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I've decided to do my own RAW brand, nothing to do with my other thread, Being the Booker (which I will still be doing) I will pick up from Bad Blood, by continuing the storylines from it, before moving on to my own.

For now, I will probobly only post a show once every two weeks, but soon, I will be posting once a week.

Tomorrow, I will post the roster that I will be using, as well as the PPV schedule, and then post the first show on Monday.

Until then....

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Well, Isaid I would post the roster tomorrow, but I got pretty bored and decided to post the roster now.


General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry ’The King’ Lawler

Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Chuck Palumbo
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
Garrison Cade
Johnny Nitro
Jonathon Coachman
Matt Hardy
Molly Holly
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Robert Conway
Shelton Benjamin
Stacey Kiebler
Steven Richards
Sylvain Grenier
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
William Regal

Champions are all the same as they were at Bad Blood.

Also, for the purpose of this thread, Johnny Nitro was NEVER fired prior to Bad Blood, so he is still Bischoff’s apprentice.

Blue represents Diva’s. I will be adding more people as I go along, but this is just the start. Before anyone asks, no I will not be using Shawn Michaels. I will have a storyline to explain this on the first RAW.

Also, if anyone is interested in perhaps doing the Smackdown part of the brand, send me a PM. But only PM me, if you will continue to do the show, and not just drop it after three weeks or so.

First show up on Monday.

Confirmed Matches;

Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton & Batista
Non Title Match: La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri

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Ok Guys I have volunteered to do the SmackDown side of things for Wolf Beast and I will start from the first SmackDown after Judgement Day and then catch up with Wolf Beast and Raw.

Here is the roster for SmackDown!

Michael Cole
Josh Matthews (in the back with interviews)

Kurt Angle
Booker T
Big Show (Currently “Quit” but will make his return)
Kenzo Suzuki
The Undertaker
John Cena
Luther Reigns
John Bradshaw Layfield
Eddie Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Rob Van Dam
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Paul London
Billy Kidman
Chavo Guerrero Jnr + Snr
Shannon Moore
Billy Gunn
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Mark Jindrak
Orlando Jordan
Akio and Sakoda
The Basham Brothers
The Dudleys

Torrie Wilson
Miss Jackie

Paul Bearer
Paul Heyman
Theodore Long

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Ok Guys this is the first edition of my SmackDown! On behalf of Wolf Beast.


The show opens with a video package displaying what went down at Judgement Day between Eddie Guerrero and JBL in the WWE Championship match.

Pyros and music hits and SmackDown! is underway!

Michael Cole and Tazz open the show telling us about Judgement Day!

Cole : Hello everybody and welcome to SmackDown! Just 4 days removed from the MASSIVE Judgement Day!
Tazz : Damb right it was massive!
Cole : Here to start us off tonight is General Manager Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out in his wheelchair with Luther Reigns, his new appointed bodyguard.

Kurt : Last night was a travesty in my opinion! Eddie Guerrero was up to his old antics of Viva La Rasa! And you know what? It stops HERE! And you know why? Because of this man, Luther Reigns! And you know how? Because Luther is going to beat the living CRAP out of Eddie! Right her TONIGHT! And this match will be for the WWE Title! Oh and one small thing, IT’S NEXT!

Cole : Oh My God! WWE Championship, on the line! NEXT!

<Don’t try this at home video plays>

Luther Reigns is in the ring ready for Guerrero. Luther’s size is scary and Kurt just chuckles as Eddie’s music hits, ready for him to make his way to the ring.

Viva La Rasa! Eddie makes his way out to the ring in his Low Rider, but he does not look in his normal buoyant mood. Eddie looks busted up with stitches all over his drained face.

1st Match WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero v Luther Reigns

The match begins with Luther nailing a kick to the gut followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Reigns, picks Eddie up and hits some right hands, direct to the face. Luther then picks Eddie up and hits a shot the ribs, with a big knee. Next Luther nails a Big Boot to the face. Reigns then smashes Eddie’s face into the turnbuckle, then followed by a powerslam. Eddie, who hasn’t been able to get up on his own yet, begins to look tired and weary. Luther then decides that he has had enough of beating Eddie up and signals to Kurt that it is the end. Luther hoists Eddie onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position. Reigns then nails not 1 not 2, but 3 powerbombs in a row! Luther then pins Eddie for the 1,2,3!
Winner and New WWE Champion: Luther Reigns

Kurt : Your new WWE Champion everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well he would be if he were a signed WWE Superstar!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!! Yeah that’s right Eddie’s still champ! But he will defend his title in 2weeks in Las Vegas! And can you guess whom it will be against? That’s right you bunch of losers you guessed it! LUTHER REIGNS!

Suddenly JBL’s music hits and out comes the native Texan in his limo.

JBL : What the HELL! You are seriously giving this pathetic excuse of a wrestler a TITLE SHOT! What the hell is up with that! I beat Eddie Guerrero’s ASS last Sunday!

