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The WWE comes fresh off the annual tradition known simply as WrestleMania. The global phenomenon that Vince McMahon himself has built up. The night was full of shocks as history was written. The storylines will be a tad different to those that occurred in 2005 at this point but wont be that different.

World Heavyweight Championship - Batista def Triple H ©
Many thought that Batista had made the wrong decision to stay on Raw and face the 'King of Kings' known as none other than Triple H. When Batista won the Royal Rumble match, it was expected that he would jump ship to the Smackdown Brand and help Evolution with the ultimate WWE takeover,however Batista had other ideas, he wanted to de-throne the 'King of Kings' and prove he has what it takes to beat Triple H & not need to rely on the help of Evolution. When it came to the match, it was constant back and forth action, Batista certainly surprised 'The Game' and shook him up a bit. Triple H tried to steal a victory when referee Earl Hebner was accidently knocked down by a powerful Batista closeline by using his trusty weapon, the sledgehammer. Triple H was unsuccessful in taking out 'The Animal' and in the end suffered perhaps one of the worst beatings of his life, losing to not 1, not 2 but 3 Batista bombs and perhaps walking out of WrestleMania with cracked ribs.

WWE Championship: JBL © def John Cena
This match came about much like how Batista earned his World Championship match, a Smackdown battle Royal took place at the No Way Out Pay Per View to decide who would face the 'Wrestling God' in JBL. John Cena outlasted every other Smackdown Star in the match and lastly eliminated Kurt Angle due to the help of Shawn Michaels. John Cena set out to prove that he was not just some guy with a tonne of luck, but wanted to prove to JBL & the WWE fans that he could take the WWE Championship. When it came down to the match, John Cena seemed to have it all under control until a distraction from Orlando Jordan cost John Cena the match and most importantly, the WWE Championship. John Cena's dream was shattered by a vicious Closeline From Hell which resulted in JBL getting a 3 count and successfully retaining his WWE Championship, extending his reign even further.

Legend vs Legend Killer: The Undertaker def Randy Orton
Once again, Randy Orton tried to add yet another Legend to the long, long list of Legends he has 'killed' among those names; Mick Foley, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Harley Race, Stone Cold Steve Austin and many, many more. Orton sealed his fate with the devil himself when he showed up on an edition of Smackdown and slapped the taste out of The Undertaker's mouth. For weeks following this, The Undertaker sent cryptic messages to Randy Orton. Orton had originally claimed that he was not scared of The Undertaker but over the course of these many weeks, Orton was clearly very afraid of 'The Deadman' Orton came close to breaking The Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania streak on various occasions. Countering a Chokeslam into an RKO, hitting The Undertaker with his own Tombstone Piledriver and even getting his father, Cowboy Bob Orton involved. Even with all this, 'The Phenom' was able to defeat the young Orton by nailing him with a devastating Tombstone Piledriver for a 3 count.

Battle For The Brand Supremacy: Kurt Angle def Shawn Michaels
A dream match amongst many of the WWE fans and WWE employees, Kurt Angle versus Shawn Michaels. This match came about when Kurt Angle got pissed off at Shawn Michaels for eliminating him from the Royal Rumble and so, Kurt being Kurt, he re-entered the ring and eliminated HBK. HBK said he would do whatever it took to get his hands on Kurt Angle but Angle wouldn't allow it, so HBK took matters into his own hands. HBK eliminated Kurt Angle from the Smackdown Battle Royal at No Way Out, once again costing him a match with the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. This led to Kurt Angle finally accepting the challenge and the stage was set. History was made. Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle put on a classic WrestleMania match that will not be forgotten in a hurry. With constant back and forth action, countless near falls, both men hitting multiple finishers on each other, HBK going through the announce table. The match was certainly one for the ages. Kurt Angle in the end was able to take out Mr. WrestleMania by countering the Sweet Chin Music into the Ankle Lock submission move. Angle kept the Ankle Lock on for at least 4 minutes and HBK was forced to tap out, ending this classic WrestleMania match.

Grudge Match: Rey Mysterio def Eddie Guerrero
A match that has been boiling for months. Eddie Guerrero has been jealous of the attention his former Tag Team Partner, Rey Mysterio had been getting and eventually snapped at No Way Out during the Battle Royal match, Eddie Guerrero not only eliminated Rey Mysterio, but he eliminated himself and continued to assault Mysterio. Mysterio was left sidelined for weeks and General Manager Theodore Long vacated the WWE Tag Team Championships. Guerrero was about to win the WWE United States Championship when suddenly Mysterio made his return and cost 'Latino Heat' the match. Theodore Long decided that at WrestleMania 21, Guerrero would face Mysterio in a one on one grudge match. Mysterio was able to defeat Guerrero after a failed Frog Splash shifted momentum into Rey's hands and he was able to connect with 619 and drop the dime.

Womens Championship: Trish Stratus © def Lita
A match that was originally supposed to see 2004 Diva Search Winner, Christy Hemme challenging Trish Stratus for the Womens Championship. This match was changed when Hemme asked for her release from the company in February due to personal reasons. WWE did however have a replacement. A very good replacement some might say. Trish & Lita usually always put on a classic womens match and their match at WrestleMania was no different. The fans were firmly behind Lita but the support of the fans doesn't help you win matches. Lita was in control for most of the match and when she attempted to hit the Lita-sault, the Womens Championship slipped from her fingers as she was hit with 2 Chick Kicks from Stratus and covered for the 3.

United States Championship: Booker T def Orlando Jordan ©
For months now, Booker T has been in pursuit of a championship he has held on several occasions in the past. Orlando has been able to defeat Booker T three times. Twice on episodes of Smackdown and once at the No Way Out pay per view, but with The Bashams banned from ringside, Orlando Jordan had no help at hand. To Jordan's credit, he gave Booker a run for his money but in the end, the 5 time WCW Champion was able to strike with a devastating scissors kick and end Orland Jordan's United States Championship reign.

7 Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Edge def Chris Benoit, Christian, Chris Jericho, Kane, Shelton Benjamin & Muhammad Hassan
A match concept thought up by Chris Jericho not so long ago. The match is simple, a briefcase hangs above the ring and the first man to retrieve the briefcase can have a WWE Championship match at any time they want for up to one year. Over the past month on Raw, these superstars won qualifying matches to be allowed to participate in this match. The match was about to begin when suddenly Muhammad Hassan's music hit and it was revealed that Raw General Manager had allowed him in the match too, making it a 7 man match instead of a 6 man. The match started in an all out brawl. Kane eventually cleared the ring of everyone and set his sights high early on but it wasn't to be. Shelton Benjamin performed many dangerous leaps of faith from the ladders, including running up a ladder to take Chris Jericho out and stop him from reaching the briefcase. The ending came when Christian was about to grab the briefcase and his former tag team partner, Edge entered the ring and smashed him in the arm to send him off the ladder. Edge climbed to the top and is now 'Mr. Money In The Bank' When will Edge cash in his Money In The Bank privilege? It could be on tomorrow nights Raw, the week after that, 6 months from now, or even at WrestleMania 22. the only person who knows when is Edge himself.

Dark Match: Paul London wins an Interpromotional Battle Royal by eliminating Chris Masters last.
News & Notes Following WrestleMania

Many within WWE, including Vince McMahon himself are said to be very pleased with how WrestleMania 21 panned out. Many backstage were apparently against the decision of keeping the WWE Championship on John Bradshaw Layfield but Vince McMahon insisted it was in his best interests to keep the Championship on him. It came as a shock to many that only 4 Championships were on the line and that only 2 of them changed hands but Vince McMahon again insists this is in his best interest. It has now been confirmed that the match between Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle was supposed to originally be a match between Shawn Michaels & The Rock. Storyline being that The Rock is still in Hollywood. However a deal with The Rock could not be made, but it seems that Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle was match of the night anyway.

It has been said that Vince McMahon is about to start what has been dubbed the 'Annual WWE Spring Clean' Many talent that are hardly ever used are expected to be released and some new talent from WWE's Development, Ohio Valley Wrestling will soon be brought up to the roster. Eddie Fatu (Formerly Jamal) is expected to be called back up to the main roster and there is a possibility of the team 3 Minute Warning making a reformation now that it appears the team of The Hurricane & Rosey has ended. In addition to development, agents are trying to convince McMahon to sign TNA Wrestlers AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels as they are currently working without contracts in the rival promotion. McMahon is apparently not very high on signing these individuals as he can't see them making any kind of impact in the WWE.

Regarding the WWE's first ever Money in the Bank ladder match, the ending hinted at a possible feud between former long time partners & multi-time Tag Team Champions, Edge & Christian. It has been said that Vince McMahon is currently high on pushing not only Edge but Christian as well.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is said to be in negotiations with WWE over some sort of new contract, obviously Steve will not be signing a contract that requires him to compete as he announced several days ago that he would never wrestle again, but it is expected he will sign whatever WWE are offering him.

The divas are now on both brands. The Womens Championship can now be defended on Smackdown & Raw. This was a decision done by creative to help beef up the womens division.

There is still no word on what is going to happen with the World Tag Team & WWE Tag Team Championships. Some are pitching unifying them some are just wanting to keep them on separate brands. The decision will ultimately come down to Vince McMahon himself.​

WWE Rosters

Chairman of the Board: Vince McMahon

Monday Night Raw

Authority Figures & Other On-Air Characters

General Manager - Eric Bischoff
Announce Team - Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer - Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewer - "The Coach" Jonathan Coachman

Raw Champions

World Heavyweight Champion - Batista
Intercontinental Champion - Muhammad Hassan
World Tag Team Champions - Vacant
Womens Champion - Trish Stratus

Antonio Thomas
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Gene Snitsky
Khosrow Daivari
Matt Hardy
Matt Striker
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Roddy Piper - Occasional Appearances
Romeo Roselli
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Stevie Richards
Sylvain Grenier
The Hurricane
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
Yoshihiro Tajiri

Tag Teams/Stables

The HeartThrobs (Romeo & Antonio)
Christian & Tomko
Hassan & Daivari
William Regal & Tajiri
Viscera & Val Venis
Triple H & Ric Flair

Thursday Night Smackdown!

Authority Figures & Other On-Air Characters

General Manager - Theodore Long
Announce Team - Michael Cole & Tazz
Ring Announcer - Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer - Josh Mathews

Smackdown Champions

WWE Champion - John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL)
United States Champion - Booker T
WWE Tag Team Champions - Vacant
Cruiserweight Champion - Paul London

Big Show
Billy Kidman
Bobby Lashley - Working Dark Matches
Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Frankie Kazarian - Re-signed
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Joey Mercury
John Bradshaw Layfield
John Cena
John Heidenreich
Johnny Nitro
Kenzo Suzuki
Kid Kash
Kurt Angle
Luther Reigns
Mark Jindrak
Matt Morgan
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shannon Moore
Sho Funaki
Spike Dudley
The Undertaker

Tag Teams/Stables

The Bashams (Danny & Doug)
MNM - Mercury, Nitro & Melina
London & Kendrick
Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns
Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree
JBL & Orlando Jordan

The Divas

Candice Michelle
Hiroko Suzuki
Maria Kanellis
Miss Jackie
Molly Holly - Status Unknown
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus

Development To Look Out For

Aaron Stevens
AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Alvin Burke. Jr
Austin Aries
Brent Albright
Christopher Daniels
Chris Harris
Chris Hero
CM Punk
Eddie Fatu
Elijah Burke
Elix Skipper
Jack Evans
James Storm
Jimmy Jacobs
Joe Seanoa
Ken Anderson
Ken Doane
Kevin Fertig
Lance Cade
Low Ki
Matt Sydal
Mike Mizanin
Monty Brown
Nick Nemeth
Roderick Strong
Trevor Murdoch


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Looks good and I know we've talked about this and whatnot. Great start, and I am interested in the Devlopment. Markin' for Albright to look out for. Not sure about Idol Stevens though. Anyway, can't wait for the first show, I wonder whats gonna happen 8*D

Good luck!

Edit: This is the best cruiserweight roster WWE had in a long time, so don't waste it
Edit Edit: Push Suzuki, and DO NOT JOB EUGENE (as you know I love him ;)) and all will be good!

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Monday Night Raw - April 4th 2005 Preview - Los Angeles, California - Staples Center

We are just 24 short hours removed from perhaps the greatest WrestleMania in the history of the WWE. Monday Night Raw comes to you live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and promises to be electric as we witness the fallout of WrestleMania 21.

Last night at WrestleMania, the WWE was left in shock as the 'Student' took out the 'Teacher' as Batista destroyed Triple H and walked out the new World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H was arguably one short Pedigree away from retaining his championship successfully, but it was not to be. What will 'The Game' have to say to Batista regarding the World Heavyweight Championship? Find out tonight on Monday Night Raw!

Last night at WrestleMania, we held the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The match was originally supposed to be a 6 man match until at the last minute, Raw General Manager; Eric Bischoff, made a last minute change tot he match. Bischoff added in Muhammad Hassan. Though Hassan didn't win Money in the Bank at WrestleMania, he came close on several occasions. Tonight Hassan is scheduled to face the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin and this match is going to be for the title that Benjamin holds. Will Hassan be able to capture his first Championship in the WWE, or will Shelton Benjamin add Hassan to the long list of people he has defeated for the Intercontinental Championship and further extend his reign?

Also this week, we can expect to find out about what is going to happen with the World Tag Team Championships which have been vacant for nearly a month since The Hurricane turned his back on Rosey. Will new champions be crowned? Will a tournament be started? Or will the titles be sent into oblivion? Find out on Raw!

'The Legend Killer' came up short against The Undertaker last night at WrestleMania and you can bet he wont take it lying down. Randy Orton is confirmed to be making an appearance and addressing his loss to 'The Phenom'

And finally, last night Chris Benoit was sent to hell as Kane chokeslammed him through the announce table, cracking his ribs in the process. Chris Masters sent out a challenge to Benoit, challenging him to a match here tonight and to everyones surprise, Benoit has accepted! Can Benoit overcome the injury and put an end to Chris Masters undefeated streak, or will Chris Masters trap Benoit in the un-broken Masterlock? Find out this and more as Raw comes to you live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California!

Confirmed For Raw:
Triple H to address the new World Heavyweight Champion, Batista
World Tag Team Championships future is determined
Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin © vs Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari
Randy Orton to speak
Chris Benoit vs Chris Masters​

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April 4th 2005 - Los Angeles, California - Staples Center

The first episode of Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania 21 is about to begin. We start with highlights of what transpired just 24 hours ago at the granded stage of them all, WrestleMania! We are shown Edge stealing the Money in the Bank from Christian by smashing him off the ladder with a chair and climbing up to get the briefcase for himself. We cut to highlights of the United States Championship match and see Booker scoring a win witht he Scissors Kick to win the United States Title. We cut to highlights of the Womens Championship bout between Lita & Trish Stratus and are shwon Trish winning with not 1 but 2 Chick Kicks after Lita failed a LITA-SAULT. We now focus on the Smackdown grudge match between former friends and tag team champions, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio, the action was fast paced but in the end Mysterio came out on top. We now cut to The Legend vs The Legend Killer and are shown all the RKO's that Orton hit, the help from his dad, the Tombstone Piledriver, all failing to put 'The Deadman' to rest and we finishw ith Undertaker nailing Orton with the Tombstone Piledriver. We now cut to the WWE Championship bout between JBL & John Cena, we are shown that Cena came close but due to some help from Orlando Jordan, Cena was unable to capture the Championship. We now cut to arguably match of the night. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle. The action was back and forth, Michaels hitting Sweet Chin Music multiple times, Angle hitting Angle Slam multiple times. The end came when HBK went for one last Sweet Chin Music but failed when Angle caught his leg and twisted it into an Ankle Lock, forcing 'Mr. WrestleMania' to give it up. We cut tot he main event. Teacher vs Student. Batista vs Triple H. Batista's dominant performance left Triple H baffled. Even with help from Ric Flair, 'The Game' wasn't hard enough for Batista as Batista walked out the new World Heavyweight Champion!

The video fades out and we cut to the usual Monday Night Raw Introduction Video. The video ends and we cut to the arena. The crowd here in L.A are rocking it tonight as they are on their feet as the camera pans the arena. Many signs are reading 'Game Over' directed at the former World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H!

Jim Ross: Ladies & Gentlemen, we are just a short 24 hours removed from perhaps the greatest WrestleMania in the history of our business. We are here tonight, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles California! I'm J.R Jim Ross alongside my broadcast partner, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, & King, what a night it was last night right here in the Staples Center!

Jerry Lawler: Oh-boy, I got to agree with you there J.R. Last nights WrestleMania was perhaps the greatest WrestleMania of all time!

Jim Ross: We saw it all last night, a historic Money In The Bank match that saw Edge win a contract that he can use for a World Heavyweight Championship match any time he wants! We saw a classic, a classic match between Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle & we saw perhaps the biggest shocker of the night....

Jerry Lawler: Don't say it J.R!

Jim Ross: Incase the signs here in the Staples Center weren't a big enough clue, Batista took the World Heavyweight Championship from 'The Game' Triple H! Batista left Triple H bloodied, battered and bruised as he nailed him with power move after power move and even with help from Ric Flair, Triple H could not, I repeat, could not overcome 'The Animal' Batista!

Jerry Lawler: It was perhaps the worst night in Triple H's life J.R! He was destroyed by 'The Animal' and left laying in his own blood as Batista celebrated with the World Heavyweight Championship! But we have confirmation that Triple H will be here tonight and will address what went down last night at WrestleMania!

Jim Ross: & I look forward to hearing what Triple H's excuse will be for losing to the man he arguably made, King!

Jerry Lawler: Excuse? He doesn't need an excuse. Batista is a freak of nature with muscles in places that aren't even places!

Jim Ross: Well that's not all we have for you tonight folks, we also have Tag Team Action as William Regal & Tajiri face off against La Resistance where the winners will advance to a, and get this folks, a Unification match for the Tag Team Championships....

Jerry Lawler: Did you just say unification?!

Jim Ross: Yes I did, King. With both the World & WWE Tag Team Championships being vacant, Vince McMahon himself has decided that the titles will now be unified. Tonight on Raw we have a Raw team advancing to the match and this coming Thursday Night on Smackdown, a Smackdown team will advance to the match, the two teams will face off against each other and the winning team will become the first ever WWE Unified Tag Team Champions!

Jerry Lawler: Woah! What a decision by Mr. McMahon to make, J.R! when does this match take place?

Jim Ross: The match is scheduled to take place at the upcoming Raw Pay Per View; Backlash!

Jerry Lawler: Well all I have to say is, Lets go Raw!

Jim Ross: I'm with you on that one King, but that's not all we have for you tonight folks, we have yet another blockbuster match scheduled. Shelton Benjamin defends his Intercontinental Championship against, now wait for it.... Muhammad Hassan.

Jerry Lawler: WHAT!?! What has Muhammad Hassan done to deserve a shot at Shelton Benjamin, J.R?!

Jim Ross: I don't know, King. All I know is that Eric Bischoff made the match official earlier this evening.

Jerry Lawler: First Eric Bischoff allows Hassan into the Money In The Bank Ladder match last night at WrestleMania and now he just gives him a shot at the Intercontinental Title? Somethings up J.R!

*Time To Play The Game*

The heat for Triple H is out of this world as he comes from behind the curtain! Triple H is dressed in a sharp suit and Ric Flair is by his side. They make their way down to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome, the former World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H!

As soon as Triple H hears the word former, his face starts to change and he quickly makes his way into the ring as Lillian bails as fast as she can.

Jerry Lawler: What is wrong with this sight, J.R?! Triple H is in the ring without the World Heavyweight Championship!

Jim Ross: Well, he lost it last night fair & square, King. Batista was too much for 'The Game'

Triple H is given a mic.

Triple H: I'm sorry, were you expecting Batista to come out here and give you all a stupid little victory speech?! Were you expecting Batista to come out here and tell you that he beat me with ease?..........Well it's not going to happen! Not on my watch! Batista gets no speech, Batista gets nothing! Not a thing, nada!

Triple H is gaining a tonne of heat here!

Triple H: I bet that gives each and every one of you joy! I bet when Lillian Garcia just announced there that I was the 'former World Heavyweight Champion' it gave each and every one of you joy!

Cheers for Triple H saying former champion.

Triple H: Well guess what, I wont be former World Champion for much longer! You see, I had a word with Eric Bischoff before the show tonight and pointed out to him that I had a rematch clause in my contract....

Heat as Triple H announces he has a rematch with Batista.

Triple H: & that rematch clause states that I can use it whenever I want! It can be a week, it can be 2 weeks, it can be a month, hell it could even be a year!.....But you see, I wont be waiting that long..... No. Batista.... Tonight is when I take back my World Heavyweight Championship and become an 11 Time World Champion! Tonight is when I take back what is mine! Tonight, Batista is just an afterthought who should have listened to me & should have listened to Ric Flair and went to Smackdown. Tonight, Batista is known as FORMER World Heavyweight Champion!

Jerry Lawler: Oh my God, J.R, Triple H is using his rematch tonight!

The crowd can't help but cheer at the fact that they are going to see Triple H vs Batista II for the World Title here tonight!

Triple H: But this wont be any ordinary match, no way. This match has been assigned a special guest referee.

Triple H turns and looks at Flair.

Triple H: Ric.... Flair.

Jim Ross: Oh come on now! How is this even fair, King?!?!

Triple H: That's right, but that's not all that this match has going for it. You see, Batista. If you thought about coming out here and making a victory speech later on tonight, I wouldn't bother, you will just embarrass yourself! As not only is Ric Flair the referee........ but.... The Batista Bomb has been banned from being used!

Jim Ross: WHAT?!? How can Eric Bischoff make this match?!?!

The crowd let off a tonne of heat as it looks like Batista has no chance in hell of winning here tonight!

Triple H: & if you use the Batista Bomb, Batista. You lose the World Title. You lose your job. You lose the chance of ever being great!

Triple H is loving what he's doing here.

Triple H: & tonight, a real celebration happens. When it's all over, when I take back what is mine. Triple H & Ric Flair get the party started as I walk out. 11. Time. World Heavyweight Champion!

Triple H drops the mic as he & Flair leave the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Woohoo! The title is coming back home tonight!

Jim Ross: How can you sit there and condone this, King? Batista hasn't got a hope in hell of beating Triple H tonight, not a hope in hell!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial and are shown a highlight video of what was just announced by Triple H. And cut to the ring which has Lillian Garcia and referee Jack Doan standing in it.

*The Masterpiece*

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Los Angeles, California! Weighing 275 pounds; 'The Masterpiece' Chris.... MASTERS!

Jerry Lawler: Well, this young man has been impressive as of late J.R. He's only been in the WWE for a few months and has already made his presence felt. No one J.R, no one can break the move he calls The Masterlock!

Jim Ross: Well, as much as I hate to admit it, King. Chris Masters certainly has what it takes to be a main event player in our business. The only thing that stands in his way, in my view, is his cocky, arrogant, disrespectful attitude.

Jerry Lawler: Are you kidding, J.R? That kind of attitude helps make you a star! Look at Shawn Michaels for instance, he was someone that everyone int he back hated, he made Mr. McMahon's life hell in the 90's and he's won it all in the WWE, J.R!

Masters has done his usual theatrics and he has made his way down the ramp with a smug grin on his face as his hometown crowd give him some cheers. Masters enters the ring and flexes his muscles in front of Lillian Garcia and waits for his opponent..


Lillian Garcia: & his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia. Weighing 234 pounds, 'The Rabid Wolverine' Chris... BENOIT!

Jim Ross: & you can see folks the effects of the Money in the Bank Ladder match as Chris Benoit's ribs are taped up heavily after Kane sent him crashing off the Ladder with a gigantic Chokeslam, through a table.

Jerry Lawler: I'm amazed Benoit is even here tonight, J.R! He took perhaps the beating of his life in the Money in the Bank ladder match just 24 hours ago at WrestleMania. The undefeated Chris Masters surely has this one int he bag, J.R.

Jim Ross: Don't count Chris Benoit out, King. He's shown us time and time again that he is capable of pulling off the impossible!

Benoit has made his way to the ring, getting a louder reaction fromt he crowd than Chris Masters. Benoit is clearly still hurting from the Money in the Bank ladder match but still looks like he will give it his all here tonight.

Chris Masters vs Chris Benoit

We come into perhaps the biggest match of the young Chris Masters' career thus far in the WWE as he goes one on one with a former World Heavyweight Champion in Chris Benoit. Now is the time for the young Masters to prove that he has what it takes to go one on one with the big players of Monday Night Raw. The match starts in Benoit's favor as Benoit countered a side headlock by Chris Masters and sent him down with a belly to back suplex. Benoit pulls Masters up and whips him into the corner and approaches him, things don't look good for the young Masters early on as Benoit nails him int he chest with those vicious chops. The crowd react, almost as if they can feel how hard those chops Benoit are doing are. Benoit hits six chops until Masters falls down tot he mat and rolls out of the ring. Masters' chest is bright red. Benoit doesn't give him very much time to recover and goes to the outside in pursuit of Masters. He turns Masters around and again nails him with another chop! Masters falls against the barricade and Benoit again chops the shit out of him! Jack Doan shouts at Benoit to get it back int he ring, Benoit obliges and rolls Masters back into the ring but doesn't go for a cover. He stomps Masters who is trying to get back on his feet. He grabs Masters by the head and pulls him the rest of the way up. Snap suplex! Benoit hooks the leg. "1---2-" Masters kicks out easily, Benoit hasn't done nearly enough to put Masters away.

Benoit scouts Masters from behind as he pulls himself back on his feet. GERMAN SUPLEX! NO Masters is smart enough to block it and elbows Benoit in the face several times, forcing him to release his grip and stumble back a bit. Masters turns around and nails Benoit with a stiff closeline and drops a big time elbow. Masters now hooks the leg. "1---2" Benoit kicks out. Masters doesn't give Benoit much time to get a breath as he drops another elbow drop followed by another. Masters poses for the crowd, getting mostly heat but some fans cheer for the 'Hometown Hero' Masters exits the ring and gets on the ring apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Benoit gets to his feet. DIVING SHOULDER BLOCK! Masters connects! Masters quickly crawls into a cover. "1---2--" Benoit kicks out. Masters stays on his knees and puts his hands on his hips, clearly thinking about what to do next to 'The Rabid Wolverine' Masters nods and gets back on his feet, as does Benoit. Masters gets Benoit on his shoulders. POWERSLAM! NO! Benoit falls off behind Masters! GERMAN SUPLEX! This time he hits it! Benoit keeps his arms locked around Masters and gets back up. ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit still has his arms locked as he goes for the hattrick. Masters tries to scurry and grab the ropes but isn't successful and Benoit nails a 3rd German, this time releasing the hold. Benoit gets up to his feet and does the trademark pose, running his hand across his neck, signaling the end is near! Benoit climbs to the top turnbuckle. DIVING HEADBUTT! He hits it! Benoit may have just hurt his neck but he is able to crawl into a cover! "1---2---" MASTERS KICKS OUT!

Benoit's face turns as he is shocked that Masters kicked out! Benoit slowly gets back to his feet, as does Masters. Masters attempts a closeline but Benoit grabs the arm and takes him down. CROSSFACE! It's locked! Masters is close to the ropes however! Masters tries his hardest to crawl the short distance to the ropes as Benoit applies more pressure, Masters however shows great resilience and makes it to the bottom rope! Referee Jack Doan forces Benoit to release the hold. Benoit looks clearly frustrated but scouts Masters from behind again. Masters is back on his feet. Benoit again attempts a German Suplex, Masters however is able to block it by grabbing the ropes! Benoit refuses to let go of Masters and Jack Doan tries to get involved to force Benoit to release the hold. LOW BLOW! Masters swung his leg backwards and Jack Doan didn't see it! Masters turns around and nails Benoit int he face with a Master Blaster! Benoit is sent down and may have a broken nose from that move! Masters isn't done! He stretches out his arms as Benoit is getting back to his feet. MASTERLOCK! Benoit tries to block it but Masters is able to overpower Benoit and lock it in! The pressure on Benoit's surgically repaired neck is too much and Benoit fades out. Jack Doan checks on Benoit and calls for the bell. It's over!

