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Will Cole be a face now cuz of Jerry Lawler?

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Do you guys think Cole will be a face now cuz of what happen to Jerry Lawler on Raw? Thoughts
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I don't see why.
On Smackdown he will stay heel.

On Raw depends who his partner is if it is Mathews (most likely) he probably stay heel.

In the end I expect Mathews/Cole for both shows for awhile, than Booker T (after his GM run), Regal, JBL, or Foley will join them.
He's not much of a heel lately. He seems pretty watered down.
I don't think so, but damn, they're gonna put Miz there again.
It'll be interesting to see if they do tweak Cole's character to more facelike after the compassion / emotion he showed last night in support for his friend... but it's WWE... he'll probably revert right back to where he was in about 3 weeks' time without warning
I just think he will be a face from now
He has to be a face now. No way I could boo him after raw
I hope so, he was always better as a face commentator. Pair him with JBL while Lawler recovers, and you've got a good combination imo.
I don't think they should, honestly. Was he classy and nothing but a professional and a straight up man last night? Yes, of course! I doubt any of us would've been able to do what he did last night without breaking down and crying. But that doesn't mean he should become a face commentator because of it. He was pretty much out of character most of the night, so that's why he was being a "babyface" most of RAW last night.

So could they turn him face because of how well he did last night? Maybe. I wouldn't mind it. But that's not what I would do.
-- The only thing we've heard from Smackdown is that it's pretty quiet backstage and likely to be a tame show tonight. No word on who will do announcing yet.

from : http://www.f4wonline.com/more/more-...r-birth-and-training-new-generation-tons-more

Cole will like not be announcing on smackdown tonight.
I can't hate him anymore, not after that awesome display of professionalism last night and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way.

They've toned it down over the last few weeks anyway.

If they do turn him, there's no need to make a big deal out of it. They should be very subtle about it.
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