Kurt : Well since you couldn’t Win and BEAT Eddie last Sunday! I decided that Luther would become the No.1 Contender! And if you’ve got a problem then maybe you should sort it out with Luther!

Luther Reigns gestures for JBL to come to the ring. Then out of nowhere Eddie blasts Reigns around the head with a steel chair! Eddie then moves on to flip Angle out of his Wheelchair and smash the chair onto Angle’s cast making Angle scream in pain!

JBL : What the hell! Eddie you got lucky last Sunday! Stay there so I can kick your ass!

JBL then climbs out of the limo and begins to limp towards the ring. Once their Bradshaw attempts to climb into the ring, only to be shoved off of the apron onto the floor by Eddie. Guerrero then grabs Angle’s microphone and says three short words “Viva La Rasa”
JBL begins to go wild, flipping the ring steps and kicking the ring barrier, as Eddie Guerrero’s music plays and he celebrates with his title in the ring.

Commercial Break

We then cut to the back where we see Paul Heyman approaching The Dudley Boyz with a glint in his eye.

Bubba : What the hell do you want?

Paul : Wait Bubba, D-Von hear me out here! What if I could get you two a tag-team-title-match! Huh? What do you two think to that? Listen I know that you lost to RVD and Rey at Judgement Day, but that was a fluke! I’m telling you those titles are all but around your waist! I mean you can beat those two ****’s Rico and Charlie Haas with your hands behind your back!

D-Von : We’ll think about it. Now get out of here!

2nd Match Cruiserweight No.1 Contenders Fatal Fourway
Rey Mysterio v Billy Kidman v Paul London v Jamie Noble

As all four participants enter the ring, Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and both Chavo Jnr and Snr come out looking full of themselves. Both of them will join Michael Cole and Tazz for commentary for this match.
We begin with Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble taking control of London and Kidman, the two former partners. Rey hits a kick to the mid-section on London and tails a spinning DDT. Noble however, is a little more settled and starts with a powerslam. Noble then picks up Kidman and hits a couple of chops, followed by a face smash into the turnbuckle. Rey picks up London and nails some elbows to the face. Noble and Rey then Irish whip Kidman and London into each other. After the collision, both turned back around into DDT’s!
Noble and Rey then back into each other, turn around and begin to brawl. London rolls out of the ring to re-cooperate.
Kidman however gets back up and climbs to the top rope, after Rey has won the fistfight with Noble, he turns around to a drop kick from Billy. London then slides back into the ring and covers Rey, 1,2..Kidman breaks up the count. Noble then picks up London and hits a reverse atomic drop. London then turns around to another powerslam from Kidman. Rey then dropkicks Kidman into Noble, who goes crashing to the outside, but Kidman land throat first on the second rope.
Tazz : Dial it up Cole!
Rey hits the 6:19 and springs up to the top rope ready for the West Coast Pop! The crowd go wild! But out of nowhere Jamie Noble trips Rey and he lands on the outside, straight on his neck. Noble then jumps onto the top turnbuckle and nails a Leg Drop on Kidman. Noble covers him 1,2..Kickout. London then gets back up and attempts a brawl with Noble, only for Jamie to win and push him into the turnbuckle. Noble then sits London on the top rope and nails a superplex. Jamie once again goes for the pin, 1,2..Kickout! Kidman then gets back up and nails a reverse DDT on Noble. Billy then pulls him to the corner and hits al of the Shooting Star!!! Cover, 1,2,3!!!
Winner: Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero then creeps up behind Billy who is celebrating, and hits a chair shot from behind! Chavo then stands above Billy and tells him that the title is his and that he will never win!

Commercial Break

Interview with Mordecai
Josh Matthews : Now I am here with the rising star on SmackDown! Mordecai! Now Mordecai, tonight you will face John Cena, the U.S Champion, now how do you think you will fare in this encounter?

Mordecai : How do I think I will fare? What?!?! Fare? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I’ll fare by kicking his ass!! I have seen the future and the lord has told me, I am the NEXT U.S Champion! I will abolish and destroy John Cena, the sinner of all time. I will punish him and silence his foul mouth! I will take the devil from inside him!

Then John Cena approaches Mordecai from behind and signals that he can’t see him. John then wraps his chain around his hand and nails Mordecai in the back of the head! John then runs to the ring!

