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Throughout Survivor Series' history there was only one time that they did this special Survivor Series match at the 1995 Survivor Series. It was called a Wild Card Match. It played like a regular 8 man tag team elimination match, but the twist was that it had babyfaces teaming with heels and vice versa. I thought it was a fantastic concept. It had:

  • Shawn Michaels (Face)
  • British Bulldog (Heel)
  • Ahmed Johnson (Face)
  • Sycho Sid (Heel)
  • Razor Ramon (Face)
  • Yokozuna (Heel)
  • Owen Hart (Heel)
  • Dean Douglas (Heel)
The match was fun and but for some reason they never did this again.
What did you think of it? Should they have done this type of match again.
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