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World Incorporated Wrestling

No backstory, no explanation, just a company with a great mix of some of my favourite talent. This is a joint production between me and FluxCapacitator.

WIW Roster

The Faces
The Whole F'n Show RVD
The Rated R Superstar Edge
The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe
Everyone's Favourite Matt Hardy
The Masterpiece Chris Masters
The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
The South African Sensation Justin Gabriel
Showtime Percy Watson
The One Man Rockband Heath Slater
The South Beach Party Boy Darren Young
Mark Henry
Max Buck
Jeremy Buck
2 Cold Scorpio
The Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine Duke Rotundo
Bo Rotundo

The Heels
The Devil's Favourite Demon Kane
Tyler Reks
Dashing Cody Rhodes
The Sinister Scotsman Drew McIntyre
The Natural Robert Roode
Cowboy James Storm
David A-List Otunga
Mr. 1.9 Michael Tarver
The Wildcard Orlando Jordan
Big Sexy Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Sid Vicious
The King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett
The Rare Breed Alex Riley
Dolph Ziggler
William Regal
Your Feature Presentation Sean Morley

The Tag Teams/Factions
The Main Event Mafia - Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sid Vicious
The Rotundo's - Bo and Duke Rotundo
The Young Buck's - Jeremy and Max Buck
Beer Money Inc. - Robert Roode and James Storm
Mark Henry and Percy Watson
Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes

Jim Cornette - General Manager
Jim Ross - Play by Play Commentator
Tazz - Co Commentator
David Penzer - Ring Announcer

WIW Championships
WIW Championship - Vacant
WIW TV Championship - Vacant
WIW Tag Team Championships Vacant

WIW TV Shows
WIW Warfare - 60 Min. Tuesday.
WIW Shockwave - 30 Min. Thursday.

Upcoming WIW PPV
WIW Revolution


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Warfare ~ 10 November 2010

The first ever Warfare kicks off with a video, many of the wrestlers appear on it, saying what they plan on doing in WIW, and why they arrived. many big names appear on the video promising to be a success in the company, and say they weren't going to miss out on this huge opportunity. We then go to the arena. A big pyro then went off as the camera's moved around the arena, past tonnes of screaming fans, showing various signs, many for Rob Van Dam. The camera's then went to the commentators, Jim Ross and Tazz. JR started by saying he was delighted to be back, and hyped up WIW as the place to be, he said this was the show every wrestling fan, including him, had been waiting for, and then went on to hype the night's matches. Graphics showed for Heath Slater versus Dolph Ziggler, a 4 way for the tag team titles and Edge versus Drew McIntyre where the winner will advance to the WIW title match at Revolution.

The fans cheers turned to boo's, as Drew McIntyre made his way out, with a look of distainon his face. Drew slowly made his way into the ring and grabbed a microphone off Dave Penzer. McIntyre would say that it was about time he was given an opportunity at the world title, and claimed he was the franchise of WIW, their undoubted greatest talent. As McIntyre continued to drone on, fans replied with s big "What?" after every sentence, and eventually went to chants of "Boring!" Finally, much to the delight of fans, this was interrupted by the theme of Edge, who made his way out to a mixed reaction, fans still not sure who's side he is on. Edge grabbed a mic and started by telling mcIntyre how unbelievably boring he is, saying half the guys in the back are asleep. Edge told McIntyre that he was going to get speared, and then hinted that he couldn't wait until the main event to do it, McIntyre fired back with some standard insults. Edge then put the mic to his mouth, about to hit back at Drew, but then changed his mind, throwing down the mic and spearing McIntyre to a huge pop. Edge raised his arms in the air as McIntyre rolled out of the ring.

The camera's then went to a locker room backstage, where Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Sid Vicious were talking amongst each other. The camera's came on them just in time to hear them run down all the young talent in WIW, and say they were going to be the main eventers of this company.