3rd Match
John Cena v Mordecai

John Cena’s music blasts through the arena and out runs the U.S Champion! Cena has a HUGE smile on his face and starts to play up to the crowd. Mordecai’s music then hits and the man in white charges down to the ring and straight away takes it to Cena. Mordecai lays some stiff right hands to Cena who delivers them back, plus an eye rake. Cena then gains an advantage from Mordecai’s anger and hits a big clothesline. Cena picks Mordecai up and goes for a suplex, only for the big man to reverse it. Mordecai then kicks Cena before picking him up and hitting a big DDT. Mordecai then nails a backdrop followed by an atomic drop. Cena is out on the mat but Mordecai refuses to let him lie. He picks Cena up and locks on a sleeper. Cena begins to fade and the ref begins the count, 1,2..Cena raises his arm. Mordecai tightens the hold but Cena lifts Mordecai up and backs him into the turnbuckle so he releases the hold. Cena then hits some right hands to the ribs. John begins to fight back, that is until Mordecai hits a knee to the mid-section. Mordecai then hits an uppercut and attempts a Crucifix Bomb on Cena. John then drops down the back of Mordecai and accidentally shoves him into the referee! Cena, noticing the ref is down, grabs his chain and attempts to nail his opponent with the steel. Then out of nowhere Rene Dupree stops Cena in his tracks with a Low Blow. Dupree then hits a Bulldog followed by a knee to the lower back. Rene then begins to do his French Dance. Without Dupree noticing, Mordecai has got up and grabs Rene for a Full Nelson Slam!
The bell then rings for a No Contest! Mordecai is furious! He grabs the referee and delivers a vicious Crucifix Bomb!
Winner: No Contest

Cena then rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Rene follows him and the two begin to brawl on the ramp. Cena gets the better of Dupree and nails a FU on the solid steel ramp! Cena then holds his title high above his head and heads to the back, leaving Mordecai in the ring looking furious.

Commercial Break

Main Event
Rob Van Dam v Kenzo Suzuki w/His Bodyguard

We start the match with Kenzo landing a snap suplex. He then moves on to land a side walk slam. RVD then reverses an atomic drop attempt and turns it into a roll up, 1,2..Kickout. Kenzo then hits a spinning wheel kick and picks Rob back up for a DDT. Kenzo then picks RVD back up and try’s a superkick but Rob blocks it and hits one of his own. RVD then hits a spinning wheel kick of his own and goes for a cover, 1,2..Kickout. RVD then puts Kenzo on the top rope and hits a HUGE DDT! 1,2..KICKOUT! RVD keeps his cool and picks Suzuki back up and hits a kick to the gut followed by a knee to the head. TVD then hits a rolling thunder and another pinfall attempt, 1,2..Kickout once more! RVD then goes for an Irish whip into the ropes, Kenzo reverses it and his bodyguard trips RVD! The ref sees this and sends him to the back. Meanwhile behind the refs back, Kenzo nails a low blow and a spinebuster. Kenzo then rolls up RVD with the tights and feet on the ropes, 1,2,3.
Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

We see that there has been total destruction in the men’s locker room and Rico, Charlie Haas, Orlando Jordan, Rikishi, Shannon Moore, Billy Gunn and The Bashams have all been laid out and are bleeding!

Cole : What the hell happened here??????

Tazz : Who the hell did this???

Closing moments go to each superstar in the locker room, each bleeding and knocked out!

What do you guys think of my first SmackDown!?
Give me your feedback!

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not a good ending......... could have been better earlier in the show but not good for an ending.

Anyway, some people seemed a bit out of character but everyone learns to work with the wrestlers after a while.

Good matches, keep up the good work and keep improving; I see a bright future for you in the forums one day. Haven't you done a show before and I helped out with somne tips?

BTW I'm interested to see what caused everyone to be down and bleeding.

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A very good show RedCold. The ending wasnt too bad, probobly everyone didnt have to be busted open, but some good feuds are coming along.
Eddie's segment should have closed the show, but it was good none the less, and I nearly crapped myself when Luther was announced WWE Champion.
I have a feeling that I know who caused the carnage at the end, but I'll not say, incase I am right.
Overall, good matches, decent feuds, 9/10.

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RAW; June 24th 2004; Dayton, Ohio
Highlights from Bad Blood
Eric Bischoff is standing in the middle of the ring….

Eric: “Last night, Eric Bischoff gave you people the dambdest main event in the history of PPV. Shawn Michaels and Triple H gave you their bodies, their mind, heart and soul. So right now, forget your feelings for either man, and give them the applause that they deserve.”

Crowd gives both men respect with a huge round of applause.

“Unfortunately, there had to be a loser in the match, and neither man deserved to lose, but in the end, Shawn Michaels was just pipped to the post.
However, right now, I want Shawn Michaels to come to this ring!”

HBK’s theme music plays, and a broken, and clearly battered Shawn makes his way to the ring.

“Well, well, well. Shawn, I know we’ve had our differences, but last night, at Bad Blood, you gave these fans a performance that will go down forever.
And, after the hell you went through in that cell, you lost the match, but Shawn, you gained my respect. In fact, I think you deserve a Championship match.”

Crowd pops huge!

“These people think you deserve a title shot, I think you deserve a title shot. But do you Shawn? Do you believe that you can be a World Champion again?”

