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WIWA: Rebirth

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well unfortunately my comp crashed a week ago and I lost everything, 2WC included. I am really annoyed at the moment but I will continue my WIWA thread before it screwed up in here, starting the night after 2WC where I will post results under my rosters. All feuds are continuing as they were before like the Heyman invasion angle, Rock vs Hart and so on. So here are the rosters.

High Voltage

Commisioner - Mick Foley
Commentators - JR, Tazz & Bobby Heenan
Ring Announcer - Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewer - The Coach

Heavyweight Championship = The Rock
Atlantic Championship = Rob Van Dam
WIWA Tag Team Championships = Dudley Boyz
Hardcore Title = Sandman
MITB = Rhyno


Main Event:
The Rock=F
Razor Ramon=F
Shawn Michaels=F
Bret Hart=H
Kurt Angle=H
Randy Orton=H

Hulk Hogan=F
Monty Brown=H
Kevin Nash=F
Syxx Pac=F
Shelton Benjamin=F
Charlie Haas=H
Rob Van Dam=F
Booker T=F
Muhammad Hassan=H
Rey Mysterio=F
Lance Storm=H
Petey Williams=H
Jim Neidhart=H
Hardcore Holly=F
CM Punk=F
Tommy Dreamer=F

Tag Teams:
New Age Outlaws=F
Dudley Boyz=F
Sanders & Stasiak=H
La Resisitance=H

D-Generation X - Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, New Age Outlaws & Syxx Pac
La Resistance - Rene Dupree, Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway
Canadian Connection - Bret Hart, Christian, Lance Storm, Petey Williams & Jim Neidhart


GM's - Eric Bischoff & Teddy Long
Commentators - Michael Cole, The King & Mike Tenay
Ring Announcer - Howard Finkel
Backstage Interviewer - Todd Grisham

WIWA Championship = Steve Austin
International Championship = John Cena
World Tag Team Titles = The Naturals
Lightweight Championship = Kid Kash


Main Event:
Steve Austin=F
Chris Jericho=H
Eddie Guerrero=H
AJ Styles=F

John Cena=F
Ken Shamrock=F
Jeff Jarrett=H
Savio Vega=F
Ron Waterman=F
Scott Norton=H
Val Venis=F
Kid Kash=H
Paul London=F
Chavo Guerrero=F
Billy Kidman=H
Chris Masters=H
Ron Killings=F

Tag Teams:
Hardy Boyz=F
The Naturals=H
Basham Brothers=H

XXX - Elix Skipper, Chris Daniels & LowKi
FBI - Tony Mamaluke, Nunzio & Vito
Natural Born Thrillers - Reno, Jindrak, Palumbo & Stamboli

PPV Schedule
(Green for High Voltage, Orange for Explosion & Red for joint)

World War IV
Phillips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia

Sould Out
Fleet Center; Boston, Massachusetts

Royal Rumble
Pensacola Civic Center; Pensacola, Florida

Bash At The Beach
Landon Arena; Topeka, Kansas

Sioux Falls Arena; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Survivor Series
Astrodome; Houston, Texas

Road Wild
Alltel Arena; Little Rock, Arkansas

Bad Blood
Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky

WIWA Wrestlemania II
Pontiac Silverdome; Pontiac, Michigan

Continental Airlines Arena; East Rutherford, New Jersey

Kiel Center; Saint Louis, Missouri

No Way Out
Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas, Nevada

Other Notes

there are the rosters, near the same as before I have lost all info on my other roster and this is as close as it will get, now onto 2WC.

2 Worldz Collide Quickpost Results

- To kick things off in the UWEF card Abizmo defeated Ron Killings with a rollup and used the ropes after a distraction from Armando.

- The Rock & Hulk Hogan overcame the odds in the WIWA's first match and the defeated the Canadian Connection members Christian, Petey Williams & Jim Neidhart when Rock hit the Rock Bottom on Christian.