We then went back to the arena, as the ever ecentric and strange Orlando Jordan made his way to the ring to a fairly silent reaction. Next out was Justin Gabriel, who ran down the ramp high fiving front row fans with a big grin on his face. The one on one match got underway, as Gabriel started strong, showing off his impressive aerial skills. Gabriel seemed too much for OJ, hitting him with stiff kicks to the chest and head. Eventually OJ would stop Gabriel's momentum, backrdropping him over the ropes to the outside. From here Jordan slowed down Gabriel with farious submissions, and treid to put him away with some bigger moves, getting many near falls. Gabriel would fight back into control and hit some big moves, capping it off with a picture perfect 450 splash, getting an impressive pinfall victory over Jordan.

~Commercial Break~

As WIW returned, Tazz and JR went over the first quarter of the show, as a replay played of Edge spearing McIntyre, and Gabriel pinning OJ.

Next up, a 4 way to crown the first tag team champions. Out first is the Young Bucks, Max and Jeremy, with a fairly standard entrance, followed by Beer Money. Next out is Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, who surprisingly get a big pop from the crowd. The final team to enter is Mark Henry and Percy Watson. Henry shows off his biceps as Percy runs around the ring dancing and high fiving fans. The match is an unorganised brawl to start off, members from all teams trying to eliminate the others from the ring. In the end, Beer Money and the Young Buck's are left in the ring, and they kick things off with some fine wrestling. Throughout the match, teams almost trade places from the outside of the ring to the inside, as the match ranges from fantastic, when the Young Bucks are in the ring, to fairly average, when Hall and Nash and Watson and Henry are in the ring. Eventually Mark Henry hits a World's Strongest Slam on Scott Hall and looks to hve the match won, but Jamest Storm superkicks him and pins Hall to win the match for Beer Money, making them the first WIW tag tem champions. Beer Money celebrate on the ramp with their titles

Backstage, the WIW interviewer, Lacey Von Erich is with Heath Slater. Slater says it's time for him to step up, and tonight he will show everyone how good he is as he beats Dolph Ziggler.

Backt to JR and Tazz, they advertise tonight's main event, Drew McIntyre versus Edge in a semifinal match for the WIW title, they say next week Rob Van Dam will take on Kane in the other semi final, and the final will take place at WIW's first pay per view, Revolution.

A pre recorded video plays of Rob Van Dam talking about why he signed with WIW. RVD says it felt like the right thing to do, and he didn't want to watch a WIW show in a few months and wish he had joined.

Backstage there is a short interview with Jim Cornette in his office, he says that he might be the GM, but he's going to try and sit back and let the wrestler's take care of themselves. Cornette then says how great it is to work in a company where there is nobody called Vince...

~Commercial Break~

As Warfare returns, Heath Slater enters, followed by Dolph Ziggler. Their match is surprisingly good. Ziggler showed how good he is when it comes to mat wrestling with some good take downs and holds on Slater. The 2 would then go back and forth for mostof the match, with neither man staying in control for very long before the other would counter. Ziggler got multiple near falls, and then looked to have the match won after a Zig Zag, but Slater surprisingly kicked out. Not long after, Slater would dodge a clothesline and hit a jumping neckbreaker, and then pin Ziggler for the win, much to the surprise of the whole crowd. Slater celebrated with front row fans, delighted with his win, as Ziggler seemed shocked and horrified by the result, almost tearing his hair out inside the ring.

In a pre taped video very similar to RVD's, Edge talks about joining WIW, saying the choice was easy for him, and he was desperate for a new challenge. He said he will stop at nothing to become the WIW champion.

A vignette type promo played for Kane, as he gave one of his dark, eerie promo's, Kane promised to bring a reign of terror and destruction on WIW, as his match next week with Rob Van Dam was again mentioned by Tazz and JR.

Backstage Beer Money Inc. Were interviewed by lacey Von Erich. They said there is a good reason they are the first champions in WIW, because they are the best tag team in wrestling, and 2 best wrestlers in WIW.

The theme of Drew McIntyre then hit as he made his way out, lookking very annoyed, and showing real hate to the crowd. This was followed by Edge, who this time got a big pop. The 2 entered the ring as the main event got underway. The match started with the 2 trading punches and kicks, but the pace gradually slowed down. Warfare took a commercial just as McIntyre hurled Edge over the top rope.

