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Why so many Logins

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For some reason when i got into my bank it ask me for my password about 5 times. It does it when i go into to it, when i choose deposite or withdraw, and after i put how much i want to deposite or withdraw. I click the remember me thing on the login but for some reason it keeps asking. Is there some Internet option i can change that will stop it from asking me so many time and that will remember my Username every time i go into the bank?

And another thing where can i get those sweet banners that everyone has? I didnt see anything in the store about it.
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· yippee-ki-yay
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not sure bout the login part

banners, get 100 posts (non-spam) and request one in GFX request

· Buzz Killington
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Wasn't there a guy with a name Confusion banned a couple days ago? Asked alot of questions like this guy is.
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