HBK nods.
Eric laughs. He quickly gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He turns around and smiles.

Eric: “Well Shawn, Unfortunately for you, You’ve been TRADED!!!”

Crowd Boo’s
Eric: “Security, take this man out of MY ring!!!”

Eric laughs as HBK looks shocked in the ring


We return with J.R and King talking about HBK being traded to Smackdown.

1st Match: Inter Gender Tag Match:
Matt Hardy & Lita vs. Gail Kim & A-Train
A-Train and Gail control the most part, with A-Train using his strength, and Gail using her Submissions. Matt & Lita fight back, thanks to their speed advantage…
Finish: Matt & Train are the legal men, while Gail & Lita fight on the outside, with the momentum in Matt’s favour. He hit’s a side effect, follows up with a Twist of fate, and then calls in Lita to hit her Moonsault. He then goes for a cover, 1...2...TEST PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!
Matt then tees off on Test, while A-Train gets back up and plants Lita with the Baldo Bomb. Gail then applies an STF and Lita taps out!!!
Test bails through the crowd, while Train looks in the ring wondering why Test would help him.
Winners: A-Train & Gail Kim
In the parking lot, Evolution arrive, steeping out of a limosuine. They see that Shawn Michaels is being escorted out of the arena. Eric Bischoff then approaches Evolution with Johnny Nitro.

They then wave off Michaels. Bischoff then turns to Triple H and smiles.

Eric: Well, Triple H, congratulations on your victory last night. Now, as you have just seen, Shawn Michaels has just left.the building - FOR GOOD! (laughs).

Eric: That really only leaves one man that can be the Number 1 contender for the Heavyweight Title. YOU TRIPLE H!!! At Vengeance you will face Chris Benoit for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

HHH laughs, shakes Bischoff’s hand, and then walks off with the rest of Evolution.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Shelton Benjamin.

Todd: Shelton, last night, Randy Orton defeated you to retain his Intercontinental title, after interference from Ric Flair. Many peoples opinion was that you had the match won, and if it wasn’t for Flair, then you would be standing here right now as the I.C champ.

Shelton: Well Todd, I know that it isn’t an opinion, it’s a DAMN fact, that I would be champion if Flair hadn’t interfered. Now Randy Orton is still the champion, but I’m after HIM, and I’m after HIS title.
Orton can talk about holding the belt for six months, and that’s all good, but soon he is gonna realise that his time is up, and that it will be ALL about the Benjamin!!


2nd Match:
Edge vs. Garrison Cade
Edge uses his speed and superior technical skill to outmanouvre Cade at the outset, but Cade soon gains the upper hand with some shady tactics. He works on the leg of Edge, and applies a figure four…
Finish: Edge makes the ropes, and Cade is forced to break the hold. He then goes for it again, but Edge counters into a small package, 1...2...KICK OUT!!
Both men bounce up, and Edge hit’s a series of clotheslines, followed by a BuzzKiller. He then sets up Garrison for a Spear, but he moves out of the way. Cade then goes for a Powerbomb, but Edge fights out, and nails the Edgecution, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge

We cut backstage and see the arrival of the returning Christian with Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus. They bump into Jericho, and have a staredown.

Christian: (Laughs) We don’t need this. He isn’t worth it. We have bigger and better things to take care off.

The trio then walk off, with Christian laughing.

Test is in Eric Bischoff’s office.

Eric: Welcome back Test. You’re looking great. Hey, what an impact you’ve made here already tonight. Helping A-Train??

Test: That’s right.

Eric: Well, now I want you to prove how much of an impact you can make. You see, as I’m sure you are aware, my nephew Eugene has been making my life HELL RECENTLY.

Test nods.

Eric: Tonight, I want you to put Eugene out - FOR GOOD!!

Test: Eric. If that’s what you want, it will be my pleasure to finish off Eugene!

Eric: That’s what I like to hear Test. That’s what I like to hear.

A vignette then airs, hyping RAVEN.
***(If anyone has ever seen the Shoot Interviews, then you will have seen Raven talk about a storyline he mentioned when in the WWE that they never wanted to use. Now that I have brought Raven back, I have decided to go ahead with the storyline)***

We see a dark eerie room, filled with birds flying around. We then see the shadow of a man in the darkness, and then he speaks:

Raven: Vanity, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Lust. The seven deadly sins of man. For each sin, they say you will be dealt with appropriately. For each sin, you will spend an eternity in Hell.
I think you hear me knocking…..I think I’m coming in!
Quote the Raven…NEVERMORE!!!

