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TNA has been by far the best weekly wrestling TV show, and one of the reasons for that is because everything on the show has a reason for being there, and its a set up for a long term storyline. From the Joe Parks/Abyss Vs Bully Ray feud to Aj/Dixie Vs Daniels/Kaz feud, TNA Impact has become a storyline driven show and is easily becoming can't miss tv. So how long do you guys think TNA can keep this momentum going.


James Storm Road To The Title

Sting Being Attacked By Three Mystery Wrestlers (Might Be An Invasion Angle)

Joe Parks/Abyss Feud With Bully Ray

Aj Styles & Dixie Carter Controversy

Madison Rayne's Secret Crush

Mickie James Teasing A Heel Turn

Austin Aries Deciding On If He Should Give Up The X-Divison Title For A Shot At The TNA World Heavyweight Title


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tna has been very good for almost a year now.

roodes reign
aries push
bfg series is back
ray vs abyss/joseph park
building aries
interested in whats goin on with sting now after being attacked
roode vs storm fued

but there have been bad stuff too.

aj/dixie story is dumb imo
x division is officially dead now that aries is gonna give up the belt
0 tag teams
devon on tv every week, very boring imo need a new tv champ if they gonna keep the belt around.

so right now, tna is doin a lot good, but some stuff needs to get better

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I think with the Bound for Glory Series in place to carry the direction, TNA has potential to be good from now until Bound for Glory with ease. Hopefully they can pull that off and carry things off from there.

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HH sucks at explaining stuff but he said Aries doesn't not have to drop the x belt to win the world title.

He needs to "bet it", either he wins at DX and becomes a double champion or loses and leaves with no titles.
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