Match Reuslt: Chris Masters def Chris Benoit via Submission @ 6:23

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters

Jerry Lawler: The Masterpiece pulls it off, J.R! Chris Masters continues to prove that he is worthy of main event status!

Jim Ross: Are you kidding me, King? That son of a bitch used an illegal maneuver on Chris Benoit there!

Jerry Lawler: It's not cheating if you don't get caught, J.R!

Masters gets quite a large amount of heat due to the way he beat 'The Rabid Wolverine' Jack Doan raises Masters arm in victory and Masters looks proud of himself. Masters leaves the ring as Benoit is still down being checked on by several referees. We cut backstage to see 'Captain Charisma' Christian with 'The Problem Solver' Tomko.

Christian: Last night I was robbed Tomko! I was robbed of becoming the first ever Mr. Money in the Bank! That pathetic excuse of a wrestler, Edge stole the spotlight from me!

Tomko doesn't respond.

Christian: So what are you going to do about it, Tomko?

Tomko looks surprised that Christian has asked him to do something about it.

Christian: I'll tell you what you're going to do. We're going to go out to that ring right now and call that son of a bitch out and take what should rightfully be mine!

Tomko still doesn't respond.

Christian: Now come on.

Christian walks out, heading to the ring with Tomko slowly following.

Jerry Lawler: Well it looks like the peeps are about to get a treat, J.R!

*Commercial Break*

*Just Close Your Eyes*

Jim Ross: Well folks, here he is. The Captain of the Winers, Christian!

Jerry Lawler: Oh, J.R please. He has a point, Edge stole the greatest chance Christian has ever had at getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

Jim Ross: I may not like what Edge's attitude has been like as of late but what Edge did was smart, King. He saw a chance and took it.

Christian has stormed down to the ring, demanding Tomko hurry up. The Los Angles crowd give off a great amount of heat for Christian and his 'Problem Solver' Christian is given a microphone by a member of the crew at ringside and is ready to speak.

Christian: Last night....

Heat as soon as Christian speaks. Christian looks like he is in no mood to play around.

Christian: Last night at WrestleMania, Edge took away my dream of winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania!

Jim Ross: What?!

Christian: That's right, had I won the Money in the Bank ladder match last night, I would have cashed in my opportunity last night against Batista and took the World Heavyweight Championship! I would be standing here right now as your NEW World Champion!

Heat for Christian as he thinks he could have taken down Batista last night.

Christian: But thanks to Edge, my peeps are left disappointed, my peeps have to put up with a joke of a World Champion! My peeps are left without Christian as World Champion!

More heat directed towards 'Captain Charisma'

Christian: So right now, Tomko is challenging Edge to a match RIGHT NOW! When Tomko beats Edge, I get the briefcase! So Edge, get your ass out here!

The crowd chant 'Christian Sucks' at Christian.

Christian: I can wait out here all night if I have to Edge!

*I'm Back*

To everyones surprise, the General Manager appears on the stage and not Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge!

Eric Bischoff: Christian, Christian, Christian! You raise a very valid argument, however I can't let that match happen tonight.

Christian looks pissed with Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Hear me out, hear me out. Edge is not here in Los Angles tonight, hell he isn't even in America tonight. Edge had to fly back to Toronto due to a family emergency....

Christian: Family emergency my ass Bischoff! Edge knew I would want him here tonight so decided to get out of town while he could!

Eric Bischoff: Now Christian, I can understand why you are frustrated, so.... I will allow Tomko to face Edge next week on Monday Night Raw.

Christian seems pleased with this decision from Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: However, should Tomko win, you will not be given the Money in the Bank briefcase, instead I have a much better idea....

Christian: & what is that exactly?

Eric Bischoff: If Tomko is able to beat Edge next week on Raw. Edge will put his Money in the Bank contract on the line against you, Christian at the upcoming Pay Per View; Backlash!

Christian seems sort of satisfied with this decision by Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: But this will be no ordinary match, this will be a match that you & Edge made famous. This will be a Table, Ladders & Chairs match!

A massive pop from the Staples Center crowd as Bischoff has just announced a possible blockbuster Backlash match should Tomko win next week on Raw!

Christian: Alright, alright. That seems fair. Just don't come crying to me when Edge is put back on the injured list permanently!

Christian & Tomko leave the ring and head back up the ramp.

Jim Ross: what a blockbuster announcement by the General Manager, King!

Jerry Lawler: You're telling me, J.R. If Tomko can beat Edge next week on Raw, we are going to witness two men that helped make this match possible, Edge vs Christian in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. Oh my!

Jim Ross: That match has slobber knocker written all over it, King!

We fade out to a Backlash video package.

Narator: WrestleMania is over....

Screenshots of Batista holding the World Title High.

Narrator: But rivals wont let it end there...

Clips of Christian, Edge, Triple H & Batista are shown.

Narrator: On this night....

A shot of the Verizon Wireless Arena is shown.

Narrator: May 1st 2005....

A shot of Triple H with a sledgehammer in hand, walking down a hallway is shown.

Narrator: BACKLASH!

Jim Ross: With Backlash being the fallout pay per view of Wrestlemania, Backlash should be a great night, King!

Jerry Lawler: Oh-boy, J.R. I'm excited for Backlash but what about this for an announcement, we have just been told that next week, right here on Raw that Mr. McMahon makes his return to Raw!

Jim Ross: That's right, King! & all we know is that Mr. McMahon has something to say about the night after the upcoming Backlash pay per view!

Jerry Lawler: It doesn't matter what it is, J.R. When Mr. McMahon is involved, it is sure to be a blockbuster announcement, I can't wait!

Jim Ross: & folks, you can find out what Mr. McMahon has to say by tuning in to Monday Night Raw, next Monday night!

*Arab American*

Jim Ross: Well, it looks like we're about to witness the Intercontinental Championship be defended, King!

Lillian Garcia: The following contests is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship! Introducing the challenger, accompanied by Daivari, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing 245 pounds; Muhammad Hassan!

Jerry Lawler: Tell me again, J.R. What has this guy done to deserve a shot at the Intercontinental Title?

Jim Ross: I don't know, King. The only man who does is Eric Bischoff.

Jerry Lawler: Well, if you ask me. Hassan and his buddy Daivari should be carted out of the WWE.

The heat for Hassan is amazing here. Hassan is clearly hated! Hassan has made his way down the ramp in the usual attire with his manger Daivari at his side. Hassan surprisingly doesn't ask for a microphone this week before his match.

*Aint No Stoppin' Me*

Lillian Garcia: & his opponent, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 248 pounds, he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion; Shelton Benjamin!

Jerry Lawler: Now this young man is deserving of this championship, J.R.

Jim Ross: I couldn't agree more, King. Young Shelton Benjamin has held the Intercontinental Championship for many months and I can bet my bottom dollar that he isn't ready to give it up yet!

Jerry Lawler: He has defeated anyone that has been thrown against him, J.R. Hopefully he can do the same with this Muhammad Hassan.

Jim Ross: Don't count out Hassan, King. Hassan might have the wrong attitude but his ability to wrestle is certainly impressive and Shelton Benjamin should not underestimate that.

Shelton has made his way down to the ring, slapping some fans hands on the way down and is in the ring posing witht he IC title for the fans. Benjamin is a fan favourite and gets massive pops from the Los Angles crowd. It's obvious they haven't forgotten what Benjamin did during Money in the Bank last night when he took a suicide leap from the top of a 20 ft Ladder onto all of the other competitors!

Muhammad Hassan vs Shelton Benjamin ©

Referee Earl Hebner has been assigned for this Intercontinental Championship match. This is Hassan's chance to finally prove that he isn't all talk and that he can actually get things done by defeating the Intercontinental Champion in Shelton Benjamin here tonight. Hassan has only suffered 1 pinfall loss in his entire career which was in February to 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels. Earl Hebner signals for the match to start and the two get going. The start of the match is filled with lock ups and side headlocks from both men but Hassan eventually gets the upper hand when he whips Benjamin against the ropes and sends him down with a closeline. Hassan goes for a quick cover early on. "1--" Benjamin powers out and sits up but is forced back down by Hassan. Hassan has a choke hold on Benjamin! Referee Earl Hebner tells him to release the hold but Hassan doesn't listen so a 5 count starts. "1-2-3-4" Hassan releases the hold, but chokes him again! The referee has to start his count again. "1-2-3-4-" Hassan releases the hold but again goes in for another choke! This time Hebner pulls Hassan off of Benjamin and warns him that he will disqualify him if he keeps this up! Hassan plays dumb and looks like he doesn't know what Hebner is talking about. Benjamin is on one knee and Hassan clubs him in the back several times with his forearm. Benjamin gets back on his feet but is backed into the corner. Hassan starts to kick Benjamin in the midsection several times before whipping Benjamin into the opposite corner. Benjamin whacks the turnbuckle hard and stumbles back out and is sent down with a big back body drop by Hassan. Hassan with a cover. "1---2-" Benjamin gets a shoulder up.

Hassan quickly pulls Benjamin back up and sends him back down with a powerful scoop slam. It seems like Hassan is trying to weaken the back of Shelton Benjamin. Making it easier for him to win with the Camel Clutch finisher. Hassan rolls Benjamin over and drops several knee's to his lower back. Benjamin is in clear pain early on. Daivari is on the outside taunting the crowd which is getting a tonne of heat as he speaks to them in Arabic, meanwhile Hassan has a rear naked choke locked on Benjamin, trying to squeeze the air out of Benjamin and make him fade out. Benjamin is trying to fight it off but the pressure is too much and he begins to fade out. Earl Hebner checks on Benjamin but he still has some fight in him! Hassan twists and applies more pressure, this time forcing Benjamin to fade out. Hebner again checks on Benjamin and this time he is out. Hebner raises Benjamin's arm and it drops. "1" Hebner signals to the timekeeper. Hebner raises Benjamin's arm again. It dro-NO! Benjamin is still in it and is fighting back to his feet! Benjamin nails Hassan in the gut with a series of elbows, forcing him off. Benjamin hits several punches, backing Hassan to the ropes. Benjamin whips Hassan off the ropes. SPINNING WHEEL KICK! The momentum has shifted and the Staples Center are on their feet! Benjamin doesn't go for a cover and instead scouts Hassan who is getting back to his feet. Kick to the midsection - Hassan catches Benjamin's foot. DRAGON WHIP! Hassan thought he was safe there but fell victim to the Dragon Whip kick to the face. Benjamin this time with a cover. "1---2--" Hassan kicks out and Daivari lets out a big sigh of relief.

Benjamin is back to his feet and Hassan is closely following. Benjamin whips Hassan into the corner and runs. STINGER SPLASH! Hassan stumbles out of the corner. T-BONE SUPLEX! NO! Hassan blocks it and elbows Benjamin in the face and sends him down with a stiff closeline. The end was nearly there for Muhammad Hassan. Benjamin is getting back to his feet as Hassan is waiting. Belly to back suplex! Benjamin is able to jump Behind Hassan! RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Momentum is back in Benjamin's court! Benjamin hooks the leg. "1---2--" NO! Hassan again kicks out! Benjamin looks somewhat surprised that Hassan is doing this well. Benjamin hops to the apron on the outside and waits for Hassan to get up. Daivari grabs Benjamin by the leg and tries to stop him. Benjamin turns and smacks Daivari in the face with a huge kick! Benjamin turns his attention back to Hassan. SPRINGBOARD CLOSELINE! NO! HASSAN WITH A DROPKICK IN MID AIR! Hassan might steal it! "1---2---" NO!

Benjamin has been clearly winded after being dropkicked int he gut there but Hassan doesn't care and goes back on his assault, dropping elbow after elbow tot he chest of Shelton Benjamin. Hassan's face is looking determined to take the Intercontinental Championship from Benjamin tonight. Hassan pulls Benjamin up and sends him into the corner. Hassan nails Benjamin with several shoulder thrusts before backing out of the corner as Benjamin walks towards him. Scoop powerslam! Cover! "1---2---" Benjamin kicks out! Hassan can't believe it as his runs his hands over his head in frustration. Hassan grabs Benjamin by the head and lays a few right hands in. The referee forces Hassan to stop. Hassan finally stops and waits for Benjamin to get to his feet. REVERSE STO! NO! BENJAMIN BLOCKS IT AND KNEE'S HASSAN IN THE GUT! T-BONE SUPLEX! Benjamin doesn't hook the leg but is able to cover. "1---2---" DAIVARI PUTS HASSAN'S FOOT ON THE ROPE! The crowd let out a massive amount of heat as Benjamin now realises that Daivari cost him retaining his Intercontinental Championship. Benjamin exits the ring and goes in pursuit of Hassan's manager. Daivari runs around the ring, trying to get away from Benjamin as Benjamin is closely behind Daivari. CLOSELINE! Hassan from out of nowhere catches Benjamin.

Hassan rolls Benjamin back in the ring and turns him onto his stomach. Hassan stands over Benjamin with his arms stretched out and looks up to the ceiling. CAMEL CLUTCH! It's locked in! No way is Benjamin going to get out of this! The Staples Center are booing the shit out of Hassan as it looks like he might have the title won! Benjamin tries to move to the ropes but he doesn't seem to have the strength. Hassan lets out a massive smile as he knows he has the match won as Benjamin is fading out! Referee earl Hebner checks on Benjamin but he still has a little life in him so Hebner can't call a finish to the match! WAIT A MINUTE! BENJAMIN HAVING A SURGE OF ADRENALINE GETS TO HIS KNEE'S AND THEN HIS FEET! Benjamin drops Hassan down! The crowd are chanting for Benjamin as he could have it won here! That clearly took a lot out of Benjamin though as both men are down on the mat as the referee starts a 10 count. Benjamin pulls himself up by the ropes as Hassan is on one knee. SHINING WIZARD! Benjamin manages to hit it! Cover! "1---2---" NO! Hassan kicks out! Benjamin's eyes widen as he can't believe it. Hassan showing great resilience here. Benjamin gets back on his feet and scouts Hassan who is half out of it, getting back to his feet. Benjamin gets Hassan up in a firemans carry position. Daivari again is trying to get involved as he is on the apron. Benjamin drops Hassan and goes to swing a big punch to Daivari but Daivari drops down off the apron just in the nick of time. Benjamin shouts something at Daivari and goes back to work on Hassan. REVERSE STO! HE HITS IT! COVER! "1---2---3!" HASSAN WINS!

Match Result: Muhammad Hassan def Shelton Benjamin via pinfall to win the Intercontinental Championship @ 12:38.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner and the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Muhammad Hassan!

Jim Ross: I hope that son of a bitch is happy, he needed the help of his manager, Daivari to win the Intercontinental Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Well J.R. As much as I hate to say this, I think Hassan could have done it without Daivari anyway. Hassan had Benjamin nearly beat several times in this match.

Jim Ross: Oh please, King. If it wasn't for Daivari putting Hassan's foot on the rope earlier on int he match, Benjamin would still be Intercontinental Champion!

Hassan is handed the Intercontinental Championship by Earl Hebner and falls to his knee's with the title out in front of him. Daivari enters the ring and praises Hassan as the heat int he arena is electric. The fans are clearly pissed that Hassan won the IC title here tonight. Daivari puts the Intercontinental Championship around the waist of Muhammad Hassan as Hassan poses. Hassan lets out a massive grin as we fade out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial in the backstage area as Randy Orton is walking down a hallway, it looks like he's coming out to the arena!

*Burn In My Light*

Jerry Lawler: It's 'The Legend Killer' J.R!

Jim Ross: Well, one legend that Randy Orton has not been able to kill is the man known as simply The Undertaker, King.

Jerry Lawler: He wasn't able to beat 'The Deadman' last night, J.R but he came close on several occasions.

After a few moments, Orton finally appears from behind the curtain, wearing a Legend Killer T-Shirt and wrestling gear on underneath. Orton makes his way down to the ring with his dad, Cowboy Bob Orton. Orton looks pissed and doesn't seem like he is in the mood to mess about tonight. Orton gets a microphone as he climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, ready to talk.

Randy Orton: Last night.....

Heat around the Staples Center, directed towards Orton. Many signs readying 'Orton Killed'

Randy Orton: Last night, The Undertaker pinned Randy Orton... The Legend beat The Legend Killer. The Deadman defeated The Future. But you see, The Undertaker cheated.

More heat at Orton for making such a farce accusation.

Randy Orton: Oh thats right, last night at WrestleMania, The Undertaker cheated to beat Randy Orton! The Undertaker cheated to extend the WrestleMania Undefeated Streak!

Heat as Orton begins to shout.

Randy Orton: You people want to know how The Undertaker cheated? I'll tell you how. The Undertaker used the powers that he possesses to beat Randy Orton. Y'see, The Undertaker couldn't do it on his own, oh no. The Undertaker needed help from the dark side to beat Randy Orton.

'You Suck' chants directed at The Legend Killer.

Randy Orton: Y'see, there is no way, NO WAY, anyone can kick out of not 1 but 2 RKO's in one night, no way. When I sent Undertaker down with an RKO, he decided to communicate with those powers he has and use them to his advantage!

J.R can be heard on commentary letting out slight chuckles.

Randy Orton: You might not believe me but it's a fact, Randy Orton is better than The Undertaker, Randy Orton is the Legend Killer and Randy Orton killed the legend of The Undertaker last night at WrestleMania!

More heat directed at Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: & just to prove that I'm still the Legend Killer, I'm issuing a challenge to ANY legend right now who thinks they can beat Randy Orton!

Orton stares up at the ramp, waiting for someone to answer his challenge.

Bob Orton: Me Randy, me.

Orton turns and looks at his father and can't quite believe what he is hearing.

Bob Orton: I'll face you Randy.

Orton smirks as Bob Orton looks deadly serious.

Randy Orton: You? 'Cowboy' Bob Orton? You think you can beat me?

A small 'Lets go Cowboy' chant is started in the Staples Center.

Randy Orton: Y'know what? Fine, get me a damn referee!

Jim Ross: What the, is Randy Orton seriously going to face his father, Bob Orton?!

Jerry Lawler: Bob Orton accepted the challenge J.R. should anything happen, it's his fault for accepting!

Referee Chad Paton makes his way down to the ring and it looks like this match is actually going to happen!

Randy Orton vs 'Cowboy' Bob Orton

Referee Chad Paton calls for the match to get going as Orton removes his Legend Killer T-Shirt. It looks like Bob Orton is going to be fighting in a shirt and trousers rather than actual wrestling gear here tonight. Randy Orton backs into one corner and Bob Orton backs into the opposite one. The bell has already gone and it's down to these two to get it going. Randy Orton moves out of the corner as does Cowboy Bob. They walk up to each other and Randy says something to Bob. Orton pulls his arm back and is about to smash his father in the face but stops right before he connects to the face and POKES HIM IN THE CHEST! Bob Orton falls to the mat and Orton hooks the leg! Chad Paton looks confused but gets down and makes the count "1---2---3" Orton wins......

Match Result: Randy Orton def 'Cowboy' Bob Orton via pinfall @ 0:32

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner.... Randy Orton....

Orton grabs his dad's hand and pulls him back up to his feet. The Orton's share some laughs as the L.A crowd give off a tonne of heat.

Jim Ross: What a no good son of a bitch! How can Randy Orton seriously come out here and do that?!

Randy Orton: Oh, you people actually thought I was going to fight my own Dad? You actually thought I was sick enough to nail my Father with an RKO?

Orton looks at Bob Orton and they both smirk. Orton is about to speak again.... RKO! ORTON RKO's BOB ORTON!

Randy Orton: Looks like you people were right... Let this be a message to you Undertaker, I don't care how it happens but I will, will get a rematch, but this time I will be the one walking out the winner and not you!

Orton drops the mic and stares at his Father and lets out a smirk.

Jim Ross: Oh c'mon now! Was there any need for that?! What did doing that to your own Father prove, Orton? What did it prove?!

Orton heads up the ramp as the crowd give him a tonne of heat as we fade to a video package letting you know how to order the replay of the biggest WrestleMania in history. We come back from the video.

*Sexy Boy*

The Staples Center crowd are on their feet for 'The Heartbreak Kid' as he limps his way to the ring dressed in a sharp suit. The crowd are going electric as just 24 hours ago, Shawn Michaels put on a classic match with Kurt Angle.

Jim Ross: Will you just listen to this crowd, King! The utmost respect for Shawn Michaels!

Lillian Garcia: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels!

Jerry Lawler: Last night, this man put on a wrestling clinic as he and Kurt Angle tried to out do each other. It was close on more than one occasion and could have gone either way, J.R!

Jim Ross: That's right, King. The ending came when Shawn Michaels was caught by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle caught Shawn Michaels by the leg and twisted him into the devastating Ankle Lock!

Jerry Lawler: It looks like HBK has something to say, J.R!

Shawn Michaels has made his way into the ring and has a mic in hand, ready to say something tot he love crowd.

Shawn Michaels: Last night....

A massive 'HBK' chant is started and forces Michaels to stop speaking.

Shawn Michaels: Last night at WrestleMania....

The chants get louder and louder, HBK lowers the mic and smiles as the crowd are giving Michaels what he deserves.

Shawn Michaels: Last night at WrestleMania! I faced a true legend in this business.... Now, hear me out. You might not like Kurt Angle, heck I don't even like Kurt Angle but man he can wrestle.

Some slight heat for Angle's name.

Shawn Michaels: Last night, I came within literally a second of beating Kurt Angle... But was unsuccessful.

Despite Michaels failing to beat Angle, the crowd still give him a standig ovation.

Shawn Michaels: Now, as much as I would like to have a rematch with Kurt Angle, I can't....


Shawn Michaels: Kurt Angle's on Smackdown, I'm on Raw.

More heat.

Shawn Michaels: So you are probably wondering why I'm out here tonight if I can't get a rematch with Kurt Angle....

Michaels bites his bottom lip.

Shawn Michaels: Last night at WrestleMania, I suffered an injury....

Heat for this announcement by HBK.

Shawn Michaels: Last night at WrestleMania, Kurt Angle injured my ankle...

Even more heat.

Shawn Michaels: So I'm out here to announce.... I'm out here to announce that Shawn Michaels will not be in the WWE in an in-ring way for a while...

Heat for Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Look, my ankle is covered in a plaster....

Michaels pulls up his trouser leg and shows us the Ankle is covered in a plaster.

Shawn Michaels: Now, I thought it would be better to come out here and tell you why I wont be here for a while instead of just disappearing from the radar. But know this, when Shawn Michaels gets fit and ready, I will be back and I will be back to get back on top of the food chain!

The crowd let out a massive pop as Michaels just let us know that he wants the World Title! Michaels drops the mic and exits the ring, backing up the ramp as the crowd give him a standing ovation.


Massive fire pyro goes off behind Shawn Michaels! Michaels was just inches away from being set on fire! Out comes Kane! Kane looks pissed and stares a hole through Michaels! Kane swings at Michaels but Michaels ducks. Michaels lays in some right hands to Kane but Kane kicks Michaels' ankle! Michaels is sent down, shouting in pain as Kane grabs him by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Kane hoists Michaels up onto his shoulder and smashes him into the stage! Michaels is down as Kane isn't done! Kane grabs Michaels by the throat and pulls him to his feet. Kane says something to Michaels but it can't be made out and pulls him to the end of the stage!

Jim Ross: Don't do this, Kane! NOOO! BY GOD NO!

Kane just Chokeslammed Shawn Michaels off the stage! The crowd are in shock as Kane lets out a belt of laughter!


The camera moves and focuses on a lifeless Shawn Michaels as Kane leaves. EMT's, referees and Jerry Lawler are all checking on Shawn Michaels who isn't moving! We fade out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial break, focusing on the announce team.

Jim Ross: Well ladies & gentlemen, we'd like to apologise for what just transpired.

We are shown a replay of Kane sending Shawn Michaels off the stage with a Chokeslam.

Jim Ross: Well, Jerry 'The King' Lawler is rejoining us on commentary.

Jerry Lawler: I'll tell you, J.R. It does not look good for Shawn Michaels. He's been taken to a local hospital here in Los Angeles.

Jim Ross: Well certainly folks we will try to keep you updated as much as we can with the condition of Shawn Michaels. I just don't understand why Kane would do this to Shawn Michaels, what was his motive, King?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know, J.R. The only person who does know is Kane himself.


Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a qualifying match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from The Province of Quebec, Sylvain Grenier & Robert Conway, La Résistance!

Jim Ross: Well folks, the show must go on.

Jerry Lawler: That it must J.R and what a match we have coming up here.

Jim Ross: That's right, King. A qualifying match where the winner will advance to Backlash to get an opportunity to become the first ever WWE Unified Tag Team Champions!

Conway & Grenier have made their way into the ring and have garnered a tonne of heat. A gigantic 'USA' chant is shouted at the two men as Grenier gets a mic.

Sylvain Grenier: Ô Canada!

A massive amount of heat as Grenier starts the Canadian National Anthem!

Sylvain Grenier: Terre de nos aïeux,

The crowd are giving them a tonne of heat as Conway stands waving the Quebec Flag.

Sylvain Grenier: Car ton bras sait porter l'épé.....


Lillian Garcia: & introducing their opponents, William Regal & Tajiri!

Conway & Grenier are distraught that they have been interrupted! The crowd give Regal & Tajiri massive pops as they quickly get down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well thank the lord for that.

La Résistance vs William Regal & Tajiri

It looks like Robert Conway will be starting things off for La Résistance and William Regal will be starting things for his team. Both these teams have captured World Tag Team Gold in the past so both will be looking for a big win here to get a chance to become the very first WWE Unified Tag Team Champions. Referee Jack Doan calls for the match to begin and we're off! Regal and Conway go in for the collar-and-elbow tie up but the more experienced Regal pulls Conway in to a side headlock. Regal has been wrestling for over 20 years so will have that experience factor over the young Conway who hasn't been wrestling for all that long. Conway tried to push Regal off by pushing against the ropes but Regal is able to keep the side headlock locked in. Regal releases the hold and quickly gets behind Conway and sweeps his legs, forcing him to fall to the ground, Regal quickly moves towards Conway's upper body and locks in another headlock, this time on the ring mat. Regal is taking Conway to school early on in this tag team contest as Grenier looks on with a look of concern. Regal finally releases the headlock and quickly gets back on his feet, sending his boot right into Conway's back. Regal then drops several knee's on the back of Robert Conway before finally getting him back on his feet. Regal knee's Conway in the midsection and hooks his arms. Conway is able to block and sends Regal over him by hitting a big back body drop. Conway now quickly starts to stomp down on Regal, trying to shift the momentum in his favor. Regal is on one knee as Conway still stomps away but Regal gets back to his feet. Conway looks slightly shocked and swings his right arm towards Regals face, Regal catches Conway's arm and swing his own right hand and smacks Conway right in the temple. Conway is sent stumbling back a few steps as Regal walks towards Conway. Stiff closeline by Conway! Regal is sent crashing down and Conway makes a cover. "1---" Regal easily kicks out. Conway gets to his feet and again starts to stomp on Regal.

Conway stretches his arm out and makes a tag to Sylvain Grenier. Conway exits the ring and now Grenier starts an attack on William Regal by continuing where Conway left off, stomping on Regal's chest. Sylvain bends down and says something in French to Regal to which Regal pokes Sylvain in the eye. Sylvain is temporarily blinded as Regal gets back on his feet and smacks him in the face with a closed fist. Regal continues to punch away at Grenier for about 30 more seconds and Grenier is on spaghetti legs after suffering about 20 plus punches from the ruthless William Regal. Regal continues his assault by forcing his knee into Grenier's midsection, forcing Grenier to bend over. Regal runs against the ropes. KNEE LIFT! Grenier is down and may have a broken nose! Regal hooks the leg. "1---2---" Grenier kick out! It's surprising that Grenier is even aware of where he is after suffering all those blows to the head. Regal tags in the fast paced Tajiri and exits the ring. Tajiri, the expert in kicking the shit out of your opponent is scouting Grenier as he slowly gets on his knees. Tajiri smacks Grenier in the chest with several stiff kicks! Grenier is getting the beating of his life from Regal & Tajiri as Conway looks on concerned. Tajiri allows Grenier to get on his feet before kicking him again, this time in the leg. Grenier is going to have several bruises in the morning after all this. Tajiri swings his leg for Grenier again! Grenier dodges the kick! Grenier with a kick to the midsection. DDT!