~Commercial Break~

As Warfare returned Drew had Edge clamped in a sleeper hold, and the ref checked Edge's arm, but Edge stayed in it. The match continued with drew in control, wearing Edge down. Edge came back with a swinging neckbreaker and an impaler DDT for a near fall, and the match then picked up pace, as both attempted their finisher's and tried to put the other away. McIntyre threw Edge shoulder first into the steel ring post and rolled him up for a close near fall. McIntyre then tried toset up for the Future Shock DDT, but Edge countered and hit a Spear out of nowhere. With both men down and hurting, Edge crawled over to the corner and pulled himself up against the ropes, calling for McIntyre to get to his feet. McIntyre did, and Edge hit him with a bigger second spear. Edge then covered McIntyre to pick up the victory to a big pop, and advance to the world title match at Revolution. Edge raised his arms in victory, then, the devil's favourite demon, Kane, came from under the ring and rooled into it, standing behind Edge, as Edge turned around he ran right into the monster's hand, who then hit a big chokeslam on the Rated R Superstar. Warfare closed with Kane standing over Edge with an evil smile on his face as his theme played.

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Thursday Night Shockwave ~ 12 November 2010​

Before the first ever WIW Shockwave commences, a video package is shown of the events of the episode of Warfare just gone. It highlights the brawl between McIntyre and Edge at the beginning of the show, shots of the small gathering between Vicious, Hall, Nash and Jeff Jarrett, as well as Beer Money Inc. winning a four corners, tag team match to become the first ever, WIW tag team champions. The package ends with highlights of Edge vs. McIntyre in the main event. It shows Edge hitting the spear on Drew to guarantee himself a place in the WIW World Title match at Revolution, but the final shows of the package shows Kane chokeslamming Edge, and standing over his lifeless body.

As the video package fades to black, and Shockwave officially gets under way, there is no fancy pyrotechnics, instead we are met by the familiar music of Scott Hall. The cool Scott Hall calmly makes his way to the ring, followed by his Main Event Mafia companion, Kevin Nash who pats his partner on the shoulder and makes his way to the announce desk to give colour commentary along with Tazz and J.R. After Scott Hall poses in the ring for a few seconds, The One Man Rock Band, Heath Slater makes his way to the ring, touching the fans hands on the way down. He slides in to the ring, poses on the middle rope and the match finally gets underway.

Match One | Singles Match
Scott Hall vs Heath Slater
As the bell rings, the two meet up in the centre of the ring and the veteran signals for a test of strength by raising his left hand. Slater looks around the crowd, who encourage him to test his strength and he does, as he interlocks is fingers with Halls. But Hall cheap shots the youngster with a toe kick to the midsection. Hall follows up with several right hands which rock Slater, and Hall pushes Slater off of the ropes in to the opposite set, Slater bounces back and is knocked down with a shoulder block by Scott. Hall carries on the beat down with several kicks to the sternum of the grounded Slater, but Hall stops and picks up Slater who is knocked down to one knee after four stiff right hands to the jaw. Hall continues his flurry of offence, by driving his knee straight in to the face of a dazed Heath, who falls flat on his back on the mat. Hall covers, but only for a two count. Scott gets up and questions the referee about the speed of the count, saying it was far too slow. But the complaining from Hall gave enough time for the energetic Slater to regain his whereabouts, run in to the back of Hall and hit a bulldog! Slater rise on to his feet, and plays to the crowd, as Hall crawls in to the corner for a breather. Slater realises Scott’s attempt of resting, and goes straight back to work, but the veteran grabs Slater’s tights and pulls Slater in to the turnbuckle shoulder first! Hall then takes advantage of this opening, but pushing his opponent to the outside and punishing him.
The bout ends when Hall sets up Heath Slater for the dangerous “Outsider’s Edge” (Crucifix Powerbomb) but Slater slides out of it behind the back of Hall, jumps up and hits the Jumping Neckbreker!