*** *** *** ***

3rd Match: Non-Title Match:
La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri
Rhyno & Tajiri start off the match on fire, but the champions Tag Team experience begins to overcome the opponents, and they take over. They single out the smaller man, Tajiri, and keep him away from his partner.
Finish: After a long period of control over Tajiri, The buzz saw ducks a double team attempt, and hits both men with a martial arts kick. He then crawls over and tags in his partner. Rhyno clears house and nails a big time spine buster on Conway, then a Powerslam on Grenier.
He goes for a Gore on Grenier, but Conway stops him. They then kick Rhyno out of the ring and take on Tajiri. They whip him off the ropes, but he bounces off and hit’s his reverse elbow to both men, and Rhyno delivers a GORE to Conway, 1...2...3!!!
The victors then celebrate in the ring as La Resistance stagger up the ramp shocked.
Winners: Rhyno & Tajiri


Backstage, Lita is walking around the backstage area smiling. Then she stops, and her smile vanishes. Kane then enters the picture and smiles.

Kane: Hey, Litaaa…

He clutches her hair and sniffs

Kane: Ohhhh, Lita, Lita, Lita.

Lita: What do you want!!??

Kane: You know what I want Lita…….AND I WILL GET IT!!!

Kane walks off as Lita looks terrified.

Interview with Benoit.

Todd: Chris Benoit, earlier tonight, Triple H was announced by Eric Bischoff as the Number one contender for the World Championship at Vengeance. Your thoughts?

Benoit: Well Todd, last night, I defeated Kane to retain THIS CHAMPIONSHIP!! At WrestleMania, I made Triple H TAP OUT!! At Backlash, I made Shawn Michaels TAP OUT!! And at Vengeance, guess what?….Tri-

Triple H interrupts

HHH: Triple H will tap out. Was that what you were gonna say? Guess what Benoit? You have never beaten THE GAME one on one. You never have, you never will. Chris Benoit, your honeymoon is OVER. My time is ready to begin again. No triple threat crap, no ducking, no diving. You and me, one on one. And you WILL lose!!

Benoit: Prove it Triple H. Prove it to these people, and prove it to me. PROVE ME WRONG!!!

The two men go head to head, but Evolution pull Triple H away.

We then go to the ring and see Chris Jericho and the Highlight Reel set. He welcomes his guest tonight - The Coach!!!
Coach makes his way to the ring, looking both a little humiliated from losing to Eugene at Bad Blood, and also still with a slight cockiness.

Y2J: Well Coach, last night you lost your perfect PPV record to Eugene, one of RAW’s rising stars. How will you ever get over a defeat like that??

Coach: (Looks puzzled) What the hell are you talking about. I didn’t lose. No, no, no. That was just a blip. For god’s sake, I mean, it’s Eugene for crying out loud. He doesn’t know his left foot from his right.

Y2J: Do you Coach?

Coach: Of course.

Y2J: Then put up your…..LEFT HAND!

Coach shoots his right hand up in the air, and then realises he has just put up the wrong hand.

Coach: Dammit!! Ok, that was a mistake. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter about that. You see, the coach is a lover, not a fighter. Whereas you Jericho…well you’re just a loser, especially with women. I mean Trish Stratus ditched you in an instant. I tell you what Chris. How about you come out tonight with the coach, and I’ll teach you how to woo the ladies. How about it??

Y2J: Why Coach, I’m touched, really, I am. However, I stopped going to under twelves disco’s a long time ago. And you should too. There is a reason why I call myself, a SEXY BEAST!! I’m the highlight of the night BABY! In more ways than one. So I tell you what Coach. Drink some Jericola, go to the nearest strip club, and shove some fifties down their bra’s, while Chris Jericho pleasures the LADIES of DAYTON, OHIO, AND GIVE THEM A NIGHT, THAT THEY WILL NEVER, EVVVVVVVEEEER FORGET!!!

Coach then swings at Jericho, but Y2J ducks, takes down Coach and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Coach taps in agony, and eventually Jericho lets go, and Coach runs up the ramp.


4th Match: Mixed Tag:
Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko w/ Christian vs. Victoria & Steven Richards
Richards starts off with Tomko, but is soon overpowered. Both men though make tags, and Victoria & Trish go at it with Victoria on top. Christian though, soon proves a distraction and Trish takes over.
Finish: After a long period of control, Trish becomes Cocky, then goes for the Chick Kick, but Victoria ducks and hit’s the Widows Peak. She goes for a tag, but Christian pulls Richards off the apron. This distracts the referee. Tomko then runs in and Powerbombs Victoria. Trish gets the cover, and the referee makes the count, 1...2...3!
The trio then quickly get up the ramp as Richards tends to Victoria in the ring.
Winners: Trish & Tomko

Bischoff approaches La Resistance in the back.
Grenier: What do you mean?
Eric: What do I mean? You guys are supposed to be representing me as the WORLD tag team champions out there. Tonight, you guys lost to a makeshift team. That is not acceptable. So what I am now planning, is to re-build the Tag Division on RAW!
At Vengeance La Resistance will defend the Tag Titles in a Four Corners, Elimination Match. Now over the next few weeks, two teams will earn a place in the match, and at Vengeance, the third team will be a mystery to everyone!! You got it!!