- In more UWEF action Chris Benoit forced Christopher Daniels to tap out to the Crippler Crosssface in a very exciting MOTN matchup.

- The WIWA's second match saw Kevin Nash tap out to Kurt Angles anklelock in a fairly short match.

- In a Kendo Stick match, Rob Van Dam defeated Randy Orton to become the new UWEF Atlantic champion after a 5 Star following a savage kendo stick shot.

- In one of the best TLC's ever performed The Naturals eventually grabbed the gold dangling above the ring when Chase Stevens took advantage of Matt Hardy side effecting Slix Skipper through a table, and climbed up for the gold after 25 minutes.

- An absolutely barbaric match saw Brock Lesnar defeat Mick Foley in a street fight when Foley had the Mandible Claw on lesnar, A-Train caused a distraction, Lesnar countered the Mandible Claw and F5'd Foley onto the thumbtacks for a 3, meaning Paul Heyman kept his job at the UWEF.

- Team WIWA defeated Team UWEF in the 8 man tag when Rhyno GORES Hassan for the 3 count. After the match Heymans men A-Train, Samoa Joe & AByss run to the ring and demolish Team WIWA as Team UWEF look to make the save, then turn and walk off to huge heat.

- The UWEF championship was on the line in a triple threat "I Quit" match which saw Bret Hart say the words to Chris Jericho meaning Jericho reatins his title.

- Finally in the main event Steve Austin defeated HHH to become the first WIWA Champion, Explosions richest prize after HHH swung the sledgehammer, but Austin ducked and hit a Stunner for the 3.

so with all this the next show was originally planned to be a supershow from both High Voltage & Explosion and that will go ahead and possibly be up tomorrow. I really now hope there are no more screw ups with my comp and I can get back to entertaining everyone. All feedback is appreciated and will be returned with a reply in your thread and maybe rep. So maybe expect the Supershow up today or tomorrow.​
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I can understand your frustration but a fresh start is always good. I'm glad the mess up didn't force you into retirement from booking and hopefully you can still produce some top quality shows especially PPV's. :agree:

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Thats a shame Someguy999 about losing everything. At least your still here and a new show will help me get back on track from the shows I missed. Shame about 2WC, I was really looking forward to the show.

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WIWA Supershow
Joint Production of High Voltage & Explosion
Pepsi Arena, Albany; NY

A long highlight video of 2WC airs showing all the highlights of the spectacle. We end the package with Steve Austin holding the WIWA championship high and toasting a few beers to the crowd.

Then the pyros explode and Saliva - Your Disease hits across the arena and the crowd goes wild for the long awaited Supershow. The camera scans around the sold out arena before fixating on JR & Mike Tenay.

JR: Just 2 days off one of the most sensational PPV's I have ever witnessed, the WIWA brings to you a joint production with a supershow, live from Albany, New York!

Tenay: May I just say it was an honour to witness such an event that shook a scale larger than the Hurricane Katrina disaster!

JR: You really are an asshole you know that?

Tenay: O yeah, but thats just me!

JR: Tonights card is huge, we have Tag Team champions from both brands going head-to-head, we have the 3 new High Voltage signings of Carlito, Eugene & Hassan to take on Explosions 3 new signings Kane, Val Venis & Test in a six man tag.

Tenay: Also in a Hardcore rules match Hardcore champion Sandman faces Lightweight champion Kid Kash!

JR: They just keep getting better tonight as Steve Austin will defend his WIWA championship against HHH, the man he beat two nights back to capture the belt!

Tenay: And the main event is a No DQ rematch of what went down the High Voltage before 2WC, Undertaker vs Monty Brown!

JR: All that and so much more to come tonight but......

*I Spit In The Face* hits to some heat as Carlito walks out on stage, bouncing an apple in his hand and smiling into the crowd. Carlito gets a mic and gets into the ring, lounging on a deckchair.

