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will they ever make a movie about hogan?

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hes the biggest star in wrestling history. you think they will ever have a big budget film about him?
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depends.... dont know.
dont think WWE likes that he joind TNA =/ lets hope that this diddent spoiled it
i think if they didnt like it they would of took him out of the hall of fame.

To the OP no anyone who knows about Hogan wouldnt need to watch a movie to see what hes about. however they should make a better wrestler movie with the big stadge.

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Hogan turned down the lead role in 'The Wrestler' btw.

Hogan's 'story' needs an real ending before a film is made imo.

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1. Hogan isn't the biggest Star in wrestling history. I think you mean ego!
2. He's appeared in a couple movies and his acting is piss poor.
3. His last gig was Hogan knows best which really should have been called. Dam look at Hogans daughter! Who gave a F**k about Hogan.
4. They shouldn't take him out the Hall of Fame. While he is an egotistical maniac and I have little respect for it. Back in the day he was pretty cool and made the company a lot of money, so he does deserve it. I just haven't liked him the past few years but I've ranted on these forums enough about him, so I wont start here.
5. It won't be made by WWE coz he's with TNA
6. If it was made no1 would go see it.
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