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Will 2011 be better year for TNA wrestling?

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I have enjoyed 2010 and I know it over, but I want to know do you guys think it's will even be better this year if TNA turn around?
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I'm not a WWE mark. I openly say that the WWE sucks and has a bunch of talentless FCW clones. If you left your post (aka defending TNA at every turn) and looked in other threads, you'd clearly see I'm not much of a fan of the WWE either.

I like certain wrestlers in both companies though. However, TNA has such bad writing that despite having the best roster they're product is pretty much unwatchable. For years I would sit through Impact just to see my favorite wrestlers despite the awful booking/writing, but now there is just too many shows more entertaining than Impact for me to watch.

I don't care what Anderson is doing with the belt. So he is supposed to be world champ, yet he is walking around making fun of his own world championship belt? That's some real prestigious shit right there.

I didn't bash everything TNA made, but a good percentage of it was crap and justifiably bashed. The guy asked a question and I gave my opinion on whether I think 2011 would be a better year. Every year since 2007 TNA has gotten worse and worse. It's hard to believe it was once my favorite promotion with a roster that isn't even as good as what they have now.
He clearly said he hated the belt but is proud of what it represented...are you sure, you've been watching Impact recently?
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