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What I'm looking foward to is Great talent such as Daniel bryan, CM Punk, John morrison and (Was gonna say Kaval but...yeah) upping their games in the wwe. I also really want to see Tyler Black and Richie Steamboat make the jump from FCW to wwe. Those two are really good...

People like The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Drew Mcintyre and Dolph Ziggler will seriously improve I hope.
The Miz isn't bad and I can tolerate his matches. Great on Mic and bound to get better in the ring soon enough.
Del Rio is already established, and I can see 2011 being a great year for him.
Drew hasn't been doing much lately except being thrown around into matches. I know he's good and can do better than what he's doing now, so I hope something happens.
Dolph Ziggler is fucking great all around. Has the look, the wrestling ability, can work a mic. Whats not to like?

Lets not forget Christians return...he will definately win the rumble. World title at last

What are you guys looking foward to in 2011?

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If Otunga isn't World champion in 2011, then fuck WWE.
this guy speaks my language.

the year of 2010, the year of trolling, is coming to an end.

WWE trolled the fuck out of everybody. Michael Cole, The Miz (WWE champ lol), Alex Riley just doing random shit cuz he's Alex Riley, NXT season 3, David Otunga having a job and actually being a forefront in the Nexus story, every Nexus member basically getting a tag title reign and Barrett still not having one title, pretending to fire Cena for one week and then still playing his music AS he's fired, and Kane's entire title reign.

we were trolled folks. good year as far as im concerned. i lol'ed.

2011 will probably still have some trolling, with the rise of Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, and other talents looming, i look forward to it.

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2011 is the year WWE's Youth Movement finally turns its attention to faces. Del Rio and Barrett will be world champions, but they've already been established to varying degrees. Kofi Kingston and John Morrison will be pushed to the top. And there will at least be one big retirement. Should be the best year in the career of Dolph Ziggler to that point as well.

The trolling shall continue. Morrison's gonna cut main event promos and Miz is gonna main event pay-per-views, and Undertaker and Kane will probably feud again because that's never been done and Big Show will do lots of random shit with lots of random individuals.
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