The fans all rise to their feet, as The One Man Rock Band scores an impressive victory over Scott Hall! Slater leaps up in joy, and celebrates but his celebration doesn't last long as Kevin Nash dumps his headset and rushes down to the ring, only to ambush Heath Slater! Kevin Nash sends Slater down to the ground with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head, and Hall and Nash beat down Slater. But Slater's good friends, Justin Gabriel and Darren Young sprint down to the ring to help out their friend! Slater, Gabriel and Young gain the advantage over Hall and Nash, but that advantage is short lived as Hall and Nash's Main Event Mafia partners, Jeff Jarrett and Sid Vicious hit the ring and the momentum shifts towards the Main Event Mafia as they have the four vs. three numbers advantage! After a minute or two of punishment from the veterans, they stand as a unit in the centre of the ring celebrating the victory of the impromptu brawl, the lights black out.

The Pope....Is.....PIMPING!

The fans go crazy, as the lights turn back on, "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero is stood behind the confused quartet, with a steel pole in hand! The four men turn around, and The Pope unleashes the power of the steel pole on the four members, they all fall to the floor in pain and roll out of the ring, as Gabriel, Slater and Young make their way to their feet. The Pope looks at the trio of youngsters, and the trio stare back... The three parade around D'Angelo Dinero as the four celebrate. They turn around to see the Main Event Mafia fleeing in to the back, seemingly pissed off.

As J.R and Tazz discuss what just happened, a graphic comes up on the screen advertising tonight's main event; Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes vs. Samoa Joe and Matt Hardy. J.R and Tazz discuss what a great match that is going to be, and Lacey Von Erich is standing by with Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes now. The cameras go back to a locker room, with Lacey Von Erich (looking beautiful) holding a microphone. She welcomes everyone, and introduces her guests who are indeed McIntyre and Rhodes. They talk about how they've both been mistreated in the past, and that they're introduction to WIW only means bad things for the other members of the roster, more specifically tonight, Samoa Joe and Matt Hardy. They then go on to talk about Beer Money Inc. and that no matter how dominant they are going to be in the tag division, they're reign is going to last only so long as sooner or later Rhodes and McIntyre are going to prize them titles away from the waists of Roode and Storm. Shockwave then goes to it's first, and only commercial break.

~Commercial Break~

As Shockwave returns from commercial break, a small video package is shown, similar to the one on Warfare, with several superstars explaining why they joined World Incorporated Wrestling. Max and Jeremy Buck explain that the reason they joined was to put on five star matches, that are free for the public's viewing pleasure, it then shows William Regal explaining that he joined WIW because he wanted to prove he is the best technical wrestler the world has ever seen! The package closes, and Tazz and J.R recap what happened in the first half of the show between the Main Event Mafia and Gabriel, Young, Slater and Pope. A video package then opens, advertising WIW's first ever pay per view - Revolution. Cameras then cut to ringside, where McIntyre and Rhodes make their way to the ring, receiving a fair amount of heat. They look as cocky and arrogant as ever, and taunt the crowd once inside the ring. However, the boos become small cheers when Matt Hardy's music plays. Hardy makes his way in to the ring, climbs on the second turnbuckle and poses. But the ever-opportunistic Rhodes and McIntyre start the beat down on a partnerless Hardy with dozens of hard punches and kicks... until the infamous music of Samoa Joe hits and it causes the biggest cheers of the night! Samoa Joe storms down to the ring with a towel on his head, he throws the towel in the face of Rhodes and the match is officially under way!