Tenay: But it looks like we will kick things off with the debut of the Cabana, here tonight with Carlito. Now JR, thats cool.

Carlito sits in his chair crunching on his apple till his music dies down, then speaks.

Carlito: Welcome to the debut of the Cabana!

Crowd give a mixed reaction

Carlito: Debuting tonight on WIWA, now thats cool!

Crowd give little reaction

Carlito: But Albany, New York, that............. DAS NOT COOL!

Crowd give Carlito heat and chant *Asshole*

Carlito: But Carlito's first guest ever, is cool. Please welcome the Heavyweight Champion, The Rock!

*If Ya Smell* blasts around the arena to an electric ovation as Rock steps out on stage with a Brahma Bull sleeve cut and jeans. He smiles at the crowd and then walks the apron and climbs the buckle, raising his belt high to another massive reaction from the crowd. Rock then gets into the ring and Carlito hands him a mic.

Carlito: Welcome Rock to Carli....

Rock puts his hand up in Carlito's face to a light pop, then says

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Albany!

Crowd erupt for the hometown pop

Carlito: Yes yes, thats all well and good but Rock, what about 2 nights ago eh? You teamed up with the Immortal Hulk Hogan and defeated Christian, Petey Williams & Jim Neidhart in a handicap tag match. Congratulations Rock, I mean you beat a guy that should be in a retirement home, a guy who weighs about 150 pounds and a guy th...

Rock: I know I know still wets the bed.

Crowd cheer as Carlito gets annoyed that Rock keeps cutting him off.

Rock: You see The Rock has been Heavyweight champion for near 2 months to the day now, and in one month I have to defend my title in a Last Man Standing match against a man who can barely stand after a beer, now you do the math who is gonna win?

Carlito: Uh The Ro...

Rock: You bet your monkey ass I'm gonna win, I'ma whip that canucks ass from here to Timbucktoo!

Crowd cheer loudly as Carlito takes another bite of his apple

Carlito: Listen Rock this is my show, and you interrupting me each time I speak, that, thats not cool!

Crowd boo as Carlito smiles

Rock: Not cool? I'll tell ya whats not cool, that ridiculous hair cut! That pathetic shirt, this damn set up and definately that apple and your stupid music. We ain't in the Caribbean.

Carlito takes a crunch out of his apple and starts chewing it

Rock: Take one more bite of that apple and The Rock will have to stick it up your candy ass!

Carlito: Rocky, shutup! You are not cool. You are a disgrace. All the champions in this company are disgraces. You have a guy, you, who refers to himself in third person all the time, a bald drunk, a fake gangster who is about as street as classical music, a guy who starts every sentence with "Dude". What is with this company? I have been here only 2 days and already I am begining to get annoyed with it. I need to hit the pub hard after this and drink beer till I lose all memory of this night!

*Glass Shatters* hits to a thunderous pop as Steve Austin heads to the ring, trash talking and making gestures to Carlito. Carlito dosent look very cocky anymore and gulps as Rock smiles. Austin flips the bird on all four corners and then picks up a mic from one of the deckchairs.

Carlito: What the hell are you doing, you are not on Carlito's show!

Austin: WHAT?

Crowd: WHAT

Austin: Now Steve Austin was backstage, drinking a beer.

Crowd: WHAT

Austin: Having a hotdog.

Crowd: WHAT

Austin: Drinking a beer.

Crowd: WHAT

Austin: Getting ready to whip HHH's ass later tonight, and I am watching you and ya little nappy head yappin on the monitor, and I hear beer and thats my cue to come down here and have a beer.

Carlito: NO! This is MY show and I won't have a drunk walk out and ruin it! You are not cool, The Rock is not cool and beer sure isnt cool!

Austin: WHAT?