The Staples Center let out a mass amount of boo's as Grenier is able to change the momentum in the favor of his team. Grenier still however looks dazed and doesn't seem to know where he is. Grenier gets back on his feet and stumbles into the corner and Conway tags himself in. Conway quickly enters the ring and shoves his boot in Tajiri's face a couple of times before pulling him to his feet and sending him back down with a scoop slam and hooks the leg. "1---2--" Tajiri kicks out at 2! Conway pulls Tajiri to his feet once again and whips him into the corner. Conway runs towards Tajiri! TARANTULA! Tajiri has it locked and referee Jack Doan starts the count "1-2-3-4-" Tajiri releases the illegal move. The momentum just keeps shifting in this match!

Tajiri nails Conway with a series of kicks to the ribs and finally follows up with a massive spinning wheel kick. Conway is down as Tajiri hooks the leg. "1---2--" Conway gets a shoulder up. Tajiri quickly rises to his feet and drops a leg drop on Conway. Tajiri scampers towards Regal and tags him in. Regal enters the ring and tries to nail Conway int he face with his boot but isn't successful as Conway quickly dodges Regal. Regal turns and is again nailed with a vicious closeline by Conway. Conway makes a tag to his now, somewhat recovered partner in Sylvain Grenier. Grenier enters and climbs to the top rope. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE! Grenier was still a bit dazed fromt he beating he suffered earlier and he paid the price. Regal hooks the leg. "1---2---3!"

Match Result: William Regal & Tajiri def La Resistance via pinfall @ 7:32

Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners, William Regal & Tajiri!

Regal & Tajiri celebrate their win but it looks like Sylvain Grenier is legit hurt as Jack Doan signals the X Sign and many WWE officials hurry down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, myself & King might not like the attitude these two men have but no one likes to see someone go out with an injury. Especially what looks like a severe concussion in Sylvain Grenier's case.

Referee's, EMT's etc are all checking on Grenier as a stretcher is brought down to the ring. Even the fans are in shock. Conway is at his partners side as they load him onto the stretcher and we quietly fade out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*


Lillian Garcia: Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing your special guest referee, 'The Nature Boy' Ric....FLAIR!

The official signed for this match, Ric Flair, makes his way down to the ring dressed in the WWE referee shirt.

Jim Ross: Now again, King. How is this match fair at all? Batista wins the World Title last night at WrestleMania and then is forced to defend the title against Triple H 24 hours after winning it and with the stipulations, yes stipulations that Ric Flair is the guest referee and that the Batista Bomb is banned from being used in this match. How is this fair?!

Jerry Lawler: Well, J.R. I don't care, as long as Triple H walks out with his title and becomes the 11 time World Heavyweight Champion, I'm happy!

Flair is in the ring and is getting a tonne of heat. No one can work out why Eric Bischoff has allowed these stipulations to even happen.

*The Game*

Lillian Garcia: Introducing first, the challenger. From Greenwhich, Connecticut. Weighing 255 pounds, Triple H!

The heat directed at a clearly focused Triple H is out of this world!

Jim Ross: Last night at WrestleMania, this man fell victim to 'The Animal' this man fell victim to the Batista Bomb! Last night, Triple H lost the World Heavyweight Championship and it looks like the only way he can win it back is by making up his own rules and making Eric Bischoff make the match!

Jerry Lawler: Oh c'mon J.R, Triple H said it how it is. Last night Batista got lucky. If Triple H hadn't lost all the blood he did last night, he would have been able to beat Batista easily!

Triple H has done the usual theatrics and is awaiting the World Champion.



Lillian Garcia: & his opponent, from Washington, D.C. Weighing 290 pounds, he is the NEW, World Heavyweight Champion; BA-TISTA!

Jim Ross: Oh-boy! Batista does not look like he is in the best of moods! Look at his face, King!

Jerry Lawler: I'll admit it, J.R! Batista looks like he is ready to kill someone, and that someone is Triple H!

Batista enters the ring and doesn't appear to show any signs of fear!

Both Triple H & Batista are in opposite corners, waiting for Flair to ring the bell for the match to begin. Triple H has a face that shows he knows he is going to win here tonight. Flair is about to call for the match to start.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen, gentlemen....

Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff appears on the titantron.

Eric Bischoff: Before this match gets officially stared by Ric Flair, I'd like to announce one more stipulation for this match....

The heat in the arena for Bischoff is immense as the crowd know this is going to be in Triple H's favor again.

Eric Bischoff: This match will be...... No Disqualification!

Bischoff laughs as the titantron fades out and Batista is left staring at the titantron, knowing that his World Title reign isn't going to last much longer. LOW BLOW BY TRIPLE H!

Triple H vs Batista ©

Triple H with a roll up and Flair gets down to make the count! "1--2--" Batista JUST kicks out as Flair makes perhaps the fastest count we have ever seen! 'The Game' is back on his feet smacking Batista in the face as he rises to his. Triple H whips Batista against the ropes, Batista springs towards Triple H and ducks a closeline. TACKLE! Triple H has just been shoved on his ass as Batista hit a hard tackle! Batista will be looking to somehow retain his title here in the Staples Center again tonight even though the devastating Batista Bomb is banned from being used! The crowd are firmly behind 'The Animal' as a massive Batista chant starts! Triple H is on his feet and walks towards Batista. SIDEWALK SLAM! What impact with that move! Triple H gets back up and falls against the ropes. Batista closelines him over and sends him down to the floor. Batista wastes no time and exits the ring too, in pursuit of 'The Game' Batista grabs Triple H by the head and smacks him off of the ring apron, followed by the guard rail. Triple H is starting to look a bit out of it, a bit groggy as Batista grabs him by the arm. IRISH WHIP INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Triple H lets out a giant scream of pain and has maybe injured is right shoulder! Batista still doesn't give Triple H time to recover and picks him up, rolling him back into the ring! Batista hooks the leg of Triple H and Flair gets down. "1--------------2-----" Triple H kicks out. Batista gets off of Trips and stares a hole through Flair! The crowd erupt as it looks like Batista is going to unleash on Ric Flair! Flair is backed into the corner as Batista gets in his face. LOW BLOW! The referee just hit a low blow on a competitor!

Batista turns and stumbles towards Triple H. SPINEBUSTER! Triple H with a cover. "1--2--" Batista gets his shoulder up. There is no way in hell Batista is winning the match tonight! Triple H & Batista are both back on their feet and 'The Game' lays in a series of right fists to Batista's face, backing him into the corner. Triple H hits several shoulder thrusts before finally stopping and backing off of Batista. Batista walks into a closeline by Triple H. Triple H exits the ring and grabs two steel chairs and throws them in the ring. The crowd start to give Trips a fair amount of heat as he looks under the ring apron and pulls out the almighty Sledgehammer! He enters the ring and sits the sledgehammer down in the corner and grabs one of the chairs he brought into the ring. Batista is getting on his feet and is whacked in the back by the steel chair! Batista doesn't fall though so Triple H hits him again in the back! Batista still doesn't go down! Triple H moves himself in front of Batista and swings for his head! Kick to the midsection! Batista grabs the chair. CHAIR SHOT TO THE FACE! Both men are now down as Batista tries to get a breath. Blood has just appeared on the face of Triple H! Batista has busted 'The Game' open two nights in a row!

Batista rolls out of the ring as Naitch checks on Triple H. Batista has a demented look on his face as he walks towards the steel steps. Batista grabs the top half of the steps and throws them up the ramp! Batista has the bottom part of the steps! He throws them in the ring! The strength Batista has in unreal! Flair knows that Triple H is about to be put through hell. Batista rolls back into the ring as Triple H is pulling himself up int he corner. Corner closeline by Batista! & again! Batista walks out from the corner as Triple H follows. Big back body drop! Triple H gets on his feet and turns around SPINEBUSTER! Wait, no? Batista has him up in the spinebuster position but is walking with 'The Game' SPINEBUSTER ON THE STEPS! This has to be over! Batista with a cover. Flair doesn't get down and wont make a count!

Batista stares at Flair again and backs him into the corner. Batista grabs Flair by the shit and looks like he is going to destroy Flair! Batista grabs Flair by the arm and pulls him towards him. SPINEBUSTER! Flair is sent crashing down! Batista grabs a steel chair and smacks Flair in the back too many times to even count! Batista is out and is out cold! Batista refocuses on Triple H who is nearly on his feet in the corner. Batista turns Triple H around. SLEDGEHAMMER TO THE TEMPLE! Batista just got nailed but hasn't fallen down to the mat! Triple H with a kick to the midsection. PEDIGREE! HE HITS IT! Triple H rolls Batista over and hooks the leg. But there's no referee! Flair has been destroyed by Batista. Triple H looks over at Flair and shouts at him to make the count. Here comes referee Earl Hebner! "1---2---" BATISTA KICKS OUT! BATISTA KICKS OUT!

Triple H is livid as he wipes the blood from his face and approaches Earl Hebner. Hebner tells him it was only a 2 count but Triple H disagree's and smacks Hebner in the face with a huge right hand!

Triple H turns to focus on Batista and pulls him to his feet again and hooks the arms. PEDIGREE! NO! Batista counters and sends Triple H over for a back body drop! Batista grabs the sledgehammer and looks at it with a look on intent to destroy! Batista looks at Triple H and grits his teeth. SLEDGEHAMMER TO THE RIBS! Triple H is sent down! Batista grabs the ropes and shakes them! IT looks like he is going for the Batista Bomb! But he isn't allowed to as it's banned! Batista gets Triple H positioned between his legs and only now is it when he realises his Batista Bomb is banned from being used. The crowd boo as Batista pushes Triple H off. Batista looks around the ring and lets out a sinister smirk. Batista grabs Triple H. BATISTA BOMB! What the hell?!! Wait, a referee wasn't able to see it! Batista with a cover but Flair & Hebner are out of it! Batista reaches over to Flair and pulls him closer. Batista grabs Flair by the arm and drops it!


Match Result: Batista def Triple H via pinfall to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship @13:43

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion, BA-TISTA!

Jerry Lawler: This isn't fair, J.R! Batista used the Batista Bomb and it was banned from being used!

Jim Ross: Oh please, King! Batista was treated unfairly all match! Ric Flair wouldn't even make a count for him! Batista was smart to use the Batista Bomb when no referee could see that he was using it!

Jerry Lawler: This isn't fair, J.R! This just isn't fair! Batista will pay for this next week, you'll see!

Batista celebrates with his World Title after successfully defending it as Triple H & Ric Flair are still down, not moving in the ring. Batista raises his title high in the air and just like at WrestleMania, pyro's go off to celebrate with Batista. We fade out.

*End Show*

Quick Results:

Chris Masters def Chris Benoit via Submission @ 6:23
Intercontinental Championship: Muhammad Hassan def Shelton Benjamin via pinfall to win the Intercontinental Championship @ 12:38.
Randy Orton def 'Cowboy' Bob Orton via pinfall @ 0:32
William Regal & Tajiri def La Resistance via pinfall @ 7:32
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def Triple H via pinfall to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship @13:43

Confirmed for Backlash

WWE Unified Tag Team Championships: William Regal & Tajiri vs MNM or London & Kendrick


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News & Notes

On last nights episode of Monday Night Raw, Sylvain Grenier was legitimately injured and is suffering from a pretty bad concussion. It is thought that Grenier will be out of action for some time. In addition to the injured list, Shawn Michaels is in fact injured and will be out of action for 2 months. Following the classic at WrestleMania 21 with Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels suffered a broken ankle.

As announced on Raw, Vince McMahon will make his return to television next week when Raw comes live from Moline, Illinois. Currently, there is pretty much no talk of what Vince McMahon could be announcing, there has been speculation that Vince McMahon is announcing his retirement from the wrestling industry, however this should be taken as strictly a rumor.

We have gained confirmation that the WWE have made a copyright on the name Ken Kennedy, it is assumed that the name is intended for Ken Anderson who is currently in development at WWE's Ohio Valley Wrestling.

It is said that many within WWE feel that Vince McMahon has been persuaded to try and sign AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels, this comes in light of the rumor that McMahon saw no potential in them at all.

In case anyone missed last night's Raw, here are the results:

Chris Masters def Chris Benoit via Submission @ 6:23
Intercontinental Championship: Muhammad Hassan def Shelton Benjamin via pinfall to win the Intercontinental Championship @ 12:38.
Randy Orton def 'Cowboy' Bob Orton via pinfall @ 0:32
William Regal & Tajiri def La Resistance via pinfall @ 7:32
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def Triple H via pinfall to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship @ 13:43


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Just some quick comments here. The show was easy to read, and I like the storylines you are setting up. IIRC, even Bischoff hated Hassan at the time, so him putting Hassan in MITB and giving him an IC match makes very little sense unless you have a storyline coming up to explain it (the commentary seemed to hint that you do). I applaud you for having your competitors get injured; I realize this is fantasy booking, but injuries do happen and it is nice to see that realism imo. I'm pretty meh on Kane/HBK; I don't think I have seen it before, but I am not a huge Kane fan. My biggest critism is that some of the writing seemed somewhat rushed, ie "Benjamin goes to work on Hassan. Reverse STO!" or "Batista hits Flair with more chair shots than you can count" instead of something like "Benjamin wants to go back to work on Hassan, but Hassan grabs Benjamin. Reverse STO!" or "Batista lifts up the steel chair and smashes it into Flair's back. He lifts it again and nails Flair again, releasing all of his rage." Adding little details makes the matches less confusing and, at least for me, makes it easier to get into the match.

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Smackdown Preview

Thursday Night Smackdown Preview - April 7, 2005. San Diego, California. The Arena.

Much like Monday Night Raw, Smackdown is coming hot off the heels of an explosive WrestleMania as Smackdown comes to you from San Diego, California.

We can expect many fireworks on this edition of Smackdown as the WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield has told WWE.com that he will be making an appearance to address his win at WrestleMania, or as we all know, to brag about how he beat John Cena. The main question here is, who will JBL's next opponent be for the WWE Title? Will Cena be seeking revenge after JBL took away his dream of being WWE Champion so slyly with the help of Orlando Jordan?

Speaking of Orlando Jordan, he lost his United States Championship at WrestleMania to a true competitor in Booker T. Orlando Jordan was unable to defeat a man he has humiliated for weeks on end on every edition of Smackdown that led up to WrestleMania. What will Orlando have to say about his loss to a man he thought couldn't beat him in a million years? We can be sure to find this out on this weeks edition of Smackdown!

In a rare treat, we have been told that the man who beat 'The Legend Killer' at WrestleMania is going to wrestle on Smackdown! Undertaker very rarely wrestles on Smackdown. We have no idea who The Undertaker is going to wrestle as he isn't one to talk to anyone. Be sure to catch Smackdown for this treat!

On Monday Night Raw, we saw the first leg to the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships as William Regal & Tajiri beat La Resistance and qualified for the Tag Team match at Backlash. Now is Smackdown's turn to make their way to the Backlash Pay Per View as newcomers, MNM looks to take on Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London & his partner; Brian Kendrick. This match is sure to be filled with amazing high flying spots and cannot be missed. Who will advance to the Tag Team Championship finals? Find out on Smackdown!

In a rivalry that just keeps getting more filled with hate, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. Guerrero has sent out a challenge to a re-match with Rey Mysterio after being defeated at WrestleMania. It is unclear as to if Mysterio will accept the challenge.

Be sure to catch this edition of Smackdown coming from San Diego, California!

Confirmed For Smackdown:

JBL to speak about his WWE Championship win at WrestleMania.
Unified Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match: MNM vs London & Kendrick
Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio?
Kid Kash vs Scotty 2 Hotty​

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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 7, 2005. San Diego, California. The Arena.

Smackdown kicks off with the exact same video that was shown before Monday Night Raw. The highlights of WrestleMania 21. The video ends and we fade into the usual Smackdown introduction video. The video ends and we cut to the arena. The pyro's go off and the camera pans the arena, many fans are not happy that JBL is still the WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: Ladies & Gentlemen, we come to you from San Diego, California! Welcome to Thursday Night Smackdown! I'm Michael Cole alongside my broadcast college, Tazz! & what a night WrestleMania was Tazz!

Tazz: You're telling me Cole. WrestleMania was off the chart! Just look at these people here tonight, Cole!

Michael Cole: It was that, Tazz! & with the fallout from WrestleMania for Smackdown starting tonight, what do you expect to see transpire?

Tazz: My man, JBL! JBL is going to be here tonight, Cole. JBL has promised a victory celebration like no other!

Michael Cole: Yeah but Tazz, You gotta remember, JBL didn't win on his own last night.

Tazz: The bottom line though Cole is that he won and is still our WWE Champion!

Michael Cole: Well, leaving that aside, we also have Smackdowns qualifying match in the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships tournament.

Tazz: Oh boy...

Michael Cole: As the Smackdown newcomers, MNM take on the Cruiserweight champion; Paul London and his partner, Brian Kendrick!

Tazz: & that match is going to be electric, Cole. Both these teams are so athletic that fans of high flying style will love this match!

Michael Cole: The winner of that match will advance to Backlash and take on Raw's William Regal & Tajiri for the opportunity to become the very first WWE Unified Tag Team Champions!

Tazz: But that's not all, Cole. The night just gets better and better as Eddie Guerrero has sent out the challenge. Eddie Guerrero has challenged Rey Mysterio to a WrestleMania Rematch here tonight!

Michael Cole: With Eddie Guerrero in a losing effort against Mysterio at WrestleMania, you have to imagine that Guerrero is boiling over and is desperate to put away Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: But the question is; Will Rey Mysterio accept Eddie Guerrero's challenge here tonight?

Michael Cole: & we have much, much more in store on this edition of Thursday Night Smackdown!


Tazz: We don't have to wait long for the victory celebration, Cole! Here comes the WWE Champion!

The heat for JBL is out of this world as the long white limo makes it's way on out. Red, White & Blue balloons fall from the ceiling as JBL comes out of the roof of his limo, raising the WWE Championship high in the air and has a gigantic grin on his face. JBL exits the limo and makes his way down to the ring with the WWE Title perched on his shoulder. The crowd are booing the crap out of JBL but it doesn't look like anything is going to upset him tonight!

Tazz: Just look at this. Balloons and everything!

Tony Chimel: Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome, the WWE Champion; John 'Bradshaw' Layfield!

Michael Cole: Just in case anyone missed it, at WrestleMania, JBL cheated to retain the WWE Championship...

Tazz: Hang on Cole, JBL didn't cheat. Orlando Jordan just gave him a helping hand!

Michael Cole: So you wouldn't call that cheating?

Tazz: No I wouldn't.

Michael Cole: So what is it then?

Tazz: Shut up, Cole. Just shut up and look at this sight. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield is still the WWE Champion!

JBL is in the ring and has a microphone in hand, as balloons continue to fall, JBL soaks it all in. The fans however don't as the balloons are being thrown towards the ring. JBL continues to beam and is ready to speak.

JBL: What's that I just heard? What was it?

JBL puts one hand on his ear to make it looks like he can't hear whatever it is he is on about.

JBL: I just heard that correctly didn't I? I was just introduced as the WWE Champion, right?

The San Diego crowd give off a feast of heat as JBL mocks them.

JBL: All I have to say to that is, I told you so! I told you that I could beat....

I giant "You Suck" chant is started and JBL stops speaking but smirks...

JBL: I don't suck and this Championship on my shoulder proves it!

More heat for JBL.

JBL: As I was saying.... I told each and every one of you who doubted me that I could beat John Cena, that I would walk out of WrestleMania still the WWE Champion. I guaranteed victory once again and I delivered! I waled out of WrestleMania 21 still the WWE Champion.... I walked out and further extended my reign as WWE Champion!

More heat.

JBL: I proved to everyone that I am what I always say I am and that is a Wrestling-GOD! But still, still you people doubt me! I've beaten them all, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Kurt Angle, The Big Show, The Undertaker & now John Cena but you still doubt my greatness!

JBL is like a heat magnet!

JBL: My reign as WWE Champion stands as 284 days and counting. How many people can say they have held the WWE Championship for that long?! No one in recent memory can, no one! I've done it all in this business! I've gone from being a Tag Team specialist in the APA to an Impact Player in the main event! I've survived a Texas Bullrope, a Steel Cage, Mexicans, Fatal 4 Ways, A backstage interviewer, Triple Threats, a man from Japan, a Barbed Wire Steel Cage, a Thug & Godzilla and I still don't get the respect I deserve from you people!

Again the 'You Suck' chants are loud and clear.

JBL: The only question I have is who else is there to beat? Who else can challenge me for the WWE Championship that I haven't already beaten?!

JBL shakes his head.

JBL: The answer you are looking for is no-one. Nobody in that locker room is worthy of going against me. Especially the ones who have already had their chance!

More heat.

JBL: So what should JBL do now? Should he give up the WWE Championship and leave the WWE?

The crowd erupt as they would love for JBL to hang it up!

JBL: Well tough! JBL isn't going anywhere! JBL is here to stay and JBL will prove time and time again that he is the best thing to happen to Smackdown since The Rock!

Bold statement from JBL there.

JBL: I don't know who my next opponent is going to be, but I guarantee that whoever it is, I will beat them, and will beat them within an inch of their life!


JBL's face turns sour as the General Managers music hits. Theodore Long walks out and stands at the top of the ramp.

Theodore Long: JBL... First of all let me congratulate you on your win at WrestleMania!

The crowd boo but JBL smiles.

Theodore Long: Now, I couldn't help but hear you say that you had no one left to beat here on Smackdown. So I've come up with an idea.

JBL: & what is that exactly, Teddy?!

Theodore Long: Since no one is really in the running to face you for the WWE Championship, I've come up with a tournament!

The crowd let out a massive cheer and JBL surprisingly keeps quiet.

Theodore Long: Over the next few weeks on Smackdown we will have various superstars face off against each other with the winner getting a chance at your WWE Championship!

More cheers.

Theodore Long: & I've decided who is going to be in the tournament.... The Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament will feature... John Cena!

Massive Cheer as JBL looks pissed that Cena is even in the match.

Theodore Long: Eddie Guerrero!

Heat for Eddie Guerrero's name.

Theodore Long: The Big Show!

Pop for Big Show.

Theodore Long: Kurt Angle!


Theodore Long: Rey Mysterio!

Massive pop!

Theodore Long: &..... THE UNDERTAKER!

The crowd go electric but JBL fumes in the ring.

JBL: How can you.... how! These men don't deserve a shot at me! None of them do! I've beat them all, why should they get another shot?!?!

Theodore Long: & that tournament starts..... tonight! Believe dat!


Teddy Long leaves as JBL is left standing in the ring going irate, bursting balloons.

Michael Cole: What an announcement by our General Manager! A Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament that starts tonight!

Tazz: But Cole, JBL has a point, he has beaten every one of those guys, why should they get another go?

JBL continues to pop balloons as we fade out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial and Scotty 2 Hotty is in the ring.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown folks, our General Manager just announced a Tournament to determine who is the next challenger for the WWE Championship. We were told during the commercial break that the match brackets will be revealed after this match and that the Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio match is not going to happen, regardless of if Rey Mysterio accepts the challenge.

Tazz: But it's all good now, Cole. Eddie Guerrero doesn't have Mysterio tonight but he does have a shot at the WWE Championship instead!

*Kash Money*

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing 202 pounds; Kid Kash! & in the ring from Westbrook, Maine, weighing 209 pounds, Scotty 2 Hotty!

Tazz: Like him or not, Kid Kash has been on an impressive role as of late.

Michael Cole: I gotta agree with you there, Tazz. Each and every week, Kid Kash has come out here and put the entire Cruiserweight Division on notice, you gotta think that he wants a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship and soon!

Tazz: I would think so too, Cole. Kid Kash has put away every cruiserweight that Teddy Long has thrown at him and it's about time he got rewarded for it.

Though Kash is praised by the announcers a lot, he isn't a fan favorite. The crowd do not think Kash deserves anything. His game int he ring might be good but his attitude is far from it. Kash has entered the ring and is ready to get going.

Kid Kash vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Referee Charles Robinson has been assigned to this match. Michael Cole & Tazz aren't wrong about Kid Kash. For weeks now, he has beat every cruiserweight he has been put in the ring with. He might have the wrong attitude but his work ethic cannot be denied. The fans know that Kash has this match won; Scotty 2 Hotty hasn't done anything worth while for years and seems like he is only here as another opponent for Kash to destroy. Robinson calls for the match to begin and these two men get going. Kid Kash walks up to Scotty with his right hand extended. Scotty plays like a tool and looks out to the fans, wondering if he should shake the hand of the man who has been destroying the cruiserweight division every week on Smackdown. Eventually, after much time wasting, Scotty extends his hand and shakes Kid Kash's. Both men nod their heads as it looks like Kash actually has some respect for Scotty. Scotty attempts to pull away from Kash but Kash doesn't let go of his grip. Scotty realises he's made a mistake as Kash lets out a smirk of satisfaction and kicks Scotty in the midsection and then clubs him in the back. The crowd give Kash a fair amount of heat but Kash clearly doesn't give a damn, all he cares about is getting the job done, and done well. Kash backs Scotty into the corner and hits a series of knife edged chops and finally stops as Scotty's chest becomes a beetroot red.

Kash backs himself out of the corner and Scotty stumbles towards him, attempting a closeline. Kash is able to duck it easily and hits his own version of a belly to back suplex, it was more of a belly to back slam than anything else. Kash hooks the leg of Scotty and gets a two count. Kash knows that wasn't enough to put Scotty away as he just messes around, knowing he has this won. Kash grabs Scotty by the head and pulls him to his feet, Scotty tries to smack Kash in the face but Kash is able to grab Scotty's arm and hit his own right hand. Kash then nails Scotty in the midsection and turns Scotty around, he hoists Scotty up and hits a belly to back facebuster! Kash mocks Scotty by stretching out his arms, obviously mocking 'The Worm' Kash grabs a grounded Scotty by the head and smashes his head into the mat several times before finally getting his knee behind Scotty's head and dropping it down onto the mat. Kash again with a cover. "1---2--" Scotty gets a shoulder up. Kash doesn't let this get to him, it seems like he enjoys kicking the crap out of his opponents. Kash again forces Scotty to his feet and nails him with an absolutely astonishing standing dropkick to the face! Kash doesn't hook the leg of Scotty, but instead pulls him back on his feet and hits another standing dropkick! Scotty is down and now Kash hooks the leg. "1---2---" Scotty still able to kick out. Scotty has had no offense in this match at all.

Kash rises to his feet and climbs the top turnbuckle, waiting for Scotty to get on his feet. Scotty gets on his feet and seems quite groggy, but does turn around. MISSILE DROPKICK! Kash with a cover. "1---2---" Scotty again kicks out! Kash looks shocked as Scotty was able to get a shoulder up! Kid Kash has his hands on his hips but doesn't dwell on it too long as he gets back on two feet and scouts Scotty as he gets back on his, Kash with a kick to the midsection, he hoists Scotty up. DEAD LEVEL! Kash hooks the leg. "1---2---" KASH PULLS SCOTTY'S SHOULDER UP OFF THE CANVAS! The fans give Kash some heat as it's apparent that he isn't finished yet. Kash grabs Scotty again and pulls him to his feet, kicking him in the midsection and hooking both arms... MONEY MAKER! Kash hooks the leg and gets a three count! Easy win for Kid Kash here tonight!

Match Result: Kid Kash def Scotty 2 Hotty via pinfall @ 4:15

*Kash Money*

Charles Robinson raises Kid Kash's arm high in the air in victory.

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; Kid Kash!

Tazz: Yet another cruiserweight that Kid Kash has added to the list!

