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Just Like RVD is doing, I'll be using EWR for my WWE, I'll show you the roster how it is now because my WWE in EWR is in year 2 now and yes I use the Roster Split and did a custom draft. The Last PPV was the RAW one so this next one will be Smackdown

RAW Roster
World Champ-Chris Benoit
IC Champ-AJ Styles
Women's Champ-Lita
Tag Champs-Mark Jindrak & Mike Sanders
Triple H
The Rock
Randy Orton
Chavo Guerrero
Amazing Red
Rob Conway
Shawn Micheals
Chris Jericho
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Gail Kim
Dawn Marie
Billy Gunn
Booker T
Jerry Lynn
Billy Kidman
Ron Killings
Alexis Laree

WWE Champ-Kurt Angle
US Champ-John Cena
CUiserwieght Champ-Chris Sabin
Tag Team Champs-La Reistance
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
The Hurricane
Shannon Moore
Rosey the S.H.I.T
Miss Jackie
Brock Lesnar
Big Show
Kevin Nash-(Retireing in 2 Months)
CM Punk
Chistopher Daniles
Eddie Guerrreo-(Retireing in 6 Months)
Torrie Wilson
Stacy K.
Scott Sitener


Major Fueds
Goldberg vs The Rock
Triple H vs Chris Benoit
Kurt Angle vs John Cena
Other Fueds
Brock Lesnar vs Raven
Kane vs Big SHow
Jindrak&Sanders vs Killings&Low-Ki
Hardy Boyz vs La riestance
Orton vs Styles

Evolution-HHH,Batista,Randy Orton(O'Haire)
Natural Born Thrillers-Styles,Sanders,Jindrak(Mysterio)

Tag Teams
Hardy Boyz
Moore & CM Punk
Rosey & Hurricane
La Reistance
NBT I-(Styles & Mysterio)
NBT II-(Sanders & Jindrak)
NBT III-(Jindrak & Styles)
Evo I-(Orton & SeanO)
Evo II-(Batista & SeanO)
Killings & Low-Ki

Title History

World CHamp
Current-Chris Beniot(DEF. The Rock)
--The Rock(DEF HHH)
--HHH (DEF Jericho)
--Jericho (DEF The Rock
--The Rock (DEF Booker, Goldberg, Benoit)
--Vacant (After HHH is Injured)
--HHH(Def Booker T)
--Booker(Def HHH)
--HHH (Won Battle Royal to become Frist Raw Champ)

IC CHamp
Current--AJ Styles(DEF Booker)
--Booker(DEF Orton)
--Orton(DEF Sanders)
--Sanders(DEF Orton)
--Orton(DEF Booker)
--Booker (DEF Jericho)
--Jericho( DEF Booker)
--Booker(DEF Goldberg)
--Goldberg(DEF Goldust)
--Goldust(DEF Orton)
Frist IC Champ-Booker T(Beat Goldust, Jericho, & Goldberg)

Womens Champ
--Gail Kim(DEF Shanqiua)
--Shanquia(DEF Trish)
--Trish(Def Molly)
--Suspended due to low Public Image
--Jazz( Became Frist Champ by winning Tourny)

Tag Champs
Current-Sanders & Jindrak(Def Killings & Low-Ki)
--Killings & Low-Ki(Def Goldberg & Booker T)
--GOldberg & Booker T(DUE to HBK getting Injured)
--Goldberg & HBK(DEF Batista & SeanO)
--Batista & SeanO(Won in Tourny)
--Vacant-(DUE to APA's Release)
--APA(DEF SeanO & Orton)
--SeanO & Orton(DEF Styles & Sanders)
--Sanders & Styles(Became frist Champs by winning tourny)

WWE Title
Current-Kurt Angle(DEF Big Show)
--Big Show(DEF Kane)
--Kane(DEF Angle)
--Angle(DEF Kane)
--Kane(DEF Angle)
--Angle(DEF Lesnar)
--Lesnar(DEF Nash)
--Nash(DEF HBK[Traded to Raw for APA])
--HBK(Became Frist Champ by winning Battle Royal)

Us title
Current-John Cena(DEF Kane)
--Kane(DEF Eddie G)
--Eddie G(DEF Edge)
--Edge(DEF Rhyno)
--Rhyno(DEF Bradshaw)
--Bradshaw(DEF Christan)
-Christan(DEF Edge)
--Edge(Became frist champ by beating Cena)

Cuiserweight Title
Current-Chris Sabin(DEF CM Punk)
--CM Punk(DEF Jeff Hardy)
--Jeff Hardy(DEF Moore)
--Moore(DEF Hurricane)
--Hurricane(DEF Danlies)
--Daniles(DEF Ultimo Dragon[Fired due to to many backstage fights])
--Dragon(DEF Hurricane)
--Hurricane(Frist Champ by Winning Ladder match vs Tajiri & Vamprio)

Tag Champs
Current-La Reistance
--suspened(due to low public image)
--Tajiri & Dragon(DEF Hurrican & Rosey)
--Hurricane & Rosey(DEF La Reisatnce)
--La Reistacne(DEF WGTT)
--WGTT(Became Frist CHamps by Beating HBK& Nash)

Injured Wrestlers
--Mysterio(4 Months)
--SeanO(1 Year)
--WGTT(2 Months)

RAw will be tonight, SD will be tommorrow

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RAW Quick Results
Sometimes Quick results will be posted if I don't have time to post the entire show and right now, I don't have time. To get yall caught up, I have brought back the Hardcore title to both RAW and Smackdown. The frist rounds of the tourney RAW will begin tonight.

Frist Round
Nunzio vs Amazing Red
Nunzio defeats Red after a punch with brass knucks.

Mike Sanders is walking backsatge when out of no where, Low-Ki and Killings come up from behind and attack Styles.

Frist Round of Hardcore Title Tourny
Billy Gunn vs Rob Conway
Winner:Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn wins after hitting the Fame-Asser

Low-Ki and Ron Killings come down to the ring and challenge Sanders & Jindrak to a match for the Tag Titles. Styles and Jindrak come out and accpet the challenge.

HHH is interviewed about Benoit, contiuing the fued.

Tag Title Match: NBT II vs Killings & Low-KI
Winners:NBT II
Sanders nails Low-Ki with the 3.0 to get the win.

Co-RAW GM Stone Cold comes out and annouces the main event to night as Randy Orton, Triple H, and Batista vs AJ Styles, Goldberg and Chris Benoit.

A Video Hyping Jericho vs HBK is played

HBK vs Jericho
HBK and Jericho fight till both men get Double DQ-ed when Booker T comes down and destroys all of them, started a fued with both men.

Main Event-
Evolution vs Benoit,Styles,Goldberg
Randy whacks Styles with a chair behind the refs, allowing Triple H to get the pinfall. Benoit then attacks HHH from behind as RAW Ends
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