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Will 2011 be better year for TNA wrestling?

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I have enjoyed 2010 and I know it over, but I want to know do you guys think it's will even be better this year if TNA turn around?
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Well on the basis that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have now been in TNA for over a full year now and ratings are more or less the same as they were back in 2006 despite much more money being spent i would say no. The biggest storyline of last year in "They" and the whole 10.10.10 thing which should have carried a lot of momentum coming into 2011 was a major fail and due to TNA pushing through a storyline that was meant to see the return of The Main Event Mafia but was ruined by TNA failing to sign Sting, Booker T and Kevin Nash thus meaning a major rewrite which after seeing the spoilers is another fail which says to me that 2011 will be an even worse year than 2010 was.

In my opinion every year since 2006 has been seen TNA go backwards apart from parts of 2008 leading into Bound For Glory and then parts of 2009 when the storyline between The Main Event Mafia and The Frontline was good and after all the hype and build up to what should have been TNA's biggest year in 2011 they have again gone backwards. The only way that TNA can move forward in my opinion is for Dixie Carter to remove herself from all aspects of the company on the wrestling side and concentrate on promoting the company and building it up whilst also getting rid of Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo because they are destroying TNA with their booking and also draining the company due to their HUGE salaries.
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