Match Two | Tag Team Match
Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy and Samoa Joe
The bell rings, but the brawl still continues. Samoa Joe hits Rhodes with hard lefts and rights, as Hardy tees off on McIntyre in the corner. The referee tries to maintain some order in this matchup, but to no avail as the two pairs still keep fighting. The cameras pan to Joe, who finishes off a lethal striking combination with a very impressive spinning back fist which sends Cody Rhodes through the middle ropes, and on to the arena floor. Joe then turns his attention to Drew McIntyre who turned the tide, and is now beating down on Matt Hardy in the corner. Joe spins McIntyre around, and levels him with a flurry of punches, but McIntyre blocks one, and disrespectfully slaps The Samoan Submission Machine! Joe grabs his chin, and looks straight in to the eyes of McIntyre... he grabs the arm of the Scottsman, pulls him in to the tight grip of Joe and hits a beautiful overhead, belly-to-belly suplex. Joe then gets straight back up, runs off the ropes and hits a running senton splash on to the grounded McIntyre, but only for a two count. Joe then maintains the high impact offence with a snapmare, followed by a chop to the chest of McIntyre, topped off with a brutal kick to the back of Drew. Joe then tags in Hardy, as the duo keep McIntyre in their corner, weakening the "Sinister One."
The match ends when Rhodes whips Samoa Joe in to the ropes, the same sides as McIntyre is on. As Joe is about to hit the ropes at full speed, the apron-bound McIntyre lowers the top rope and Joe collapses over the top rope and lands hard on the arena floor. Matt Hardy gets in the ring to try and beat down Rhodes, but the referee stops him. Meanwhile, on the outside, McIntyre lifts up the grounded Samoan, kicks him in the midsection, goes underneath his arms and hits the Futureshock DDT on the outside! A sickening thud is heard that silences the arena in shock! As McIntyre rolls Samoa Joe in to the ring, the legal man, Cody Rhodes hits a forearm on the frustrated Hardy knocking him on to the arena floor, and Rhodes jumps on top of Joe for the cover.

Joe seems to be out cold, as Matt Hardy makes his way back in to the ring. Rhodes and McIntyre instantly leave the ring, smirking at what they've just done. The look at each other and laugh, then look at the unconscious Joe and the worried Matt Hardy and laugh even more. The crowd are still in shock! EMT's and personal trainers rush to the aid of Joe, with a stretcher, as around six or seven medical personnel tend to the laid-out Samoa Joe. They manage to get the 280 pounder on to the stretcher, and they wheel him up in to the backstage area. But as the stretcher reaches the top of the ramp, Rhodes and McIntyre reappear from behind the curtain... Rhodes scares away and punches several doctors, as McIntyre grabs the stretcher that holds the lifeless Samoa Joe. McIntyre looks up to the crowd who boos extremely loud, McIntyre gives off a sick smile, and pushes the stretcher down the ramp, and it crashes in to the ring! The stretcher falls over and Joe hits the arena floor once again! McIntyre's music plays once again, as the arena is in shock. Tazz and J.R talk about what a despicable act that was, and that they could have ended Samoa Joe's career, as the first ever Shockwave comes to a close.​

OOC: I can't take any credit for this, it was written by my new partner, FluxCapacitator, who I must say did a great job.

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Match one: Though that Hall would go over but with Slater being the up-and-coming star got the one. With MEM coming out and clearing house was expected. Didn't expect The Pope to come out but hopefully sets up for a good 4 on 4 match. With The Pope getting a major push.

Match two: Samoa Joe being out for good? Not going to happen, I just here the chimes of the fans chanting "Joes gonna kill you" Joe will be back for revenge and it will be sweet.

Anyway good overall show. Put more time into it though as you started earlier today, more than two matches and you need a few promo's to build up some of the other stars.

I would advise that you both showed what superstars you are going to use on each of your shows. That if Flux Capacitator wrote that match he should have posted it.

Overall I would give a 7/10

One other thing you may want to have some kind of online news thing for your Company. Only reason I say that is, is you have a decent sized roster but not much time for them. Only an hour and a half each week. So maybe just tell like who's getting pushed at house shows etc.

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Nice format homie, I like some of the guys you got here, The Dashing Ones, The Young Bucks and all them young guys, it's good but IMO Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, yeah all of them, I don't want to see retirement home 101! Glad there is only a few of them, good luck my man.

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*The date of WIW's first pay-per-view, Revolution, has been set, 5 December 2010.

*Samoa Joe's injury is pure storyline, and it is believed he will return soon to start a feud with Drew McIntyre and possibly Cody Rhodes.

*WIW higher up's are still deciding who their first world champion will be, two names are regularly coming back, Edge is the only name confirmed for the title match so far.

