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After Vince took Eric Bischoff and Jim Ross off television, the two joined forces with the owners of NWA-TNA in an effort to purchase World Championship Wrestling back from the McMahons. Jim Ross' talents as the former WWE VP of Talent Relations were put to use to buy out any contracts of existing WWE talent and build a Talent Roster that can produce and create an impact in the wrestling business. The partners in World Championship Wrestling were successful enough to get the promotion started again.

World Championship Wrestling

Co-Owners: Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross and the NWA – TNA

Chris Benoit
Buff Bagwell
Bill Goldberg
Perry Saturn
Dean Malenko
Shane Helms
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Rey Mysterio
Juventud Guerrera
Harlem Heat – Booker T/Stevie Ray
The Outlaws – B.G. James/Kip James
The Hardys – Matt/Jeff

Chris Jericho
Scott Steiner
The Giant
William Regal
Lance Storm
Billy Kidman
Ultimo Dragon
Diamond Dallas Paige/Chris Kanyon
The Outsiders – Scot Hall/Kevin Nash
Team 3D – Brother Ray/Brother D-Von

WCW Legends:
Nature Boy Ric Flair
The Franchise Sting
Randy Macho Man Savage
The Total Package Lex Lugar
Hollywood Hulk Hogan
The American Dream Dusty Rhodes

WCW Divas:
Stacey Kiebler
Miss. Jackie
Christy Hemme
Kimberly Paige
Torrie Wilson
Terri Runnels
Debra McMichael

WCW Championships:
World Heavyweight Championship
World Tag Team Championship
United States Championship
Television Championship

*Note The WCW and NWA-TNA are ran together, therefore at any point in time a championship or roster change between the shows may occur.

Pay Per Views:
January – Sold Out
February – Super Brawl
March – Uncensored
April – Spring Stampede
May – Slamboree
June – Great American Bash
July – Bash at the Beach
August – Clash of the Champions
September – Fall Brawl
October – Halloween Havoc
November – Mayhem
December – Starrcade

WCW Monday Nitro:
Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura

Stay tuned for the Premier Edition of WCW Monday Nitro to find out more...

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World Championship Wrestling - Monday Nitro
January 16th, 2006 - Live from Las Vegas Nevada
Official Nitro theme – Creed’s “My Sacrifice”

A fireball sores from the top of the dark arena and lights up the new WCW Nitro stage (similar to the original WCW set). The pyro goes off, the music plays and the broadcast team welcomes everyone.

This is indeed a landmark day in professional wrestling. World Championship Wrestling has returned to you the fans and in a way like no other.
Jim Ross, professional wrestling has finally come back to everyone. With the help of the National Wrestling Alliance, our chairman Eric Bischoff was able to recapture to one thing that is missing in this industry… WCW and the Monday Night Wars
Vince McMahon is probably kicking himself now for selling WCW because he knows that this time things are going to turn out differently. Let’s head to the ring with Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff’s theme music plays and chairman of WCW heads to the ring with a huge smirk on his face.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back home to World Championship Wrestling and welcome to Monday Nitro. The power returns to this industry and in a big way because you will get to see the finest and most talented wrestlers in the business put everything they have on the line in order to impress and entertain you every night. You’ll get to see that right here tonight as we set up the main event for our first pay-per-view, SUPER BRAWL.
Four qualifying matches will be held tonight in an effort to determine who will be in the main event. The first fatal-four way elimination match of its kind will be call the Quest For the Gold. The four superstars entering the ring will have to fight their way through three falls. The first fall will be a Submission Match, the second fall is a First Blood match and the final fall, which will determine the Heavyweight Champion of the World will be a last man standing match.
By the end of tonight, each and every one of you will know which four superstars will be involved in the Super Brawl Quest for the Gold Fatal Four-way elimination match. Enjoy!

Eric Bischoff leaves the ring and goes back to the locker room.

What a huge main event signed for our first pay-per-view!!!!!
You can only find a match of this caliber in World Championship Wrestling. All four men will be going into this match prepared to put their blood on the line for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.
Once we return from the break we’ll get the in ring action started, please stay with us.



A long stretch limo pulls up outside but nobody gets out of it. Who could this be?

Quest for the Gold Qualifying Match
Buff Bagwell vs. Edge

The match starts off with Edge attacking Bagwell from behind. Edge whips Bagwell into the ropes and spears him through the ropes and onto the floor. The referee counts to six before either man gets back onto their feet. Edge is the first person to get back in the ring and break the count, the proceeds to the outside to add insult to Buff Bagwell.
Bagwell finally gains control by countering another spear, which sends Edge into the ring post. Buff hits a belly to back suplex on Edge and lands an elbow across his chest. After a series of clotheslines, Bagwell locks a headlock onto his opponent. Edge fights out and whips Bagwell into the ropes. A double clothesline knocks both men to the ground.
Buff Bagwell finally mounts regains an offense on Edge and nails the Buff Blockbuster on him for the 1…2…3…

WINNER: Buff Bagwell

After the match, Buff begins to celebrate in the ring when out of nowhere, Christian Cage nails him with a steal chair. Cage and Edge nail Bagwell with the con-chair-to and celebrate with each other. Familiar music hits and the Hardy Brothers run to the ring. They start fighting with Edge and Cage but security and officials separate the four men.