Crowd: WHAT

Carlito backs away from Austin when he sees Austin's look about the beer comment. He backs up into The Rock. Carlito rolls his eyes as looks up at the roof as if to say "Help Me". Rock then hits a right hand to Carlito who staggers into a Stunner from Austin! Rock then pulls off his elbow pad and throws it into the crowd before hitting the People's Elbow to Carlito. Austin then picks Carlito up and throws him outside, following by both men dumping his apple baskets onto him. Austin gets his mic again.

Austin: If ya wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin drink a beer with The Rock gimme a hell yeah!


Austin calls for some beers and hands one to The Rock, both men toast to their championships and climb the buckle, drinking down the beers as the crowd go wild. We cut to a commercial as they continue to drink down the beers.

-Commercial Break-

JR: Welcome back folks to the Supershow, if you missed what happened what went on before the break here's a look.

*Highlight Video is shown*

Camera cuts backstage to the cafeteria area where Kevin Nash, Road Dogg, Syxx Pac & Billy Gunn are sat at a table eating and laughing out loud.

Nash: So I tell him, no mate if I kicked your ass you would be dead, not me!

They all laugh loudly again before an official walks to their table and hands Kevin Nash a small yellow card. Nash looks at it and gets up.

Nash: I'm off fellas, see ya later.

Nash walks out of view, but then comes back and picks up his hamburger and walks off again looking at the yellow card.

Road Dogg: Damn!

Billy: What?

Road Dogg: I was gonna have that burger!

Billy & Syxx look at each other before bursting out in laughter as Road Dogg downs his Pepsi in silence as his buddies mock him.

JR: Where the hell is Kevin Nash off to?

Tenay: Obviously you have never seen Rugby Union before JR, a yellow card means a time in the sin bin, or for Nash a good long cool off in the has-been bin!

JR: I doubt thats how he would be fired.

*Drop Da Bombshells* hits after the pyros explode and the crowd give a big pop for the Dudley Boyz. They slap some high fives with the crowd and get into the ring.

*Natural Disaster* plays and the crowd give major heat as The Naturals, still bruised and battered from their TLC encounter at 2WC slowly make their way to the ring.

Tag Team Match
Dudley Boyz vs The Naturals

A formula tag match, even with the Naturals favouring their bodies distincly, they manage to isolate D-Von for the most part of the match. However D-Von hits a DDT to Douglas and makes the hot tag to Bubba who cleans house to a good pop. The Dudleyz then set up and nail Douglas with a 3D, followed by the Wazzup to Stevens, and then Bubba covers Douglas 1-2-3.

Winners - Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz get up and celebrate but Dupree, Grenier & Conway of La Resisitance slide into the ring and start to assault the tag team champions of High Voltage. Dupree cracks the French flag over the head of Bubba, while Grenier hits D-Von downstairs with the Quebec flag, followed up by Conway hitting the Cons Way. La Resisitance then pick up the Dudleyz tag belts and look at them with a look of obsesseion before leaving.

JR: Well The Dudley Boyz get the win here, then the 3 Frenchmen of La Resisitance beat them to a bloody pulp. Whats with that? What does that prove?

Tenay: Perhaps they are the next in line for the tag team gold, and after tonight's skillful attack I wouldn't write them off winning those belts.

We are now backstage and Rhyno & Booker T are talking about what happened at 2WC. They enter the locker room and go to their lockers. Both lockers have little yellow tags stuck to them. They both look at each other, peel them off and read them then shrug their shoulders and head off.

JR: What is with these yellow cards that are popping up everywhere. So far we have seen in one way or another Kevin Nash, Rhyno & Booker T all get themselves one of these, and leave immediately, looking to be somewhere.

Tenay: This is confusing isnt it Ross, very confusing.

We now cut to where The Coach is standing by with Charlie Haas.

Coach: I am indeed standing by with Charlie Haas, and Charlie in just a alittle over 4 weeks time you will step into th....

Haas places a finger over Coach's mouth

Haas: Can you hear that? That is the fear of defeat. And Shelton at World War IV that fear will consume you! Hahahaha

Haas walks off leaving Coach with a puzzled look on his face

Tenay: That has to be a record for the shortest interview I have ever seen, how long did that last all of 5 seconds?

