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WCW Owner - Eric Bischoff

Ric Flair
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Dean Malenko
Hulk Hogan
Lex Lugar
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Marquis Alexander Bagwell
Booker T
Stevie Ray
The Hurricane
Rey Mysterio
Billy Kidman
Ultimo Dragon
Juvitude Guerrera
Perry Saturn
Scot Hall
Kevin Nash
X Pac
The Big Show
Scott Steiner
Diamond Dallas Paige
Chris Kanyon
Mike Awesome
Eddie Guerrero
Chavo Guerrero
Lance Storm
Sid Vicous
Disqo Inferno
Chuck Polumbo
Sean Stasiak
David Flair
Shannon Moore
Mark Jindrack
Dustin Rhodes
Shawn O'Heira

World Heavyweight Championship
World Tag Team Championship
World Television Championship

Pay Per Views
February - Super Brawl
April - Clash of the Champions
June - Slamboree
August - Bash at the Beach
October - Halloween Havoc
December - Starrcade

Television - WCW Saturday Night - TSN (Canada) and TBS

Shows will start soon!

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You have a good roster there. Not sure why you have the Cruiserweights there without a title for them, also it's odd you do a PPV once every two months, although I suppose it gives better build up. It should be good and I'll be reading this.


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Preamble - Opportunity for Eric Bischoff arises as he negotiates with WWE about purchasing the WCW rights and trademarks. While still in his GM postion on RAW, Bischoff talks to current RAW and Smackdown talent that used to be WCW stars when the company was in its prime. Survivor Series ends in a bang with two huge WCW vs. WWE matches... Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Chuck Polumbo vs. Triple H, Batista, Shawn Michaels, and William Regal was the RAW Match. Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, Eddie Guerrero, and Booker T vs. The Undertaker, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Rob Van Dam...
The first WCW Saturday Night will premier December 4th, Leading into the First Pay Per View - Starrcade on December 26, 2004... Starting soon!

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Nice! Should be good!

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World Championship Wrestling
WCW Saturday Night - December 4, 2004
MGM Studios

The first episode is live in the venue that started it all for World Championship Wrestling, the MGM Studios. The Show opens with Eric Bischoff ‘s (WWE) Music playing and the Owner of World Championship Wrestling coming down to the ring area and addresses the fans and WCW Superstars…

ERIC: Ladies and Gentlemen! After three long years, World Championship Wrestling has risen from the ashes. This time things will be done right starting with the most prestigious prize in the game today, the Heavyweight Championship of the World! Tonight the first two matches in the tournament that will decide the Main Event at Starrcade will occur. In the first match, Goldberg will take on The Big Show. (GOLDBERG ring out in the studio) the second match and Main Event for tonight’s Saturday Night, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner will battle his former friend, Marquis Alexander Bagwell in this very ring. (Cheers from the fans)

Stone Cold’s music starts playing and Austin comes down to the ring and interrupts Eric Bischoff…

SCSA: Eric, Why are you still talking?
ERIC: I am welcoming everybody to WCW. Why are you interrupting me?
SCSA: Because these fans are tired of listening to you! (WHAT) If people wanted to listen to you then they would tell you they want to listen. (WHAT) So let’s ask the fans! (WHAT) I said let’s ask the fans! (WHAT) I want to ask you a question! (WHAT) If you don’t want to listen to Eric Bischoff anymore give me a Hell Yeah! (HELL YEAH).
ERIC: I don’t have time for this. Security, get Austin out of the ring!
SCSA: I’m not done yet! (WHAT) I’m not finished talking to the fans! (WHAT) I want to ask the fans one more question if I have time? (Listens to his watch…) If you think I should kick Eric Bischoff’s Ass give me a Hell Yeah! (HELL YEAH).

Austin kicks Eric Bischoff and follows it up with a Stunner. The fans cheer as Austin grabs the mic…


Austin calls for his beer and drinks it as we go backstage…

In the locker room…
Arn Anderson meets with the Nature Boy Ric Flair

DOUBLE A: Do you think tonight’s a good night to do this?
NATURE BOY: Do I think it’s a good night to do this? WOOO yes I do right here on WCW Saturday Night. We’re going to make the announcement that everybody has been waiting to hear!
DOUBLE A: It’s been long enough, let’s do is then. Tonight!