Bischoff walks off, while La Resistance look on, rather worried.

Interview with Randy Orton. He talks about being the Intercontinental Champion for six months now, and still going strong. Then Jericho enters…

Y2J: Six months eh? That’s a pretty impressive reign Randy, but something I’ve just noticed is that you haven’t defended the title, against, Y2J!!

Orton: Listen Jericho-

Edge then interrupts.

Edge: Woah there Jericho. Now you may not have got a shot yet at the title, but four weeks ago on RAW, I was screwed out of that Title, and I’m still waiting for a rematch.

Y2J: Edge, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you had you’re chance to win the belt, now its mine!

Edge: Oh yeah, well its too bad I don’t see it that way. One way or another, the titles mine, even if I have to go through you.

Jericho & Edge then go face to face, as Orton quickly backs off.

We then see Eugene preparing backstage for his one on one match up next. He takes the flowers out of a flower pot, and drinks the water. He then spits it out like HHH would do.


5th Match:
Test vs. Eugene w/ Regal
Eugene frustrates Test early on, outwrestling the bigger opponent, but Test nails a well hidden low blow, and begins to wear down Eugene.
Finish: Test goes for the Big Boot, but Regal distracts him, and Eugene scores with a roll up for the three count!!
Test is irate, as Regal and Eugene celebrate yet another win.
Winner: Eugene

Backstage, we see Lita sitting alone, holding a pregnancy test. She looks worried as the camera pans out.

Interview with Johnny Nitro. He announces that Mr. Bischoff has signed next weeks main event, Chris Benoit vs. Batista. He then adds that Bischoff has stipulated that if Benoit wins, he gets to stipulate the rules of the title match at Vengeance, but if Batista wins, Triple H gets to stipulate the rules.

A video then plays, hyping RAW coming to Miami next week, and then it says that The Rock will be at the arena next week.

Main Event:
Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton & Batista
Both teams have good periods of domination throughout the match, but when it seems like Benoit & Benjamin are taking a clear advantage, HHH & Flair make their way to the ring, and distract both men, leading to Evolution taking the upper hand.
Finish: Evolution have worked on Shelton for a long period, but soon he mounts a comeback, and eventually makes the tag to Benoit.
Benoit cleans house, hitting the three Germans to all four members of Evolution. He then fights with Triple H on the outside.
Orton then goes for an RKO on Benjamin, but Shelton counters, and rolls up ortonfor the three count. He quickly jumps out of the ring, as randy has a temper tantrum. He is calmed down by Batista and Flair, while Benoit fights with Triple H through the crowd to close the show.

End of Show.

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SmackDown! May 27th Milwaukee WI

The show opens with a re-cap of last week’s events displaying Eddie v Luther Reigns and then the violence at the end of the show.
Pyros go off and music plays. Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show.

Cole: Good evening everybody and welcome to WWE SmackDown! Tazz and Michael Cole at ringside!
Tazz: Whoa what a line up we’ve got tonight Cole!
Cole: That’s right ladies and gentlemen a great line up!
Tazz: Here we go then!
Cole: We kick things off with what should be a great highflying encounter! Rey Mysterio and the No.1 Contender for Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Title, Billy Kidman, taking on Chavo Guerrero and his father Chavo Classic!

1st Match
Rey Mysterio + Billy Kidman v Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Classic

We start with Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero in the ring. They lock up and Chavo powers Rey in to the corner. The ref breaks it up and Rey hits a kick to the gut followed by an uppercut. Rey throws Chavo into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, only for Guerrero to kick him in the face! Chavo then slings himself into the ropes and comes back with a knee to the side of Mysterio’s head. Chavo then takes Rey to the corner to tag in his father. Classic climbs into the ring and delivers some right hands to Rey’s face. Classic then wraps Mysterio’s leg around the ropes and begins to rip away at it. Ref breaks it up. Classic then drags Mysterio into the centre of the ring and attacks the right knee with knee wrenches and double axe handles. Classic then picks Rey up and attempts a clothesline but Rey ducks and hits a neckbreaker of his own. Rey then tries to crawl to Kidman but Chavo Jnr runs in and pulls him back to the centre of the ring. Classic then picks Rey up but Rey nails a dropkick! Mysterio crawls to the corner and makes the tag to the No.1 Contender Billy Kidman. Kidman darts in and hits a cheap shot to Chavo Jnr. He then picks Classic up, hits a few chops followed by a DDT. Billy then delivers a stiff right hand to the kidneys. Kidman picks Classic up, throws him into the ropes and attempts a dropkick but Classic hangs onto the ropes. Classic then makes the tag to his son. Chavo straight away nails a DDT to the dazed Kidman. He picks Billy up and hits a suplex followed by a knee to the ribs. Chavo then decides to finish Billy off and attempts a Tornado DDT. When Chavo has him set up, Rey Mysterio leaps from the top turnbuckle with a hurricarana! Kidman then drags Chavo to the corner and heads up top for the Shooting Star! Rey knocks Classic off of the apron and follows him to the outside while Kidman nails the Shooting Star Press! 1,2,3!
Winners: Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman!