JR: Haas has become a very sick man ever since joining the WIWA in March. Well folks up next you won't want to miss Sandman vs Kid Kash, we'll be right back!

-Commercial Break-

We come back to see Kid Kash throwing chairs, kendo sticks, trash cans, roadsigns and a mop into the ring.

*Enter Sandman* hits and the crowd give little reaction, but sing along to the Metallica music as Sandman bashes beer across his head. He gets into the ring already bleeding and Kash looks a little put off.

Singles Match
Hardcore Rules
Sandman vs Kid Kash

A brutal bloody contest with all the weapons being utlized so far. Kash goes at Sandman, but Sandman counters and backbreaker's Kash across a set up chair. Cover for 2. Sandman and Kash brawl to the outside. Sandman grabs his trusty Hardcore title and levels Kash with it. Sandman then places Kash against the guard rail and goes to hit him with his Singapore Cane, but Kash moves, grabs the cane and cracks Sandman across the back of the head. Kash then hits a Bank Roll on the floor! Kash rolls Sandman onto the Spanish announcers table, then gets on the apron and hits a moonsault off the apron, to Sandman through the table! Cover 1-2-3!

Winner - Kid Kash

JR: Good god did you see that? Kid Kash with a moonsault off the apron, taking Sandman through the Spanish announcers position!

Tenay: The Lightweight using some of the Hardcore aspects mixed up there wouldn't you say?

JR: Definately, what a brutal match.

We are now backstage and are in a room, where plenty of superstars are sitting down on chairs or standing around talking to each other. Kevin Nash, Rhyno & Booker T are among the superstars. There seems to be a conference table like setup at the front of the room, and Mick Foley & Eric Bischoff are seated off to each side of the middle chair, which is vacant.

Foley: Can we have some quiet in here?

No one can hear Foley so he grabs his little hammer and whacks it against the table a few times till eveyrone dies down.


Eveyrone looks at Foley, taken aback. Foley then nods and Adam Kain walks in from a side curtain and stands in the middle.

Kain: You 16 men have been selec....

Voice: 15!

Kain: 16, I have it here.

Voice: There's only 15 of us here.

Kain: Who's not here?

Foley leans over and whispers to Kain. Kain frowns and looks at Bischoff.

Kain: Right.

The doors to the room then swing open and it is John Cena.


Kain: Nice of you to join us John, your only 10 minutes late?

Cena: Hey look when the chicks dig your kicks, you gotta satisfy my man. So what's this title opportunity thing anyways?

Kain: At World War IV, you 16 men have been selected to compete in the "World War IV" Match, an over the top rope gauntlet style match a man enters every minute and a half after two men start off, elimination comes only when you have been throw over the top rope and both feet hit the floor. The winner has a contract good for the rest of 2005 to challenge his brands champion.

The guys start to slap each other high fives and talk amongst themselves again, Kane is noticed leaning against the wall, with his mask back on. He tilts his head slightly when he hears the news.

JR: Well look at that, what a huge match made for WWIV! 16 man over the top rope gauntlet match and the winner gets a title shot good for the rest of the year.

Tenay: Did you see the guys involved? Kane, Rhyno, Booker T, AJ Styles, RVD, Kevin Nash, Eddie Guerrero, Goldberg and many more it's gonna be crazy.

JR: Well speaking of crazy what about tonight? This night is still by far no way near over and we have plenty of action coming up after the break including our next match which will be Carlito, Hassan & Eugene vs Kane, Val Venis & Test in a debuton 6 man tag!

*Burn In My Light* hits to some heavy heat and out comes Randy Orton cockily taunting the crowd as the boo him. Orton poses on the buckle and then gets a mic.

Orton: Tonight marks the start of a legendary segment on High Voltage. Tonight we, well actually I start the glorious "Legend Killer Challenge". Now for all of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, and since you are New Yorkers I feel it is my duty to help you out anyways....