*Aswell as the first world champion, the first WIW TV champion will be crowned at Revolution.

*The first WIW merchandise is now available on their website, available are Rob Van Dam, Samoa Joe and Edge t-shirts, and an Edge baseball cap.

*The first round of WIW house shows will take place after the next Warfare, the first of which will be in Binghamton, New York. The main event being advertised is Edge versus Kane.

*It has been announced that before each Warfare there will be an internet exclusive match held at the arena, fans will be able to watch this on youtube and the WIW website.

*Aswell as the new internet exclusive match, WIW is trying to find a new way to feature more of it's talent, as it's certainly very hard to do with just an hour and a half of tv time and the need to set up PPV's. Right now there has been talk of bringing in an internet exclusive show, WIW has also been trying to get Shockwave an extra half hour of TV time.

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Warfare ~ 17 November 2010

Internet Exclusive Dark Match: Sean Morley and Yler Reks d. Raven and 2 Cold Scorpio

WIW kicks off with it's intro, and then goes right to Tazz and JR. They welcome one and all to the show and promise a great one, a graphic comes up advertising the night's main event, Kane versus Rob Van Dam in a world title semi final match, and remind us that the winner will face Edge at Revolution for the WIW title. They also tell us about a 15 man battle royal, wheere the last 2 remaining wrestlers will face each other at Revolution for the WIW championship.

The theme of the Main Event Mafia plays as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Sid Vicious come to the ring together. Nash starts by running down all the young wresstlers in WIW, saying they couldn't draw flies to sh*t! (Bleeped) Nash says the young wrestlers have no respect for the men who made the business what it is today, guys like him, Hall, Jarrett and Sid. Nash says that Heath Slater got the biggest win of his life on Shockwave when he pinned Scott Hall on Shockwave, and it was pure fluke. Scott Hall takes the mic. Hall says he had a bad flu the day of his match with Slater, but he soldiered on and fought anyway, he said if he fought that punk Slater again the outcome would be very different. Jeff Jarrett took the microphone and ran down The Pope D'Angelo Dinero. Jarrett said it's typical of a punk like him to blindside true legends and use a steel pipe on them, Jarrett said if the young guy want to play dirty, then the MEM will play dirty. Jarrett said he'll be participating in the battle royal tonight, aswell as Kevin Nash, he said they will be the last 2 left in the match and at Revolution everyone will see how how it's done when they face off for the TV title. Jarrett finally get's interrupted by "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero to a huge pop.

Pope struts down to the ring to huge cheers, and enters the ring. Pope says he'll be entering the battle royal too, and he can't wait to toss Jarrett and Nash over the top rope. Pope says there is a reason the MEM are the mid card mafia now, and not main eventers anymore, and it's the same reason Hall lost to Heath Slater, because those so called young punks are better than them. Before Pope can say anymore, Nash hit's him a big right hand, and soon all four and punching and kicking Hall. Heath Slater, Darren Young and Justin Gabriel, carrying a chair, quickly run to the ring and MEM get out of the ring as Young, Slater and Gabriel help Pope up.

We go backstage where the beautiful lacey Von Erich is standing by with Rob Van Dam. Van Dam promises to beat Kane tonight, he says that he doesn't car how big Kane is, because nothing will stop him from becoming the first WIW champion, he finishes by saying the first name on the championship will be Rob... Van... Dam.

A pre recorded video plays of Matt Hardy explaining why he joined WIW, and what an exciting place it is to be. Hardy says he wanted to go somewhere where he could just enjoy himself and wrestle, he says the future looks grest for WIW and Matt Hardy.

~Commercial Break~

As we return a recap of the events on Shockwave plays, as we see Drew McIntyre hit a devastating Future Shock DDT on Samoa Joe on the outside of the ring. We then see Drew McIntyre shove the stretcher Joe is on down the ramp, as it hits off the ring and Joe falls off, with McIntyre grinning all the while. JR and Tazz inform us that Joe suffered a bad concussion and will be out for a considerable period of time.

