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Charlotte sometimes has months where she gets nothing.

I think Asuka mentally already has one foot out the door at this point. She's in the same position Ambrose was after his failed heel turn, just playing out the string of her contract. And before people say AEW, I'm thinking more retirement and just doing something else entirely.
She should go to WOW, does David McLane have a problem with Japanese women like Vince does?

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If she was 5'1 with a real life anime character gimmick this place would love her. There has never been a wrestler as hated on by smarks as Lacey is. When you've got people calling her the worst mic worker when Becky, Mandy, Bayley and Natalya exist, the worst ring worker when 90% of the womens roster exists and some even calling her ugly you know there is some weird bias against her going on.

I think she just has everything going on in her look, voice and personality that smarks hate in a wrestler. There's nothing nerdy about her and it pisses a lot of people off.
This is mostly correct. Especially the bolded. Asuka is over with "smarks" because there is a massive crossover between anime and that section of the audience.

Evans also doesn't have the whole "the company is mistreating her" sympathy angle that Lynch, Bryan and Rollins had.

I don't think Evans is the 2nd coming or anything. But I can't blame WWE for pushing her. She is a better hood ornament for the company than say Asuka, Rollins, etc.

THE MAN has come around to collect her debts.
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A ton of people cared, but whatever. I'm not gonna keep debating you because apparently Asuka has no charisma and no fans because she can't speak English, or.....something. This despite the fact that Lacey Evans, who I guess is the next Rock, has never, ever, ever gotten even the slightest peep out of a crowd in NXT or the main roster. You're clearly out of it, so I'm not gonna continue talking to a wall.

She lost the belt on a random SmackDown because Vince changed his mind about wanting the title in the main event at the last minute.

And I'm sure you probably wonder why that is.


Asuka being a "Vince project" is actually the most ridiculous thing you've ever said, and that includes Lacey having talent. Asuka has succeeded on the main roster to the extent that she has completely against Vinces wishes, which is something that Lacey could never do. If Vince ever loses interest in Lacey, at any point, and typically he does lose interest in women if their name doesn't end with "Flair", she has no hope and may as well leave WWE.

Overness and charisma are not inherently correlated. If they were, Samoa Joe would be more over than Seth Rollins. And I could say the exact same about Lacey Evans. If Lacey Evans were the next Steve Austin then it wouldn't matter if she was jobbed out. They jobbed out Becky Lynch and how did that work out for them? Nobody gives a fuck about this untalented 1950's housewife looking cunt. Nobody. They can give her 25 womens titles, she still won't be over.
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The show is so awful none of the admins show up either day
This thread has nothing to do with the actual topic. This shit is too funny. :heston
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