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Why were TNA fans more accepting of Gail Kim than Mickie James?

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TNA fans were very embracing of Gail Kim and respected her a lot more than Mickie James. They're both good in ring workers(granted IMO Gail is a step better), they both came from the WWE, but Mickie gets no respect and TNA fans make fun of her most of the time. How come? Is it just because she's fat or is it the writing or what?
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When Gail Kim came in, she lit the place up and seemed energized and ready to really start a division. The division has come to an obvious halt in the last couple of years, some of their better workers are gone and no one really seems to care anymore. If Mickie came back to TNA when the division was the best thing going on the show, she would have been received a lot better than she is right now.
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