Match 1:
Hurricane Helms and Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie and Chavo Guerrero
Hurricane Helms and Rey Mysterio come out to the ring wearing the super hero costumes (Helms wearing a newer Hurricane outfit and Mysterio wearing his Flash outfit). They enter the ring and jump to the top rope! Los Guerreros come out to the ring and start bad mouthing our heroes. The bell rings and Chavo gets things started with the Hurricane. Chavo immediately takes the Hurricane down with an arm drag. The Hurricane gets up quickly but only to end back down with the same take down. Chavo does a little dance in the middle of the ring, showboating for the crowd while Helms retaliates with a clothesline to the Guerrero nephew. Chavo tags uncle Eddie in and the two meet face to face. The Hurricane starts punching Eddie until he is backed into the ropes. Hurricane throws Eddie across the ring and ducks down. Eddie comes back and does a sunset flip over the Hurricane’s back rolling the hero up for a two count. Eddie gets up quickly and back’s Helms into a corner. Guerrero starts kicking the hero, until the referee breaks them up. With the ref distracted, Chavo starts choking the Hurricane with the tag rope. Mysterio goes around and pulls Chavo down onto the floor. The young Guerrero tries clothes-lining the icon of cruiserweights, but Rey ducks and counters with a drop kick.
Eddie continues on the Hurricane, but Helms moves behind Latino heat and German suplex’ him. Helms quickly tags in his partner who jumps to the top of the rope. When Eddie gets to his feet, Rey jumps, wrapping his legs around Eddie’s neck and spinning him onto the ground. Chavo tries to interfere again but Rey punches him in the face and throws him over the top rope. Eddie gets to the rope and leans on it. The Hurricane moves over, grabs the back of Eddie’s neck and pushes it down onto the rope while Rey signals for the 6-1-9. Mysterio connects with it and tags the Hurricane in. The Hurricane picks Eddie up and choke-slams him onto the ring mat. Hurricane covers for the 1…2…3…
Winners: The Hurricane and Rey Mysterio


Bagwell and Steiner are both walking down the hallway when they meet face to face. The two men stare at each other…


Match 2:
Heavyweight Championship of the World Quarter-Final Match
The Big Show vs. Goldberg
Goldberg comes out to a plethora of GOLDBERG Chants from the audience. When Goldberg enters the ring the two men stare each other down. The bell rings and both men exchange blows. The Big Show kicks Goldberg in the stomach then starts slapping him across the chest. Big Show throws his opponent out of the ring only to follow out after. Goldberg gets to his feet and kicks the Big Show across the head, then drives the Giant into the steal guardrail. The referee reaches the 7 count and Goldberg gets back into the ring, followed by the Giant. Goldberg tries to scoop slam the Giant, but the Big Show just slams the back of Goldberg, sending him down to the mat. The Show choke slams Goldberg and covers him for a two count. The Big Show gets up and argues with the referee, allowing Goldberg to get back onto his feet. As the Giant turns around Goldberg spears him into the corner. He continues to ram Big Show into the corner until the Show staggers out. Goldberg tries to set up the jackhammer on the Big Show, however the Giant is too much for Goldberg to lift. Instead of lifting the Giant, Goldberg resorts to working on the legs of his opponent. He spears the legs of the Big Show, which brings the big man down to the mat. Goldberg tries to cover the Show, but only gets a two count. Goldberg gets the Big Show up to his feet and backs him into the corner, sandwiching the ref in between the Big Show and the turnbuckle pads. Goldberg goes onto the second rope and starts to punch the head of the Big Show. As Goldberg gets off the Big Show and notices that the referee is knocked down, he decides to bring a steel chair into the ring. Goldberg slams the chair across the head of the Big Show, and the Giant falls to one knee. Goldberg continues to hit the chair across the head of the Big Show, until throwing it down onto the canvas. Goldberg picks the Big Show up, lifts him into the air and quickly sends him back down with a Jackhammer, onto the chair. Goldberg puts the chair to the outside and wakes the referee up to count the pin.
Winner: Goldberg

After the match, fans chant GOLDBERG as he walks to the back.


Arn Anderson heads towards the ring wearing a very nice suit. Tony Schevoni and Bobby the Brain Heenan comment on why Double A is coming this way.

TONY: Bobby, do you know why Arn Anderson is coming out here?
The BRAIN: All I know is that he has a very important announcement for World Championship Wrestling.
TONY: On this momentous occasion, Wrestling will never be the same again.


Double A comes out to the ring accompanied by JJ Dillion, Steve McMichael, and Tully Blanchard. Anderson begins to address the crowd.

