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Women's Elimination Chamber

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Do you think it would be possible to pull off? I think it would be great match if they just get good enough workers, that can pull it off, and simply use it for the Divas Championship. The competitors could be: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Tamina, Sara Del Rey, Layla, & Eve. (3 Heels, 3 Faces)
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No, it would be a waste of money creating the structure, nobody would care. Who is Sara Del Ray?
No, it would be a waste of money creating the structure, nobody would care. Who is Sara Del Ray?
Isn't the structure the same every year? I doubt they have to recreate it every year.

And a great womens wrestler.
No and they shouldn't do it. It would be a waste of time. Divas don't do hardcore matches, ladder matches etc, so why the hell do you think they could pull off a divas Elimination Chamber match? WWE don't give a shit about the division and they wouldn't book it in a million years anyway.
They don't like to give the divas 5 minutes, I doubt they'd have 20.
Yeah right, that would actually give the WWE divas some attention which WWE clearly doesn't want.
WWE would try and but some dumb bitch like Alicia Fox in the match and someone would get injured for sure, it's probably for the best that this match doesn't happen.
No. Will never happen. WWE wouldn't want their divas participating in a dangerous match of that extreme. The most hardcore the divas will get nowadays is a tables match or extreme make-over match (their version of street fight).
90 percent of the "divas" couldn't take bumps on the steel, because their rack would explode, the other 10%, the actual female wrestlers wouldn't be enough for a tag team match ^^

Same sentiments apply.

It would be shit.
I don't want to watch 20 minutes of botches and roll-ups
Unless you're going to throw all luchadoras in there, if not... HeLOL no.
I don't get why people always throw Eve into these things. Is it just based on looks? I see nothing in terms of ability when she's in the ring.

But on topic no woman perhaps ever could pull off an entertaining EC match. Lita may be the closest I can think of.
That would be a perfect example of a guaranteed cluster-fuck.
I'm having a really hard time imagining this.
This would be horrible. Maybe a few years back when they had Lita, Trish & Mickie James, as they could have them work the majority of the match but not now. These divas heavily botch in 2 minute matches. Imagine the lack of interest in a Elimination Chamber match with the current divas.
In this day and age? No. Had this happened 10 years ago when we had people like Lita, Trish, Molly,Victoria and Jazz running around I reckon it could have worked. Now though the fans just wouldn't give a shit after 5 mins and the divas in it would be pretty poor bar Beth and Natayla.
Most of the divas can barely even take bumps on a normal mat(or run the ropes). Don't think that they'd be able to be in EC either.

Beth,Natalya,Tamina are really the main divas who can actually take hard bumps(and good superstars/divas as well), and WWE obviously doesn't care about them/divas division
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