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With all these guy suddenly with WWE deals, could a 90s tribute Raw happen?

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Obviously many of them(like Rock,Bret,Austin ect.) won't be wrestling, but does anyone think that WWE could end up having another edition of Raw similar to old school except it's like a tribute to the 90s(mostly monday night wars) days. Doesn't have to be 14+ or even contain wrestling from the guys who were there, just having them all appear and stuff would be good enough.

Think about it, WWE has guys like Nash,Booker,Rock,Austin under contract and others like Bret,HBK could appear also.

I think if they managed to have some sort of tribute show that it'd draw ratings for sure and like the old school raw, will be a nice change for a week to see WWE not really care as much with the current storyline and just put on a great show like that.
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They won't drop all the storylines, they just won't be having fillers for storylines on this show, it's either a big moment(like the cena wearing nexus shirt) or just moments that connect with the theme that get a guy over
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