The animosity between the Hardy Brothers and the team of Edge and Cage goes back years ago.
They have had a lot of classic matches in the past and no doubt will meet again in the very near future. But we must congratulate Buff Bagwell for advancing to the Main Event at Super Brawl.
If there is one superstar who deserves to be in the main event it is Marquis Alexander Bagwell.



Eric Bischoff gets a knock at the office door. It is Larry Zybisko and the NWA-TNA officials who enter.

Welcome gentlemen and lady. I think you are going to be happy to know that the match to determine the Heavyweight Championship of the World will be held on February 12th at our annual Super Brawl pay-per-view.
Well that is great to hear Mr. Bischoff, but we are here to talk more about the situation between NWA-TNA and WCW.
That’s not a problem, and while we’re talking, I’d like you to watch the television to see for yourself what is offered by WCW.

Quest for the Gold Qualifying Match
Scott Steiner vs. Booker T (with Sharmell)

The five-time WCW Champion starts chopping Scott Steiner across the chest, sending Poppa Pump back into the corner. The referee gets in between Booker and Steiner, which allows Steiner to cheap shot Booker T. The two men finally lock up in the middle of the ring. Steiner puts a headlock on Booker T. The two men grapple some more in the ring until Steiner begins to take control of the match.
A series of suplexes and takedowns keep Booker on the ground. Steiner applies an arm bar and Booker T fights to break out. Booker gets to his feet and counters the arm bar with a DDT. Finally, Booker T is able to gain the upper hand in the match by nailing Poppa Pump across the head with a Harlem Sidekick, flies off the top rope with a missal dropkick sending Steiner to the canvas. A spinerooni is done and Booker gets back to his feet and goes for the Harlem Hangover, but the referee is in the way and gets knocked out.
Scott Hall and Kevin Nash come out to the ring with baseball bats ready to take out somebody, but the WCW security holds them off. Booker T turns his attention to the entrance, unaware that Hollywood Hogan is waiting behind him with the timekeeper’s bell. As Booker turns around, Hogan cracks his skull with the bell and puts Poppa Pump over him. The referee recovers and counts the pin.

WINNER: Scott Steiner

After the match, Hall, Nash, Hogan and Steiner celebrate in the ring and continue to assault Booker T. Stevie Ray and other WCW stars run down to the ring and force them out of the ring.

The New World Order is back in WCW and the four men are ready to make an impact.


In the WCW office, Larry Zybisko and the rest of the NWA are upset with Eric Bischoff…

What the hell is that Eric? What are they doing back here?
I really have no idea what they are doing here. Our writers wouldn’t bring that back, I have no idea what that’s about.
Well, you better get that looked after Eric because the NWA-TNA will not work with you under these circumstances.
I will, I’ll get to the bottom of this and resolve it.


Kip James is shown lying in a pool of blood with N.W.O painted on his back as the New World Order run to the limo. The door opens and the four men get in. As the door closes and the window rolls down, Vince McMahon sticks his head out.

If you want a War Eric???? You’ll get a war!!!!!

The window is rolled up and the limo drives off.


I can’t believe this Jim Ross, somebody has to get out there and help Kip James. He needs medical attention immediately.
Vince McMahon is trying to poison the WCW. That son of a bitch is trying to kill WCW.
There is no better way to do that JR than by having a member of the N.W.O. advance in the main event determining the Heavyweight Championship of the World, and taking out wrestlers in the locker room.
Now we know that Scott Steiner will be joining Buff Bagwell in the Quest for the Gold Fatal Four-way, Elimination match.
There are two more matches left to make up the Main Event at Super Brawl.

The arena goes pitch black and the Nature Boy’s music is played. Out of the entrance, the 16-time Heavyweight Champion of the World makes his way out to the ring. The fans chant “Nature Boy” as Ric Flair struts down to the ring with his three-piece suit.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The Nature Boy has returned to the one place he refers to as home. I could not be happier to be back in WCW as I do now. When I first came into this business I was a part of the greatest promotion in this industry and now I will end my career in the greatest promotion in this industry.
At Super Brawl, the Nature Boy and World Championship Wrestling will be in Charlotte North Carolina, and on that night I am going to seal the final chapter of my wrestling career. I will wrestle my last match on the same night that the torch is passed down to a new World Heavyweight Champion.
But the question is who? Who will be the man who is going to celebrate in the Ric Flair retirement match?

