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Well, I’m gonna start a new series, and if you guys like it, I’ll keep going. Now, it seems like things have gotten a little more critical in here since I did my last booking last year (if anyone can remember back that far). Well, this probably won’t be as cool, because last years story lines were dealing with the nWo, and ya’ll know I love that, but, here we go anyway.

RAW 4/28/03

The usual pyro goes off. Lawler and Coach tell about some of the matches tonight, reviews what happened at Backlash, and says that Goldberg will be here. We are then taken to the locker room as Big Poppa Pump and Stacy Keibler are headed to the ring together. Test steps in the way, and asks Stacy why she ditched him at the hotel and why is hanging around with Scott. Stacy tells Test that Freakzilla actually cares about her and her safety, unlike Test, who is more concerned with trying to pick up Torrie Wilson. She tells Test that he’s had his chance, and he blew it. Steiner tells Test to step aside, and reluctantly, he does.

Big Poppa Pump vs. Rico
The First match immediately follows and is Rico (with 3 Minute Warning) vs. Big Poppa Pump (with Stacy). Steiner dominates the match, mops the floor with 3 Minute Warning and puts the Steiner Recliner on Rico, but then Test runs in and gives Steiner the big boot, and the match is the tossed out the window in a DQ. Test continues to beat up Steiner, Stacy tries to get in the way, but ends up getting slapped by Test. Test realizes what he’s done, sorta freaks out and leaves the ring.
Winner: Big Poppa Pump by DQ

We are taken to Bischoff’s office where he, Chief Morely and Lance Storm are talking about how they are going to punish the Dudley Boyz for betraying the administration. Bischoff says not to worry about it, that he would handle it later in the night, and assures Morley and Storm they’d get a rematch at the tag titles. Eric’s cell phone rings, he answers it and it’s the Rock. Bischoff asks him why he isn’t at the arena, and the Rock tells him that he’s not coming tonight. Bischoff is officially pissed. The Rock won’t tell Bischoff why, but he says that he will address the fans via his video phone.

Goldberg is shown arriving before the commercial break. Nash and HBK are shown arriving together after the break.

Christian vs. Hurricane
Christian comes to the ring and starts ragging on about his new “born again Christian” gimmick, but is cut off by Hurricane’s music. Hurricane calls Christian a washed up super villain ends up calling him a “biaaaatch”, and they begin their match. It’s a very good, fast paced match. Hurricane beats him with a small package. Christian whines and cries after the match, and ends up laying out the ref.
Winner: Hurricane

Terri is backstage and interviews Triple H and Ric Flair. H brags how he led his team to victory and single handedly won the match last night (he contests with a little assistance from Flair). Chris Jericho steps in and tells Triple H that “He was in the match too”, and said if not for him, the match wouldn’t have been won. Flair interjects and challenges Jericho to a match… tonight! And he gets the reply, “You got it, old man.”

The Rock appears on the titan tron. He tells the crowd the reason he’s not at Raw is because he does not wish to appear on the Raw brand show anymore. He is going to return home to Smackdown. He says that it’s not because Goldberg got a fluke victory over him, and that he’s not afraid, he just thinks all of the Raw superstars are egotistical a-holes and does not wish to mingle with a crowd like that. Goldberg’s music hits, the Rock looks like he could piss his pants, even through the video phone. Goldberg get’s in the ring and grabs the mic, and tells the Rock he’s scared and he knows it. Goldberg tells the Rock to “go run back home to Smackdown you chicken sh*t”, The Rock says he doesn’t have to take this, and he hangs up the video phone, ending the feed to the titan tron. Goldberg tells the crowd that his streak in WWE has begun, and that now that he has beaten the Rock, the question isn’t “Who’s Next”, it’s “What’s Next”, and What’s next for Goldberg is the World Championship. Nash’s music hits, and he storms to the ring. Nash tells Goldberg that he sure as hell isn’t getting the next title shot, because Big Sexy needs some revenge for Hunter hitting him with a sledgehammer. Kev says that he’s gonna get the next title shot. Nash and Goldberg stare each other down until HBK’s music hits. Shawn comes out and says that he respects the hell out of Nash and Goldberg, but because of all of the things that Triple H has pulled on him the past few months, the Showstoppa should be the #1 contender. Bishcoff’s music then hits. Eric says that Raw isn’t happy hour, and everyone just can’t march to the ring whenever they please. He tells the men that they will have a triple threat match tonight to decide the #1 contender. Triple H then comes out, very pissed and grabs the mic from Eric, and screams at him that he should be able to pick the contender the belt. Eric tells Hunter he isn’t the boss, Bischoff is. Everyone exits.

After the break, Chief Morley heads to the ring for a one on one confrontation with Kane. Bischoff tells not to worry, he’s got everything under control. Booker T confronts Eric in that hall, irate that he isn’t in the #1 contender match. Bischoff says if he wants a match tonight, he’s got it, against his old friend Goldust. Booker is shocked.

