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After reading all the super shows that people put in I have decided to do my own show that will start at WrestleMania 22.

Match 1

London and Kidman Vs Rhyno and Tajiri Tag Champs Vs. Tag Champs

6 minutes in..

London is still in control and is constantly trying to get Tarjiri to submit. As London runs at Tarjiri on the turnbuckle Tarjiri suddenly moves as he spays the mist sending London blind into the turnbuckle. Kidman then runs in only to receive a Gore from Rhyno and Tarjiri hits his kick followed by the roll-up for the 3 count.

Winners: Rhyno and Tajiri

After the match London tries to Consol Kidman but he snaps and hits London with his Tag team belt.

Michael Cole- What is Kidman doing to his own partner?

Tazz- Finaly showing some sense. I mean London cost them the match and let those raw punks get one over on us on Smackdown.

Michael Cole- But I wonder what will happen to the tag team belts now?

Match 2

Foley and ??? Vrs Flair and Batista and Test

Evolution is already in the ring as Foley walks out..

JR- Remember that if Foley loses this match then he is gone from wrestling for ever

King- Oh I can’t wait for Foley to finally be gone. It’ll be in writing and everything! And during the weeks building up to this match Evolution has beaten down anyone who would dare join with Foley

Mick Foley- As you have scared away any possible partners for me I will have to….

*Glass Shatters*

JR- Oh My God its Stone Cold! Stone Cold is back

King- Crap

Stone Cold- If you want Me and Foley to kick Some serious Evolution Ass give me a Hell Yeah

Crowd- Hell yeah

Stone Cold and Foley roll in to the Ring.

8 minutes in…

The end of an even contest comes when Stone Cold stunners Test and Batista as Ric Flair is given the Manibale Claw by Foley. Stone Cold Rolls the other members of Evolution out of the ring as Flair gives up to the Manibale Claw.

Winners: Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin

JR- Yes Foley wins!! Damm

King- Yes JR the cavalry has arrived!

Edge, Benoit and HHH run out and dish out a typical Evolution beatdown to Foley and Austin.

King- This is the welcome home that Stone Cold really deserves.

JR- You can’t really believe that can you?

King- No but Evolution runs Raw and I have mouths to feed. I don’t have the same comfortable job on the side as you do. They can’t fire you but what about me. So don’t preach to me you Asshole!!

King walks off as JR tries to get him to come back.

Match 3

United States Title
RVD vrs Rey Mysterio
Ladder Match

25 minutes in…

This super match is nearing fever-pitch tension. Both men are down after a superplex from the top of the ladder to the floor by RVD. He is first to awaken and rolls into the ring to set up the ladder.

Michael Cole- What is he doing? He setting up the ladder away from his belt

Tazz- He hates Rey so much he wants to finish him FOREVER!

RVD climbs the ladder and does the R..V..D pose and jumps.

Michael Cole- He’s going but Oh No!!

Rey Mysterio moves at the last second and RVD lands HARD onto the floor.

Tazz- Rey was playing possum!

Rey puts up the ladder and collects the belt to the huge cheers of his adoring fans.

Winner and US Champion: Rey Mysterio

Michael Cole- Rey wins as RVD is taken out in an ambulance.

Tazz- They both took risks but Rey took the old saying ‘Know your Enemy’ to heart, he knew that RVD wanted to finish him off, and now he is our US Champion.

Match 4

Kane Vs. Brock Lesner

10 minutes in

Kane and Brock have exchanged the lead in this match many times in this match but Brock ends this match by landing the F-5 from the top rope as Kane went up for a flying clothesline to make the score between Raw and Smackdown 1-1 to a chorus of cheers.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Tazz- YES!!

Michael Cole- Now is the match that will determine the winner of this contest between Raw and Smackdown.

Tazz- Remember the winning GM will be able to pick any star from the opposing brand to appear on their show.

Match 5

Kurt Angle Vrs Shawn Michaels

16 minutes in

Both men are down following a flying elbow drop from Hbk. Hbk gets up first and gets the crowd ready for the sweet chin music.

JR- Yes Yes

Tazz- No No!

But Angle has the kick scouted and grasps the foot of Hbk as he goes for the kick and locks in the Ankle Lock leaving HBK no choice but to tap.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match the GM of Smackdown comes out and picks up a mic.

Theodore Long- I have looked at all the talent on Raw and only one person comes to mind…. So the man I want from Raw is…………………………… HBK!!!

Match 6

Intercontinental Title
Eugene (C) Vs. Shealton Vs. Edge Vs. Christian

19 minutes in

All four men have had chances to win but the match is still on a knife-edge. Edge has Shealton measured for the Spear but he moves and Edge hits the floor outside the ring. Shealton laughs at Edge but runs into an Unprettier. Eugene has Christian ready for the Rock bottom but is pulled out the ring by Bastista and Christian is able to make the cover.