The lights go out again in the arena and a dark blue flood light circles around and a scorpion signal is lit in the middle of the ring. Sting’s music starts to play and the franchise of World Championship Wrestling heads out to the ring. He gets into the ring and stares down the Nature Boy.

Sting, you and I have had possibly the greatest matches in this history of this business and I can honestly say that there isn’t another person who I would like to have my final match with than you.
I don’t want just any match Nature Boy, at Super Brawl and want what all of these fans want, Sting and the Nature Boy in a best 2 of 3 falls match to find out who really is WCW and the NWA!
WOOO! Sting, if you want it, if the fans want it, than you’ve got it WOOOO!

The Nature Boy shakes Stings hand and leaves wrestling’s most mysterious superstar in the middle of the ring.


The Nature Boy gets called into Eric Bischoff’s Office.

Ric, I know that you and I have had our differences in the past, but I am not going to allow you to wrestle one match in WCW and retire after being in this business for over 30-years. That’s why for the next three weeks, we are going to see the Nature Boy Ric Flair show the world why you are the greatest wrestler in this business.
What do you mean?
In order to prepare for your final match, I have decided that you are going to have a blast from your past starting with next week’s Nitro when you wrestle against, the Total Package Lex Luger.
WOOOO! Eric, I’ve made them all tap out at least once, throw them at me and I’ll show you why I’m the king of space mountain. WOOOOO!

Rey Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon

What should have been a high flying match ended up as a no contest as the Giant made his way to the ring. The largest athlete took on both Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon in the middle of the ring and sent both of them over the top and onto the arena floor. The Giant continued the assault on Mysterio by choke slamming him through a table. Ultimo Dragon was picked up and placed over the Giant’s shoulder, then thrown head first into the ring post.
The Giant got back into the ring and grabbed a microphone.

There is one man I have wanted to get my hands on for a very long time. That’s Goldberg, if he doesn’t show his face next week; I’m going to continue assaulting all the talent in the back locker room until he does show up. Each week it will get worse until I finally get what I want.

Eric Bischoff comes out to the entrance…

Giant, Goldberg isn’t here but because of your actions here tonight I’m going to put you in a match. I’m going to put you in a match with a tag team that has a lot in common with you because they like to use tables… I’m putting you in a handicap tables’ match against, TEAM 3D and that’s next!


Handicap Tables’ Match
Team 3D vs. the Giant

Brother Ray and Brother Devon double team the Giant, but with a few chops the Giant is able to gain control of the match. Devon gets head butted to the outside of the ring then starts to go to work on Brother Ray.
Devon grabs a steel chair a slams it against the head of the Giant, allowing for Brother Ray to get back to his feet. The Dudleys start to work on the legs of the Giant, and then Devon lands and flying head butt to the stomach of the Giant.
“DEVON!!!! GET THE TABLE!” is yelled by the fans and Brother Ray as Devon sets a table up outside the ring. However before team 3D could put the Giant over the top rope, The Giant is able to kick Devon in the face and chops Ray into the corner. The Giant chokes Brother Ray in the corner with his boot as Devon gets back up to his feet and takes out the Giant’s other leg. Brother Devon lands an elbow on the Giant’s throat several times. Brother Ray drives a knee down on the Giants throat as well, and the largest athlete in professional wrestling rolls out of the ring in pain.
The Dudleys ram the Giant’s head into the ring steps several times and prepares two tables side by side. Team 3D attempts to suplex the Giant through the table, but the Giant counters by sending both brothers through the tables.

WINNER: The Giant

After the match, the Giant walks to the back after wrestling a tough match.


Eric Bischoff is on the phone in his office while the NWA officials wait.

I don’t care if Mr. McMahon is not in until Friday; you tell him that if he wants a fight with World Championship Wrestling, he’s going to get a fight. You also tell him that I challenge him to show his face on NITRO next week.

The NWA-TNA officials look around at each other while Eric Bischoff hangs up the phone.

You see, what the “OTHER BRAND” doesn’t realize is that they are messing not only WCW, but with TNA as well. You see next week I plan on challenging the “OTHER BRAND” to show up at Super Brawl.
How does the WWE showing up at WCW Super Brawl have any effect on TNA?
Well Larry, at Super Brawl the WCW and the TNA talent will be on hand to determine who will be the Undisputed Television Champion. Inside a 20-Man Battle Royal, the Television Champion will be the first champion to defend his belt on both TNA and WCW on a regular basis.
Yes, Really! That same therefore if the “OTHER BRAND” tries to do anything stupid, we will be able to show them that we are an unstoppable force in this industry.


