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Welcome to the future of wrestling with all new superstars and new belts there will be 2 shows with a draft not in the shows but before the first show house shows every 2 weeks with just results.

Show 1: WNA Crash

Show 2: WNA Impact

Leave feedback and I need a host :rolleyes:

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G.M: Impact: Paul Hayman Crash: Eric Bishoff

P.P.V: January: House of Fun
Febuary: Rise of Glory
March: Slamdown
April: Hit and Run (our wrestlemania)
June: One Night Stand
July: Sould Out
August: Sith Revenge
September: Taboo Tuesday
October: Blast of a Lifetime
November: G.M Fight
December: Your Last Match

Give Feeedback ;)

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Looks...alright. Maybe you need to spellcheck some of your work. Try to post a show as soon as possible so people can rate it...!

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i need a host for Impact

PLEASE! host for Impact

I have the roster ready and I'm going to start Crash now here are the championship

WNA Titles

WNA T.V. Champ
WNA Tag Team Champs
WNA Heviweight Champ
WNA Light Heviweight Champ
WNA Hardcore Champ
WNA Invasion Champ
WNA Cursiweight Champ

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here is the WNA Roster

John Cena
Stone Cold
The Rock
Scott Hall
Kevin Nash
Justin Credible
Lance Storm
CM Punk
Paul London
Tony Mamaluke
Shelton Benjamin
Chavo Guerrero
Ultimate Warrior
Road Dogg
Syxx Pac
Billy Gunn
Hardcore Holly
Y2J Chris Jericho
Juventud Guerrera
AJ Styles
Jeff Hardy
Amazing Red
Randy Orton
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Rob Van Dam
Bubba Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Bret Hart
Cactus Jack
Tommy Dreamer
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Savio Vega
Billy Kidman
Hulk Hogan
Macho Man Randy Savage
Rey Mysterio

I need a host for Impact and Feedback :rolleyes:

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There will be a draft like the one in 2002 on Impact! After all picks are taking there will be matches. ONS will be up in a couple of weeks.

"Slow Motion" by Nickelback plays through the arena.

Bischoff & Heyman are on the stage and they are ready to pick superstars. Bischoff will go first.

Crash- John Cena
Impact!- Stone Cold
Crash- Sting
Impact!- The Rock
Crash- Edge
Impact!- Scott Hall
Crash- HHH
Impact!- Big Daddy Cool, Diesel
Crash- Syxx-Pac
Impact!- Justin Credible
Crash- Hulk Hogan
Impact! CM Punk
Crash- Sandman
Impact!- RVD
Crash- Billy Gunn
Impact! HBK
Crash- A.J. Styles
Impact!- Rhyno
Crash- Road Dog
Impact!- Randy Orton
Crash- Jeff Hardy
Impact!- Kurt Angle
Crash- Bret Hart
Impact!- Chris Jericho
Crash- Konnan
Impact!- Chris Benoit
Crash- Matt Hardy
Impact!- Eddie Guerrero
Crash- Tommy Dreamer
Impact!- Cactus Jack
Crash- Amazing Red
Impact!- Shelton Benjamin
Crash- Raven
Impact!- Rey Mysterio
Crash- Billy Kidman
Impact!- Macho Man Randy Savage
Crash- Ultimate Warrior
Impact!- Christian
Crash- Tony Mamaluke
Impact!- Paul London
Crash- Maven
Impact!- Psicosis
Crash- Juvented Guerrera
Impact!- Chavo Guerrero
Crash- Bubba Ray Dudley
Impact!- Hardcore Holly
[/COLOR]Crash- D-Von Dudley
[/COLOR]Impact!- Lance Storm

Thursday Night Impact!

Paul Heyman comes out on the stage.

Heyman- Impact! drfated a lot of talented people and tonight I will give my titles out.

Heyman- We hold, the T.V. Title, Cruiserweight Title, Tag Titles, the Hardcore Title & the European Title.

Heyman- out T.V. Champion which is our Main Title goes to......Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Austin comes out grabs the belt and walks off.

Heyman- Our Cruiserweight Champion is......CM Punk.

He takes his title.

Heyman- Our Tag Champions are one half on Vince McMahon's creation.....the NWO! Razor Ramon & Diesel!

The whole NWO comes out (Razor Ramon, HBK, Diesel, Hulk Hogan, Rhyno & their newest member Randy Orton)

They then leave.

The Hardcore Champion is the one and only.......Cactus Jack.

He grabs his belt and leaves.

The European Champion is......RVD.

Heyman- Now that that's out of the way on with the night!

Heyman- Here is the card: 1st match: for the Cruiserweight Championship CM Punk vs. Pschosis. 2nd match: Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle. 3rd match: 3 NWO members (will be picked randomly) to face Austin, Rock & RVD. The NWO addresses will happen as well.

Impact! will be up tomorrow
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