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Will BFG 2012 be the best BFG so far?

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Will BFG 2012 be best best BFG so far? That's a tough question, especially when you look back at some of the great matches at the previous BFG's. AJ Styles vs. Daniels (2005) Styles/Daniels vs. LAX (2006) Angle vs. Sting (2007) Angle vs. Jarrett (2008) Sting vs. Styles (2009) Angle vs. Hardy vs. Anderson (2010) Bully Ray vs. Anderson (2011). Those are just my favorite on each previous one. But back to the question. I like to think it will be the best BFG to date. Why? Cause the build so far. The BFG series and the Aces&8s. Both were tied in a way, but still making me wanna get the ppv. Now you can start to put together the matches. Jeff Hardy challenging Austin Aries for the World title. Aries has been on a roll over the past year. Winning a contract, the X division title, and now the World title. Having him go against arguably the most popular wrestler in TNA, Jeff Hardy. He's proven himself since he has came back. It's a money making match. And a hell of a main event. Then you have James Storm and Bobby Roode. These two been at each others throats for almost a year. Haven't had a match together since Lockdown. It's gonna be a great match, and it should have a crazy stipulation. Fans want a war with these two. Now to Aces&8s, are we gonna see a multiple man match at BFG? Yes, we have to. Can't have all this build and not have a match, that's a given. Who's in it? Who's the inside man? Who's the leader? I'm sure we will figure that out heading in or at BFG. Those are gonna be the three vocal points. Main events. The undercard will be awesome too. The World tag team champions(of the world) Kaz & Daniels being champions. having Styles/Angle and Chavo/Hernandez gunning for them should make for a great tag match. If they go with a 3-Way for the titles. Either way, gonna be good. Then you have a feud with Tara and Tessmacher over the KO title should make for a decent match. Can't forget about the XDivision. With the champion, Zema Ion. And guys like Dutt, King, and Kash. They are sure to be exciting as usual.

I like to think that it is gonna be the best to date. And I'm counting down the days to Bound for Glory. TNA has made 2012 there year, TNA has been hot while WWE has been stale. I predict BFG to be a GREAT PPV with GREAT MATCHES. Best TNA ppv of the year so far? It has the potential to be. We have to wait and see.

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The tag team title match has the most probability of being great. The two main events COULD be "great", but I fear may end up being just "good". If Storm-Roode and Aries-Hardy deliver big time along with the tag match, then it could be the best BFG of all time.
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