Michael Cole: But Tazz, did he have to hit Dead Level AND Money Maker on Scotty? You know more than anyone that those moves can cause serious damage to the head.

Tazz: I don't wish injury on anyone, Cole. But Kid Kash done what he done to send a clear message. I don't think I need to tell you what that message is.

Michael Cole: It's pretty obvious, Tazz. Kid Kash is here to make a statement, he's done that for weeks now. It's only a matter of time before he gets what he feels he deserves.

We are shown highlights of Kid Kash dominating Scotty and the commentators play up how impressive Kid Kash has been as of late.

Michael Cole: Moving on ladies & gentlemen, the brackets for the Chase to the WWE Championship are now here. The graphic on screen now shows you who will face who int he tournament. 2 matches happening this week, 1 next week and the final the week after. Once 3 men have qualified, they will face off in a Triple Threat match and only then will we know who the winner of the Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament is and will have their chance to face JBL for the WWE Championship.

The graphic shows the brackets which read; "Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero vs The Undertaker, The Big Show vs John Cena.

Michael Cole: & this promises to be an electric tournament.

Tazz: The tournament might be electric, Cole; But it doesn't change the fact that JBL doesn't deserve this! JBL has beaten every one in this tournament. It's about time he got a challenge!

The graphic cuts and we see JBL walking into his dressing room.

JBL: Did you see that?! Did you see what Teddy Long just did to me?!

Orlando Jordan is sitting on a leather sofa before standing up to respond to an irate JBL.

Orlando Jordan: John, calm down. It doesn't matter who you face, we got this....

JBL: We.... WE?! WE GOT THIS?! Tell me this, Orlando..... Who was the one to walk out of WrestleMania last night still with their Championship?!

JBL gets right into Orlando's face. Orlando looks far too scared to reply.

JBL: ME! That's who. You told me before your match with Booker T that you would walk out still the United States Champion.... You didn't and you let me down!

Orlando Jordan: Now c'mon, listen...

JBL: DON'T TELL ME TO LISTEN! I command you, not the other way around!

JBL's face is bright red as he takes his frustration out on Orlando Jordan.

JBL: I took you under my wing because I thought you could one day be like JBL, I thought that one day you could be great, I thought one day you could be W.W.E Champion.....

Orlando Jordan: & I can, I can.....

JBL: Oh really?..... Then I suggest you get your ass to Teddy Long's office and prove to me you are as great as I think you are. I suggest you go and demand a rematch for your United States Championship!

Orlando's eyes are wide open.

JBL: Are you still here?! Didn't you hear what I said?!?

Orlando quickly makes his exit as JBL throws his hat on the floor and we fade back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well an obviously frustrated JBL there....

Tazz: Can you blame him? He's had this tournament sprung on him after his great victory at WrestleMania by Teddy Long and Orlando Jordan has let him down. Who can blame JBL for being in such a foul mood?!


Michael Cole: Well nonetheless folks, the night presses on as we kick off the Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament with Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle.

Tony Chimel: The following is a round 1 match in the Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament. Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 240 pounds, he is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWE history, Kurt Angle!

Angle isn't welcomed greatly by the San Diego crowd. The usual 'You Suck' chant in time with the music is chanted.

Tazz: Now Cole, tell me that Kurt Angle didn't impress you at WrestleMania?! Kurt Angle defeated Mr. WrestleMania with the ankle lock in an all time classic!

Michael Cole: I can't argue with that partner, Kurt Angle represented Smackdown and represented Smackdown well. He took Shawn Michaels to the limit and in the end, it payed off.

Tazz: On Monday Night Raw, Shawn Michaels told the world that he had to leave the WWE for a while because Kurt Angle actually broke his ankle, that's how ruthless Kurt was in the match at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: We wish Shawn Michaels a speedy recovery. We don't like to see anyone getting injured, regardless of if they are on the rival show.

Kurt Angle is in the ring and has a microphone in hand...

Kurt Angle: 4 nights ago, I did what very few men have done... I beat a man that calls himself Mr. WrestleMania. I made Shawn Michaels tap out. Something only Chris Benoit has done before me.... I broke Shawn Michaels' ankle, I snapped it, I put Shawn Michaels on the injured list!

Heat for Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: I represented Smackdown at WrestleMania, and I did the Smackdown locker room proud..... But, but.... Teddy Long decides that I need to be put in a tournament to prove that I'm worthy enough of facing JBL for the WWE Championship...

Angle lowers the mic and shakes his head.

Kurt Angle: You see, I thought that beating Shawn Michaels by submission would have been enough proof to our General Manager, I thought by catching a win for Smackdown would be enough for me to gain a reward and face JBL for the WWE Championship, but apparently, apparently it's not...

Heat for Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: But it's okay, it's okay. It doesn't matter who I have to go through, I will get a one on one chance for the WWE Championship. I don't care who's ankle I need to snap off to get there either! I will prove to Teddy Long that he should have just given me a match with JBL.... He should have just.....


Tony Chimel: & from San Diego, California! Weighing in at 175 pounds, Rey Mysterio!

The hometown hero is given a massive ovation from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring, shutting a whining Kurt Angle up!

Michael Cole: Well at WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio pulled out an impressive victory over Eddie Guerrero!

Tazz: It wasn't easy though, Cole. Mysterio had to fight off Guerrero several times after Guerrero nailed him with a Frogsplash early on in the match. That Frogsplash nearly put Mysterio out of commission early on...

Michael Cole: But Mysterio bounced back, Tazz. Mysterio shut up his former friend in Eddie Guerrero and pulled out a victory.

Tazz: But enough about that for now, Cole. We gotta focus on the now. Rey Mysterio going up against Kurt Angle. Both men have faced each other numerous times in the past and have put on brilliant matches, I expect tonight to be the same!

Michael Cole: Gotta agree with you there partner, Angle & Mysterio are no strangers to one another but Mysterio has the hometown advantage.

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio

And referee Brian Hebner has been assigned to this match. As Angle removes his Medals, not happy about being interrupted by Mysterio. Mysterio is in his corner waiting for Angle to be ready, we are shown Rey's family who are sitting in a Sky Box high up in the arena. Brian Hebner signals that the match can start and the bell rings. Angle crouches and walks towards Mysterio, staring at his ankle. Angle moves in quickly and tries to sweep Mysterio down but Mysterio jumps out of the way and quickly springs off the ropes and runs towards Angle. Mysterio squirms up Angle and locks his legs around his head, hitting an impressive hurricanrana early on and startling Angle who is sent flying and rolls out the ring. Both these men would love to advance to the triple threat match int his tournament and go on to win and face JBL for the WWE Championship. Angle takes a moment on the outside to try and regain his composure but becomes distracted by a fan in the front row who yells something that pisses Angle off. Angle gets in his face and Mysterio takes advantage and climbs to the top rope, without Angle knowing. Angle says his piece to the fan and turns to re-enter the ring. Mysterio dives off. CROSS BODY! Angle & Mysterio are both down as we fade out to a commercial break!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial and are shown a turning point in the match which allowed Angle to get the upper hand. Mysterio was attempting another diving move but slipped and fell all the way down to the floor, allowing Angle to take advantage. We rejoin the action with Angle having Mysterio locked in a bodyscissors move and Mysterio looks quite out of it. Angle squeezes tighter as Mysterio looks like he is going to fade on out. The crowd try to will Mysterio on but it's not enough. Mysterio slowly fades out and Brian Hebner checks on him. Mysterio doesn't respond so Brian Hebner raises his arm in the air and drops it. "1" he shouts at the timekeeper. Mysterio still isn't responding so Hebner raises his arm high in the air again. "2!" Mysterio has to respond this time or his dream of becoming WWE Champion is over. Hebner raises his arm again. "Thr-NO" Mysterio is still in it as he stops his arm from dropping all the way! The crowd are going electric as Mysterio starts to shake, Angle can't believe it and tries to apply more pressure but Mysterio is able to smash several elbows into Angle's face, forcing him to release the hold. Mysterio & Angle both get to their feet and Mysterio hits Angle in the leg with several stiff kicks. Mysterio continues his kicks until suddenly Angle takes him out with a hard closeline. Shifting the momentum back in his favor.

Angle is back in control and picks Mysterio up and whips him into the corner. Angle runs towards Mysterio, Mysterio is able to get his boot up and hit Angle in the face! Angle stumbles out of the corner and Mysterio runs towards him... BELLY TO BELLY! Angle was able to catch Mysterio and nail the move! Angle, however doesn't go for a cover, he instead wants to punish Mysterio more and pulls him back to his feet and gets behind him and hits a delayed belly to back suplex. This time Angle hooks the leg.... but is only able to score a two count. Angle is quick to continue his punishment on Mysterio and again gets him on his feet and hits a snap suplex. Angle again picks up Mysterio and attempts another snap suplex but Mysterio locks his leg around Angle's and is able to prevent it from happening and hits Angle in the ribs with a few right hands. Angle is forced off of Mysterio and Mysterio runs towards Angle.... WHEELBARROW BULLDOG! Angle is down and Mysterio now has a chance to recover. Brian Hebner starts the mandatory 10 count but it doesn't last long as both Mysterio & Angle get to their feet before a count of 5. Mysterio kicks Angle in the midsection and springs off the ropes, Angle attempts a closeline but Mysterio ducks and keeps running and springs off the ropes; SPRINGBOARD CORSSBODY! Mysterio with a cover. Hebner gets down... it's only a two! Mysterio can't believe it as his face tells the story.

Mysterio doesn't dwell on this for too long as he gets back on his feet and waits for Angle to do the same, Angle gets back up and Mysterio hits a seated dropkick to the back of Angle, sending him into the second rope! The crowd are on their feet as Mysterio springs off the opposite rope and runs towards Angle! 6-1-NO! MYSTERIO MISSES AND SPINS THROUGH AND ANGLE CATCHES HIM, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! & just like that, the momentum shifts back into Angle's favor again! Angle quickly gets back on his feet and scouts Mysterio, Mysterio pulls himself up by the ropes and walks backwards into Angle. Angle with an Angle Slam.... NO! Mysterio jumped out of it and dropkicked him int he back again, sending him into the middle rope! Rey quickly springs against the ropes 6-1-NO! Angle caught his leg and pulled him into the ring, ANKLE LOCK! Wait, no! Mysterio rolls through and sends Angle into the referee! The referee is knocked down! Angle turns around and is again sent into the ropes as Mysterio hits a hurricanrana. Mysterio runs off the ropes again. 6-1-9! THIS TIME HE HITS IT! Mysterio is on the apron as Angle gets back on his feet. SEATED SENTON! Mysterio with a cover! There's no referee! Mysterio see's that his chance might have just slipped away. Mysterio walks over to Hebner tries to revive him. His shake makes Hebner stir. Wait a minute, Eddie Guerrero has just come through the crowd and over the barricade and has a steel chair in hand! Guerrero is in the ring and is staring at Mysterio, intent on whacking him with the chair as the crowd are giving off a tonne of heat! Mysterio is backed into the corner. Angle is stirring behind Guerrero. Mysterio looks terrified, he knows full well what Guerrero is capable of! Guerrero swings the chair! HE TURNED AND WHACKED ANGLE! The crowd cheer as it looks like Guerrero is helping Mysterio! Guerrero throws the chair at Mysterio and Mysterio catches it and Guerrero quickly exits the ring, jumping over the barricade and hiding behind it! The San Diego crowd now realise what Guerrero has done! The referee turns around and see's Angle laid out and Mysterio with the chair! Brian Hebner calls for a disqualification! The crowd are going insane!

Match Result: Kurt Angle def Rey Mysterio via Disqualification @ 11:43


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; Kurt Angle!

Michael Cole: What the.... Eddie Guerrero just screwed Rey Mysterio out of a chance at the WWE Championship! Eddie Guerrero just embarrassed Rey Mysterio in front of his hometown and his family! Kurt Angle doesn't even know he's won!

The crowd are going insane as Guerrero quickly legs it up the stairs before any of the fans try to attack him for what he just did. Mysterio tries to tell Brian Hebner what just happened but Hebner doesn't believe any of it and raises a probably K.O'd Kurt Angle's arm.

Tazz: Ohhh boy, Cole. The Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio story is just getting more and more intense!

We are shown highlights of the match and then the rather controversial ending. We cut back and see Mysterio walking up the ramp with his hands on his hips looking disappointed. We cut backstage and see London & Kendrick getting ready for their match. They are in mid conversation when Kid Kash walks in and interrupts. London fixes his boot and stands in Kash's face. Kash doesn't speak, all he does is nod and smile and walks off. London is left staring at Kash as he walks away, could this be a hint that Kash wants a shot at London's title? We fade into Teddy Long's office and there is a knock at the door.

Theodore Long: Come in....

In steps the former United States Champion, Orlando Jordan...

Theodore Long: Orlando, what can I do for you dawg? Oh wait, don't tell me, I saw your little fight with JBL a little while ago and I'll beat my bottom dolla' that you're here to ask for a rematch against Booker T for the United States Championship?

Orlando Jordan: Well....

Theodore Long: Let me stop you there, playa. Y'see, you might think you are entitled to a rematch with Booker T, but I looked through the contract you had and you didn't include a rematch clause in it....

Orlando Jordan: WHAT?!? How... but.... I need this rematch with Booker T, Teddy. JBL is going to kill me if I don't get the United States Championship back!

Theodore Long: I feel ye' So I'll tell you what, next week, right here on Smackdown, it will be Orlando Jordan going one on one....

Orlando's face beams as he has got his title match with Booker T.

Theodore Long: With Carlito....

Orlando's face quickly turns but he doesn't dare say anything negative to Teddy.

Theodore Long: If you win that match, you will get your match with Booker T for the United States Title..... Holla Holla!

Teddy points at the door and Orlando frustratingly makes his exit. We cut back to the ring as a local jobber is in the ring and has already been introduced.


Tony Chimel: & his opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 285 pounds; Luther Reigns!

Reigns is welcomed with a gigantic amount of heat as he makes his way down the ramp.

Tazz: Oh boy, Cole. This Luther Reigns reminds me of Brock Lesnar in terms of the intensity he bring to the ring!

Michael Cole: But lets not forget, Kurt Angle also helped him get to where he is today. Luther Reigns was taught a lot by Kurt Angle and has a lot to thank him for.

Reigns has entered the ring and is ready to get going.

Luther Reigns vs Local Jobber

Referee Jimmy Korderas signals that the match can begin and the bell rings. Reigns is massive and makes this local wrestler look like a child! Reigns has the muscle whereas this guy has nothing but skin and bones! The jobber receives a rather funny 'You're a Jobber' chant, though it could be directed at Luther Reigns, but that is unlikely. Reigns walks towards the local guy and gets in his face. Reigns is visibly ready to unleash hell on him as he literally cowers away into the corner. Reigns walks towards the terrified jobber and nails him with a vicious knee to the guy. The jobber is winded badly by Reigns but Reigns doesn't give him a chance. Reigns grabs the jobber by the arm and pulls him towards him, devastating closeline! Reigns has saliva coming from out of his mouth as he pants hard. Reigns grabs the jobber by the neck and forces him to his feet. Reigns hoists him high int he air and nails a Vertical Delayed Suplex! The jobber grabs at his back and is somehow on one knee! Reigns sticks his boot right in his face! The jobber is down again. Reigns again pulls the jobber to his feet and pulls his head down into the reverse DDT position. REIGN OF TERROR! The rolling cutter! Luther Reigns hooks the leg and gets a three count!

Match Result: Luther Reigns def Local Jobber via pinfall @ 1:28


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; Luther Reigns!

Jimmy Korderas tries to grab Reigns by the arm to raise it but Reigns chases him off. The jobber is down and is not moving and Reigns moves towards him and looks at the destruction he caused. Reigns raises his head up and stares out into the crowd and refocuses on the jobber. Reigns lets out a sudden burst of rage and pulls the jobber up and nails him with another Reign of Terror! Reigns music plays again and he finally decides to make his exit from the ring as the commentators play up how unnecessary Reigns' actions were.

Michael Cole: Well ladies & gentlemen, up next is the Unified Tag Team Championship qualifying match!

Tazz: Oh-yeah, Cole. Up next, London & Kendrick face Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury of MNM!

Michael Cole: But before we get to that, Tazz. Lets remind you of our Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament!

Tazz: Oh-that's what I'm talkin' about, Cole.

Michael Cole: Earlier tonight, we saw the first match in the tournament as Rey Mysterio battled Kurt Angle in a losing effort but due to the interference of Rey Mysterio's former friend, Eddie Guerrero.

Tazz: Eddie Guerrero costing Rey Mysterio his dream of becoming the WWE Champion, Cole - & costing him it in typical Eddie Guerrero fashion!

Michael Cole: But that's not the last we have seen of Eddie Guerrero as in our main event, for the first time ever in a one on one situation; Eddie Guerrero takes on, The Undertaker!

Tazz: & this is rare, Cole. We rarely see 'The Deadman' wrestle here on Thursday Night Smackdown and it's a match I can't wait to see!

*High Flying*

Michael Cole: But until then partner, we have the Unified Tag Team Championship Qualifying match to call!

Tony Chimel: The following contest is Smackdown's qualifying match for the Unified Tag Team Championships, in the ring at a combined weight of 385 pounds, Paul London & Brian Kendrick!

Kendrick & London have done the usual and ran down to the ring and done the usual theatrics in the ring, pleasing the fans.


Tazz: My team, Cole. My team!

Michael Cole: Well, as much as I hate to agree with you, Tazz. MNM have been impressive for the short amount of time they have been here in the WWE. I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled out an upset over London & Kendrick here tonight.

Tony Chimel: & their opponents, on their way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 555 pounds, Mercury, Niro & Melina; MNM!

As per usual, MNM have the red carpet rolled out and the paparazzi are out to take photos. The crowd, despite being close to Los Angeles, don't give a toss about MNM and give them a big amount of heat, the crowd don't think this team deserve to be in this match. MNM finally get in the ring.

London & Kendrick vs MNM

Lets not forget that Paul London is currently a champion on the blue brand as he holds the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and has done for quite some time here in the WWE. London & Kendrick have been a team on and off since 2002 so have the experience factor over MNM who have only been together for about a year. The crowd seem pumped up for this match as referee Charles Robinson signals for the match to begin. It looks like London is starting for his respective team and Nitro is starting for his. Melina is already on the outside, screaming like a nutter for her 'boys' Nitro and London lock up but Nitro easily twists behind London and wrenches away at his arm. London, however is quick to smash his elbow into the face of Nitro and force him off. Nitro grabs his jaw, concerned over his face and doesn't pay attention and is caught off guard as London nails him with a seated dropkick to the knee, sending him down to one knee, London quickly springs off the ropes and hits another seated dropkick to Nitro's face. Nitro rolls out the ring to regroup and Mercury drops down off the apron to check on his tag team partner. As Nitro & Mercury are running through something, Kendrick gets in the ring and he and London run towards the MNM members and dive over the top rope! DOUBLE DIVING SENTON! Melina lets out a gigantic scream as London is able to get Nitro back in the ring. London quickly goes for a cover.... only a two count.

London is back on his feet as Nitro is crawling in a random direction and London runs at him and again smacks him in the face with a seated dropkick. London quickly hops back to his feet and hits a quick leg drop and now hooks the leg... but again gets a two count! London pulls Morrison up by the hair, Morrison is able to hit London with a thumb to the eye! London grabs at his eye and tries to shake it off and walks right into a spinning wheel kick! Nitro tags in Mercury. Mercury is quick to get in and lets out this sudden surge of aggression and stomps the shit out of Paul London. Mercury gets down and shoves his forearm in London's face! Charles Robinson is forced to make Mercury stop. For the next few minutes, Mercury dominates London quite a lot until suddenly London is able to hit an enziguri and by himself some time and try to crawl to his partner. Mercury tries to get to London's leg to stop him from making the tag but is unsuccessful and a fresh Brian Kendrick enters the ring. Mercury quickly rises to his feet and is knocked down with a flying forearm by the young Kendrick who was trained by future Hall of Famer; Shawn Michaels. Kendrick runs at Morrison and slides at his feet, sending him off the apron and down to the floor, Melina again lets out the annoying scream as Kendrick goes to work on Mercury, hitting some elbow drops and foot stomps before making a cover. "1---2-" Obviously a stomp isn't going to put Mercury away...

Kendrick scouts Mercury who is getting back on his feet and hits him with a neckbreaker. Not often that Kendrick uses that move but it's done it's job as Kendrick makes another quick cover... Only a 2 count. Kendrick pulls Mercury back on his feet and hits a hurricanrana, sending him into his corner. Kendrick tags in London and London hops over the ropes and swings his leg at Mercury's back viciously, several times! London then gets behind Mercury and nails him with a brilliant Dragon Suplex! COVER! ONE.....TWO....THRE-NO! Mercury just gets the shoulder up! Mercury is on both knees as London runs towards him and swings his leg! SHINING WIZARD! London with a cover! "1---2---" MELINA PUT MERCURY'S FOOT ON THE ROPE! Kendrick realises this and quickly gets off the apron and starts to chase Melina around the ring! The referee is trying to stop Kendrick chasing Melina! Melina starts to make her way up the ramp and Kendrick still follows her! London is pulling Mercury back to his feet... MERCURY GRABS LONDON'S LEGS AND HOISTS HIM UP AS JOHNNY NITRO ENTERS THE RING! SNAPSHOT! SNAPSHOT! SNAPSHOT! Nitro quickly exits the ring as Mercury hooks the leg and shouts at Charles Robinson to turn around. Robinson does so and makes the count.... it's three!

Match Result: MNM def London & Kendrick via pinfall @ 7:15

* Paparazzi*

Tony Chimel: Here are your winners; Mercury, Nitro & Melina; M-N-M!

Mercury & Nitro celebrate in the ring as London is left out of it after suffering that thunderous Snapshot DDT. Kendrick has no idea that his team has lost as he must still be chasing Melina somewhere backstage.

Michael Cole: Oh, c'mon now! How can they be proud of that, Tazz? London & Kendrick had the match won!

Tazz: Well, Cole. The way I look at it is that if MNM do that at Backlash, Smackdown have captured the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships and gained yet another victory over Monday Night Raw...

Michael Cole: The bottom line is that they cheated, Tazz!

Tazz: Cole, shut up, the bottom line is that MNM walked out as the victors.

Mercury & Nitro continue to celebrate in the ring as we cut to a screen and see a focused Eddie Guerrero making his way to the ring...

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial as our Main Event is about to happen.

*Gangsta Lane*

Instant heat for Eddie Guerrero. The fans seriously hate Eddie Guerrero, especially after he cost the hometown hero; Rey Mysterio his match and his chance at the WWE Championship earlier tonight.

Tony Chimel: The following is a round 1 match in the Chase to the WWE Championship Tournament. Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 220 pounds; Eddie Guerrero!

Michael Cole: I don't care what you say, Tazz; Eddie Guerrero has no excuse for what he did earlier tonight! It doesn't matter if he & Rey Mysterio hate each other, Guerrero had no right getting involved in that match and no right costing Mysterio his chance at JBL!

Tazz: Well, Cole... I dunno. I think it was smart by Eddie Guerrero to get rid of Mysterio because now Guerrero hasn't got to worry about Mysterio at all...

Cole & Tazz continue to argue as Guerrero is in the ring and removes his T-Shirt. Guerrero's face is blank, clearly trying to focus on one thing and one thing only, The Undertaker... The lights go out...


The lights flicker from blue to black over and over again as the crowd let out some cheers... We go to black again.


The lights flicker again and we get a glimpse of Eddie Guerrero who still has a blank expression on his face!


Thunder is heard.

*Rest in Peace*

The flames rise from the ramp as The Undertaker slowly makes his way from behind the curtain. The crowd are on their feet.

Tazz: Oh boy! There he is!

Tony Chimel: & his opponent, from Death Valley, weighing 305 pounds; The UNDER-TAKER!

Taker slowly makes his way down the ramp.

Michael Cole: For 15 plus years, The Undertaker has been the cornerstone of the WWE! For 15 plus years, The Undertaker has had the most intimidating entrance in the history of the WWE!

Tazz: It scares the hell out of me, Cole. But look at Guerrero, he's not showing any signs of being intimidated by The Undertaker!

The Undertaker is on the steps as he 'turns the lights back on' Taker removes his hat and at this point, chills clearly go through Guerrero but he tries not to show it. Undertaker enters the ring and Nick Patrick is the official assigned for this contest.

Eddie Guerrero vs The Undertaker

Guerrero has a casual look on his face, trying to show The Undertaker that he is not intimidated by him in any way. Nick Patrick calls for the match to begin. It seems like the start of a typical Undertaker match as Taker has Eddie cornered and has his hands up, ready to swing at Guerrero. Guerrero is now semi-crouching as Taker gets closer. Taker swings his hand but Guerrero ducks and starts to hit a series of kicks to the midsection and most specifically, the right knee of The Undertaker... Guerrero hammers away at the knee before changing tactics and throwing several right hands at The Undertaker's face. Taker eventually blocks Guerrero's attempted punch and hits him back with his own! Guerrero is taken back as the punch is delivered with sheer authority! Guerrero rolls out of the ring, clearly not expecting a shot that hard from the gloved right hand of 'The Deadman' Taker examines Guerrero as Guerrero tries to think of a way to take Taker down. Remember, Guerrero is giving up a lot of size & weight to The Undertaker but it could work to his advantage if utilized properly. Guerrero walks up the steel steps as Taker is chomping at the bit to smack Guerrero in the face again! Guerrero slowly puts one leg through the middle ropes and Taker quickly moves towards him, forcing Guerrero to quickly hop back out of the ring. The crowd give Guerrero a tonne of heat as Taker stands in the ring with his hands on his hips. Guerrero continues to walk around the ring, slamming parts of the ring apron for no reason what so ever. Guerrero goes to the opposite steel steps and climbs those and walks to the center of the ring apron. Guerrero does the signature 'Cut Throat' taunt of The Undertaker and this pisses Taker off who quickly makes a move towards Guerrero. Guerrero is able to dodge the right hook from The Undertaker and grabs him by the head, pulling him down neck first, forcing him to slingshot off the ropes...

Guerrero quickly enters the ring and starts to stomp on Taker's midsection and right knee, trying to keep him grounded for as long as possible. Guerrero grabs Taker by the leg and starts to kick at the knee before dropping several elbows to the right knee. Guerrero drags Taker to the ropes by the leg and places his right leg on the bottom rope. Guerrero uses the ropes as a weapon here and bounces off the middle rope and sends all of his bodyweight down onto Taker's right knee. Guerrero again grabs the leg of The Undertaker and starts to kick away constantly at the knee. Guerrero is obviously not only trying to beat 'The Deadman' but is trying to put him on the injured list. Guerrero drops elbow after elbow after elbow to Undertaker's knee and the crowd aren't happy. Guerrero drops one last elbow and this time he stays down, wrenching the leg and knee to inflict more pain. Taker tries to grab Guerrero by the head and fight him off but Guerrero twists the leg in a direction it really shouldn't be twisted, forcing Undertaker to stop trying to get Guerrero off of him. Guerrero finally releases the submission move. Guerrero allows Undertaker to get on his feet... Taker swings for Guerrero but Guerrero is able to duck the attempted shot and quickly springs off the ropes, nailing The Undertaker with a dropkick to the knee!

