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WrestleMania XX will have 10 matches, and a cruiserweight battle royal

ive already booked my wrestlemania card before so im going to just focus on 4 or 5 matches and how they will affect wrestling for the rest of the year

lesnar vs. goldberg, loser must leave the WWE
-goldberg loses, thank god

taker vs. kane
taker wins, but the feud is not over

Mick Foley Vs. Randy Orton NO HOLDS BARRED
a garden spanning brawl where they seem to destroy everything, mick goes to the top of the entrance way, with orton on a table below and does his little jimmy snuka thing, but out of no where batista NAILS him with a chair, foley falls off the blacony onto the table, batista then drags both of them into the ring(orton has gotten the shit beat out of him in the match) and revives orton wehre they kick the shit out foley and orton does an rko onto a chair for the win, you know thats the way its going to play out if this is one on one and not a tag match, theres just no other way even though i think foley should win

Triple H Vs. Chris Benoit- world heavyweight title
benoit locks on the crossface and triple h taps.

i know my predictions are very far fetched, but i expect the next night on raw for evolution to turn on hhh and destroy him thus injuring him and him being out of action for several months so he can film his movie

reply how you think WMxx will play out
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