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Why the hell are the local indies able to outdraw TNA?

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Recent attendance report -

Source : Observer newsletter

- The TNA live event on March 28th in Lincoln, Nebraska drew 400 fans. Those in attendance said that there are two local indies that run the city and draw bigger crowds.

The live event on March 29th in Sioux City, Iowa drew 1,000 fans.
Also one from a poster -

The Spencer live event from this past Sunday likewise only probably drew about 200-500 fans. Here are some pictures I took of the event. I could not get the entire crowd in one shot and likewise I missed about 35 fans directly behind me and other smaller scattered groups here and here.

Seriously, why is this happening? I don't get this. TNA has been in existence over 13 years and a fairly established brand in US, it makes no absolute sense for local indies to outdraw them like this. What are they doing wrong?