The Undertaker is on one knee and Guerrero quickly springs off the ropes again and nails a DDT! Guerrero rolls Undertaker over and makes a cover.... it's only a two count. Guerrero quickly hops out onto the apron and is just as quick to dive back in as he hits the Hilo! Another cover.... another two count! Guerrero has certainly surprised everyone here tonight, especially Michael Cole who is literally speechless on commentary. Guerrero is again, smart not to let Undertaker have to much time to regroup. Guerrero drops a knee to Taker's head and then rakes his face with his boot. Another cover! "1---2--" Taker again kicks out. Guerrero climbs out to the apron and then climbs to the top turnbuckle.... Undertaker is able to manage to get on his feet and turns as Guerrero dives... Undertaker catches Guerrero by the throat! The crowd let out a massive cheer as Taker has him trapped! Undertaker hoists Guerrero up... WAIT, GUERRERO IS ABLE TO ROLL OVER THE TOP OF UNDERTAKER INTO A ROLL UP! "1---2---" Undertaker JUST kicks out! But it looks like Guerrero did have a handful of tights. Guerrero is quick back on his feet, whereas Undertaker is only on one knee, Guerrero has the clear advantage and nails Undertaker in the face with a dropkick. Guerrero, again with a cover. "1---2--" Taker kicks out again! Guerrero scouts Undertaker again as Taker is on one knee. Guerrero decides to help Taker along and pulls him up onto his other leg and kicks him in the midsection. Guerrero tries to hit a suplex on The Undertaker, but Undertaker is able to block it! Guerrero tries again but it's the same result! The Undertaker whacks Guerrero in the stomach with his free hand, forcing Guerrero off. Guerrero holds his stomach and could be winded as he walks away from The Undertaker. Guerrero turns back around into a BIG BOOT!

the Undertaker stumbles back into the corner and starts to hit his right knee to try and give it some life again. Undertaker limps out of the corner and grabs Guerrero his is pretty much back on his feet anyway. The Undertaker starts to nail Guerrero with right and left hooks in the face and backs Guerrero into the corner. Taker continues to smack Guerrero and works his way down to the midsection until Guerrero falls into the seated position in the corner. Taker hobbles to around about the middle of the ring and charges(ish) at Guerrero and shoves his left knee right into his face! Taker grabs Guerrero by the head and pulls him back up into the standing position in the corner. Undertaker whips Guerrero into the opposite corner and is somehow able to charge at Guerrero, hitting a corner closeline! He does the same again! The life is somehow coming back to Taker's right knee! Taker whips Guerrero one more time and still connects with the closeline. This time Taker backs off as Guerrero, groggily walks out of the corner and falls down, face first. Undertaker goes to continue his assault as he again grabs Guerrero by the head, Guerrero pokes Taker in the eye and quickly exits the ring... The Undertaker tries to follow but Nick Patrick, bravely, stands in Undertaker's way, telling him not to exit the ring. As the referee is distracted, Guerrero grabs two chairs! The crowd know what Guerrero is trying to do and give him a tonne of heat. Guerrero slides one chair in the ring which grabs the attention of The Undertaker & Nick Patrick, so he goes after it. Taker isn't paying attention and Guerrero is in the ring with the other chair as Patrick is explaining to Tony Chimel that he has to keep the chair out of the ring! Guerrero is about to swing at Taker who turns around and JUST manages to kick Guerrero in the midsection in time! Guerrero ends up dropping the chair and Undertaker shoves his hand into Guerrero's throat and kicks the chair out of the ring. Undertaker hoists Guerrero high in the air... CHOKESLAM!

The Undertaker's knee may have gave way while he was hitting the Chokeslam as he hasn't went for the cover and is instead holding onto his knee... Undertaker eventually moves over to cover Eddie Guerrero and Nick Patrick gets down... "One.....Two....Thre - NO! Guerrero gets a shoulder up! As the crowd let out an almost synchronized sigh, you have to think if Taker made the cover straight away, Guerrero could have been done for. Undertaker's face even looks slightly shocked. Undertaker pulls himself up by the ropes and as does Eddie Guerrero. Both men approach each other, but Undertaker is able to kick Guerrero in the midsection. Undertaker pulls Guerrero between his legs! The crowd are going crazy as The Undertaker pulls Guerrero up into Last Ride position! NO! Guerrero is able to jump out of it as soon as Taker got him up. Guerrero with a kick to the midsection... SUPLEX! Guerrero's kept it locked as he swings his hips and is able to get the heavy Undertaker up again! ANOTHER SUPLEX! Guerrero swings the hips one more time and is again able to get Undertaker up. THIRD SUPLEX! Guerrero connects with the Three Amigos!Guerrero climbs to the outside and climbs the turnbuckle. FROG SPLASH! HE HIT IT! COVER!


The crowd let out a massive pop but just like Eddie Guerrero, they can't believe it! Guerrero is livid and starts to stomp away on The Undertaker. Guerrero pulls Undertaker by the hair and is able to get him back on his feet. Guerrero pushes The Undertaker against the ropes and whips him to the other side of the ropes - Guerrero lowers his head. DDT BY THE UNDERTAKER! Both men are down and referee Nick Patrick starts the ten count! At 5, both men start to stir and it looks like Undertaker is back on his feet first! The Undertaker takes a swing at Guerrero and connects with a big right hand... Guerrero is able to respond with a right of his own! The same sequence continues with the crowd chanting 'Yay' for every Undertaker shot and 'Boo' for every Guerrero shot... The Undertaker gets the upper hand and now he whips Guerrero against the ropes; The Undertaker lowers his head and Guerrero is able to kick The Undertaker! The Undertaker isn't even hurt by it! The Undertaker's face turns to pure evil but Guerrero doesn't stop as he swings his right hand for The Undertaker but it's not having any effect on him! Guerrero tries again but the same result happens again! The Undertaker grabs Guerrero by the throat and again hoists him up; CHOKESLAM! NO GUERRERO COUNTERS INTO A DDT! The Undertaker's again sent back down by Guerrero! Guerrero see's one last chance and turns The Undertaker over the right way and he exits the ring onto the apron and makes the climb, Guerrero climbs to the final rope and shouts something out in Spanish....


It's Rey Mysterio's music! Guerrero turns to look at the ramp and Mysterio pops up out of nowhere! Guerrero drops down from the top rope and stands and shouts in Spanish at Mysterio! Guerrero isn't aware that The Undertaker has just sat up. The Undertaker does the signature cut throat taunt and Mysterio points behind Guerrero. Guerrero's eyes widen as he knows what is awaiting him... Guerrero slowly turns around and actually shouts at the top of his lungs "Mierda" which we will assume is an F-BOMB. The Undertaker has Guerrero turned upside down and in the middle of the ring... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! The Undertaker pulls Guerrero's hands onto his chest and does the signature tongue with the snake eyes as Nick Patrick makes the count.


It's over as The Undertaker pulls out one hell of a victory over Eddie Guerrero!

Match Result: The Undertaker def Eddie Guerrero via pinfall @ 16:57

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; THE UNDER-TAKER!

Michael Cole: The Undertaker, as always, impressive in this outing tonight!

Tazz: With the help of Rey Mysterio!

Michael Cole: Well, partner. You know what they say - Payback a....

Tazz: No, Cole. Don't say it.... & I aint your partner!

Michael Cole: Well, nonetheless ladies & gentlemen, this was a match for the ages and The Undertaker along with Kurt Angle have advanced to the triple threat match but who will be joining them? Will it be John Cena or The Big Show? Find out next week on Smackdown!

Rey Mysterio is standing at the top of the ramp with a uge grin on his face as he has cost Eddie Guerrero what he had cost him earlier in the night. The lights turn down and The Undertaker does his usual theatrics and we fade out with the final image being The Undertaker kneeling over Eddie Guerrero.

*End Show*

Quick Results

Kid Kash def Scotty 2 Hotty via pinfall @ 4:15
Kurt Angle def Rey Mysterio via Disqualification @ 11:43
Luther Reigns def Local Jobber via pinfall @ 1:28
MNM def London & Kendrick via pinfall @ 7:15
The Undertaker def Eddie Guerrero via pinfall @ 16:57


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Heat & Velocity Results

The Heart Throbs let us know that they are the best team in the world and they should be competing for the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships and tonight they will prove it.

Match 1: The Heart Throbs def Viscera & Val Venis @ 5:50.
In a match that was mostly dominated by Viscera until he tagged in his pertner Val Venis, then the Heart Throbs took over and dominated the rest of the match. The end came when Antonio dropkicked Viscera off the apron and then Romeo entered the ring and both members of The Heart Throbs hit the 'Heart Attack' resulting in Antonio scoring the pinfall victory.

Match 2: Rhyno def Maven w/ Simon Dean @ 3:47
A match that was dominated by Rhyno. Maven at one point tried to escape using Simon Deans 'Dean Machine' but in the end didn't succeed and was destroyed with an impressive Gore from Rhyno.

Match 3: Tomko def Local Jobber @ 0:30
Tomko was able to take out the local jobber quickly after easily executing a boot to the face followed up by what Tomko calls the Tattoo Maker. Tomko has built himself some momentum going into his match with Edge on the next edition of Monday Night Raw.

The Hurricane delivers a promo on his former partner Rosey, explaining how un-reliable he is and how much of a joke he has made The Hurricane seem. Hurricane lets us know that it's time for a change.

Main Event: The Hurricane def Rosey @ 6:23
Whilst being introduced as The Hurricane, Hurricane wasn't wearing the usual Super Hero attire. Hurricane was wearing old school attire from his WCW days. The match started off with Rosey hitting some big power moves on the smaller Hurricane but in the end Hurricane was able to prevail after hitting not one, not two, but three Shining Wizards. It's clear that The Hurricane has had a serious attitude change and that the team of The Hurricane & Rosey is well and truly over.

Kenzo Suzuki comes out and talks some trash about his opponent for tonight and eventually his opponent, Paul Burchill comes out and is ready to fight.

Match 1: Paul Burchill def Kenzo Suzuki @ 6:32
Good match on Velocity here, back and forth action for quite some time, Suzuki looked like he was going to score a win when he executed a brainbuster but Burchill kicked out. The ending came out of nowhere. Suzuki went to closeline Burchill and Burchill caught Suzuki and hit the C4.

Match 2: Heidenreich def Hardcore Holly @ 2:18
Heidenreich was, to be honest destroyed in this match, he only won because he scored a lucky roll up over Holly and used the ropes for leverage. Holly hit Alabama Slam after the match and left the ring.

Jamie Noble cut a promo claiming that he deserved to be facing Paul London for the Cruiserweight Championship and he would prove it tonight.

Match 3: Triple Threat - Jamie Noble def Shannon Moore & Akio @ 7:21
Noble certainly proved he is still worthy of being the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He dominated most of the match but there was a point where Shannon Moore nearly pulled out an upset victory over Noble but in the end Noble sent Moore crashing down and scored the win.

Carlito & Matt Morgan come out. Carlito says that he is setting an open challenge to anyone. Music plays and out steps a newcomer who goes by the name of Bobby Lashley! Lashley gets in the ring and Carlito says that he was meaning Matt Morgan. The match is now Morgan vs Lashley.

Main event: Bobby Lashley def Matt Morgan w/ Carlito @ 4:57
Lashley was certainly impressive in this match of the powerhouses, though the ending wasn't a pinfall victory. Carlito got involved by tripping Lashley as he was springing off the ropes. Lashley hit Carlito with a move that is called the Dominator and Velocity ends.

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It was announced on this weeks Smackdown that a Tournament called "Chase To The WWE Championship" would take place to determine the next contender for JBL's WWE Championship. It has not been confirmed when the WWE Championship match will take place but it is thought that it will happen at Judgement Day next month. It is thought that John Cena will be the one to win the tournament and probably even the WWE Championship.

WWE newcomer, Bobby Lashley, who recently got called up to the main roster, made his WWE Television Debut on Smackdown's sub show 'Velocity' Lashley defeated Matt Morgan by Disqualification. Bobby Lashley was over with the crowd and resembled former WWE Superstar, Brock Lesnar. It is thought that Lashley will make his Smackdown debut in the coming weeks.

It's now official, Vince McMahon has signed AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels to development contracts. This is a move that is said to be a huge blow to the TNA organisation as they viewed AJ Styles in particular as the backbone to TNA. Dixie Carter had been trying to negotiate a new contract with AJ Styles since February but negotiations fell through and AJ Styles along with Christopher Daniels, signed with the WWE.

Keeping with development, Ken Anderson is said to be close to being promoted to the main roster. It is expected that he will go to the Raw brand, but that is not confirmed.

Vince McMahon has sent WWE Scouts out to Europe, the United Kingdom in particular. Vince McMahon is said to be after some more International Stars and feels that the U.K has potential.


Eric Bischoff has just announced that despite losing in his re-match clause on last weeks Monday Night Raw, Triple H will face Batista at the upcoming Backlash pay per view and that match will be for the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista is sure to have some words for General Manager Eric Bischoff on this weeks Raw.

Vince McMahon has promised that his announcement on this weeks Monday Night Raw will please the majority of the fans.

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Raw Preview.

Monday Night Raw - April 11th 2005 Preview - Moline, Illinois

The big story going into this weeks Raw is that the Chairman of the Board is making his television return. That's right, Mr. McMahon will be live on Monday Night Raw in Moline, Illinois. It was announced on last weeks Raw that Mr. McMahon will be present in Moline, Illinois to make a major announcement. No one has the slightest idea of what the announcement could be, all we know is that it involves the episode of Monday Night Raw that follows the Backlash Pay Per View. This is one announcement that fans cannot afford to miss.

The other big story going into this weeks Raw is that of the Batista/Triple H saga, it was announced on WWE.com that Eric Bischoff has decided, despite Triple H losing in his re-match against Batista, Triple H will battle 'The Animal' at Backlash for the World Heavyweight Championship. The Champion is sure to have many words to say to the GM of Raw following this big announcement.

After protesting his loss at WrestleMania, Christian eventually got what he wanted. This week, Tomko will battle Mr. Money in the Bank; Edge and if Tomko can beat Edge this week on Raw, Christian will get to face Edge at Backlash in a match that they helped make famous. Tables Ladders & Chairs.... Will Tomko solve yet another one of Christians problems or will Christian be left without a shot at Money in the Bank again? Find out on Raw!

We saw last week on Smackdown that the team of MNM qualified to the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship match that will take place at Backlash. Raw & Smackdown's General Managers came to a deal to allow William Regal to face off against Johnny Nitro this week on Raw & Tajiri to face off against Joey Mercury on next weeks Raw. Which team will prevail overall? Which team will build up the momentum going into Backlash? Find out on Raw!

Muhammad Hassan won his first Championship last week in the WWE. He won the Intercontinental Championship from one of the longest reigning champions in history, Shelton Benjamin. Hassan has promised that he will never let go of the IC Title but Shelton Benjamin may have other plans. Who knows what to expect from these men on the upcoming episode of Raw!

After a week of no action on any WWE show, the divas return to action as we find out who the next contender for Trish Stratus' Womens Championship is.

After impressing last week, Chris Masters has sent out a 'Masterlock Challenge' Who will accept the challenge and try to break the currently unbroken move known as 'The Masterlock'?

Confirmed For Raw

Mr. McMahon to make a big announcement
Tyson Tomko w/ Christian vs Edge
William Regal w/ Tajiri vs Johnny Nitro w/ Joey Mercury & Melina
Randy Orton to address his actions from last weeks Raw
Kane in action
Lita vs Victoria
Masterlock Challenge

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Smackdown Review

The JBL promo was great, well written and interesting, the tournament look as if it can have some great matches like it did on the main event, I can see that you're probably gonna have Cena win the tournament and hopefully win the title as he should've at Mania.

The build up with Kid Kash seems interesting and should lead to a small feud with London as I can see you making London and Kendrick a full time tag team.

I'm suprised that you are buiding up Luther Reigns as I never saw any speacial in him but I can see you do. But I have no idea who your your going to feud him with.

The Unification of the tag titles is a good idea as this is the time period were the tag titles lost most of its tag teams. I can see MNM winning the unification match against Regal and Tajiri because I could see Regal turning on Tajiri.

The Angle/Rey match was written very well and it was nice touch for Eddie to hit Kurt in the head with the chair, as it was hilarious with the fact that the fans thought Eddie was helping Rey.

Also no Carlito or Booker T :(

The Undertaker/Eddie match was booked great and was a great back and fourth match, the Eddie/Rey feuds seems to be looking great and is slowly unraveling to an even greater feud than it was in 05.

All up the show was booked great but there was only minor things I didn't like

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Thanks for your feedback. It's appreciated muchly. :)

The next Raw and every Raw after it will now be posted by FluxCapacitor. This is now a joint effort. :)

EDIT: I will be continuing with RAW for now. Partner has encountered a computer problem. :)

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I will be continuing with Raw until my partner can fix his computer. :)

Monday Night Raw | April 11 2005 | Rosemount, Illinois| Allstate Arena

Highlights of last week's no disqualification match between the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, and the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion and Batista's former mentor, Triple H. It shows the abuse and torture both men suffered from the hands of one another but it finally shows Batista nailing the Batista bomb to get the three count. The little package ends with Jerry Lawler shouting down the microphone;

"This isn't fair, J.R! This just isn't fair! Batista will pay for this next week, you'll see!"

The Raw opening video then plays, followed by a huge pyro display and the cameras spinning all around the arena, as we are able to see thousands of enthusiastic and excited fans jumping up and down getting ready for tonight's event.​

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw in Rosemount, Illinois, where thousands of WWE fans are in attendance. Good evening everybody, I am 'good ole' JR and beside me, as always, is Jerry 'The King, Lawler and tonight King, what went down last week...

Jerry Lawler: What went down last week, JR, was a disgrace, a travesty and a total disrespect to authority! Dave Batista knew full well that in his match last week he was NOT allowed to use the Batista bomb, and what did he do? He used it JR! That was a disgrace and in my world, that is an offence which is worthy of a title stripping.

Jim Ross: Good job that the WWE is not based in your world then, isn't it King? As if we were I know for a fact we'd have one raging Animal storming around the locker room, which obviously isn't good. But tonight we WILL see the Animal in action as he is going to take on his 'other' former mentor, in Ric Flair, in the main event. Also, last week, we saw La Resistance advance to Backlash to compete with Smackdown's respresentatives, MNM, to become the first EVER WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions; and tonight two of the four men shall be competing as William Regal will be taking on Johnny Nitro!

Jerry Lawler: I know that's going to be one hell of a match, JR, and I hope Regal can win it for Raw tonight, but who are we kidding... MR. MCMAHON IS RETURNING, TONIGHT! That's right, the chairman of the board is going to make a special, rare appearance on Raw tonight and apparently he has a couple of VERY important announcements to make. I CAN'T WAIT, JR!

Jim Ross: You're damn right, and also tonight we will determine the number one contender for Trish Status' Women's championship at Backlash as Lita shall be taking on Victoria, tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Puppies!

Jim Ross: And as announced last week by our very own general manager, Eric Bischoff, Tyson Tomko shall be in one on one action against the Money In The Bank contract holder Edge. And should Tomko win tonight, his associate and Edge's brother Christian earns the right to fight Edge at Backlash for the contract in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match!

Jerry Lawler: In the words of yourself, JR, that is going to be a slobberknocker of a match up!

***I'M BACK***

And the first person to grace us with their presence? The very unpopular, Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff. The Bisch strolls down to the ring, cocky as ever, dressed in his usual suit with out a tie and the top button undone. Microphone in hand, he steps through the middle ropes as he is greeted by a fair amount of boos.

Jim Ross:
Well normally when Mr. McMahon is rolling in to town, we expect HIM to open the show, but unfortunately we have to put up with this blithering idiot for a bit.

Jerry Lawler: How dare you insult our general manager like that, JR?! Eric Bischoff is one of the cleverest and most successful men in wrestling history and he deserves respect. I love him and I think he's doing a great job being in charge of Raw!

Jim Ross: Hmm, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree, King, because it's obvious that it's impossible to get your head out of Bischoff's ass!

Jerry Lawler: HEY! That was uncalled for, JR.

JR chuckles to himself and apologizes, as Eric is ready to speak.

Eric Bischoff:
Y'know what...


Oh boy! The arena rises to its feet for the chairman, who hasn't been seen on television for months! Bischoff stays in the same position, pulling a "pissed off" face, but he eventually turns around to face McMahon who is making his way down the ramp, clapping so he doesn't look disrespectful to his boss.

Jim Ross:
Oh boy, here comes the real authority 'round here, not that whining bastard, Eric Bischoff! He looks in great condition, King.

Jerry Lawler: You're right, JR, Vince does look in great shape, but thats no way to talk about Mr. Bischoff!

Jim Ross: Need I repeat what I said earlier, King? No, thought not. Anyway, Mr McMahon didn't even allow Eric Bischoff to say a word! AAren't you going to disrespect Mr McMahon because of that?

Jerry Lawler: Nooo, of course not JR, don't be silly! If it was anyone else, then maybe, but this is the legend that is Mr. McMahon we're talking about here! (nervously laughs)

By now McMahon has entered the ring, grabbed a microphone from Lillian and is awaiting the crowd to calm down a little bit.

Eric Bischoff:
Ahh, Vi... Mr. McMahon, what a pleasure to see you, welcome to Raw!

Vince McMahon: Wish I could say the same about you and besides, you , or anyone for that matter, doesn't welcome ME to MY SHOW! GOT IT!?!

Eric Bischoff: (Scared) Sorry Mr. McMahon

Vince McMahon: I accept your apology Mr Bischoff, now, on to serious business. Eric, would you like the good news or the... smiles... bad news first?

Eric Bischoff: Umm, as I am a man, i'll take the BAD news first!

Vince McMahon: Well okay then. Y'see, Mr Bischoff, me and you are very similar guys. We're rich, we're successful and we're both powerful in our own right. But obviously, we're different in many more ways. Well first off, as you can see, I have a beautifully toned body!

Pops and laughs, as Eric plays along with it and shouts "absolutely" and claps

Vince McMahon:
I have the final say on everything...

More pops, as Bischoff seems to agree, as VKM's face turns serious.

Vince McMahon:
But most importantly, I DO NOT ABUSE MY POWER. Y'see, Eric, you've been Raw General Manager for what? Almost three years now! Boy that is impressive, but I propose the question; exactly how many people have you screwed over the years, here on Raw? How many people's dreams have you crushed over the years? And how much bullshit have you caused?

The crowd pops a lot, as Bischoff's face really is a sight to see, at this moment!

Vince McMahon:
Don't get me wrong, Eric, them tactics may have got you to where you are now, but i by'gawd swear that this show is NOT WCW! No messing around, no betrayals and no politics; that's what we both agreed on when you signed your name on the dotted line. You've used and abused your power beyond the limits, and signing last week's match, and this week's match for Batista was the final straw!

Eric Bischoff: Umm...errr... final straw for what, Mr. Mcma...


HUUUGE POP! As a shocked Eric mouths the words, "you serious?" ans McMahon nods. Bischoff takes the hint and makes his way out of the ring.

Vince McMahon:
Hey Eric, aren't you going to wait to found out who your successor is? Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your NEW Monday Night Raw, General Manager...


THE ARENA BLOWS UP AS THE INFAMOUS MUSIC OF THE RATTLESNAKE HITS! ANF THE CHEERS GROW TWICE AS LOUD WHEN THE MAN HIMSELF APPEARS AT THE TOP OF THE STAGE! Vince is applauding in the ring, as Austin makes his way down the ramp stopping next to Bischoff on the way down. He raises his fist, ready to deck Eric, but he sticks his middle finger up in the face of a VERY scared Bischoff!

Jim Ross:

Jerry Lawler: What the hell!? How is this beer-drinking idiot better than Bischoff? Has Mr. McMahon lost his mind! This is the worst decision he's ever made!

Steve is now in the ring, shakes Vince's hand and grabs a microphone, as the Austin chants begin

Steve Austin: First things first, Vince, as the general manager do I get unlimited god dam beers because you, and every single one of these people know that good ole' Stone Cold likes a nice beverage or two.


Steve Austin:
Next on my agenda is that I promised Vince here that I would publically announce that I will be an impartial general manager and hand out fair and equal chances to everyone on the roster blah blah blah blah!

Vince looks a little annoyed as Austin obviously isn't doing what he was told, how he was told.

Steve Austin:
Thirdly, a word from Stone Cold Steve Austin himself, that I will take nothing from nobody and if any superstar in the back wants to go fisticuffs with me over a petty little decision then they can bring it, and while they're at it they can bring a stretcher and a few celebratory beers as I won't be afraid to whip anyones scrawny ass around the arena.

And the cheers couldn't get any bigger?!

Steve Austin:
Fourth, i'm gonna let Batista have something in return for putting up with that greasy bastard for months and thats if he wins his match against Ric Flair tonight he gets to decide the stipulation for his match against Triple H at Backlash!

Vince McMahon: Thank you Steve, but I have one more announcement to make. And that is that after Backlash, running up to Judgement day, every episode of Raw and Smackdown, one member of the WWE Roster will be switching brands in a draft lottery! Nobody is safe, champions, commentators and hell, EVEN GENERAL MANAGERS AREN'T SAFE!

The fans pop at both of these announcements, as Stone Cold looks to be leaving the ring.

Vince McMahon:
Oh yeah, and Steve...

Steve Austin: What?!

Vince McMahon: Don't get too high on power, because remember, I ALWAYS have the last word on EVERYTHING.

SCSA thinks for a moment, as the crowd begin to boo. But STEVE BOOTS MCMAHON IN THE GUT AND HITS THE STUNNER TO A THUNDEROUS OVATION AS HIS MUSIC HITS AGAIN! He climbs to the second rope, gets two beers and cracks them both open. He drinks out of one, and drops it on the chairman as he makes his way up the ramp


Jim Ross:
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw and if you've just joined us, you've already missed an EXPLOSIVE first 15 minutes!

Jerry Lawler: You're not wrong, JR. General Manager.... Former General Manager, Eric Bischoff has been fired by Vince McMahon himself, and do you know who he hired!? I can't beleive he did it, JR, the master mind that is Mr. McMahon hired that god damn Rattlesnake as the new Raw General Manager!

Jim Ross: You better believe it, King. And the changes don't stop there, as Mr. McMahon announced himself that following Backlash, there will be a draft lottery, and no-ones safe, not even you, King!

Jerry Lawler: Oh my god, JR, I won't be able to cope having to work next to that Smackdown dweeb, Michael Cole each and every week, I hope and pray both me and you stay here on Raw.

Jim Ross: As do I, King, but focusing on tonight, we have one hell of a show for you with the main event being the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista squaring off against the 16 time, former World Heavyweight Champion, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair in a match which may have huge implications on Triple H's title rematch at Backlash!

Jerry Lawler: I'm not sweating it, JR, Ric Flair is a professional and we all know he'll get the job done somehow, some way.


The crowd pops as the popular team of William Regal and the Japanese Buzzsaw enter the arena with Regal dressed to compete and Tajiri dressed in a shirt and trousers. The make their way down to the ring casually, slapping the hands of the fans at ringside.

Jim Ross: Wow, what a response for Raw's representatives at Backlash!

Jerry Lawler: Well at least we know that Raw has got the fans on their side, I suppose thats a bonus.

Jim Ross: Another bonus is that these two men are two of the best technical wrestlers on the roster, no-one can argue that, King!

Jerry Lawler: I suppose not, but do Regal and Tajiri have a sexy sidekick in Melina, much like MnM do? Y'see, JR, thats the biggest bonus of them all, it's almost 3v2 with Melina involved!


And the pops swiftly turn in to echoing boos throughout the arena, as the trio of Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury and Melina enter a Raw arena for the first time. The BLUE carpet rolls out for the three, signifying their loyalty to Smackdown, which receives a few more boos, however they all ignore the crowd and do their usual entrance.

Jerry Lawler: Wow, JR! Melina looks even better in the flesh, wahoo!

Jim Ross: You obviously can't see through the mask then, King. Melina may be a lovely looking lady and one of the most attractive young women to be ever see in the WWE, but that doesn't stop the fact that she's a feisty little bitch. I'm willing to be my bottom dollar that she gets involved in either this match, next week's match or at Backlash. I'll bet you.

Jerry Lawler: Oh JR, why do you need to be so deep, sometimes it whats on the outside more than the inside. Speaking of outside, them coats Nitro and Mercury are wearing are amazing, where can I get one from?! Aha.