Cole: Kidman just pinned the Champ!
Tazz: Fluke! Chavo wasn’t ready for that match!
Cole: Sure he wasn’t Tazz!


We then cut to the back where Shannon Moore, Billy Gunn and Rikishi are being questioned as to who attacked then last week, by General Manager Kurt Angle.
Shannon: I don’t remember, all I saw was a steel chair hitting my face!
Rikishi: I can’t remember either but whoever it was has got to answer to the Big Kish!
Billy: Now hold on guys I can remember hearing a whisper outside of the door and Doug or Danny, went to see what it was. Next thing I knew he was laid out on the floor courtesy of a steel chair. His brother then went to see who it was and he got one as well! So then Orlando and I rushed to the door and then I can’t remember seeing anything.
Rikishi: Yeah I remember that! Then I peaked my head out of the door. I saw.. A ponytail! Yeah A ponytail! Then someone with a short beard knocked me out!
Shannon: Well I can’t remember any of this happening!
Billy: That’s cause your stupid Shannon!
Shannon: HEY!
Rikishi: What it’s the truth!
Shannon: I suppose.
Billy: You should go ask Rico and Charlie, they were the last two to get hit.
Kurt: OK thanks guys I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Commercial Break

2nd Match
Kenzo Suzuki w/ His Body Guard v Charlie Haas w/ Rico and Miss Jackie

Kenzo begins the match in full control, hitting an eye rake followed by a spinning wheel kick. Suzuki then picks Hass up and hits a knee to the face. He then throws Charlie into the ropes and hits a reverse elbow. Kenzo then hits a standing elbow drop onto Charlie’s chest. Cover 1,2.Kickout
Suzuki picks Charlie Haas up and hits a quick-fire DDT. With Kenzo in complete control, Miss Jackie and Rico try to get the crowd behind Haas. Kenzo attempts a suplex but with the crowd and Miss Jackie behind him, Haas reverses and hits a brainbuster DDT of his own. Haas then picks Kenzo up and goes to work on his back with a backdrop followed by a sidewalkslam. Cover 1,2..Kenzo’s bodyguard breaks up the count. Miss Jackie tries to slap the bodyguard but he catches her hand. Then out of nowhere, Rico slaps his backside and bites his own lip as the bodyguard stares in shock at Rico. Charlie Haas then springboard crossbodies over the top rope onto Kenzo’s bodyguard! With Charlie down on the outside, Suzuki tells the ref to count him out! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8..Charlie eventually gets back in the ring. Kenzo kicks him in the lower back and drops a knee to the back of the neck; Kenzo then lifts Charlie up and hits a MASSIVE superkick! Cover 1,2,3!
Winner: Kenzo Suzuki
After the bell has rung, Kenzo’s bodyguard attacks Rico from behind and nails a Chokeslam on the outside. He then turns to look at Miss Jackie who flees inside the ring to Charlie. Haas baseball slides the bodyguard as he tries to slide into the ring! Kenzo then gets mad and charges at Charlie but Haas throws him over the top rope! Miss Jackie then spins Charlie around and begins to make out with him! Rico sees this and does not look too pleased! Rico gets in the ring and breaks up the lip lock. He then yells at Jackie asking what the hell she is playing at? The three begin to argue and walk up the ramp to the back still arguing!

Don’t Try This At Home video airs

We come back to see that Kurt Angle is attempting to get some answers out of Charlie Haas and Rico to as to whom attacked them last week. Unfortunately the two are still arguing over what happened between Haas and Miss Jackie.

Kurt: Look you two listen! Listen! LISTEN! LUTHER!

Luther Reigns grabs Haas by the throat and tells him to listen to Kurt!

Kurt: Right, I want some answers! Who was it that attacked you last week?
Rico: I can’t believe you kissed her!
Haas: She kissed me!
Rico: It takes two to kiss, LOOK!

Rico then kisses Angle.

Rico: See! Didn’t you see the lust in his eyes?
Kurt: WHAT????????? LUST????? RICO YOU FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haas: Now there’s no need for that Kurt!
Haas: How the hell should we know? They attacked us from behind!
Rico: Yeah I was putting on my glitter and Charles was rubbing it into my chest!
Haas: What? I was not!
Rico: Of course you weren’t!
Haas: I wasn’t, don’t believe him!
Kurt: I really do not give a Damb what you two homosexuals were doing!
Haas: HEY!
Rico: HEY!
Kurt: Look did you see anything?
Haas: There were 3 letters on his shirt but I don’t know what they were!
Kurt: Rico did you see anything?
Rico: No I was lying face down on the floor.
Kurt: Right ok now you two can get back to your kinky sex or whatever you like to do.