Winner: Christian

After the match.

Bastista drags Eugene to HHH who is waiting on the ramp.

HHH- Eugene I have waited so long for this but I wanted to wait until Wrestlimania before I ended your existence.

HHH snaps his fingers and Bastista throws Eugene off the top of the ramp 20 FEET TO THE CONCREATE FLOOR!!!!


Paramedics rush down to Eugene along with the Smackdown GM and many wrestliers as HHH walks calmly down to the ring for his match with Randy Orton.

Match 7

Randy Orton Vrs HHH

12 minutes in

Orton is holding his own despite the constant interference of Ric Flair. But in the end Ric is able to destract the ref for long enough so that HHH can get a sledgehammer and Crack it against Randy’s Skull!!!!

JR- Oh God no!

After the shot Randy does not move and HHH gets the 1-2-3

Winner: Triple H

After the match Randy is taken to Hospital still not moving.

We are then shown King returning to the announcement table.

JR- Hey buddy why are you back?

King- I’ve handed in my notice.

JR- What? What about your family?

King- Oh I’ve got another job now!

JR- Which is?

King- Oh that would be telling!

Match 8

Undertaker Vrs Luther Reigns

8 minutes in

Undertaker has been in control and ends the match with the Tombstone Piledriver ( It’s an undertaker match what else is there to say?)

Winner: Undertaker

Match 9

WWE Championship
Eddie Gurrerio vs. John Cena

21 minutes in

Match has gone back and fourth but Cena has Eddie down and is pumping up his shoes.

Tazz- Oh boy here we go!

But as Cena hoists Eddie up he graps the ref and when he is thrown lands on him. Once both men see the ref is out both go for weapons. Cena goes for the Knukes while Eddie gets the belt. Both charge at each other but Eddie brings the belt up and Cena hurts his hand allowing Eddie to hit him in the head, get the frog splash in and retain his belt for the second successive Wrestlimania.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

After the match- Eddie raises Cenas hand to cheers from the huge crowd.

Match 10

World Heavyweight Championship
Tables Ladders and Chairs
Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit (C)

The match starts with them tying up with Benoit getting the upper hand and sending him to the floor with a suplex. This gives Bennoit time to get a ladder and slide it into the ring. He rams the ladder into the ribs of Jericho. He goes again but Jericho jumps onto the end of the ladder sending Benoit over the top and into the barricade.

Jericho gets a table and sets it up before dragging his opponent back inside the ring and wipping him off the ropes. Benoit reverses and Jericho is sent SIDEWAYS through the table.

JR- This is what a TLC...

King- Oh My

JR- Match is all about.

Benoit sets up the ladder but he shoves Jericho’s body in through one of the rungs and snaps the ladder shut. He then pulls the legs through the rungs and locks in a Bostin Crab. The pain is excruciating but Benoit lets go and gets another ladder and starts to climb. However Jericho is back up and also climbs the ladder. Both men exchange punches and Jericho gains the upper hand. He graps Benoit by the arm and SUPLEXS HIM OFF THE TOP AND THROUGH A TABLE!!!!

Both men are down but then out comes Evolution.

JR- Ah nuts

King- Theres no-one to stop them!

Edge and Bastista beat down Jericho and Chris Bennoit climbs the ladder to the Laughter of HHH and Ric Flair but then…………..

The lights go out for a few seconds and then a lightning bolt hits showing Chris Benoits ladder tipping and heading towards the Smackdown announcement table. A few seconds later and another lighting bolt shows Edge and Bastisa being hit with a baseball bat. Dim light then returns and we see HHH hanging upside down with rope around his ankles.

A wind then knocks the belt off its hording and floats it down onto Jericho’s chest giving him the victory. Flair goes to get HHH down but fire blocks his path.

HHH is being blown around by a strong wind and a message appears on the screen.




This is my first show and I intend on doing more. However I do not have time to do more than one show a week so I am asking someone to volunteer to write Smackdown. It is the same roster as we have now exept for Brock and HBK.

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Use Bold, Italics and colours in future.

It makes it neater...
Its an alright show for your first go,
I have no idea who the person was who stopped evolution at the end. And hopefully we can see a London V Kidman fued.

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It was a good show. Being the good mod I am I went through your show and added bold and italics where I thought necessary, as well as adding full stops etc.

It was a good show I thought there were too many bigcrashes. There is plenty you can do in an Undertaker match, check the one I posted in the BTB League Matches thread. Anyway, good show but I didn't like the ending. You have nice feuds going there. Keep it up, I'll keep reading. I did think JR and King were out of character a lot also.

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