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Why not use The High Crusade music?

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In case you didn't know, the Motor City Machine Guns and Petey Williams are part of a rock band called The High Crusade. They recently came out with a new CD called, "It's Not What You Think." I listened to some of the tracks, and I think some of the songs are pretty good! (Shelley is the singer, Sabin plays bass and Petey is on guitar.)

I think some of the songs might be good for official PPV songs. I think it might be a good way for TNA to help out their best tag team.

Here's their website, where you can listen to the songs:

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Why? Why havenet tna used msuic from Matt Bentlys band? Why didnt they use Booker Ts fed PWA or Scott D'Amore's BCW as a farm territory?

We'll never know :no:
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