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So here's the deal, my buddy and I have created a training team called "Camp Swole" and what we're trying to do is spread a positive message and try to get people that train to push people past their limits.

I want you all to be apart of this. You're all welcome to join because it isn't just a training team, it's a lifestyle and we want as many people on the team as possible to spread the message and be "Swole"...As we gain a bigger following, we're going to look into sponsorships and turning it into a business, but for now I just want you to be apart of something that I think can positively impact your lives (Especially if you're into training).

Here's the facebook and twitter page if your interested, if not, it's all good, just wanted to throw it out there because I want you all to be apart of it.


Like I said, I will rep all back. It only takes a second to click and like the page, so it'd be appreciated. Thanks to anyone that likes the page and feel free to ask questions there or even in this thread.

For your troubles, here's a workout vid I made last summer. This was when I was 185 lbs., currently I'm 205 lbs, and have gained a full inch around my calves and quads. Thanks again.

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