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[World Wonder Ring Stardom] The best women's title run this year.

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...just ended in a whimper. Rossy pulling a Vince and screwing the best out of walking to the big show as champ.

Thoughts on the new champ? Discuss.
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What, did giulia win? I haven't kept up
Nah, Giulia (predictably) just beat Konami's ass to retain the white belt.
Now the question is, are they going to do Utami vs Giulia at the anniversary show? Giulia is quite likely to get something big to do there, since she's the one getting media attention (DDM really took off popularity wise late summer) and the one bushi probably wants there but Utami is probably the one Stardom management wants to build around he next 6 years so, wonder if they are going to have two new names close that show or if one of them is going to take a backseat so that the lucky one may get the honor vs a stablished name.
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