to some real music, like 50, some jay,game,2pac, bigge and some more classics. Just hook me up on a 2-way.”

Austin just stares as fans go , ohhh!!!wrong idea, cena.

AUSTIN: “ A 2 what?”

CENA: “ A 2-w-“

AUSTIN begins the beaten. After a stunner, he celebrates with beer.

(BREAKE…8:38- 8:42)

Cole and tazz replay the assault.


The start:

JBL’s music hits and he comes out all alone.

Kurts hits and he gets his pyros in….followed by show

Mid- match notes

They all staeredown, and kurt and jbl go after show. Show throws everyone out of his way, they all go back in, and show grabs there heads and bumps them together. Big show grabs kurt and throws him to the outside, does the same to jbl. Big show poses to the crowd. Show goes to the outside, blocks a punch from kurt and head butts him down, head butts jbl down too. Picks up kurt and throws him in, breaking the refs count. Big show begins to destroy kurt in a corner, gives him a hard chop and the fans react. Show then military presses kurt down and covers him , kick out. Big show picks him up and gets the early chokeslam. Pins, 1….2…jbl makes the save. JBL starts punching at show, whips him and goes for a shoulderblock, but to no effect. Big show looks ticked off, and gets an elbow to the head. Kurt gets a waistlock from outta nowhere. He wont let go as show gets desperate and lifts him over head and throws him down. JBL gets an elbow to show’s back leg, and starts working on it. Kurt pushes off jbl and works on show, jbl pushes kurt, and kurt pushes jbl, they start fighting. Kurt gets the belly to belly suplex on jbl, and covers for a 2. Big show then boots kurt. Gets a chokeslam on jbl,but kurt immediately gets up and gets another waist lock on show. Gets a German suplex, and fans are crazy…COLE: “ How the hell did kurt do that?”…..JBL attacks kurt from behind, and whips him to a corner. JBL then whips show, but reverses jbl to kurt in a corner. Show then runs at them and gets a splash. All 2 men go down. Whips kurt and gets a sidewalk slam, pins but jbl gets it out. JBL starts working on show, but show gets a headbutt, and kurt locks the 3rd waistlock in.This time show goes down, and kurt locks it in tight. JBL kicks it out, then whips him and clotheslines him. Pins and kurt kicks out.
Fans don’t believe it.JBL picks up kurt and kurt gets the angle slam. Kurt takes off his overalls, and gets the ankle lock on big show. Rob, the medallist, attacks and the ref gets the DQ belt. Rob keeps beating

CHIMMEL: “ Due to disqualification…this match is a no contest.”

JBL, show and kurt recover pissed. They all surround a scared rob, rob tries to beg them off. They come closer, and beat up rob. They throw him out, and kurt takes out show, then jbl takes out kurt.

Stone cold’s music hits for the 4th time and goes to the ring. JBL pushes Austin , and Austin beats the hell pout of jbl, then stunners him. Austin grabs the mic..

AUSTIN: “ You just got the asswhooping of your life, accept it, you queer *****.
Now…we have a problem…no main event for my pay per view judgement day, hold the phone, yes we do. At judgement day its gonna be … for the world title…. John “ the clown” cena…versus jbl, versus big show, versus kurt angle in a fatal four way . And the special guest referee…none other than yours truly, stone cold Steve Austin!!!”

Kurt recovers and talks trash to Austin , so Austin stunners kurt.

Austin celebrates , as smackdown goes off the air.

End of show.

Judgement Day card:

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. JBL vs. Big Show

WWE Divas title
Torrie Wilson vs. joy

i changed my name to powerman5k, due to problems logging back in.

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ok show, i am interested to see what will happen at jd, great segment betwwen cena and scsa thought your smackdown rating is..... 7/10
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