Kane vs. Cheif Morely
The next match takes place, Kane vs. Morley, Kane dominates most of the match, a chokeslam is about to occur, but Kane is distracted by Storm running to the ring, but RVD blocks Storm. Kane goes for a tombstone, but is again distracted when William Regal starts to run to the ring, but is blocked by the Dudley Boyz. Kane finishes the tombstone and pins Morely.
Winner: Kane
The Champions and the Dudleyz lay waste to Storm, Regal and Morely with tables, chairs and a Van Terminator after the match. After all of that happens, Bischoff marches to the ring. He dares any of the four men to attack him. He picks up the mic and says that because RVD, Kane and the Dudleyz have been so intent on disrupting Bischoff’s administration, “there is only one thing left to say to you all, you’re all fir…….” The crowd erupts as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits. Austin marches to the ring and stuns everyone standing in the ring except Bischoff. He grabs the mic from the terrified Eric. He says to Eric that he thinks he’s so tough just cuz he’s the boss around here, “Well Eric, that’s all about to change, cuz I’m taking over.” Austin then stuns Bischoff and exits.

Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho
The next match takes place, Ric Flair (with Triple H) vs. Chris Jericho. It is a very good, technically sound match. Very long also. Jericho lays in the Walls of Jericho, but as the ref is checking Flair, Hunter slaps Jericho in the face, Jericho releases the hold to go after Triple H, allowing Flair to catch him and lay in the Figure 4 leg lock. Jericho makes it to the ropes, but Triple H is waiting to knock his hand away. Jericho is forced to tap out.
Winner: Ric Flair

In the back, Bischoff is jumping to a limo, when he’s stopped by Morely. Morely says he has to stay here to see how the #1 contender match is going to turn out, but Eric says no way, now that Austin is in the building. He slams the door and tells the limo driver to go to his hotel, but the limo driver turns around and it’s Austin. “Whatever you say, boss.” Austin laughs as he drives away in the limo with Bischoff screaming.

Booker T vs. Goldust
Booker and Gdust hug when the bell rings, and start to exit the ring, but the injured Chief Morely runs to the entrance ramp. “Oh no you don't, Bischoff may not be here, but your still gonna honor his wishes, now fight!” Book and Goldust are forced to face each other. Very good face paced match. Booker ends up getting the win with the Harlem Hangover. They shake hands after the match, and again embrace. But as Booker is walking away, Goldust low blows him. Goldust walks away all pissed off. And Booker has a look on his face that shows you his broken heart.
Winner: Booker T

Just before the main event, everyone is shocked to hear DDP’s music hit. DDP comes to the ring and tells the crowd that his wrestling days may be over, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not sticking around. He calls John Coachman to the ring. He asks the crowd if they would like to hear DDP announcing on Raw, or the Coach. Everyone boos Coach and cheer DDP. Coach looks sad. DDP tells Coach to cheer up, and that “I’m gonna help you, like, you.” He tells Coach to think positively, the fans may not love him, but his mother still does. Coach tells DDP that his mother is dead, DDP, just stands there for a minute, and then tells Coach to just get his ass to the locker room and let him call the main event with the King.

Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash vs. Shawn Michaels
The Main Event then takes place. Triple Threat #1 contender match : Goldberg vs. Nash vs. HBK. Nash and HBK do the “too sweet” gesture to each other as the match begins, and they both begin teaming up on Goldberg, but as the match goes on, they collide with each other also. Very cool, star studded match. A lot of close calls. About half way through the match, Triple H and Flair come to the ring and pull up chairs to watch the action. They mess with Nash, they mess with HBK, but when Triple H starts to mess with Goldberg, he gets speared right out of his chair. The ref forces Triple H and Flair from the ring and to the locker room, but as that is happening, the Rock jumps out of the crowd grabs the chair that Triple H was sitting in and just starts hammering the snot out of Goldberg with it. The Rock then toss the battered Goldberg into the ring. Both Nash and HBK struggle for the pin fall on the beaten Goldberg as the ref comes back to the ring, but Nash is able to toss HBK out of the ring and get the pin on Goldberg. Your #1 contender: Big Daddy Cool.
Winner: Kevin Nash
HBK comes and into the ring laughing and congratulates Nash. HBK holds Nash’s hand up in victory, but Goldberg awakens and spears them both. RAW goes off the air with the camera on a pissed off and bloody Goldberg.

Match summary:
Big Poppa Pump d Rico via DQ
Hurricane d Christian
Kane d Chief Morely
Ric Flair d Chris Jericho
Kevin Nash d HBK and Goldberg to become #1 contender for World Title

So, what did ya think? I’ll do Smackdown later.

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I liked the show it was a good show there is no hiding that but there are just a few things that need to be changed.

Put the commentary on seperate line like
King : What a match we have coming up
DDP : Yeah thats right.

Put the match on the first line like
Scott Steiner V Rico
then put the actual match here

Then at the end Put the winner on a different line.

It was a good show i know that you haven't wrote hear for a year and things might have changed Grade = B

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Gottcha. Went back a fixed a few things, things I thought needed fixing. W-E Champ, what do u mean O.S skills? I know it probably stands for something very obvious, I'm just stupid, so just spell it out for me :D
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