Match One | Singles Match
William Regal w/ Tajiri vs Johnny Nitro w/ Joey Mercury and Melina

From the get go, we instantly see the difference in styles of the two men; Regal's ground and pound yet technical style, and Nitro's high-risk, high-reward, rather exciting style. This is shown through the first move, the collar and elbow tie up, from which Regal gains the advantage and twists the arm of Nitro not once, but twice, wrenching back the shoulder before Nitro falls to the floor and rolls out of it, only to put Regal in the exact same position. William uses his strength advantage and counters it in to a hammer lock and attempts and early back suplex from which Nitro flips out of and chop blocks Regal, gaining the advantage. Johnny realises that he's got a great chance and lays in the boots to the sternum and shoulder region of his opponent, driving the wind out of him. Nitro allows Regal to get up after almost a dozen stiff shots, but knocks him right back down again with vicious discus clothesline. And that generally sets the tone for the majority of the match, Nitro beating down Regal with innovative offense, not allowing Regal one chance to get back up or lay in a shot whatsoever.

However, around the six and a half minute mark, with Nitro still on the offensive after Mercury getting involved whenever possible, Johnny attempts a running flying forearm to the temple of Regal, but he ducks and elevates Nitro over the top rope and slapping the floor, which garners more of a "ooooh" reaction because of the hard, slapping sound however Regal is so worn down by now he just collapses on the ring mat. Eventually, though, Regal rolls under the bottom rope with a little smile on his face and starts the chase on a fleeing Nitro, who wants as much time as possible to recover. Nitro manages to get around the ring, only to bump in to Tajiri who stands there and looks "menacingly" at Nitro. Mercury gets the hint and runs past Regal and tries to to out Tajiri, but TAJIRI IS PREPARED AND SPEWS OUT THE GREEN MIST, WHICH MERCURY DUCKS AND HITS NITRO!

Nitro, now blinded panics and runs all around ringside whilst Tajiri connects with a vicious Buzzsaw Kick to the jaw of Mercury. The Brit catches up with his opponent, connects with a boot to the stomach and throws him in to the ring. Regal follows as they both stand up and Nitro swinging aimlessly with rights and lefts; Regal ducks, gets the back of Nitro and CONNECTS WITH THE REGAL PLEX! HOWEVER HE DOESN'T MAKE THE COVER, AND LOCKS IN THE REGAL STRETCH! NITRON CONTEMPLATES TAPPING..... ITS OVER, NITRO CAN'T BARE THE PAIN ANYMORE!

Winner: William Regal defeats Johnny Nitro @ 7:32 via Submission

Melina is screaming at ringside, more specifically at the ref for not paying any attention to the green mist the Nitro suffered. Regal quickly rolls out of the ring, as him and Tajiri make their way back up the ramp as Melina and a recovering Mercury roll back in to the ring to check on the condition of their friend.

Jim Ross: YES! William Regal has done it! What a way to kick off Raw's campaign, and more importantly, Regal's and Tajiri's campaign in becoming the first ever WWE Undisputed Teag Team Champions.

Jerry Lawler: Yes it is, JR, but credit where credit is due; Johnny Nitro put up one hell of a fight and you may have to argue that if it wasn't for Tajiri.

Jim Ross: I can't disagree but at the end of the day, it is team Raw that has got the advantage heading in to next week, and ultimately in to Backlash, what a night it is going to be!

Elsewhere, cameras catch up with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, still dressed in a suit with his belt around his shoulder. The fans give a huge ovation for the champ as Coachman catches up with him.

Johnathan Coachman:
Hey, Batista, can I get a few words please?

Batista: Urghh, If I must...

Johnathan Coachman: (Awkwardly) For the second week running, you are in the main event, both matches having something to do with your World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, you are up against Ric Flair, and as announce by our new General Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin, should you win tonight, YOU get to choose the stipulation for your rematch against Triple H at Backlash. Thoughts?

Batista: Steve Austin said it best earlier tonight, I had to put up with that greaseball, Eric Bischoff, for months yet I gained nothing in return from him; I had to do it all by myself whereas people like Hunter and Ric got chance after chance after chance. Tonight, i'm going to go out there and do what I need to do, and if that means bending the rules slightly, then I shall do so because let's face it; it's not as if people have never cheated against me before, is it?

Johnathan Coachman: You seem confident, have you even considered what the stipulation will be at Backlash, should you win here tonight?

Batista: Honestly? No I haven't, but as soon as I know, so will you.

Batista continues walking down the corridor, obviously not wanting to answer any more questions, leaving Coach in the corridor.


***Burn In My Light***

Unsurprisingly, the playing of Orton's music earns himself a tonne of boos because of what he did last week to his father, and recently inducted WWE Hall of Famer, "Cowboy" Bob Orton.

Jerry Lawler:
I know you're going to disagree with me JR, but what Orton did last week... I respect that. He shown the whole world that he is for real at getting another shot at the Phenom, and it shows the determination Oroton has to prove himself, and every single one of his doubters, wrong.

Jim Ross: You're dam right I'm going to disagree with you, Randy Orton not only assaulted a long-retired, 50 plus man, but he also assaulted his own Father, the same man which brought him in to the business and god damn reared him from a baby boy!

Jerry Lawler: JR, you wouldn't understand as you've never been in the ring in a competitive nature, but if you were you'd understand that you need to do anything to succeed and not be lost in the shuffle, and that's exactly what Randy Orton doesn't want. He has had an amazing career so far and it looks as if he isn't stopping at where he is at now, and he wants to extend his legacy. If that means RKO'ing his father to get to the Undertaker, and possibly defeat The Undertaker, then so be it!

Orton is now in the ring sitting on a steel chair, microphone in hand, with the arena blacked out, only for a spotlight to be shining on him.

Randy Orton:
Last week, I was left with no other choice than to resort to the final option.


Randy Orton:
Last week, I had to do the one thing that I would have never wanted to do, to get an opportunity.

He Cups his hands and buries his face in them, regaining his composure

Randy Orton: Last week, I had to lay my hands on my best friend, my idol, my father. I had to swallow my heart and do what was needed to get what I wanted! I had to ruin one of the few things I had in life to get an opportunity and I HAD TO DESTROY A CORNERSTONE OF MY SUCCESS TO GET TO THE UNDERTAKER!

Pops for the mention of Taker, but still the majority of the arena booking Orton.

Randy Orton:
Y'see, two months ago I bumped in to one of my childhood heroes... "Superstar" Billy Graham and he told me to "go where no wrestler had gone before" and defeat The Undertaker, and ultimately destroy the legacy that is the Wrestlemania Streak. And believe it or not, I came god damn close; I came the closest than any one of the 13 men before him had, and I was just a milisecond away from cementing my place as a...


Randy Orton:
Legend!... And between Wrestlemania and last week's Raw, I couldn't stop thinking about how or when I would get my next chance at defeating the Undertaker, hell, even get the attention of him; ad it all boiled down to a split-second decision. It all boiled down to how I felt that second, and it just so happened I felt like a bastard, and to be honest... I don't regret what I did one little bit.

Outburst of heat, for the Legend Killer

Randy Orton:
OH SHUT THE HELL UP! Because quite frankly if you were in the ring right now i'd RKO all of you without a second thought, you're all nothing to me and you never will be and given the chances and the circumstances; you would have done the exact same thing.

The heat keeps on coming, Orton leans back on his chair, slings his arm over the back and has a little smile on his face

Randy Orton:
What you people don't understand is that i've worked my ass off to get to where I am today. Not at one point in my professional career have I gave up or quit, yet you still boo me and doubt me. At one point, I was at the bottom at Ohio Valley Wrestling, competing among losers week-in week-out just in hope to get the call, to be called up to the main roster. Shortly after, I won my first ever Intercontinental Championship and I didn't give up once during my 210 day reign and I only lost it because off ... Mick Foley.

Pops for Mick Foley

Randy Orton:
But I didn't stop there; because over a month later, after losing the Intercontinental Championship, I became the youngest EVER, World Heavyweight Champion after doing what Triple H could not and to this day, I remain the youngest World Champion in the history of the business and since then... The Legend Killer has fallen off the map.


Randy Orton:
Fallen off the radar of everyone in the back...


Randy Orton:
But now, most importantly, I've fallen off of the radar of the Undertak...


Lights go completely out


We see flickering of the lights, but not enough to show us anything thats significant, the crowd is going absolutely ape-shit for the rare appearance of The Deadman on Raw!


The lights come back on to see RANDY ORTON HUNG ON THE UNDERTAKERS SYMBOL, FLYING IN MIDAIR! But there is no sign of 'Taker?! All we hear are the crowd screaming, giving the biggest pop of the night so far, and Orton screaming even louder, begging for someone to come and rescue him


Jim Ross: Oh boy, it's evident that Randy hasn't fallen off of the radar of The Undertake at all, if anything he's on his radar more than ever. By'gawd I bet Orton regrets running his mouth now!

Jerry Lawler: It doesn't matter what he regrets and what he doesn't regret, JR, just someone, PLEASE help the kid down; he doesn't deserve this!

Jim Ross: All I have to say, King, is that Orton has picked the wrong guy to mess with!

Jerry Lawler: Are you still talking! No-one has came out to help Randy yet, I hope he's alright! Oh I tell you, JR, Undertaker will be punished for this, I can see it now.

Just on cue, trainers and EMT's rush the ring, as the last scene before fading in to a video package is Orton shouting "GET ME THE HELL OFF OF THIS"

Narator: WrestleMania is over....

Screenshots of Batista holding the World Title High.

Narrator: But rivals wont let it end there...

Clips of Christian, Edge, Triple H & Batista are shown.

Narrator: On this night....

A shot of the Verizon Wireless Arena is shown.

Narrator: May 1st 2005....

A shot of Triple H with a sledgehammer in hand, walking down a hallway is shown.

Narrator: BACKLASH!



Jim Ross: Well, we have a...


Jim Ross: Oh will you stop King, is that all you ever think about?

Lita has made her way into the ring and is posing for the fans as she awaits her opponent for this evening.


Jim Ross: Now as I was trying to say before King interrupted me, these divas will be out to impress tonight, looking to see which one will be next in line to challenge current Womens Champion; Trish Strats for her Championship at Backlash.

Jerry Lawler: If you were a betting man, who would you put your money on J.R?

Jim Ross: I'd have to say Lita...

Jerry Lawler: Well thank goodness you're not a betting man J.R or all your money would be in a casino bank right now!

Victoria is in the ring and as usual, hasn't really gotten a positive reaction from the crowd.

Match Two | Singles Match | To become Number One Contender at Backlash
Lita vs. Victoria

As per usual, the divas are out to show which one of them are to be next in line for a shot at Trish Stratus' Womens Championship. The action has been back & forth thus far until Lita was caught in mid-air by Victoria and hoisted up and sent right back down with a vicious move Victoria likes to call the Spiders Web. Victoria goes for a quick cover and referee Chad Patton makes the count. "1---2--" Lita is able to kick out. Victoria shows us her true knowledge of Wrestling and applies a move we rarely ever see from the Divas, an STF! Victoria has it locked on but Lita is rather close to the ropes. Victoria tries to apply more pressure to stop Lita getting to the ropes but it doesn't work as Lita is a fingertip away! She grabs the bottom rope! The referee starts a count "1-2-3-4" Victoria finally releases the STF. Victoria grabs Lita by the hair and pulls her to her feet. Chad Patton tells her not to pull the hair but she doesn't listen and tosses Lita by the hair, down face first on the mat! The referee again warns Victoria. Victoria gives a casual response to Patton and continues her assault on Lita. Victoria grabs Lita by the head and pulls her up to her feet. JAWBREAKER! Victoria is sent down and Lita has some time here! Lita gets herself back on her feet and climbs up top, the fans are on their feet as Lita waits for Victoria to get on her feet. LITA-CANRANA! No! Victoria catches her and drops her down with a huge POWERBOMB! The strength of Victoria is unreal! Victoria with a cover. "1---2---" LITA KICKS OUT!

The crowd are in awe as the WWE Diva is somehow able to kick out of that thunderous powerbomb! Victoria can't even believe it! Victoria pulls Lita back to her feet and attempts to closeline her back down but Lita ducks. Lita with a closeline of her own! No! Victoria ducks that attempt too! SUPERKICK! Lita turned right into it! The Vicious Vixen hooks the leg once again. "1---2---" LITA KICKS OUT! Massive cheer from the crowd as Lita still has something left in the tank! Victoria looks pissed and starts pulling her own hair out! She quickly grabs Lita and gets her back on her feet. Victoria is going for Widows Peak! NO! Lita rolls through before Victoria can grab her neck and she has a sunset flip! "1---2---" NO! Lita doesn't win it here. Victoria quickly gets back on her feet and attempts to slap Lita but Lita blocks it, kick to the midsection. TWIST OF FATE! Victoria pushes her off and into the corner, Lita stops herself from hitting the turnbuckle and turns around. Stiff closeline from Victoria! Lita is down and Victoria climbs up to the top rope! MOONSAULT! NO! Lita moved! Lita quickly climbs up top. LITA-SAULT! SHE HITS IT! Lita hooks the leg "1---2---3!" Lita wins!

Winner: Lita defeated Victoria via pinfall @ 6:23 via Pinfall to advance to Backlash

Lita stands back up, selling her Litasault by holding her stomach, while having her hand raised by the ref. She has a beaming smile on her face, knowing she has a chance at Backlash to regain the Women's championship, which she once owned.

Jim Ross: It was a close match, King, but like I said, Lita was victorious in this one! I really should've put my money on Lita, eh King?!

Jerry Lawler: Ahh, shut your mouth, JR. On any other day it could have been different, I reckon it was a fluke!


Oh what a coincidence, the Champ is making her way out. She gets a few wolf whistles (obviously 8*D) but she also gets a load of heat. She has a mic in her hand, and she stays at the top of the ramp.

Trish Stratus:
Hey Lita, congratulations.

Heat for the sarcasm

Trish Stratus:
C'mon guys, don't be like that; she deserves a congratulations! I mean, she's earned a title shot against the best female competitor, ever, for the most prestigious prize in our business. This! (points to belt)

Trish has a cheeky, evil, yet rather kinky smile on her face

Trish Stratus:
But I also have to congratulate you on future endeavoring your career; in a hospital bed. Y'see, we've had some history together, haven't we Lita? Since the moment I walked in to the WWE, you despised me and to be honest, the feeling was mutual. And throughout the years we've had some wars in our time, one of them main eventing Raw! I mean, who would have thought the DIVAS would main event the "A" show in the "A" company. Now, however, you're back for more, and at Backlash, the near five year rivalry we've had, all the ups and downs, all the arguments and all the brawls; they'll all come to an end as at Backlash, our match... will be a LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH

Cheers at the added, exciting stipulation. Lita has a smile on her face as she shouts, without a microphone; "Thats fine with me, the quicker the go the happier i'll be!"

Trish Stratus:
And believe me when I say; I am not leaving Raw!.

***TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL*** hits again, as Trish turns her back on the ring and walks to the back. Lita smiles and nods at Trish's demands for the match, as she soon follows suit.

Jim Ross:
Well you heard it just then, King; At Backlash, it will be Trish Stratus defending her Women's Championship against Lita in a Loser Leaves Town match!

Jerry Lawler: I know this is going to be a huuge match, JR, possibly the greatest women's match in the history of the WWE but there's only one thing wrong with it...

Jim Ross: And what's that... King?

Jerry Lawler: They'll be one set less of puppies here on Monday Night Raw!

Jim Ross: (sarcastically) Oh dear, I don't know how you'll be able to cope.

The cameras go elsewhere. We see the Intercontinental Champion, Muhammad Hussan, accompanied by Davari on an interview set.

Johnathan Coachman:
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time; The Intercontinental Champion, Muhammad Hussan and Davari. Mr. Hassan, last week you managed to capture you're first ever title here in the WWE, and you defeated Shelton Benjamin in a very competitive contest. Where do you go from here?

Muhammad Hassan: Where do I go from here? From here, I carry on being an Arab-American. From here I carry on being the Intercontinental Champion and from here... I prove to the world that Americans are no longer the best performers anymore, and show that now is the time for the Arabs to grasp the few opportunities we get in this country and make the most of them. I come from a long line of Arab-American heritage, and I was the first in my family to really make sense of "The American Dream." To take hold of a chance that may never show up again, in my life, and really show that we are all equals. But I didn't do that, instead I shown that we are superior and that we are better than you!

Davari translates all of this in to arabic, just to make himself look relevant.

Johnathan Coachman:
Okay, umm... Well I have confirmation that you have been scheduled to defend your newly won title for the first time at Backlash in several weeks time, however we don't know who your opponent is yet. How will you manage to prepare for your opponent in such little time.

We hear a voice, but the camera doesn't see who it's from

He has plenty of time, Coach, because it's me!

The camera spins around to see the FORMER Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, who gets a fair amount of cheers as he enters the shot

Shelton Benjamin:
Yeah, watchu' lookin at? Who did you expect? I tell you straight, right now, that last week was a fluke. Any other day and I woulda kicked both ya'll asses straight back to Arabia.

Muhammad Hussan: Is that true?

Shelton Benjamin: You damn sure it is, but I guess we'll have to wait till Backlash now, won't we?

Pops, as Benjamin steps up in the face of the Champ.

Muhammad Hassan:
You Americans, always so confident well I tell you what, Shelton, how about we do wait until Backlash because after all you need all the time you can get. Nobodies impressed with your flashy, spinny kicks and you impact suplexes; fact is even with them you couldn't defeat me!

Another voice is heard from the back

But I can!

It's the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit!

Chris Benoit:
And not only will I defeat you, I would make you tap, given the opportunity.

Muhammad Hassan: Given the opportunity, huh? Well consider your opportunity given because i'm gonna' set a challenge for you; NEXT WEEK!


Muhammad Hassan:
If you can defeat my associate here, Davari, in under five minutes, I'll give you the opportunity at Backlash, in a triple threat! After all, i'd love to embarrass Americans AND Canadians, it's like killing two birds with one stone.

Hassan and Davari walk out of shot, as Shelton and Benoit watch them go.



As you can expect after what he did to HBK last week, Kane enters the arena to a bucket load of heat.

Jim Ross:
And here he is, the psychotic human being that, for no reason, could have possibly ended the career of the greatest performer this world has ever seen, in Shawn Michaels. What he did last week was atrocious.

Jerry Lawler: I hate agreeing with you, JR, but in this case I can't find any reason not to. After what Kane did to the Showstopper last week, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we never see HBK in this ring, in action, ever again!

A video plays over the top of Kanes entrance, of The Big Red Machine chokeslamming HBK off of the stage, last week.

Jim Ross: Honestly King, that is one of the last things I ever want to think about. I thought about it several years ago after he herniated two discs in his spine and it almost made me sick. The thought of no Shawn Michaels in the WWE.... It just disgusts me!

Jerry Lawler: What would the WWE be like, JR? Shawn Michaels, for years, has been the personification of Sports Entertainment...

Kane looks evilly at the top of the ramp, awaiting his unknown opponent


The crowd turn silent, not knowing what to think. Obviously they are happy about the appearance of an ever-jolly Eugene, but then again they don't want to see him get demolished by this monster!

Jim Ross:
Aww, come on! Are you serious? You can't let this happen, stop this right now, he'll kill him!

Jerry Lawler: I see what you mean, JR, this is just a cruel cruel joke. I bet someone sent him out there for a lollipop or something, he doesn't know any better. What has he done to deserve this.

Eugene appears on the top of the ramp, slapping his head and doing his usual entrance theatrics, slapping the hands of the unenthusiastic fans. Kane, however, has a sadistic smile and is laughing in the center of the ring.

Match Three | Singles Match

Eugene vs. "The Big Red Machine" Kane

Before you read this, what would you expect from this match? Well whatever you thought, I'm willing to say you're half right and half wrong. You're right about the fact that Kane, quite frankly, dominates this match and obliterates poor ole' Eugene. But you're more than likely wrong with the fact that Eugene does manage to get some decent offense in mid way through, as he took a leaf out of Ric Flair's book and low blows Kane when the referee isn't looking, however his advantage doesn't last long as it seems that the low blow has only angered Kane even more. So much so that just one chokeslam isn't enough for The Big Red Machine, and neither is two! What is enough for Kane, is two Chokeslams and a Tombstone Piledriver.

However, Kane doesn't manage to connect with the Tombstone because Y2J, CHRIS JERICHO COMES RUSHING DOWN THE RAMP! He climbs the top rope behind Kane, waits for Kane to turn around with Eugene in position for the Tombstone and JERICHO FLYING DROPKICKS THE BACK OF EUGENE, SO HE FALLS ON TOP OF KANE! Jericho moves Eugene off of the top of Kane, and HITS THE LIONSAULT! Y2J drags an unconscious Eugene on top of a motionless Kane, as the crowd are going crazy for Jericho! The first ever WWE Undisputed Champion then wake sup the referee, who slowly makes the count. 1.....2.....3! EUGENE HAS DEFEATED KANE THANKS TO CHRIS JERICHO!

Winner: Eugene defeated Kane @ 3:01 via Pinfall

However, the fight doesn't stop there, as a hiding Chris Jericho pops up once again, but now with a chair and comes rushing to the ring! Kane, who is rumbling on the mat, trying to get up is INSTANTLY SENT STRAIGHT BACK DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A THUNDEROUS CHAIR SHOT THE THE SPINE! AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER! A vicious Jericho, who is still being cheered on by the fans, slides the chair underneath the head of Kane as Jericho stalks his pray. Y2J SPRINTS ACROSS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING, JUMPS OFF OF THE ROPES AND LIONSAULTS ON THE HEAD OF KANE, CRACKING IT AGAINST THE STEEL CHAIR! Jericho, still not taken away by security, snatches a microphone off of Lillian.

Chris Jericho: Kane, you big, red, crazy son of a bitch, you want to end peoples careers? You want to end legacies? You want to end SHAWN 'FRICKIN' MICHAELS!?

The crowd are still in full support of Y2J

Chris Jericho:

Security now suddenly rush to the scene, escorting a no, much-calmer Jericho form the ring, as several EMTs rush to check on the condition of Kane.

Jim Ross:
Wow, King. Chris Jericho just sent out a challenge to The Big Red Machine, for Backlash!

Jerry Lawler: I don't know what to make of it, JR, is Jericho really doing the right thing? I'm sure Kane isn't going to be in the best of moods now, and the first thing thats going to be on Kane's mind is revenge!

Jim Ross: I mean, its no secret that Jericho has worshipped the ground Shawn Michaels has walked on since he was a little boy in Winnipeg, but surely this is going a little to far?

Jerry Lawler: But not only is HBK, Jericho's idol, he's one of Chris Jericho's best friends and those two men have a bond like no other! Many people compare Chris to a younger version of HBK, and for good reason; I just hope Jericho knows what he's getting himself in to!


Following the Smackdown rebound, a splitscreen view appears; on one side, there is Mr. Money In The Bank, EDGE... and on the other, Christian's problem Solver, TYSON TOMKO

Jim Ross:
Well up next, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a huge match up! It is Mr. Money In The Bank, Edge going up against Tyson Tomko in a match which could have huge implications on Backlash, and possibly the future of the WWE!

Jerry Lawler: You aint' kiddin. If, or should I say, when Tomko defeats Edge tonight, we will have the pleasure of viewing a match of the ages, as it gives Captain Charisma, Christian the chance to fight for the thing he was so close to just 8 days ago at Wrestlemania, and that is the Money In The Bank Briefcase, at Backlash in a match Edge and Christian as a team, made famous!

Jim Ross: Thats right; should Tomko defeat Edge tonight then at Backlash, it will be Edge defending his newly won, guaranteed title shot at any time against his brother, Christian in a tables, ladders and chairs match! Boy what a match that would be.

Jerry Lawler: I CAN'T WAIT!


In the ring already, it is the Masterpiece, Chris Masters with a steel chair set out in the middle of the ring, obviously set up in preparation for the Masterlock Challenge. The usually quite Masters has a mic in hand, and seems like he wants to speak!

Chris Masters:
Okay, okay. You all know the drill, if you can break my Masterlock, which lets be honest, is the deadliest hold in the history of the WWE, then I will pay you.... $100,000 of my own money! So what dim-witted, talentless punk wants to go this week, eh?

Jim Ross: He doesn't seem to lack in the confidence department, does he?

Jerry Lawler: Aha, no sir, and I love it!


I know, I know, bad name for an entrance theme, but its relevant right? Because it's the Heart Throbs who enter the arena, as one of them are going to step up to the Masterlock Challenge.

Jim Ross:
Oh god, you being serious? :lmao

Jerry Lawler: Normally, at this point, i'd support whoever was taking up the Masterlock challenge, but these guys are just idiots and the sooner Masters makes one of these two tap.

By now, both of them are in the ring

Chris Masters:
Okay, so which one of you goons is it?

Antonio Thomas: Well Chris, we wanted to get the crowds opinion on which one of us should do it! (faces crowd) So raise your hand and stick your finger up if you think it should be ME that takes up the Masterlock challenge.

The crowd really don't seem to be digging these two

Romeo Roselli:
And raise your hand and stick your finger up....

Uh-oh, Chris Masters is taking none of this bullcrap and already has Antonio in the Masterlock! But Masters isn't done there, as he releases his grip, ducks down and locks in the Masterlock to both, Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli! And it isn't long until they both tap out in unison, as Masters throws them to the mat, and starts posing for the fans, who aren't that appreciative of Masters' strength, as we go backstage to Triple H's and Ric Flair's locker room.

Triple H:
Right... Ric... You know what you need to do tonight don't you?

Ric Flair: I've got it brother, that punk, Batista... His ass is mine later tonight! I can't believe I carried him for all of those months and this is what he does? And that god dam Stone Cold Steve Austin, he's only been on the job one...

Triple H: (Interrupting) Hey, Ric, calm down man. Don't let Austin get to you, I hate him as much as you do. What you need to think about tonight is defeating Batista, and scramming. We can't afford to let him win tonight so you need to be on top of your game.

Ric Flair: Hunter, how long have we known each other?

Triple H: Years, why?

Ric Flair: When am I NEVER on my game, brother! WOOOOOOOO


Triple H:
(slapping Flair's back) And that's why you're the best in the world, Naitch!

Cameras go to ringside


Edge, surprisingly, gets a rather positive reaction presumably because the crowd hate Christian a lot more than Edge. However, Edge doesn't play the face but instead remains in his heel persona as he makes his way down the ramp, not interacting with fans at all.

Jim Ross:
Ladies and Gentlemen, 8 days ago at Wrestlemania, Edge competed in one of the most brutal yet most entertaining matches we have ever seen. Eight men fought for the right to earn a contract which allowed them a title shot, any place, any time, as long as they have a referee with them; and it was this man, Edge, which won that contract. And should he lose tonight, and again at Backlash, that right will be stripped from Edge and instead, given to the man who was just inches away from winning it originally, Edge's brother, Christian!

Jerry Lawler: Well, I for one am hoping that Tomko beats Edge here tonight and 'Captain Charisma' gets to face off against Edge in a Tables Ladders & Chairs match at Backlash!

Jim Ross: Couldn't agree with you more, King. Although Edge earned the briefcase, a TLC match between these specialists would be a classic!

Edge enters the ring, looking pissed to the core as he clutches his Money in the Bank briefcase tightly. Edge asks, no, Edge demands a microphone and is given one.

Edge: Cut the damn music! Cut it now!

The music cuts and Edge looks so pissed!

Edge: (Shouting) Why is it every time I get an opportunity, someone tries to take it away?! It's been this way since Taboo Tuesday last year!


Edge: And ever since then, not only you people, but the so called superstars in the back have cost me my chances at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion!

More Heat.

Edge: You have taken away my chance, time after time after time and I'm sick of it! I'm sick to my stomach of being treated like this! I will not.... NOT be taken lightly and I will beat Christian's lackey here tonight and there will be no TLC match at Backlash. I guarantee it! I guarantee that there will be....


Jim Ross: Well it looks like Christian wasn't going to let Edge run his mouth for much longer as Tyson Tomko makes his way down to the ring!

Jerry Lawler: And with Captain Charisma at his side, J.R - Edge isn't walking out tonight as the winner, no chance!

Jim Ross: Well, King. Edge might have the wrong attitude but he has proven time and again that he can get the job done when necessary.