Quest for the Gold Qualifying Match
Chris Benoit vs. Diamond Dallas Paige (with Kimberly Paige)

The match that pins the Diamond Cutter against the cross-face gets under way with both men slapping each other across the face. Benoit backs Paige into the corner with a series of chops. Benoit controls the first part of the match and nails a series of German Suplexes and puts him in a Sharpshooter. Paige manages to get to the ropes and breaks the hold.
Kim Paige distracts the Crippler as DDP hits a low blow.
Paige gains control of the match and DDTs Benoit onto the mat. Paige applies a chokehold on Benoit then starts working on the neck of the crippler. Paige puts Benoit in a sleeper, but eventually Benoit is able to fight his way out of it with a back body drop. With both men on the mat the referee starts to count both of them out. By 6, Benoit gets back to his feet and starts to exchange punches with Paige. Benoit gets the better of Paige and once again gets in control of the match, until Kimberly trips him.
Benoit goes outside and chases the Diamond Doll around the ring, allowing Paige to nail him from behind with a double axe-handle. Paige throws the Crippler in the ring and signals for the Diamond Cutter, which successfully takes Benoit down. However Paige only gets a two count and ends up frustrated with the referee. Paige whips Benoit into the ropes and hits an arm drag take down into an arm bar. Benoit counters and whips Diamond Dallas into the ropes again and successfully hits the Cross-face in the middle of the ring. Paige, who fights in agony, finally makes it to the ropes and the referee is forced to break the hold. Benoit goes upstairs for a flying head-butt, but the referee is nailed in the cross fire and knocked to the canvas. Paige signals for Chris Kanyon to come out and the two men double-team Benoit in the middle of the ring. Out of nowhere, Dean Malenko runs to the ring and fights off Kanyon as the referee starts to recover. Paige goes to pick up Benoit, but is taken down and put back into the cross-face. With nowhere else to go, Paige is forced to submit.

WINNER: Chris Benoit

After the match, Malenko and Benoit celebrate their victory as they head to the back. Kanyon and Kimberly help DDP to his feet.

What an excellent match between two of the greatest stars in our industry.
I confident that the Benoit and Paige match will go down as one of the greatest for 2006.
Super Brawl is shaping up to be one hell of a slobber knocker with Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, and Chris Benoit all-advancing in the Quest for the Gold Match.
There is only one match left and I wonder whom will be the fourth person heading to the Main Event?
We’ll find out after this break.


Quest for the Gold Qualifying Match
Christian Cage vs. Chris Jericho

Cage and Jericho lock up in the middle of the ring after cutting a promo against each other. Jericho and Cage exchange blows, chops, punches and kicks until Cage clotheslines Jericho over the top rope. Christian flies over the tope rope and lands on Jericho, they both end up hitting the steel guardrail. Christian Cage gets to his feet and punches Jericho a few times before slamming his head into the ring post. Cage rolls in the ring to break the count than goes back to the outside to continue the assault on Jericho. Jericho’s head continues to get slammed into the guardrail, ring steps, and ring post until he is busted wide open.
The match finally resumes in the ring with Christian Cage in complete control of the match. Jericho is put into a full nelson and fights to get his foot on the ropes to break the full nelson. Christian releases the submission than kicks Jericho back to the outside. Cage goes out after, but gets nailed in the head with a chain wrapped around Jericho’s fist. This starts to change things in Jericho’s favour. The highlight of the night does a moonsult of the top rope, sending Captain Charisma to the floor. Jericho throws Cage into the ring and starts to get pumped. Jericho nails a lionsult and follows it up with pin, however Cage kicks out by 2.
Jericho goes to the tope rope and successfully attempts a hurracarana on Christian Cage. Jericho who feels confident now, grabs Christian’s legs and rams them into the ring post. Jericho then crushes Christian’s knee in between a chair and the ring post, only to have the referee warn him to get back into the ring.
Jericho goes to the top rope and like the Macho Man, flies off with an elbow driving down on what could be an injured knee of Christian Cage. Bloodied and battered, Jericho puts the walls of Jericho on Cage in the middle of the ring. Edge runs to the ring and attacks Jericho from behind with a steal chair.

WINNER: Via Disqualification… Chris Jericho

After the match Cage and Edge start to assault Jericho when the Hardy Brothers hit the ring again, this time Jeff drop kicks Edge’s chair against his face. Matt hits the twist of fate on Christian Cage and Jeff nails a Swantawn on Captain Charisma.

What an ending to the premier of WCW Monday Nitro.
The stage has been set for Super Brawl. The main event is Benoit, Jericho, Bagwell, and Steiner in an elimination match for the Heavyweight Championship of the World,
That’s right, three falls with the first being a Submission Match, the second being a First Blood. The Final fall for the Quest for the Gold is a Last Man Standing Match.
This will truly determine who is the man who should walk out of Super Brawl representing the Wrestling world as the champion.
Goodnight everyone.

I hope you've enjoyed tonight's MONDAY NITRO and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!
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