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Pyros go off and Vince calls Eric and Stephanie down. Vince says that from now on the PPV’s will be alternating between the brands. Then he says that there are four exceptions, the big four. The crowd is confused but he goes to say them but Eric and Steph start fighting. Vince separates them and says ‘the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series are shared PPV’s’. Vince and Stephanie leave leaving Eric in the ring whom leaves shortly after.

Next up is Rikishi, John Cena and Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. the FBI. Michael Cole and Tazz take up the commentary for the Smackdown match.

Rikishi, John Cena and Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. the FBI

Chuck and Tajiri start off. Tajiri starts with the kicks and starts to knock down Chuck a lot. Chuck tags in Nunzio who gets the same treatment, Nunzio tags in Stamboli who again gets more kicks. They leave the ring and then run in together but Tajiri still manages to hold off until he turns into a superkick from Chuck. They start to celebrate but Tajiri tags in Rikishi. Then Rikishi Irish whips them all into the one turn buckle and proceeds to squash them and then stink face them. Rikishi tags in Cena and whilst the referee isn’t looking Stamboli low blows Cena. After that the match is in the FBI’s hands, Stamboli gets a comfortable win after a saving grace.
Winners: Nunzio, Johnny Stamboli and Chuck, the FBI

Rikishi and Tajiri run in but the FBI quickly exit the ring area. They help Cena up and they start to take him up the ramp, but then Tajiri hits them with a side wheel kick. Rikishi and Cena get up and start to chase Tajiri.

Backstage we see Sean Morley with Eric Bischoff. Eric is preparing for his match later on in the night and says he will win or he will leave. Morley calms Eric down and they agree he won’t leave whether he wins or not.

Seven Pack Women’s Challenge for the WWE Women’s title
Ivory vs. Jazz vs. Victoria vs. Gail Kim vs. Jacqueline vs. Molly vs. Trish Stratus
Ivory and Molly start the match off but Ivory quickly tags in Jazz. Molly tags in Trish and Jazz rushes over and hits a belly to belly suplex. Jazz then tags in Victoria. Victoria and Trish then square off and Victoria gains the advantage. Trish tags in Jacqueline but Victoria is hesitant and tags in Gail Kim. Gail Kim starts to beat down on Jacqueline but Jazz is on her knees pleading with Jacqueline to tag her in and Jacqueline does. Jazz and Gail Kim fight with neither getting the upper hand. In the end Gail Kim roles Jazz up and gets the three count.
Winner: Gail Kim

After the match Victoria runs to the back and the other divas go to the back as Gail Kim celebrates.

Backstage we see Vince talking to Stephanie. She asks how it will work, Vince says Eric will get the next PPV, Backlash, Steph will get Judgement Day, Eric will get King of the Ring, Steph will get Vengeance, Eric will get Unforgiven, Steph would No Mercy, Eric will have Armageddon and Steph will have No Way Out. Steph agrees and we go to a commercial break.


WWE Cruiserweight title
Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore vs. Rey Mysterio
The match doesn’t agree because Stephanie has some people bring out some scales and Matt is 10 pounds over the Cruiserweight limit. Stephanie says Shannon Moore is the new opponent and the title is vacant until the end of then match. The new match begins as Moore gets some submission holds in but Mysterio is too strong at the point at this point in the match. Rey Mysterio then hits some of the classic high-flying manoeuvres such as hurracanrana. Then Mysterio dropkicks Moore who lands on the second rope and Mysterio goes for the six one nine but Matt shoves Moore away just at right time but is hit himself. Mysterio goes up top and hits the West Cost Pop but Moore kicks out. Moore gets up but play-acts an injury as Matt hits the twist of fate. Moore pins him for the win and Mattitude celebrate.
Winner: Shannon Moore

After the match Mysterio gets up and double dropkicks both Matt and Moore and hits a 1238 (double 619) and then leaves.

Backstage Flair is talking to Randy Orton and Dave Batista about Ric’s match up later in the night. Triple H walks in and to talk about HHH’s match. They say they must stay together tonight.

Randy Orton w/Dave Batista Ric Flair vs. Goldust
Goldust starts the match off well. Flair gets up on the apron though but Goldust punches him off, Batista gets up on the apron and Goldust knocks him off to. When Goldust turns round Orton clotheslines him down. After that Orton starts using the basic moves and hits the powerbomb pin but Goldust kicks out. Orton throws Goldust out of the ring, he starts arguing with the referee whilst Orton and Flair beat up Goldust. When Goldust makes it back in the ring, barely before the 10 count Orton powerbombs him but Goldust again kicks out. Goldust starts to dominate the match but then has one his fits and Orton takes advantage after with a double powerbomb pin for the win.
Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage Kane is walking to the ring when Josh Matthews stops him. Josh asks him what he is going to do to RVD. Kane holds up a sign saying he can not speak, and even if he could there is no way he would talk to losers like him and we go to a commercial brake.


Rob Van Dan and Kane both make there way to the ring. Eric makes in a No Holds Barred rules match.