As suspected, 'The Problem Solver' Tomko & 'Captain charisma' Christian are not being welcomed too fondly as the Allstate Arena boo the crap out of them. Christian ignores the boos and acts as if the entire arena are peeps. Eventually, Tomko enters the ring as Christian gets up on the apron to give him a pep talk. Tomko seems to agree with whatever Christian is telling him. Christian drops down off the apron and the match is ready to go.

Match Four | Singles Match
Edge vs. Tomko w/ Christian

The match is ready to go as the referee calls for the bell. It is obvious that Tomko has the advantage over Edge, not only does he have a size advantage but he has the advantage of having 'Captain Charisma' in his corner. Just a reminder that should Tomko beat Edge here tonight, Christian will be allowed to face Edge at Backlash in a TLC match for the Money in the Bank briefcase. Should Tomko lose, the match will not happen. Tomko & Edge get into a collar and elbow tie up but Tomko shows his strength as he shoves Edge down on his backside. Edge is somewhat shocked that Tomko is as powerful as he is as Christian smirks on the outside of the ring. Edge gets back to a vertical base and again tries to lock up with Tomko. This time, however Tomko turns and pushes Edge towards the corner. Tomko easily gets Edge into the corner and the referee steps in, demanding Tomko release the hold. Tomko eventually releases the hold and puts his hands up int he air, because of this Edge quickly slaps the taste out of Tomko's mouth! Tomko is taken aback but quickly turns back to look at Edge, Tomko is pissed, and pissed badly. Tomko swings his arm for Edge but Edge is able to duck, now Tomko is in the corner and Edge stomps away at the midsection, over and over again in an attempt to weaken the big man down.

Edge fires himself up, as the crowd seem to be on his side and changes his stomps into right hands, eventually Edge is forced out of the corner after risking a disqualification. Edge has a brief argument with the referee but this costs him, and costs him big time as Tomko nails him with a thunderous big boot right to the jaw. Edge could possibly be knocked out as Tomko gets into the cover.... near fall! The action remains in Tomko's favor for the next few minutes but at the 5 minute mark, the momentum shifts as Tomo attempts to nail another big boot but Edge is able to duck out of the way. Tomko turns to run at Edge again and is sent planting into the top rope with a flapjack. Edge is, however down on the mat and trying to recuperate as Christian starts slamming his hands on the ring apron, yelling at Tomko to get his ass up and beat Edge. Both Edge & Tomko pull themselves up, Tomko still has more stamina in him as he charges for Edge who is pulling himself up via the ropes. As Tomko charges, Edge falls, pulling the top rope with him and sends Tomko flying over the top rope and down to the concrete floor. Christian makes his way over to check on Tomko and the announcers tell us we are going to a commercial break.


We return from the commercial break to see Edge with Tomko in the middle of the ring, stuck in a Half Boston Crab. Christian pleads with Tomko to get to the ropes. We are shown a highlight of Edge delivering an Edgecution during the commercial, which led to him being in total control over The Problem Solver. Edge tries to apply more pressure but Tomko shows impressive strength as he uses his legs to push Edge off! Edge is sent into the the turnbuckle, but it doesn't do too much to him. Tomko is back to his feet, impressively quickly and tries to closeline edge down hard, but Edge is able to once again duck Tomko's attempted move and pulls him down to the mat by the head, hitting the Edge-O-Matic! Edge grabs Tomko's leg before it falls to the mat and makes a cover! Referee is down.... only a two count!

Edge lets out a giant sigh as he gets back on his feet. Edge see's some sort of chance as he stares at Tomko and then stares at the corner... Edge backs himself into the corner with a demented look on his face as he runs his hands through his hair and begs for Tomko to get up. It looks like it's time for the spear! The camera suddenly changes to focus on Christian who has just picked up Edge's Money in the Bank briefcase and has started walking around the ring and heading towards the ramp. Edge notices and turns his attention to Christian. Edge shouts at Christian to drop his Money in the Bank briefcase, this grabs Christian's attention and he turns slightly and looks at Edge, before finally letting out a smirk, Edge in totally unaware that Tomko is back on his feet and is approaching him from behind! Tomko quickly gets Edge into the Torture Rack position and then nails his finisher - The Tattoo Maker! Edge is down in the center of the ring and Tomko makes the cover..... It's a three count!

Winner: Tomko w/ Christian def Edge via pinfall @ 9:38

Jerry Lawler: Wooohooo! Tomko did it, J.R! Tomko beat Mr. Money in the Bank!

Jim Ross: But if it hadn't have been for the help of Christian, I bet Edge would have been able to put Tomko away with the spear!

Jerry Lawler: That may be so, J.R. But how can you be upset with the way Tomko won? We have a brilliant match for Backlash set up now!

Christian enters the ring, with the briefcase and applauds the efforts of his 'Problem Solver' Christian is beaming with joy as he now gets another chance at becoming Mr. Money in the Bank. Tomko & Christian raise their arms high in the air as Edge starts to pull himself back to his feet. As Christian lowers his arms, he turns and spots Edge is getting back up. Christian tells Tomko to get out of the way as he backs himself into the corner and runs at Edge.... SPEAR BY CHRISTIAN! Edge is laid out by his own finishing move and Christian is delighted as he raises the MITB Briefcase high int he air and then slaps his chest, blowing kisses to his peeps!

Jim Ross: Oh, come on now. Christian didn't need to do that to his brother! That was uncalled for.

Jerry Lawler: Christian is letting Edge know that he plans on taking the Money in the Bank briefcase at Backlash and I wouldn't be all that surprised if he pulled it off, J.R!

Christian continues to pose in the ring as we fade into a video package, showing us the match that took place last week between Batista and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Then we cut to a highlight of what the new General Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin announced earlier tonight, Ric Flair vs Batista - Should Batista win, he names the stipulation for the match at Backlash. The video highlight cuts and we see a split screen of Batista on the left & Ric Flair on the right as both men are making their way out to the ring for their match, next!



A tremendous ovation for the current World Heavyweight Champion and he hasn't even came from behind the curtain yet! Batista jogs on out and the reaction gets even louder! Batista is clearly over with the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Well folks, in case you missed it earlier tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin was named the new Raw General Manager....

Jerry Lawler: Perhaps the biggest mistake Mr. McMahon has made in his life was that decision, J.R! Stone Cold made this match between Batista & Ric Flair and if Batista wins he names the stipulation for the match against Triple H at Backlash! God only knows what Batista will pick as the stipulation.

Jim Ross: Well, after last weeks unfair battle with Triple H, I think it's only fair that Batista gets a chance to even the score and seal Triple H's fate!

Batista, now in the ring starts to do a further warm up before his opponent, Ric Flair shows up....


The boo's for 'The Nature Boy' circle the arena as he makes his way from behind the curtain in his usual expensive robe, this one is a glittery purple. Flair struts down the ramp, alone, no Triple H in sight, something must be going on...

Jerry Lawler: You know what I just thought, J.R?

Jim Ross: What?

Jerry Lawler: If Ric Flair wins here tonight, then he should get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship too!

Jim Ross: Oh please...

Jerry Lawler: Are you saying you don't think a 16 time World Champion can beat Batista, J.R?

Jim Ross: I didn't say anything of the sort, King!

As the announcers continue to bicker with each other, Ric Flair finally enters the ring and removes his robe and is ready to go.

Main Event | Non-Title | Singles Match
Batista vs. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

The bell sounds and this match is set to go. Flair springs himself off the rope to try and catch Batista off guard but it doesn't fool Batista. Batista knows Flair all to well after teaming with him in Evolution. Ric Flair must win this match in order to prevent Batista naming the stipulation for the World Championship match at Backlash. Flair again springs off the ropes but it still doesn't catch Batista out. Batista stands and smiles at Flair. Flair nods, and seems to be showing some respect for Batista so moves up towards Batista and extends his hand... Batista looks at Flair's hand and looks reluctant to extend his own... Batista looks out into the crowd who are surprisingly, 'Woooing' Batista nods and goes to shake Flair's hand... Flair pulls his hand away and runs his hands through his slick, white hair... Batista laughs as Flair tells Batista he should know better. Batista points and nods at Flair, still laughing until his face turns serious and Flair almost shits himself as Batista clubs him with a vicious closeline! Flair is sent down and the crowd cheer like mad. Batista grabs Flair by the hair and pulls him to his feet.... Batista lifts Flair into a bear hug lift and rams him into the corner! Batista hits a series of shoulder thrusts before backing out of the corner and yelling 'COME ON' at Flair. Flair slowly stumbles out of the corner and is nailed with another stiff closeline!

The announcers play up that Batista looks intent on destroying Ric Flair. Batista again forces Flair back to a vertical base, Flair, being the dirtiest player in the game, executes a thumb to the eye and buys himself some time. Flair quickly springs off the ropes behind Batista and attempts to nail a chop block, but Batista, with the one eye still available to him, was able to see Flair spring past him to the ropes and jumped out of the way of the chop block! Flair knows he is fucked as he gets back to his feet quickly and turns to look at Batista who nails a big time right hand to Flair's face, Batista continues nailing him with right hands and backs him towards the ropes, Batista pushes Flair off the ropes and lowers his head, Flair is able to kick Batista on the rebound but it has no effect on him! Batista just stands straight back up and looks at Flair. Batista is some sort of machine as he attempts another closeline on Flair, Flair ducks out of the way and Batista turns around and is nailed with the patented Ric Flair chops! Each chop gets the typical 'Woooo' from the crowd. However, none of the chops are doing anything to Batista as he just stands and doesn't budge. Flair, desperately hits more chops and hits them faster and faster but Batista doesn't react to them! Flair finally drops to his knee's and tries to crawl away from Batista.

Batista smirks and approaches Flair, grabbing him by the hair, another thumb to the eye! Flair quickly tries to take advantage and pulls Batista into an inside cradle.... only just a two count... Flair, again tries to act fast as he exits the ring onto the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle, as you would expect, Batista is able to catch Flair in time and send him flying off the top rope and crashing down to the canvas. Flair lets out a scream as he crashes down on his back. Flair, smartly rolls out of the ring while he can to try and get some more time. Referee Jack Doan informs Flair that he needs to get back in the ring but Flair doesn't listen as he fixes his wrestling attire and walks around the ring. The referee eventually has enough and exits the ring to get in Flair's face and tell him to get back in the ring. Flair argues with the referee until Batista gets pissed and exits the ring too. Flair is unaware that Batista is behind him as he continues to argue with the referee. Flair finally turns around and see's Batista. Flair lets out a little scream as Batista shakes his head. Batista attempts a closeline but Flair moves and Batista smashes the referee! The referee is down! Flair with a low blow! Flair didn't take long to take advantage as he smashes his foot right into Batista's balls!

Flair woo's to the crowd who react with a woo of their own as he shoves Batista back in the ring. Flair grabs Batista by the leg and starts kicking away at it and dropping a few elbows. For the next few minutes, Flair continues to work on the leg of Batista before finally locking in the Figure 4 Leg Lock! There is no referee in sight though as lair looks like he might have Batista won. Jerry Lawler demands a referee comes out now but there still isn't any sight of one... 5 seconds later, Mike Chioda slides into the ring from out of no where. Chioda asks Batista if he wants to give it up but he says no and tries to pull himself to the ropes. Flair tries to keep the pressure of the Figure 4 locked on but Batista is just too strong as he continues to pull and eventually gets to the ropes.

Flair is irate as Batista didn't give up and quickly gets back on his feet and smacks Chioda in the face with a big right hand! The crowd boo for Flair who exits the ring and grabs a Steel Chair. Now it's getting dirty! Flair rolls back into the ring with the chair in hand and waits for Big Dave to get to his feet. Flair charges towards Batista with the chair but Batista is able to spinebuster Flair! Batista, on one leg, approaches the ropes and shakes them, the crowd are loving it! Batista grabs Flair and places his head between his legs and gets ready for the Batista Bomb! TRIPLE H ENTERS THE RING AND SMASHES BATISTA IN THE BACK WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! Triple H turns Batista around and kicks him in the gut and hooks his arms.... TRIPLE H NAILS A PEDIGREE ON BATISTA! Triple H turns Batista over and gets in his face before pulling Ric Flair on top of him! Triple H exits the ring and grabs Jack Doan who is starting to come round, Doan is rolled into the ring and he spots Flair on top of Batista! Doan makes the count - ONE.......................TWO.................THRE--- NO! Batista got the shoulder up! Batista did it! Batista kicked out of the Pedigree! Triple H's jaw drops as Flair seems to still be out of it following the spinebuster from Batista!

Triple H can't believe it and pulls Jack Doan out of the ring and gets back in! Triple H approaches Batista and pulls him back to his feet, again kicking him in the midsection and hooking the arms. Batista counters with a big back body drop and Triple H is sent down! Batista stumbles into the ropes but knows he can;t stay there for too long as he turns and Triple H is already running towards him.... SPINEBUSTER TO TRIPLE H! Triple H is sent rolling out of the ring. Batista is pissed right now as Flair is crawling towards him and pulls himself up by using Batista's legs. Batista grabs Flair by the hair and shoves him between his legs again and this time is able to hoist him up.... BATISTA BOMB! There's no referee but Batista makes the cover anyway..... Mike Chioda is back in this thing and he makes the count! ONE...............TWO.....................THREE! Batista wins, Batista beats Ric Flair!

Winner: Batista def Ric Flair via pinfall @ 16:19

Triple H just gets back to his feet and realises Batista has won the match and will decide the stipulation for the Backlash World Title match!


Jerry Lawler: Oh no! Batista is going to name a stipulation that will destroy Triple H!

Jim Ross: It doesn't look like Batista is naming that stipulation here tonight, King! He must be saving it for next week!

Batista celebrates with his World Title over a fallen Ric Flair as Triple H backs up the ramp, shaking his head and shouting "NO" constantly, knowing he is in for hell as we fade to black.


Quick Results:

William Regal defeats Johnny Nitro @ 7:32 via Submission
Lita defeated Victoria via pinfall @ 6:23 via Pinfall to advance to Backlash
Eugene defeated Kane @ 3:01 via Pinfall
Tomko def Edge via pinfall @ 9:38
Batista def Ric Flair via pinfall @ 16:19​

Confirmed for Backlash

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista © vs. Triple H (Stipulation TBA)
Tables Ladders & Chairs Match - Money in the Bank: Edge © vs. Christian
Kane vs. Chris Jericho
Womens Championship - Loser Leaves Town: Trish Stratus © vs. Lita
WWE Unified Tag Team Championships: William Regal & Tajiri vs. MNM

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Summerslam rumour?

A rumour has circled online that WWE are looking for a 'Big Name' Celebrity to have some sort of guest host role. The feeling within WWE is that they want to push Summerslam as the second biggest pay per view in the company. One name rumoured to have been mentioned is Rowan Atkinson portraying his Mr. Bean persona, however this is just a rumour and should be taken as strictly that. Dave Meltzer backed up the rumoured celebrity guest host for Summerslam and has reported that WWE have discussed trying to bring in one of the following celebrities: Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruz, Will Smith & even former WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock. With Summerslam still so far away, WWE has plenty of time to get a big star in for Summerslam, that is, if the rumour is even true at all.

As announced on Raw, we will see a Draft Lottery the night after the Backlash pay per view. The names being drafted to Raw & Smackdown are being kept close to the chest.

Sticking with Raw, we seen Eric Bischoff 'fired' from his position as General Manager. Bischoff was replaced by Stone Cold Steve Austin, and this confirms that Stone Cold signed the contract that WWE were offering him several weeks ago. Bischoff is not gone from the company but will be off screens until further notice to attend to personal business.

It is thought that quite a few development talent will be called up to the main roster, tag teams in particular. Vince McMahon is said to be high on revamping the Tag Team Division and getting it back to what it once was. It is thought that former TNA Tag Team - Americas Most Wanted will remain as a unit, for now at least but it is not known if they will keep the AMW name. Ken Anderson is expected to be called up to the main roster in the coming weeks.

In an update on the injured Sylvain Grenier, we are told that he is recovering well and should make a full recovery sooner than originally expected.

WWE are taking advantage of the Shawn Michaels injury and have started a feud between Kane & Chris Jericho, based upon Chris Jericho's admiration for Shawn Michaels. Kane vs. chris Jericho is set for Backlash. In addition to this, Backlash has another 4 matches confirmed and another 1 awaiting confirmation, that being the Intercontinental Championship match. It is thought that this will be the final card, though another match may be added.


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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 14th - Chicago, Illinois - Allstate Arena - Preview

With both Kurt Angle & The Undertaker advancing to the Triple Threat match that will determine who is next in line to face current WWE Champion; John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, there is still one spot free, that spot will be filled by the end of this week's edition of Smackdown as John Cena takes on the 7ft, 500 pound giant; The Big Show. JBL has vented his frustration about Cena being in contention for the Championship all week as he thinks Cena of all people is the least deserving. The only question is, will Cena be able to overcome Big Show and get 1 step closer to winning a chance at JBL's WWE Championship?

Sticking with the WWE Championship theme, last week Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio cost each other their chances at the WWE Championship as they both interfered in each others matches, as a result, Eddie Guerrero has demanded that Rey Mysterio come out and explain his actions, will Mysterio say what Eddie Guerrero wants to hear or will Mysterio show us once again that he is fearless of Eddie Guerrero?

Orlando Jordan was told last week by General Manager; Theodore Long that if he can beat Carlito this week on Smackdown he will get another shot at the United States Championship. Can Orlando Jordan prove to JBL that he is as great as JBL once thought he was or will he once again fail to impress JBL?

Confirmed for Smackdown
Orlando Jordan vs. Carlito
Eddie Guerrero to call out Rey Mysterio
Cruiserweight Action
Chase to the WWE Championship: John Cena vs The Big Show


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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 14th - Chicago, Illinois - Allstate Arena

Highlights of last weeks 'Chase To The WWE Championship Tournament' are shown. We are shown the efforts thus far from Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker & Eddie Guerrero. We are shown that both Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio cost each other their matches and therefore 'The Olympic Hero' Kurt Angle & 'The Phenom' The Undertaker advance to the finals of the tournament. The video shows the brackets and shows us the Triple Threat match scheduled for the April 21st edition of Smackdown will feature Kurt Angle & The Undertaker. We cut to shots of John Cena & The Big Show, hyping up the main event for tonight to determine which of these men will be joining Angle & Undertaker next week. The video dies out.

The Smackdown introduction video plays, we cut to the arena and the blue pyro's explode as the cameras pan the arena to shows us that the Chicago crowd are on their feet, pumped for this edition of Smackdown! A lot of John Cena fans are here tonight.

Michael Cole: Ladies & Gentlemen, we welcome you to Thursday Night Smackdown! We are coming to you from the Allstate Arena in Chicago Illinois! I'm Michael Cole alongside my broadcast partner; Tazz!

Tazz: Haha! This Chicago crowd are pumped for tonight, Cole! I can't wait for tonights action!

Michael Cole: The Allstate Arena is the hottest place in town, Tazz! Tonights Smackdown is packed with action and promises to be an exciting night! We witness the final match to determine who advances to the triple threat match next week as John Cena takes on The Big Show!

Tazz: I spoke to Cena a little earlier on, Cole. He told me that he missed his chance at WrestleMania but he will not miss it this time around. Cena guaranteed, guaranteed victory over The Big Show here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well, there's certainly no doubting that John Cena has heart, but I can bet the 7ft, 500 pound giant known as The Big Show will have something to say about John Cena's guarantee, Tazz...

Tazz: The Big Show is no easy man to take down, but Cena has proven he can beat Show on multiple occasions.

Michael Cole: That's not all tonight, Tazz! We have gained confirmation that Eddie Guerrero, yes Eddie Guerrero, will be here tonight to call out Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: After Rey Mysterio cost Eddie his match last week and Eddies dream of becoming WWE champion for a second time, Guerrero is bound to have some punishment in store for Mysterio.

Michael Cole: Punishment? Eddie Guerrero was the one who started it all, Tazz. Eddie Guerrero cost Rey Mysterio his chance first. Eddie.... (Cole is interupted)

Tazz: Ah shut your mouth, Cole. It doesn't matter who started what, the bottom line is Eddie Guerrero will be out here tonight!

Cole shuts up as Tazz snaps at him.

Tazz: & that's not all, Cole, we also have...


Tazz: What I was about to say was that Orlando Jordan will face off against Carlito here tonight and if he wins he will face Booker T for the WWE United States Championship...

Michael Cole: & for Orlando Jordan's sake, I hope he wins here tonight, Tazz....

Tazz: (Laughing) Oh yeah, Cole. If Orlando doesn't win here tonight, JBL will not be a happy man. We saw last week that JBL was pissed off with Orlando Jordan for failing to retain his Championship at WrestleMania, I wouldn't want to piss JBL off twice, no sir....

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 257 pounds 'The Chief Of Staff' Orlando Jordan!

The Chicago crowd really don't like Jordan as the boo's echo in the arena. Jordan waves it off as he looks very focused and determined to win his match here tonight against Carlito.

Michael Cole: Here comes a man that has everything necessary to be big in this business, tazz. But his attitude towards others just plain stinks! He spits that apple in anyones face that he doesn't like...

Tazz: You're wrong, Cole. He spits in the face of people who don't want to be cool. Maybe I should call him over here and he can spit in your face?

Tony Chimel: & his opponent, from The Caribbean, weighing 231 pounds; Carlito!

As per usual, Carlito makes his way to the ring with his apple in hand and the WWE fans still don't take to him very well. Carlito enters the ring and sets his apple down in the corner, perhaps saving it to eat later or something, who knows.

Match One | Singles Match
Orlando Jordan vs. Carlito

Brian Hebner signals that the match is good to go. Orlando Jordan must win this match to get another shot at the United States Championship but most importantly, Orlando Jordan must win in order to keep his leader; JBL happy. God knows that Orlando cannot afford to have JBL pissed off. OJ eyes Carlito up and the two lock up.... Carlito falls to the mat and OJ makes a cover. "1---2---3" It's over! Boo's echo throughout the arena!

Match Result: Orlando Jordan def Carlito via pinfall @ 0:14


Tony Chimel: (Clearly didn't expect this) Here is your winner; Orlando... JORDAN!


Tazz: That's smart, Cole! Orlando has done something to make sure he gets an easy route towards Booker T!

Orlando celebrates as if he's just won the world title. OJ hands Carlito a bunch of cash out of his drawers. Carlito looks reluctant to take it due to where it was, but he does. Orlando Jordan exits the ring and heads up the ramp when suddenly....


Huge pop as the General Manager makes his way out onto the stage! Jordan places one hand on his head as he knows he hasn't gotten away with anything.

Theodore Long: Orlando... I see what you did there playa, you thought you could just pay off someone to get an easy by to Booker T... That's not how we do things on Smackdown....

Cheers from the Chicago crowd.

Theodore Long: Smackdown is the land of opportunity! On Smackdown you earn your stripes and Orlando, you haven't earned yours..... Orlando Jordan, get back to that ring right now!

Orlando shouts at Teddy that he won his match and has earned his right to face Booker T!

Theodore Long: Orlando, if you don't get right back to that ring now playa, I'll do what Mr. McMahon did to Eric Bischoff on Monday Night Raw and fire your ass right here, right now!

Orlando now quickly makes his way back to the ring.

Theodore Long: Now, your opponent isn't going to be Carlito, so Carlito can leave and go to the back...

Orlando now looks pissed...

Theodore Long: Orlando Jordan, your opponent tonight is.....

Teddy Long pauses to allow the music to play...


The crowd go electric as Booker T appears from behind the curtain!

Theodore Long: If you can beat Booker T here tonight, you get your re-match. But Orlando, if you fail..... Well playa..... You never get a shot at the United States Championship again, believe that!

The crowd go insane as Orlando looks shocked to the core! Booker runs to the ring and the crowd are going nuts, Booker enters the ring and referee Brian Hebner once again calls for the bell!

Match Two | Non-Title | Singles Match
Orlando Jordan vs Booker T

Booker is in the ring and quickly takes Orlando Jordan down and starts laying rights and lefts into him. Orlando tries to cover up but Booker is still able to smack him with his fists. Orlando must win this match or he is no longer allowed any chances at the United States Title! Orlando manages to push Booker off of him and they both get to their feet. Booker hits a stiff closeline but Orlando is able to quickly get back on his feet, Booker hits another closeline, Orlando gets up again... Another closeline! Booker now gets down and covers OJ, only a two count as Orlando is able to kick out. Booker is back on his feet as Orlando gets back on his. Booker hits a series of knife-edged chops as he backs Orlando towards the ropes. Booker whips OJ off the ropes and as Orlando is on his way back towards Booker, Booker hits an impressive calf kick, Orlando however is smart as he quickly rolls out of the ring...

Michael Cole: Will Orlando Jordan be able to get another shot at the United States Championship? Find out when Smackdown returns!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial break to see Orlando Jordan is now in control over Booker T. Orlando has Booker locked in a side headlock as we are shown a replay of the turning point in the match. As Orlando was brought back into the ring Booker then proceeded to climb to the top rope and attempted a missile dropkick, Orlando was smart and was able to dodge the move and now has taken advantage of Booker's mistake. Orlando still has Booker stuck in a headlock but it seems like Booker is going to be able to get to his feet as he is on one knee and still trying to get back up! The crowd give Booker some support by chanting 'Let's go Booker' Booker is back on his feet as he smashes his elbow into Orlando's gut and pushes him off the ropes. Booker again attempts the calf kick but OJ ducks as Booker turns around he is smashed by OJ with a huge elevated standing dropkick! Booker is again down as Orlando quickly moves in for the cover..... two! Orlando doesn't waste any time as he knows this could be his last chance. Orlando stomps Booker in the chest several times before backing off, posing and connecting with a knee drop to Booker's head. OJ again hooks the leg.... two!

Orlando decides to go all out as he climbs to the top rope as Booker is getting back up, Orlando dives.... CROSSBODY! HE CONNECTS! Orlando doesn't go for a cover but instead gets up and taunts Booker and the crowd give a mass amount of boo's to Orlando. Orlando stupidly wastes more time as he climbs to the middle rope and shouts out at the fans that he will be the next U.S Champion, totally unaware that Booker is almost back to his feet. Orlando finally gets off the second rope and turns to refocus on Booker T. As he turns around Booker lifts him up and nails him with the 110th Street Slam! Orlando squirms as the impact of that move was devastating! Booker drags Orlando to the center of the ring and makes the cover. "1---2--" Orlando gets a shoulder up! Booker pulls Orlando back to his feet and grabs him by the right arm, Booker twists Orlando's arm and then nails him with a kick to the face! Orlando is down again! Booker drops his own knee drop to Orlando's head and then again hooks the leg.... Brian Hebner signals it's only a 2 count!

Booker is back to his feet as he scouts Orlando Jordan as OJ is slowly getting back to his, still suffering from the high impact spinebuster. Orlando is up to his feet and Booker grabs him by the arm and turns him around.... BOOK END! NO! Orlando smashes Booker in the head with a series of elbows, forcing Booker off... Booker stumbles to the side, grabbing his neck and head area but moves back towards Orlando as Orlando positions Booker.... BLACKOUT! Orlando's done it as he connects with his finisher! Orlando hooks the leg!

NO BOOKER GETS HIS SHOULDER UP! The crowd let out a massive sigh of relief as Orlando runs his hands through the little hair he has. Orlando can't believe that he hasn't won yet. Orlando gets in Brian Hebner's face and starts demanding that he call the match. Hebner insists it was only a two count as Orlando looks ready to kick the shit out of him. Booker is on one knee as Orlando makes his way back towards him. Orlando grabs Booker byt he hair and pulls him up.... BOOK END! HE HITS IT! Booker was able to grab Orlando and nail it! Booker doesn't make a cover, instead he treats the Smackdown fans with a Spinaroonie! The crowd go nuts as ORlando is slowly getting back to his feet. Booker kicks Orlando in the midsection and springs off the ropes..... SCISSORS KICK! HE NAILS IT! Booker with a cover..... HE GETS THE THREE!

Match Result: Booker T def Orlando Jordan via pinfall @ 6:26

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; Booker.... T!