Crowd give Orton major heat and start an *Orton Sucks* chant

Orton: If there is any legend back there, who wants a shot at me I will give you 5 minutes to try and withstand the Legend Killer, if you can do so I will personally hand over a cheque for $50,000 to you! So come on some one out you come!

*Classic Music* plays and the crowd go wild as Randy Savage steps out onto the stage to a massive po, Orton smiles and signals to start the timer as Savage rolls in the ring.

Legend Killer Challenge
5 Minute Time Limit
Singles Match
Randy Savage vs Randy Orton

Savage is dominating Orton with some big time offense, but Orton behind the refs back hits a lowblow followed by the RKO on the 3 minute mark and makes the cover 1-2-3!

Winner - Randy Orton

Orton quickly gets out of the ring as Savage is down. Orton poses on the stage and the crowd erupt as Razor Ramon runs and knocks Orton down from behind!

JR: Razor is back! Razor's back and he's kicking ass

Razor picks up Orton and throws him to the video screen, but Orton puts the brakes on and dashes behind the curtains with Razor quickly in tow.

We now go backstage and Mick Foley is kicking back in his office, drinking some water when La Resistance burst in. It scares Foley so much he almost falls off his chair.

Dupree: Hey Mick Foley, give us our tag team title shot at the Dudleyz!

Foley: Hey Rene, NO!

Crowd pop as Rene Dupree gets a scornful look on his face

Grenier: You listen to me Mick Foley, we want our title shot, and we don't care what we have to do to get it!

Foley: You think after tonight, here in Albany, New York!

Crowd give the cheap pop as Foley continues

Foley: After the assault you put on the Dudleyz earlier tonight, you think I am going to give you a title shot. Hell No! But what I will do is book this match for next week, and the winning team will get a shot at World War IV. It will be La Resistance vs AMW vs New Age Outlaws vs MNM next week in a 4 corners match!

Conway: What? We didn't want another match, we want the damn titles.

Foley: You in that match or your not, and THAT'S FINAL!

Foley slams his little hammer on his desk and La Resistance leave looking robbed

JR: Well a big match booked for next week, a 4 corners match and the winner will get a shot at the Dudleyz at World War IV!

Tenay: La Resistance made a great point, your GM is a moron JR!

JR: He's actually our Commissioner.

Tenay: Do I look like I give a damn what Foley is?

JR: Sadly not. Well folks don't go anywhere after the break 6 man tag.

-Commercial Break-

We come back and see Eugene waving to the fans who give him a decent reaction. Carlito & Hassan are talking between themselves, and keep pointing at Eugene, they don't look too happy he's their partner.

*This Is A Test* hits and Test comes out to a very light pop. He smiles and slaps a few high fives and gets into the ring.

*Hello Ladies* plays and the females go wild, a decent reaction for Val venis who comes out licking his lips and checking out some of the women. Val takes his towel and throws it into the crowd.

*Slow Chemical* blasts after the pyros click and Kane comes out to a huge pop, we his mask on! Kane is dressed like he was in 2002, red and black lined attire and mask. He looks at his opponents and then drops his hands and the pyro explodes from the turnbuckles.

6 Man Tag Match
Kane, Val Venis & Test vs
Eugene, Carlito & Hassan

Very exciting start to the match with all the guys brawling. After a while Val Venis is isolated. Carlito & Hassan work well together but refuse to tag in Eugene. Eugene makes a blind tag and gets into the ring clapping. He then does the Junkyard dog headbutt to Venis, and Hassan quickly tags back in. Eugene gets upset that his teamates aren't being nice and starts to exit. Carlito & Hassan yell at him to get back but Eugene shakes his head and exits.
Venis makes the hot tag to Kane who dominates Hassan & Carlito, evetually choke slamming Carlito. Hassan is making his way over to Kane but Test takes his head off with a huge big boot. Venis then hits the Money Shot to Carlito and Kane covers 1-2-3.