Kane vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD dominates the first part and goes up top, Kane however gets up and as RVD jumps off he kicks him in mid air. Kane goes outside and grabs a ladder, six tables, trash cans, trash can lids, sledge hammers, chairs and stop signs from under the ring. Kane then kicks the steps and puts them under the bottom rope. Kane gets back in and RVD throws a chair to him and hits the van daminator. RVD then hits rolling thunder and then Kane gets up. Kane gets up and chokeslams RVD, Kane goes up top and waits for RVD to get up. When RVD does get up and hits the flying clothesline, Kane goes up top again but misses. RVD gets up top and hits the five star frog splash, Kane throws RVD off before one and sits back up. Kane hits the tombstone but RVD kicks out at 2. Kane goes backstage and RVD follows him. They end next to a room with a window. Kane throws RVD into the wall and it makes a dent, Kane then throws RVD through the window. Kane goes through the door and gets a 2 count. Kane leaves again and RVD eventually gets up and follows him in a buggy. Kane ends up back in the ring and so does RVD. RVD hits the Van Terminator and puts Kane on the table, after putting a chair on the table. RVD then sets up the ladder and hits the five star frog splash but Kane kicks out at 2. Kane gets up but RVD knocks him down and hits the split legged moonsault but Kane kicks out again. RVD hits a third five star frog splash and gets the win.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match RVD goes up the ladder and attempts a five star but Kane moves and then chokeslams him and then tombstones him.

In the back Chief of Staff Sean Morley is on the floor and the EMT’s run in and take him away.

The UnAmericans come out and then the Dudleyz with Spike then followed by 3 Minute Warning and Rico.

Dudleyz vs. 3 Minute Warning vs. UnAmericans
Lance Storm starts the match with Bubba Ray. They are in the match for about 10 minutes before Storm tags in Regal. Regal dominates Bubba Ray until Bubba tags in Jamal. Jamal is dominated by Regal who locks on the Regal Stretch. Jamal is just about to tap but D-Von and Rosey brake up the submission. Then D-Von and Rosey start fighting and Storm beats up Bubba Ray. Jamal starts to choke Regal and Regal goes unconscious.
Winners: Lance Storm and William Regal by DQ

William Regal quickly comes to and he and Storm leave. Back in the ring the Dudleyz and 3 Minute Warning are all fighting. It brakes down when the Dudleyz get the tables but 3 Minute Warning leave.


First off they show Jamal, Rosey and Rico leaving as well as the UnAmericans in limousines. Then they show how Rhyno and Benoit went from a tag team to arch enemies.

Rhyno vs. Chris Benoit
Rhyno starts the match off using the bearhug but Benoit punches Rhyno’s head who releases the hold. Benoit then goes for the cross face but Rhyno gets the ropes. Benoit and Rhyno are involved in a brawl for about 5 minutes with Rhyno getting the upper hand. After Rhyno Irish whips Benoit into the corner he gets prepared for the Gore. When it comes to the time of the Gore Benoit moves and Rhyno’s shoulder connects with the ring post. Benoit roles him up to try and get the win but Rhyno kicks out. Benoit goes up top and tries to hit a head butt but Rhyno moves out of the way. Rhyno gets up and goes to hit a frog splash but Benoit moves. Then Benoit puts Rhyno in the cross face but Rhyno doesn’t tap. Eventually Rhyno gets to the ropes and as Benoit gets up Rhyno Gores him for the win.
Winner: Rhyno

Paul Heyman and the Agency arrive at the arena and Stephanie runs up to them to inform them one of their matches is up next.

The Agency makes their way to the ring and Team Angle enter the ring for the tag team title match. The Guerrero’s proceed to the ring for their tag title shot.

Team Angle w/the Agency vs. Los Guerrero’s w/ Hector Guerrero
Shelton Benjamin and Eddie Guerrero start the match off. Eddie grabs the microphone and calls the Agency a bunch of scum bags and the crowd cheer and start a ‘you suck’ chant. Benjamin turns around and Eddie attacks him dragging him back into his corner of the ring. Eddie and Chavo make about 9 tags in before Benjamin gets a superkick in. Benjamin crawls over and makes the tag. Haas is in but Eddie knocks him down whilst he is attacking Chavo. Haas is then back in the Guerrero corner and Heyman tells the A-Train, the Big Show and Kurt Angle to surround the ring, making it a lumberjack type match. The Guerrero’s are still beating up Haas but Haas manages to throw Chavo outside. Whilst Haas goes over to Benjamin as they laugh at the Guerrero’s and mimic them Eddie enters the ring allowing the Agency to beat Chavo up. The A-Train and the Big Show throw Chavo back in the ring and Haas and Benjamin hit a couple of moves including a superkick which knocks Chavo out and Haas gets the pinfall.
Winners: Team Angle

Backstage Dawn Marie is on her way to the ring in a corridor; the camera’s cut to Torrie Wilson who is also on her way to the ring.


Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson in a Bra and Panties match
Torrie is wearing a short skirt and a top and Dawn is wearing long trousers and a short top. Torrie and Dawn start with some kicks and slaps. Torrie then knocks Dawn down with a kick and tries to take her top off but Dawn rolls Torrie up into a cradle and takes Torrie’s top off. Torrie then runs at Dawn and hits some suplexs and scoop slams and takes Dawn’s top off. Nidia runs down to ringside and distracts Torrie and Dawn pulls Torrie’s short skirt off.
Winner: Dawn Marie

After the match is over Nidia and Dawn shake hands but Nidia clotheslines Dawn down and takes her pants off. Stacy runs down but Nidia takes her top and skirt off. Then Torrie and Stacy knock Nidia down and Dawn gets up. The four divas stare each other down before they leave, Torrie, Stacy and Dawn together and then Nidia.

Backstage Randy Orton and Ric Flair are talking when Batista comes in and says he is up next.

Test vs. Dave Batista
Test starts the match off with a couple of sidewalk slams and suplexs. Flair though grabs Test legs and Batista clothesline him down. After that Batista starts using the basic moves and hits the powerbomb pin but Test kicks out. Batista throws Test out of the ring, he starts arguing with the referee whilst Orton and Flair beat up Test. When Test makes it back in the ring, barely before the 10 count. Batista powerbombs him but Test kicks out again. Test starts to dominate the match. Batista gets up and he hits a Test Drive and Test gets the pin.
Winner: Test

11 more matches to be added yet, reply with feedback

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Next Part

Backstage Jeff Hardy walks into Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy. As they walk on Jeff splits at Matt and he attacks Jeff. Matt takes Jeff to the ring and lies him in the ring. Christian walks to the ring with a smile on his face.


Jeff Hardy vs. Christian
Christian goes for the pin but Jeff kicks out. Christian starts to pick him up and drop him down. Jeff reverses it one time and lands on his feet. Jeff Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and goes for the Swanton but Christian moves. Jeff gets up and Christian goes for the UnPrittier but Jeff reverses it. After that the match slows down in pace with Christian dominating. After about 5 minutes Jeff reverses one of Christian’s suplexs into one of his own and hits the 450 splash but Christian kicks out. Jeff gets up and goes up top again, going for the moonsault but Christian powerbombs him. Christian goes for the pin with his feet on the rope and gets the three count.
Winner: Christian

After the match Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore run down and start to beat up Jeff. Shawn Michaels runs down and hits Sweet Chin Music on Matt and Moore. Chris Jericho runs down and then beats up HBK.

We look back at the announce team and see Jonathan Coachman and Mark Lloyd who inform us that the next match is Chief Sean Morley vs. JR.

Eric and Chief Morley come out first followed by Austin, JR and the King.

Chief Sean Morley w/Eric Bischoff vs. Jim Ross w/Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler
Chief just punches JR and then hits a scoop slam and JR is out of it. Austin runs after Bischoff and the referee goes to the outside to sort out the situation. The King runs in and piledrives Chief Morley and puts JR’s hand over Morley. The referee gets back in and counts the three count.
Winner: Jim Ross

JR, the King and Austin leave ringside with JR and the King re-taking their place at the commentary table. Eric gets in the ring and fires then both. Vince comes out and says that Eric can’t do that, because he re-hires them.


We come back to see the Agency in the ring. A-Train grabs the microphone and calls the Undertaker a wimp. Undertaker comes out along with Nathan Jones.

A-Train w/the Agency vs. the Undertaker w/Nathan Jones
A-Train starts the match off with some suplexs. After about 15 suplexs A-Train goes for the pin but Undertaker kicks out. Undertaker tries to mount some offence but A-Train continues maintain the pressure and locks in a Boston Crab. Undertaker almost taps but Jones drags them both to the ropes and A-Train release Undertaker from the hold. Undertaker gets to his knees and starts to punch A-Train and then gets up. A-Train then hits Old School but Big Show punches the Undertaker’s knees and he goes down. Undertaker gets back up and hits the tombstone but A-Train kicks out. Undertaker Irish Whips A-Train into the ropes and hits the running DDT. A-Train gets back up and Undertaker hits the Last Ride but A-Train again kicks out. Undertaker gets back up but A-Train hits the De-Railer but Undertaker grabs the A-Train by the neck and pushes him down but A-Train kicks out. Undertaker gets A-Train back up and then he small packages A-Train for the win.
Winner: Undertaker

After the match Nathan Jones and the Big Show enter the match and the next match begins

Nathan Jones w/the Undertaker vs. the Big Show w/the Agency
The Undertaker and the A-Train are still in the ring as the match begins. Nathan Jones tries to scoop slam the Big Show but the Big Show falls on top and Jones just about kicks out. After that the Big Show just hits punches and chops. After that the Big Show hits the Alleyoop and goes up top. Undertaker pushes him off and the Big Show lands on Jones and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Big Show

After that the Undertaker gets in but A-Train, Haas and Benjamin run in and beat him down. Jones tries to get up but they beat him up as well. After that the Agency leaves and Jones and the Undertaker eventually get up and also leave.

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