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World Heavyweight Championship Tournament

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Okay ladies and gentleman were going to have ourselves a little World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

This is how it's going to work you pick 18 superstars from the Raw brand that you would like to be in this tournament. Then around 7 p.m. Wednesday afternoon I am going to tally all the votes for the superstars that you picked. After that I am going to place the superstars into matches where all of you will vote on who you would think would win the match. Then the winner of that match will advance to the next round untill we have three supertars to compete in the final match for the World Haevyweight Championship. I hope that this is easy to understand, but for now all you have to do is name 18 superstars from the Raw brand that you would like to be in this tournament.

Here's my list

1- The Rock
2- Randy Orton
3- Ric Flair
4- Triple H
5- Batista
6- Chris Jericho
7- Chris Benoit
8- Eugene
9- William Regal
10- Edge
11- Kane
12- Rhyno
13- Shelton Benjamin
14- Shawn Michaels
15- A-Train
16- Mark Henry
17- Rob Conway
18- Tyson Tomko

now let me see your list
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1- The Rock
2- Randy Orten
3- Kane
4- Tyson Tomko
5- Matt Hardy
6- Chris Benoit
7- Edge
8- HHH
9- Batista
10- HBK
11- Shelton Benjamin
13- Eugene
14- Rosey
15- Hurricane
16- Mick Foley
17- Christian
18- Rodney Mack

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for one DUDE this is not real it is just for fun and anybody from the raw roster can be in the tournament i was just hoping to bring theis tournament to the we forums cause i did it in another forum that just closed down and it got a good turn out and i was hoping that if i brought it here that it would get a good turn out here because there is a lot more people that are logged on at one time so iw as hoping that more people would post cause this could increase a lot of the new comers post number but nobody is submitting post sao i am going to leave it open till tuesday and no one else post in it i will have the mods delete it i was just hoping that it would get a good turn out

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Eugene has got some good talent and recieved a huge push from the WWE for it. I like Eugene so I decided to put him in my suggested tourney bracket. OK?
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