Winners - Kane, Val Venis & Test

JR: Well the Explosion debutons defeat the High Voltage debutons and that serves Carlito & Hassan right, treating poor Eugene like that. Dispicable behaviour.

Tenay: I'm happy either way as Explosion just beat High Voltage again!

JR: We still have two huge matches left tonight and much more, what a Supershow it has been so far.

*Metalingus* fills the arena to loud heat as Edge walks out looking very sour. He dosent go through the usual routine, just gets in the ring and gets a mic.

Edge: Once again, Edge has been overlooked. I just found out that there will be a battle royal at World War IV, and I am not included. Now that is not fair. Eric Bischoff get out here and make it right!

*I'm Back* hits and out comes Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff: I totally agree Edge, you are one of the best around at the moment, yet you are excluded from the WWIV match. SoI will make it right. You will face Steve Austin for the title at Explosion next week, and the best thing is you don't have to do anything, just kick back for the next week and then get to Explosion and beat him for the title.

*Whatever* hits to a big pop from the crowd and Benoit walks out onto the stage.

Benoit: Bischoff what is this crap? I too was left out of this battle royal but you don't hear me whining like a little girl. The Rabid Wolverine would like some sort of recognition for all his accomplishments in the wrestling world.

Bischoff: I have an answer to both of your problems. Next week on Explosion there will be a match between Benoit vs Edge, the winner gets a title shot the following week![/B]

Bischoff leaves and Benoit gives a toothless grin towards Edge who is very angry. Edge throws the mic down hard and motions the belt is his.

Backstage now and we see Maven, Goldust, Hardcore Holly & Rey Mysterio talking with each other and walking down the halls, looking to be on their way out of the building. They stop and look down the hall in fear as Heyman and his proteges are making their way down the hall.

Maven: Quick lets get the hell out of here.

They turn and quickly step into a door. Heymans men walk by and they stop outside Adam Kain's office.

They enter his office and Adam Kain is sitting there looking right at them

Kain: What the hell do you want?

Heyman: I am here to take over.

Kain: Yeah OK, goodluck with that.

Heyman: Look I am sick of just sending messages to you that aren't recognising, I am sick of mugging people backstage. I want control! TOTAL CONTROL!

Kain: Good, because I have been thinking and I have had enough of your invasion crap. At World War IV in an elimination tag match it will be representing the WIWA; Steve Austin, HHH, Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels vs your boys Brock Lesnar, A-Train, Samoa Joe & Abyss. It's winner takes all!

Crowd erupt as Heyman nods

Heyman: We'll see your boys at World War IV then.

Heymans men leave as Kain looks blankly at the wall and the camera cuts back to ringside

JR: Total control at WWIV! What a PPV this is shaping up to be.

Tenay: That was a bold move by Kain, and I personally think it won't work.

JR: Well it's a good team he's picked, but Austin & HHH on the same team I dunno, Michaels & Angle will have to keep those two in line for the good of the company.

*The Game* hits to large heat as HHH makes his way to the ring looking very distasteful. He gets in the ring and snarls at the fans on the buckle before spraying the water up into the crowd.

*Glass Shatters* fills the sound to a thunderous pop that rocks the building and Austin makes his way to the ring, trash talking to HHH. He flips the bird on all four corners.

WIWA Championship
Explosion Only
Singles Match
Steve Austin (c) vs HHH

A very entertaining match but no-where near the classic they put on 2 nights ago. HHH has dominated Austin's left leg throughout the match as it hasn't recovered from 2WC. Austin fights back towards the end, and hits a Stunner but HHH kicks out! Later HHH nails a Pedigree, but Austin kicks out! After more back and forth action Austin counters HHH's facebuster move and hits another Stunner 1-2-3!