It takes a few seconds for this to sink in before Charlie starts to protest against Kurt.

Commercial Break
3rd Match Non Title
Booker T v John Cena

The two make their way to the ring after Cena does his usual rap insulting Booker and also Mordecai!
We start the match with Cena bouncing off of the ropes into a clothesline from Booker; he gets back up and receives another. Book then hits Cena with a left hand and backs him into the turnbuckle. Book then Irish whips Cena into the opposite turnbuckle and goes to splash him, only for Cena to move, Book to rebound outwards and John to land the throwback! Cover 1,2..Kickout. Cena then picks Booker up and hits a snap suplex. John keeps Book on the floor and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cover 1,2…Kickout again! Cena looks annoyed. John picks him up and goes for the FU! He lands it! Cover 1,2..Mordecai interrupts the count! The ref calls for the bell.
Winner: By DQ John Cena

Mordecai picks Cena up and hits a scoop slam. He then nails a sitout powerbomb followed by the Crucifix Bomb! Booker T then pushes Mordecai and questions why he cost him the match. Mordecai then hits Booker and follows up with another Crucifix Bomb!

Cole: What the hell!?
Tazz: Mordecai just cost Booker that match!
Cole: John Cena just got robbed of a pinfall victory!
Tazz: Booker T you mean!

Mordecai grabs a mic and explains his actions.
Mordecai: Nobody, NOBODY insults Mordecai! Nobody attacks him from behind and NOBODY offends The Lord God!

Mordecai slams the mic down and punches Cena some more, then leaves to a roar of boos.

We cut to the back where Shannon Moore bursts into Kurt Angle’s office yelling and shouting.

Kurt: WHAT THE HELL??????
Shannon: Come…quick….its….see for yourself!
Kurt: Luther! Push me to… Where did you say?
Shannon: The parking lot!
Kurt: What? Luther your match is next! Shannon you take me! Be careful don’t hit my leg against anything!
Reigns: OK I’ll go kick Eddie Guerrero’s ASS!
Kurt: Good Luc…ARGH!!! Shannon!!!!!!!
Shannon: Sorry Mr Angle!

Main Event
Rob Van Dam + Eddie Guerrero v John Bradshaw Layfield + Luther Reigns

RVD comes out first and looks over his shoulder as he comes out? Eddie follows him, to a HUGE pop and their opponents come next.
RVD and Luther start the match with Rob using his speed to his advantage. RVD hits a spinning wheel kick to take Reigns down, followed by a very early rolling thunder. RVD then picks Reigns up and hits a kick to the gut followed by a swift DDT. RVD then tags in Eddie who looks to take out some revenge from last week. Eddie starts with a tilt the world hurricarana followed by a drop kick to the face. Eddie then taunts JBL and is caught off guard by a reverse DDT from Reigns! Luther picks Eddie back up and hits a big scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Luther then tags in JBL who goes to work on Eddie arm. He hits an arm bar takedown and then applies the arm bar to full extent. RVD then tries to get the crowd behind Eddie. Eddie breaks out of the hold and flips back onto his feet. JBL tries to hit a clothesline, but Eddie ducks and hits a neckbreaker. Eddie then tags RVD back in and Rob hits a kick from the top rope. RVD then nails another rolling thunder, this time on JBL, RVD then hits a cheap shot on Luther. Reigns jumps into the ring and takes out RVD with a clothesline. He then turns around to a drop kick from Guerrero, but it is not enough to knock him down. Luther picks Eddie up but Guerrero nails a DDT. RVD then hits a DDT on JBL and both head to the top! Both deliver Frog Splashes and both pin JBL and Luther Reigns! 1,2,3!
Winners: RVD and Eddie Guerrero

As soon as the match finishes we cut to the back where Kurt Angle is seen arriving in the parking lot to find 4 SmackDown! Superstars laid out on the floor! Paul London has been put through a car window. Hardcore Holly’s head has been smashed into the car. Mark Jindrak’s leg has been run over and Jamie Noble has been put through the bonnet of the car!
Angle: OH MY GOD!
What do you think of my second Smackdown?

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Way better that the other one, good Promos as well. The show seemed a little short but you did a good job of it.

Wolfy you also did a great job, HBK being traded, that was a shock also a T-n-A reunion will be nice to see (prediction). Als obe interesting to see what happens with Edge and Jericho.

Smackdown - 7/10
RAW - 9/10

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Another Great Show from Wolf Beast HBK traded was shocking.

Red Colds Show was great Shannon is such a klutz.I had a feeling it was Mordecai when I heard about the pony tail now I am thinking its Kevin Nash.

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Nice show Red Cold. This weeks was just better than the preious show. Matches were great once again, and the backstage stuff was way better.
The mystery attacker angle is certainly coming on well. Looking forward to finding out who is behind the attacks.
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