We then take a quick look at the internet exclusive dark match, which took place before the show, Tazz says the unlikely pairing or Tyler Reks and adult film director Sean Morley took on Raven and 2 Cold Scorpio, and to see how that match went just log onto WIWrestling.com or go to WIW's Youtube channel.

The first match of the night is Cody Rhodes versus the huge Mark Henry. Mark Henry uses his superior power to push around Rhodes, and it seems nothig the Dashing One does works, as Henry shoves off all his attacks. Rhodes get's very frustrated, and takes a long break outside the ring to recover from the beting he is taking. Soon Rhodes uses his quick thinking to recover and come back, working at Henry's left arm. The match takes on a slow pace as Rhodes grounds Henry. Soon Henry fights back, but Rhodes pokes him in the eye and jumps into a big DDT, scoring the pinfall victory over Henry.

A vignette plays for "The Feature Presentation" Sean Morley, highlighting his career as an adult film director.

We see a short recap of Beer Money Inc. winning the tag team titles last week in a 4 way match.

The commentators again remind us of the battle royal to determine who will face off for the TV title, and that will happen after the commercial break

~Commercial Break~

As WIW returns, it's time for the battle royal. The battle royal starts with all 15 men inside the ring, as usual it's pandamonium, every man for himself. Soon, some of the lesser nknown competitiors go out and things get more organised, eliminations slower. Jeff Jarrett and Kevin nash team up until it comes down to 4, Nash, Jarrett, D'Angelo Dinero and Justin Gabriel. Gabriel get's a big pop when he flips Nash over the top. As Jarrett and Gabriel jostle at the ropes Pope throws both over, becoming the last man standing. Ref's quarrel for a minute or 2, before deciding Gabriel's feet hit the ground first, meaning Pope and Jarrett are the final 2 and will face off for the TV title.

As Pope plays to the crowd inside the ring, Jeff Jarrett rolls back in, and he is soon followed by Hall, Vicious and Nash. Just as it looks like Pope is doomed, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Darren Young storm the ring, and things turn into a four on four brawl. It's pandemonium as all eight men battle it out, until the young wrestlers get the advantage and start tossing the MEM out of the ring, Slater hits a jumping neckbreaker on Hall, while Gabriel hits an amazing 450 splash on Sid Vicous, The Pope caps it off with a big DDE on Jeff Jarrett as his theme plays and he celebrates with the others in the ring.

Another pre taped interview plays, this time with Beer Money, who say they joined WIW to win titles, kick ass and make a tonne of money.

We go backstage where the camera is peeking just in the slightly open door of Jim Cornette's office, without him noticing, s he talks on the phone with someone, seemingly trying to persuade them to join WIW. Cornette emphasizes how he'd love to have this person on board, and then says he'll have to finish the talk later, as he hangs up.

~Commercial Break~

It's main event time, as RVD and Kane make their debuts, wrestling each other for a chance at the WIW title. The match is fairly good, albeit a little slow, but the 2 pull off some good high spots, and many near falls. Kane get's many near falls, until he finally hits Van Dam with a chokeslam. Kane takes a few seconds to cover, but does, and to everyone's surprise, RVD kicks out. With the crowd rallying behind him, RVD finally get's Kane down and hits a big 5 star frog splash. RVD pins Kane, and wins! It seemed Kane may have had his foot under the ropes, but RVD is the winner, at least, that's what everyone thinks. A new ref comes down the ramp and quarrels with the referee. The 2 quarrel for a while, with RVD still celebrating. Finally, a third ref comes down, and he seems to be on the side of the second ref, who thinks Kane had his foot under the ropes. Finally, the original ref reluctantly restarts the match, and RVD, shocked, argues with him. As RVD turns around Kane is back up, and he hits another chokeslam, pins RVD, and steals a win, to everyone's shock.

As Kane's theme blasts around the arena, RVD struggles to his feet and furiously argues with the referee's going so far as to grab one of them by his collar and and almost knock him out. Van Dam kicks the bottom turnbuckle and buries his head in is hands, devastated at having lost the match, the show ends as we see multiple inconclusive replays and as the show comes to an end JR tells us all to join WIW again for Shockwave on Thursday.
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