Winner & Still WIWA Champion - Steve Austin

The crowd erupt as Austin drinks some more beer and salutes the crowd with the double bird on all four turnbuckles.

JR: Once again HHH couldn't get it done. Once again the Texas Rattlesnake is victorious.

Tenay: Once again you are singing Austin's praises, now thats something you see everyday!

JR: You'd be singing HHH's praises if he won, so why go at me!

Tenay: I dunno. Just felt like it.

We are backstage and Adam Kain is talking to Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle, but we can't hear what they are saying. After a while Michaels & Angle nod their heads and walk off.

We now see Eric Bischoff walking down the halls whistling. He stops when he sees Eugene and quickly turns around and walks off but Eugene sees him.

Eugene: Uncle Eric! Uncle Eric!

Bischoff: (under his breath) Damn!

Bischoff turns around

Eugene: I am in WIWA!

Bischoff: WHAT? I mean when?

Eugene: Today I signed and I love it.

Bischoff: What brand are you with?

Eugene: Um uh, Fly Walter.

Bischoff: High Voltage?

Eugene: Yes thats the one!

Eugene jumps up and down clapping

Bischoff: Phew.... I mean few people wouldn't want you around here Eugene, congratulations.

Bischoff walks off with a huge grin of relief on his face

JR: Well folks after this final break, the main event.

-Commercial Break-

*Alpha-Male* hits and Monty Brown walks out to major heat. He gets in the ring and raises his arms, then throws his fur coat on the floor outside.

Then a GONG hits followed by *Graveyard Symphony* and Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring. He raises his arms and the lights come on, Taker then gets in the ring.

Main Event
High Voltage Only
Singles Match
Undertaker vs Monty Brown

A big long TV main event with the steel steps, a chair and brass knux all being used in this one, as it is no No DQ. Monty Brown also powerslammed Taker on the floor. Brown has been in control for a long time when Taker fires some shots to the gut of Brown, then clobbers him across the head with the chair.
Taker is in control and hits a chokeslam, but Brown kicks out. More brawling and Brown is hammering away at Taker in the corner, but Taker grabs him by the tights and hits the Last Ride to him. Taker is about to make the cover, but a GONG hits and Taker dosent know whats going on. Then some druids emerge carrying a casket! Taker looks at them. They take the casket to ringside. Taker turns back around and Monty Brown nails him with a POUNCE! Brown though dosent go for the cover, but instead grabs the steel chair and repeatedly batters Taker with it until he is a bloody, bruised mess. Brown then rolls Taker outside and places him in the casket! Brown shuts the lid and then searches through his tights for something. Meanwhile one of the druids is pouring lighter fluid over the casket. Brown pulls out a box of matches and lights one up, then throws it onto the casket which lights up on fire!

No Contest

JR: Good god Taker is inside that flaming cakset, what the hell is this?

Tenay: Mind games from Monty to the mind games master!

JR: What a sick way to end the night, we'll see you next week when our TV schedule returns to normal!

The screen fades to black with the casket up in flames and Monty Brown taunting to huge heat.

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Carlito Cabana: Good openign segment and liked the Beer Bash with Rock/Austin

Dudlyz v Naturals: Good match and great aftermath with La Resistance attacking the Dudlyz

Haas interview: VERY SHORT but gets it purpose

Sandman v Kid Kash: Good match with some great spots

Backstage Promo: Great announcement about the battle royal match

Savage v Orton: I like the Legend Killer challenge idea. Very short match but good aftermath with Razor coming back.

Kane, Val Venis & Test vs Eugene, Carlito & Hassan: Good 6 man tag and good that Kane got the victory for his team

Bischoff/Edge/Benoit promo: Nice announcement there about the number 1 contender match between Benoit and Edge

Austin v HHH: Great match and good that Austin beats HHH again

Monty v Taker: Would of though the Austin v HHH match would be the main event. Great match but a fantastic ending with Monty putting Taker in a buring casket.

Overall rating: 43/50 Very good show
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