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Show starts off with the greatest pyro display ever in the WWE.

The Brand extension ended after the rumble, and the IC title has returned.Goldberg has signed SCSA and the rock have returned. Undertakers injury got a little worse so hes not expected back for this.

Match 1: Dudleys vs. 3 Minute Warning for the tag titles in a table tornado tag

Dudleys win after 3 min. get into a brief argument and get distracted. Rico tried to seperate the 2 after the match but it doesnt work..

Match 2: Goldust vs. Booker T...the duo broke up after No Way Out Goldust lost the titles to the dudleys because he was distracted by Booker getting beat down.
Winner: Booker T

Segment: Triple H and Flair are discussing the strategy for Triple H's title match with Kane later that night.

Match 3: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy in a Ladder Match for the European title. Lita comes out during the match. Matt yells at her and she refuses to go back to the backstage area. Matt gets too involved and Lita slaps him. Jeff hits his twist of Fate and then the Swanton bomb. He climbs the ladder to victory after that.

Match 4: Rhyno vs Bautista in a cage match. This is voted bloodiest match of the year at the end of 2003. Winner ends up being Bautista.

A Randy Orton promo is cut before his match with RVD. He says he will show RVD the true meaning of Ruthless Aggression.

Match 5: RVD vs. Randy Orton simple match Winner: RVD

Match 6: Scott Steiner vs. Stone Cold Steiner gets too caught up in his crowd taunting and SCSA hits the stunner for the victory.

Segment: Jeff Hardy is talking to Lita in the back...they exchange nice words then join in a slow kiss......Matt Hardy walks in while they are and takes out Jeff. Lita tries to get Matt off of him but Matt hits her...he looks at his carnage and walks away.

A dark and scary video comes on...nobody knows what it was about.

Match 7 : The Drums blast throughout the arena and Goldberg makes his entrance. After that comes the biggest heel in the company, The Rock. The crowd yells and throws things as he walks down the isle. This match is over 20 minutes and it ends when The Rock hits a low blow and nails Goldberg with a Rock bottom then a peoples elbow. Safeco Feild boo's and screams in hatred. Rock celebrates too quickly and Goldberg takes him down with a spear then a jackhammer.

Interview: HBK is shown talking about his match with Lesnar..He simply says he will beat the Next Big Thing and Brock will dance to his sweet chin music.

Match 8: Edge vs. Jericho w/ Christian for the IC title. The match is a good one...and at the end Edge goes to get a chair and the ref is distracted. Christian enters the ring and hits Jericho then uses his finisher on him. He slides out and edge hits his finisher and wins it. After the match E & C celebrate together.

Match 9: Angle vs Test w/Stacy. Angle wins after an Angle Slam

Match 10:HBK vs. Brock Lesnar. HBK lives up to his promise and makes Lesnar dance to his Sweet Chin Music.

Match 11:Big Show vs. Kevin Nash Winner:Show thanks to Heyman

Main Event: Triple H w/Ric Flair vs Kane for the Undistputed Championship in a no DQ match. Kane goes for the chokeslam when Flair gets the Ref and talks to him while HHH hits a low blow..He drops Kane with a Pedigree. 1.....2....Kane kicks out. Flair and Triple H are Irate. Trips goes for another Pedigree but Kane flips him over his shoulders. Flair comes in only to recieve a big boot. Kane then Grabs HHH for a chokeslam and slams him to the mat. As he goes for the pin Bautista jumps him. Whats this? He gives Kane his powerbomb. Just when you think the punishment is over Randy Orton comes out...He also attacks Kane. Triple H is up and Pedigrees Kane...1....2.......3. Thats it. After the match They all beat Kane down and get in a line and flash the 4-horsemen sign...they are back and very powerful....They continue to beat down Kane when the lights go out...the arena is dark..when suddenly a big pyro goes off and the old Dead Undertaker storms the ring. He cleans house on the four horsemen and helps up Kane. Kane and Undertaker parade around the ring and Kane lights it up. The crowd goes crazy and JR and The King thanks us for buying the PPV and it goes off the air.