Booker is handed his United States Championship and celebrates int he ring as the crowd give a mass amount of pops for him. Booker exits the ring as Orlando Jordan is coming round and realises his chances at regaining the United States Championship are over.

Michael Cole: (Happy & Excited) Orlando Jordan has just lost the chance at getting any shot at the United States Championship for the rest of his career Tazz! Orlando Jordan has no hope in hell of ever becoming a 2 time United States Champion!

Tazz: W-w-will you just listen to yourself, Cole. You couldn't sound happier that a man can't live his dream anymore! I personally think it's wrong and Theodore Long should reverse his decision!

Michael Cole: Orlando brought this on upon himself, Tazz. If Orlando had just came out here and had a proper match with Carlito, none of this would have happened!

Booker T exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp.


Boo's circle the arena as Orlando Jordan's leader, JBL appears from behind the curtain. No Limo & not even the WWE Championship with him! Orlando Jordan knows that JBL isn't out here to tell him it will be okay as JBL slowly makes his way down to the ring with a blank expression on his face.

Tazz: Oh boy....

Michael Cole: JBL does not look happy, Tazz....

JBL slowly climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring. JBL gets in Orlando Jordan's face and says nothing. He stands there for a good 30 seconds before finally moving to the other side of the ring to collect a microphone from Tony Chimel. JBL walks back over to Orlando and is ready to speak...

JBL: (Mumbling) What did I tell you to do last week?

Orlando tries to explain himself to JBL but JBL cuts him off.

JBL: (Still mumbling) I told you.... I told you to bring the United States Championship back... I told you to go to Teddy Long and get your rematch with Booker T for the United States Championship.....

Orlando again tries to explain himself...


Orlando looks like he just pissed his pants as JBL shouts at him.

JBL: I gave you one simple task! I gave you one job to do, Orlando and you couldn't get it done! You've let yourself down but most importantly, you've let me down!

Orlando shakes his head and facepalms...

JBL: I told you last week, I chose you because I thought you would one day be like JBL, one day you would be the WWE Champion. I scooped you up from the gutter and made you my investment! I was responsible for you winning that United States Title.

JBL looks so pissed off right now.

JBL: & this is how you repay me? You come out here and embarrass me! You come out here and you get your ass handed to you by Booker T. A man I can beat with one arm tied behind my back?!

Orlando asks JBL to give him one more chance.

JBL: You've lost your chance Orlando.... From now on, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield is a Lone Ranger in the WWE!

JBL lowers the mic as Orlando Jordan looks shocked. JBL says nothing. JBL SMASHES ORLANDO IN THE FACE WITH THE MICROPHONE! JBL is going mad as he kicks the living hell out of Orlando Jordan. JBL pulls Orlando back to his feet and nails Orlando with the Last Call! Orlando grabs his back and stupidly tries to get on his feet! Orlando uses the ropes to get up and turns around.... CLOSELINE FROM HELL! Orlando is down and Orlando is out cold! JBL picks up the microphone he used to smash Orlando but it doesn't work anymore and demands another one.

JBL: Orlando Jordan you little son of a bitch. Not only did you lose your chance at the United States Championship, you lost your job! You're fired!

The crowd can't help but cheer at this despite not liking JBL either.

Tazz: WHAT?! Can he do that?!

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan just got fired by JBL!

JBL: This isn't the last you idiots will see of me tonight. JBL will be out here for the main event!

JBL throws the mic down and makes his exit as Orlando Jordan is still out cold.

Michael Cole: Well folks, you heard it. From now on in the WWE, JBL is a 'Lone Ranger' I wonder who he will get to help him in his next WWE Title defense though, Tazz....

Tazz: JBL is more than capable of defeating opponent on his own, Cole! You know that as much as I do!

Michael Cole: Well in recent memory....

Tazz: In recent memory nothing! JBL can do it by himself. Orlando Jordan let JBL down and now Orlando Jordan is no longer associated with greatness!

We see Orlando Jordan laid out in the ring and then the camera cuts to JBL who is about to disappear behind the curtain but stops and turns, looking at Orlando Jordan before saying "Pathetic" and turning to walk away. We cut to the announce desk.

Michael Cole: Well folks, nonetheless, the night continues, but before we get anywhere else, how about the big announcement by Mr. McMahon this past Monday Night Raw?

Tazz: Mr. McMahon announced that the night after the upcoming Backlash pay per view that we would have ourselves a Draft Lottery....

Michael Cole: No one is safe, champions, superstars, divas, referees, general managers, hell even you and I could get drafted to Raw!

Tazz: Here's hoping you do, Cole.

Cole laughs, trying to convince himself that Tazz was joking and we cut to a commercial.


We return from the commercial and see Josh Matthews at the interview area, backstage.

Josh Matthews: Ladies & Gentlemen, joining me now; MNM members - Joey Mercury & Melina.

The camera zooms out and we see a pissed off looking Melina & Joey Mercury.

Josh Matthews: Joey, first of all, your tag team partner Johnny Nitro was blinded this past....

Mercury shoves his hand in Matthews' face, prompting him to shut up. Mercury grabs the mic.

Joey Mercury: Let me just stop you there, Josh. Yes, you're right, Johnny Nitro was blinded by that Japanese idiot, Tajiri. The doctors have told Johnny that he can't wrestle until medically cleared to do so. Tajiri, I hope you're happy, you could have cost MNM their chance at becoming the first ever WWE Unified Tag Team Champions!

Melina shakes her head as Mercury genuinely looks like he is going to cry.

Joey Mercury: But rest assured, Joey Mercury will get revenge on the behalf of Johnny Nitro this coming Monday Night as I face you, Tajiri in a one on one match and I guarantee victory! I guarantee Johnny Nitro will be medically cleared in time for Backlash and I guarantee MNM will walk out of Backlash as the first ever WWE Unified Tag Team Champions!

Mercury shoves the microphone into Matthews chest and along with Melina, walks off and we cut back to the ring area.B]


Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, on his way to the ring, from Japan, weighing 190 pounds; Fu-NAKI!

Tazz: Here's hoping Mercury can do Smackdown proud and beat Tajiri on next weeks Raw, Cole!

Michael Cole: As much as I don't like the MNM team, Tazz - I must agree with you as they are representing Smackdown. But leaving that aside, we have some cruiserweight action for you now as Funaki enters the ring and awaits his opponent.

The crowd seriously don't give a shit about this match since it has Funaki in it.


Tony Chimel: & his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 202 pounds; Shannon Moore!

The crowd seem to liven up a bit as they know Shannon has a good move-set and can deliver a decent match.

Michael Cole: Well, you gotta think that both these men will be wanting a shot at current Cruiserweight Champion; Paul London, Tazz.

Tazz: Who wouldn't, Cole? London has held that title for so long now and every cruiserweight on Smackdown thinks it's about time he lost it.

Funaki vs. Shannon Moore

Well, how do we begin with this match. Both of these men are no where near candidates to be the next contender for the Cruiserweight Championship so it seems like this is just a filler match that the crowd really couldn't give too much shit about. Funaki hasn't been relevant in the WWE since, well ever. Shannon Moore hasn't been given much of a chance to show us that he's got what it takes. But this match does take place and both men start with a series of typical cruiserweight counters. Surprisingly 'Smackdown's Number 1 Announcer' hasn't been beat yet. Moore finally gets the upper hand as we reach the minute mark in the match as he nails Funaki with quite a devastating backbreaker as he grabbed Funaki by the hair and forced him down onto his knee. Funaki, stupidly doesn't stay down for a three count so instead is about to take some more punishment from Shannon Moore as Moore backs himself into the corner furthest away from Funaki. Funaki rises to his knee's and Shannon makes a run towards Funaki and nails him with an Enzuigiri. Funaki falls to the mat and has hopefully been K.O'd so this match ends and we can get on with the night. Shannon decides not to go for the cover and decides to climb to the top rope. Before he makes his 'big finish' he poses for the crowd. Wait a minute, Kid Kash hops over the guard rail and shoves Shannon off the top rope! The referee calls for the DQ!

Match Result: Shannon Moore def Funaki via Disqualification @ 2:19

Michael Cole: What the hell is this? Why is Kid Kash out here, Tazz?!

Kid Kash enters the ring and starts to stomp away at Shannon Moore as Funaki is left, still not moving. Kash grabs Shannon and pulls him to the center of the ring and hoists him up in the air and sends him thundering down with the Dead Level! Kash isn't done yet as he again pulls Shannon to his feet and hoists him in the air one more time! DEAD LEVEL! Moore is out of it as Kash turns his attention to a more or less dead Funaki. Kash grabs Funaki by the hair and forces him to his feet. Kash stares Funaki in the eye and laughs, slapping him in the face several times before finally forcing Funaki between his legs and nailing the piledriver he calls the Money Maker! Kash rises to his feet and points at the destruction he has once again caused. Obviously Kash is trying to send a clear message to the current Cruiserweight Champion; Paul London.


Kash makes his exit from the ring, walking up the ramp backwards, laughing at the two men he just destroyed.

Michael Cole: If he wants a match with Paul London, why doesn't he just ask?!

Tazz: Because you don't get anywhere in this business by asking, Cole! You have to demonstrate why you are worthy. Kid Kash has just done that tonight! Paul London has been put on notice.

The cameras cut backstage as Kurt Angle is dressed in a suit and he is ready to be interviewed by Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Ladies & Gentlemen, Kurt Angle....

Angle's face turns sour as he turns and looks at Josh.

Kurt Angle: Is that the best you can do, huh? Is that really how we introduce a man who won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin' neck?! Is that really how we welcome someone who made Shawn Michaels tap out at WrestleMania?! Is that how we introduce your next WWE Champion?!

Matthews, once again, gets humiliated by who he interviews tonight.

Kurt Angle: It amazes me how you still have a job! Get on with it.

Josh Matthews: W-w-well, Kurt. I was wondering what you are doing here tonight since you are not scheduled to wrestle....

Kurt Angle: So now I need an excuse to be on Smackdown? I'll tell you why I'm here, Josh... I'm here to find out who will be joining me and The Undertaker in a triple threat match that I shouldn't even be in, in the first place! Regardless of it it's The Big Show or John Cena, I've beaten them both - Multiple times - I will win the triple threat match next week on Smackdown and I will face JBL for the WWE Championship and I will be the new WWE Champion!

Angle looks at Matthews as if he's a piece of shit.

Kurt Angle: This is when you tell the audience that the interview is over....

Matthews can't believe he's been humiliated this much tonight.

Josh Matthews: Back to you guys at ringside.

Angle looks like he is about to deck Matthews but before we see any of it, we cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle with a bold statement there ladies & gentlemen...

Tazz: But Kurt Angle backs it all up, Cole. He's a multiple time WWE Champion, he beat Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania and he won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck!

Michael Cole: What are you? Are you Kurt Angle's spokesman now or something?!

Tazz: I'm just saying, Cole. Kurt Angle can say whatever he wants, he has the credentials to back it all up...

Michael Cole: Anway, in case you missed it, earlier tonight JBL's 'Chief of Staff' or should I say, former 'Chief of Staff' tried to pull a fast one...

Michael Cole: As you can see here, Orlando Jordan paid Carlito to lay down and give him an easy win in order to face Booker T for the United States Championship.

Tazz: But our GM wasn't having any of it, Cole! Teddy Long announced that Orlando Jordan would now face Booker T and in order to get another shot at the United States Championship, he must beat Booker T...

Michael Cole: On top of that stipulation, Tazz. As a result of Orlando trying to pull a cheap victory, Teddy Long announced that if Orlando Jordan could not beat Booker T, he would never get another shot at the United States Championship...

Tazz: & as you can see from the replay, things didn't go Orlando's way. Not only did he lose the match with Booker T, he lost his position alongside our WWE Champion; JBL.

Michael Cole: & Tazz, you gotta think that Orlando Jordan must be thinking of some sort of excuse to get back in the wagon with JBL...

Tazz: Well, I don't know if he can get back in the Wagon, Cole. You heard JBL, he's now a 'Lone Ranger' here int he WWE. Orlando better think of a damn good reason to get back into association with JBL.


Immediate boo's as the music of Eddie Guerrero plays. The crowd really don't like Eddie Guerrero due to his attitude towards them and Rey Mysterio.

Tony Chimel: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome; Eddie Guerrero!

Guerrero finally comes from behind the curtain, wearing a casual white top with a suit jacket on top and some black trousers.

Michael Cole: Well, there is the man who stole Rey Mysterio's dream of becoming the WWE Champion. There is the man who made it look like Rey Mysterio bashed Kurt Angle in the head and got him disqualified! There is the man....

Tazz: Oh be quiet, Cole. You saw it last week. Rey Mysterio also cost Eddie Guerrero his dream of becoming WWE Champion for a second time. Don't tell me you somehow missed that, Cole!

Michael Cole: Like I said earlier, Tazz. Rey Mysterio would not have had to do what he did if Eddie Guerrero hadn't of done it to him in the first place!

By this point, Guerrero has set up a steel chair int he middle of the ring and sits down on it, microphone in hand. Guerrero stares into the crowd with no emotion on his face what so ever and is about to talk.

Eddie Guerrero: I...

'Eddie Sucks, Eddie Sucks, Eddie Sucks'

Guerrero lowers the mic and scowls as the crowd show him no respect.

Eddie Guerrero: Cállese y muéstreme el respeto yo merezco!

The crowd boo at Guerrero who shouts something at them in Spanish. Eddie, again scowls and then lets out a slight smirk.

Eddie Guerrero: No importa, no, it doesn't matter what any of you think about me. It doesn't matter if you people love me....

Boo's at Eddie Guerrero for thinking anyone would love him.

Eddie Guerrero: & it doesn't matter if any of you hate me.

More heat.

Eddie Guerrero: This has nothing.... nothing to do with any of you! It is about me & Rey Mysterio! All week, people have been coming up to me and asking me why I cost Rey Mysterio his match against Kurt Angle....

Even more heat.

Eddie Guerrero: & my answer..... I don't need to explain myself for my actions against Rey Mysterio...


Eddie Guerrero: & then, then Rey Mysterio had the nerve to cost me my dream at the WWE Championship! Rey Mysterio took away my chance at becoming a 2 time WWE Champion!

Guerrero totally avoiding that he was the one who started this problem and shouts down the microphone.

Eddie Guerrero: & that's where we see differences between myself and Rey Mysterio.... I've been the WWE Champion.... Rey Mysterio never will be!

More heat for Eddie.

Eddie Guerrero: I beat Brock Lesnar, esse. I beat the biggest, strongest, hardest opponent of my life for the WWE Championship! I beat Brock Lesnar and went on to main event WrestleMania homes...

'Eddie Sucks' chant starts up again.

I was on top, I was the greatest in this business and Rey Mysterio..... Rey Mysterio was jealous. Rey Mysterio was jealous of my success! Rey Mysterio was jealous that I became something he could only dream of! Rey Mysterio....


Eddie Guerrero is interrupted by the music of the one and only Rey Mysterio! The fans give a huge pop for Mysterio who is now on the stage with a microphone in hand.

Rey Mysterio: Eddie....


Mysterio smirks.

Rey Mysterio: Is that really why you have turned into this, this sick human, this shell of a man, Eddie? Because you thought I was jealous of you, huh?


Rey Mysterio: Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.... If I remember correctly, you brought this all on yourself. You ignored that it was you who cost me my match last week on Smackdown...

Eddie Guerrero: I think you're hearing is going off, Rey Rey... I said that I didn't need to explain my actions! Not to anyone and especially not to you!

Rey Mysterio: Alright Eddie, alright... You say I'm jealous of you and that's why I cost you your match last week...

Eddie Guerrero: That's the reason and don't try to deny it!

Rey Mysterio: You say you beat Brock Lesnar and then main evented WrestleMania Twenty... Eddie, didn't you get help beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship?

Eddie shakes his head and grits his teeth.

Rey Mysterio: Didn't you cheat to beat Kurt Angle at WrestleMania Twenty?

Eddie continues to shake his head, clearly starting to boil over.

Rey Mysterio: I think you started all this, Eddie... I think you started it all because you are jealous of the man I am becoming, not the other way around!

Eddie Guerrero: Cierre la boca usted enano pequeño!

Mysterio laughs, being perhaps the only one who knows what Guerrero said.

Eddie Guerrero: Why don't you prove that you are a man, Rey... Why don't you get your ass down to this ring and fight me like a man!

The crowd cheer as Mysterio almost straight away makes his way down to the ring. Mysterio approaches the half way point of the ramp and stop. Guerrero laughs as he thinks Mysterio is having second thoughts so turns around to mock the fans. Suddenly Mysterio makes a dash tot he ring and the crowd let out a tremendous pop. Guerrero turns around as Mysterio enters the ring and tackles him down! Mysterio starts to lay in some lefts and rights before Guerrero rolls over and starts laying in his own series of rights and lefts. Security and referee's scamper to the ring and try to break them up. Guerrero is pulled off of Mysterio but ends up punching the security guards and going back towards Mysterio. Mysterio is able to drop toe hold Guerrero into the second rope! Mysterio swings off the ropes, ducking security who try to catch him... 619! Guerrero quickly exits the ring! Guerrero walks around the ring, holding his mouth, checking to see if Mysterio bust his mouth open. Mysterio shouts something at Eddie, sounded like "you're a coward, Eddie" which prompts him to get back up on the apron and enter the ring again. Guerrero charges for Mysterio, dodging security and the two trade blows again! Security now manage to restrain both Guerrero and Mysterio in separate corners,


Theodore Long: Enough! Keep these men apart!

Boo's for the General Manager for forcing this fight to break up.

Theodore Long: Eddie Guerrero.... Rey Mysterio.... It's clear to me that you both want to fight...

Both Guerrero & Mysterio nod.

Theodore Long: & I'm going to let it happen....

Massive pop!

Theodore Long: But not tonight!

Mass amount of pops change to mass amount of heat.

Theodore Long: Next week, right here on Smackdown. We will have the match that was scheduled for last week! Rey Mysterio will go one on one with Eddie Guerrero!


Theodore Long: But gentlemen, until then - if any of you lay a finger on each other.... You will be suspended indefinitely!



The GM leaves as Rey & Guerrero are yelling at each other over the ring and we cut to a commercial break.


We return from the commercial and Michael Cole reminds us about what just happened moments ago between Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio. A graphic appears on the screen showing that next week it will be Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: As just announced by our General Manager, Eddie Guerrero will face off against Rey Mysterio next week right here on Smackdown!

Tazz: WrestleMania rematch in the house, Cole! This match was supposed to take place last week but the General Manager prevented it from happening and now it's back on for next week! This one should be intense!

We see a local jobber is already in the ring.


A small reaction for Luther Reigns as he appears on the stage. It will take a few more weeks before Reigns is given the reaction WWE are looking for. Reigns makes his way down to the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, from Phoenix, Arizona, weighing 285 pounds; Luther Reigns!

Michael Cole: Back to tonight though, Tazz. Entering the ring now is Luther Reigns and last week we saw the destruction he can cause. Luther Reigns is not one to be messed with.

Tazz: I wrestled a lot of big men in my time, Cole. But never would I want to get in the ring with Luther Reigns. The guy is scary!

Reigns has entered the ring and referee Nick Patrick has signalled for the match to begin.

Match Four | Singles Match
Luther Reigns vs. Local Jobber

Well, it looks like this weeks Smackdown isn't going to be the best yet, it's obvious this match is only going to last about a minute, if even that. The match begins, as expected, with Reigns delivering a thunderous knee to the gut of the Jobber, sending him toppling over and down to the mat. Reigns grabs the Jobber and forces him into the corner and unleashes a roar of aggression by nailing several knee thrusts to the Jobber's midsection. Reigns isn't one to mess about and quickly gets the Jobber up on his shoulders and locks in a Torture Rack! Referee Nick Patrick almost instantly calls for the bell.

Match Result: Luther Reigns def Local Jobber via pinfall @ 0:52

Reigns refuses to release the Torture Rack and continues to bend the Jobber, causing excruciating pain tot he back area. Reigns drops the Jobber down but isn't finished yet as he pulls the Jobber back to his feet and places him in the reverse facelock position.... Reigns nails the Reign of Terror! Reigns finally leaves the Jobber to die and raises his arms in victory as his music plays and the announcers play up that Reigns is a monster on the rise.


The Raw Rebound ends and we return to Smackdown.


Boo's circle the arena again as the WWE Champion's music hits and he makes his way out in the white limo! The driver opens JBL's door and out he steps. JBL with the WWE Championship on his shoulder, clearly still pissed off with what happened earlier on tonight.

Tony Chimel: Please welcome the WWE Champion; John 'Bradshaw' Layfield!

As JBL makes his way down the ramp a video comes up on screen of JBL beating the crap out of Orlando Jordan and firing him. The video cuts and JBL is approaching the Smackdown announce table. Tazz stands up and shakes the WWE Champions hand and Michael Cole extends his hand, JBL stares a hole through Cole and then puts his headset on.

Michael Cole: Well JBL, welcome to the....

JBL: SHUT UP MICHEL COLE! I am the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history, you speak to me when spoken to!

Cole shuts up.

Tazz: Exactly, Cole. How can you disrespect JBL like that?

JBL: The difference between you & Michael Cole, Tazz - Is that you can actually commentate...

Tazz: Well, JBL. Let me welcome you out here to the Smackdown announce table.

JBL: Haha, Tazz. Thank you very much. Now before Michael Cole asks me the obvious question, I'm out here to watch John Cena fail to beat The Big Show and once again fail at going in pursuit of the WWE Championship!

Michael Cole: What is your....

JBL: I told you to speak when spoken to!


Mixed reaction for Big Show who in recent weeks has turned his back ont he fans, not really caring for what they think about him.

Tazz: Well, here comes the largest athlete in the world.

JBL: Who I've beat! This whole tournament is a joke, I beat every single one of them yet Teddy Long decides to give them all another shot at my WWE Championship!

Big Show enters the ring and waits for John Cena.


The pop as soon as John Cena's music hits is tremendous as he makes his way down the ramp, obviously Cena will want to take down Big Show here tonight, the question is, will he be able to?

JBL: This man was my latest victim, he is the least deserving of another shot at me! John Cena failed at WrestleMania and John Cena will fail here tonight!

Before Cena enters the ring he decides to walk around it and heads towards JBL. Cena stops at the announce table and does the signature 'You Can't See Me' taunt to JBL, this pisses JBL off and he rises out of his seat and shouts the usual Wrestling God shizz at him. Cena now enters the ring and this match is just about ready to go.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is the Chase to the WWE Championship match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Tampa, Florida, weighing 500 pounds; The Big Show!

Mixed reaction as Big Show nods and looks at Cena like he is one big hungry giant.

Tony Chimel: & his opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 243 pounds; JOHHNN CENA!

Big pop for the rising star known as John Cena. The referee calls for the bell so this match can begin!

Main Event | Singles Match | Chase to the WWE Championship 1st Round Match
The Big Show vs. John Cena

Here we go, the final match of the round 1 'Chase to the WWE Championship' matches. The 7ft, 500 pound Giant goes one on one with the leader of the Chaingang - John Cena. Cena looking to get his rematch with JBL for the WWE Championship after being screwed at WrestleMania by JBL's then assistant; Orlando Jordan. Cena & Big Show lock horns and predictably, Show shoves Cena down on his ass. Cena looks surprised, but lets face it, he isn't really. JBL starts to shit over Cena on commentary as Cena & Big show once again lock horns and this time, Big Show pulls Cena into a side headlock.... Cena's head almost disappears in Big Show's arm. Big Show then suddenly out of nowhere, flips Cena over his hip with a take down and now the headlock is locked in down on the mat. Cena reaches out his arms, trying to grab the ropes, but he is pretty far away from them. Show wrenches at Cena's head more, applying more pressure as Cena shouts out in pain... Show, still with the headlock in, rises up to his feet and shoves the smaller Cena into the corner. Cena tries to get some feeling back into his neck area but isn't given much time as Big Show squashes him with a thunderous closeline in the corner, Cena is still upright and Big Show once again nails a devastating closeline!

Cena is still somehow upright in the corner, Big Show smiles, probably at Cena's stupidity of not falling down. Show pushes Cena so he is straight up and extends his arm, opening up his hand, Big Show forces his hand towards Cena and smacks him in the chest with an open handed chop! The sound of Big Show's hand connecting is out of this world! Cena lets out a groan as Big Show straightens Cena up again, ANOTHER OPEN HANDED CHOP! Show steps out of the way to allow Cena to plummet down but Cena doesn't! He stumbes over to the opposite corner, using the top rope. Big Show shakes his head but smirks, intentions to inflict more pain on Cena are clear as he once again approaches Cena in the corner and straightens him up again; ANOTHER CHOP! JEsus Christ, Cena's chest is red as hell! Cena again moves to another corner. Big Show wastes no time in once again heading towards the corner; Show straightens him up ahain, ANOTHER CHOP! NO! Cena is able to duck out of the way and Show's hand whacks the top turnbuckle, though padded, it still inflicts some pain!

Shows turns around, trying to shake off the pain and Cena delivers a massive right hand, Show hardly responds but Cena keeps trying until eventually, Big Show gets groggy and Cena keeps smacking away at Big Show's jaw! Show stumbles towards Cena and Cena lays in one final huge right hand! Show falls towards the ropes and get's tangled in them! Cena unloads on Big Show! JBL demands the referee disqualify Cena. The ref tries to untangle Big Show but Cena doesn't give him much of a chance and just unloads with rights over and over and over again! The referee gets Cena out of the way and quickly tries to get Show out of the ropes. After about 15 seconds, Big Show is out, he stumbles out of the ropes, clearly very groggy and Cena looks to take full advantage as he sprints off the ropes and nails Show with a flying shoulder block. Big Show doesn't go down so Cena once again springs off the ropes and hits another flying shoulder block! Big Show stumbles and goes to one knee! Cena hits a move we rarely see from him, a dropkick to Big Show! Show is still on one knee so Cena sprints off the ropes behind Show and hits a throwback!

Cena poses to the crowd which gets a giant pop and looks at JBL, Cena with the signature 'You Can't See Me' taubnt directed right at JBL! This forces JBL out of his seat to get up and bicker at Cena, cena smirks and turns his attention to Big Show who is getting back to his feet, Cena kicks Show in the midsection and gets him in the firemans carry position! Cena has him up! HE NAILS THE F-U! Cena hooks the leg.... CENA GETS THE THREE! Relatively easy victory for Cena here tonight, only suffering minor damage from the 7ft, 500 pound Big Show!

Match Result: John Cena def The Big Show via pinfall @ 7:37

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; John Cena!

JBL bickers on commentary as Michael Cole tries to talk over him.

Michael Cole: John Cena has done it! John Cena advances to the triple threat match next week and gets one step closer to facing JBL for the WWE Championship! Wait a minute, what the hell is this!

Kurt Angle has hit the ring! Kurt Angle is in the ring and has just German Suplexed John Cena on his head! Angle undoes his tie and shirt and waits for Cena to get back to his feet.... Cena gets up and Angle is behind him and nails the Angle Slam! JBL is playing cheerleader out on commentary! Angle looks at Cena and then looks at JBL, signalling he will be the next WWE Champion. JBL changes from Cheerleader to Kurt Angle's biggest enemy and informs him he wont be taking his title when all of a sudden...


The lights go out, The Undertaker's signature!


The lights come back on and Undertaker is behind Kurt Angle! Angle is looking at the ramp and theirs no sign of Undertaker and he thinks he's gotten away with it! Angle lets out a sigh of relief and turns around right into the clutches of Undertaker as Taker shoves his hand right into Angle's throat! Undertaker lifts Angle high int he air and sends him crashing down with a chokeslam! Undertaker looks at Angle before suddenly turning and looking at the current WWE Champion; JBL. JBL looks like he's shit a brick as Undertaker does the signature 'Snake Eyes' as we fade to black.

***END SHOW***​

Quick Results:

Orlando Jordan def Carlito
Booker T def Orlando Jordan
Shannon Moore def Funaki
Luther Reigns def Local Jobber
John Cena def The Big Show​
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