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Funny Story: I think it was Al Snow who said this was NOT match of the night...it was Hogan/Andre...
I'm sure he had his reasons... I've not heard this quote directly but I imagine (and hope) that he was thinking more of the occasion and the excitement than the actual quality of the match.

I can't believe anyone who is or has been a wrestler ever thinking Andre vs Hogan was technically a great match.

I've seen it a million times because I had a Hogan tape when I was really young which contained it and I can tell you from experience that the match boils down to Hogan failing to bodyslam Andre - getting beat up for a while - goes to the outside, Andre missed a headbutt onto the ringpost - small resurgence from Hogan who somehow thinks he can piledrive Andre onto the exposed floor - Andre stands up sending Hogan to the floor. More beating from Andre - a bearhug that felt like it lasted forever - Hogan punches out of it, Hulks up - finally knocks the big man down with a clothesline - bodyslam - leg drop - 123.

Technically speaking I'm sure Andre could have walked me through that match (ok maybe I couldn't have slammed the guy, kudos to Hogan for that).

But in terms of a grand occasion it was a "great" match. But yeah, on topic, Savage vs Steamboat is a masterpiece. What more can you say?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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