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world wrestling entertainment 2006

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this is my new show i will write raw and smackdown on a weekend so they are ready for the following week please give me tips and feedback cheers
here is the roster for raw: shelton eddie cena coach hassan orlando rene batista chavo benoit edge bret hart bischoff hulk kane angle london tajiri flair rvd michaels trish snitsky
here is the roster for smackdown: hurricane shane mcmahon hemme eugene foley rey stephanie mcmahon austin jbl teddy long big show booker t carlito jericho masters christian orton heidenreich keibler triple h undertaker tazz rock

i hope you enjoy my version of the wwe it starts with the raw after wrestlemania 21 it will be posted tomorow

plz will sum1 reply
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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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