DOUBLE A: Everybody knows that there is something missing from World Championship Wrestling. The one thing that is missing from WCW is something that Vince McMahon never got his hands on in WWE. He brought the N.W.O into WWE only to kill it completely. Vince also killed some of the biggest WCW stars when he purchased the company three years ago! But Vince McMahon never poisoned the legacy and the triumph that surrounds the Four Horsemen. The Horsemen is the first alliance ever to grace professional wrestling and is shared by some of the finest wrestlers in this business. The men that are in this ring right now are just a few men who were members of the Horsemen. Times change and the torch will be passed down to a new selection of superstars. The leader of the Four Horsemen is the 16- time Heavyweight Wrestling Champion of the World. The four men he will lead to glory once again include the finest technical wrestlers in the business today. These men have all held many champions in the past, three of them are in fact former World Champions. One man is a Crippler, his partner is the Highlight of the Night. We also have an iceman returning to the ring, and finally a Legend Killer… May I introduce to all of you the next group of Horsemen… led by Ric Flair here is CHRIS BENOIT, CHRIS JERICHO, DEAN MALENKO, and RANDY ORTON!

The Four Horsemen’s theme starts to play and in Horsemen style, all five men come out from the back. Some pyro goes off in the small arena and the Horsemen come down to the ring. Ric Flair grabs the microphone and addresses the crowd.

FLAIR: This is the Four Horsemen, the greatest group of superstars ever assembled. Everybody in this ring have the one thing in common, each and every single one of us have and will see the glory of the Horsemen. On the greatest night in Wrestling history, the greatest fraction in wrestling returns this time forever! WOOOO. The Four Horsemen are going to take World Championship Wrestling and make it famous one more time! WOOOO!

The music starts to play and the Horsemen celebrate in the ring…


Heavyweight Championship of the World Quarter-Final Match
Buff Bagwell vs. Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
Both men came down to the ring and immediately grapple. Marcus got the better of Scott, throwing him into the ropes and shoulder blocking him to the ground. Bagwell bounced off the ropes and landed an elbow, however Scott Steiner got out of the way and Bagwell hit the mat. Steiner started to do some pushups before getting to his feet. Both men get up at the same time and begin to exchange blows again Steiner knees Bagwell in the stomach and Irish Whips him into the corner. Steiner hits a running clothesline on his opponent and Bagwell staggers out of the corner. Scotty bulldogs Bagwell and covers him for a two count. Steiner picks up Bagwell and gets the Frankensteiner on him. Bagwell is covered by Poppa Pump again and is able to kick out by the count of two, aggravating the genetic freak. Steiner picks Marcus up and throws him out of the ring, he was about to go after Buff Daddy, when the referee stopped him. With the ref distracted by Steiner, X Pac ran down to the ring and threw Bagwell into the ring steps, quickly getting out of the ring as the referee turns to count out Bagwell.
WINNER: Scott Steiner via Count out

After the match, Scott Stiener calls down more men to the ring as X Pac throws Bagwell into the ring. Scot Hall and Kevin Nash come to the ring, with a chair in hand. They first start slapping Bagwell around and then threw him into the corner. X Pac hits a broncobuster on Bagwell, then Nash had his turn with a Power Bomb. The next man to get a turn with Buff, was Scot Hall who nailed an Outsider’s Edge. Finally Steiner got a turn again and ordered his three friends to hold Bagwell up. Scott Steiner picked up the chair and raised it in the air, ready to strike his former friend as Hulk Hogan’s American Made theme started to play! All four men stopped what they were doing as and turned to the entrance to see Hulk Hogan come down to the ring, but he wasn’t alone Hogan brought Sting and Lex Lugar with him. They raced in the ring, forcing the foursome to vacate the ring! The show ends with Hogan, Sting, and Lugar helping Bagwell to his feet.

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It was a good show. I like the idea of teaming Benoit, Jericho, Malenko and Orton together, but I think it was a mistake to call them the Four Horsemen. Apart from that it was a good show. I thought the show could have been a bit longer, even for an hour show, but good never the less.


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WCW Saturday Night Preview: December 11 /04
How will Eric Bischoff react to the assault on Buff Bagwell last week from Hall, Nash, Steiner, and X Pac? Will Bischoff be determined to get revenge on Stone Cold this week for giving him a Stunner on the premier episod of Saturday Night? What matches will be made for the upcoming STARRCADE... Stay tuned to see.

Confirmed Matches:
World Championship Tournament Match - Y2J vs DDP
World Championship Tournament Match - Benoit vs Kevin Nash

PS: This will be posted by Sunday

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hey man good show the tournament is looking good but the horsemen idea i think was a mistake as well. If u need any help just send me a pm and also u can look in my WcW
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