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With DB Not In It...

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And that promo on Monday by Triple H, ya... the odds have definitely shifted in favor of Ambrose turning heel and winning the tournament with The Authority's help :/.

Oh boy, the fans are going to shit all over that decision if they pull the trigger on it. :frown2: Either that... or they'll simply take the initiative and put Ambrose over hard just to fuck with Roman. Heel You Say? NOT IN OUR EYES.

But hey.. its the WWE, so logical booking like bringing DB back is not welcome in this dojo!
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Good, I hope Ambrose DOES turn heel and win, that'd be the best possible option out of what we have, and I don't give a damn whether he joins the Authority or not. The end is worth the means. Having said that, it's not happening and you're fooling yourself if you think it is, but that's what they should do. Roman Reigns is clearly going to win, face or heel, and then he'll feud with Sheamus. The shittiest option possible.
This guy thinks Heel Reigns will feud with Heel sheamus.(you did say "face or heel") :mj4
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