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Why not Hornswoggle as a heel manager?

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It was discussed in a recent thread that Hornswoggle is still on the roster, despite not having been used in quite some time. Recalling his interviews before and after the WLC match at Extreme Rules, I think it's possible that he might make an excellent heel manager.

2:12 onward

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Possibly, but if done right I think that it could be a major, major heat getter.

Anyway, if you are going to have Hornswoggle on the roster I think that this is the best way to utilize him at this point.
Best solution would be to just release him.

Exactly. Whoever he managed would probably just become a joke & lose all their creditability.
It's all in the presentation. If you have Finlay-era Hornswoggle as the manager, yes. Or a shirtless Hornswoggle (like in the video)...yes. But dress him professionally, clean him up. And possible rename him. Use his verbal skills, taunting and the fact of his diminutive height (who would dare strike him?). It's a counterintuitive play, like having a female bodyguard for a wrestler.

The key would be if Hornswoggle has the verbal chops and wit to carry on his end of the deal.

As an experiment, you would ideally try it first with a lower-level tag-team like The Prime Time Players and see where it goes. If it had legs and enhances the tag-team, then you start adding other pieces to the 'Swoggle stable and go from there.

So many complain about how people are under-utilized or not utilized at all...this is his best fit at this point in his career.
I don't see how it would work or why anybody would expect it to.

Throughout his WWE career, as a face or heel, he's always been used for comedic purposes.

It's not like he's a guy that exists on the roster to be a valuable asset. And I seriously doubt he can pull whoever they put him with from the depths of undercard hell.

And quite frankly, I can't imagine anybody rallying for him to have more on-screen time.

In the land of under utilized talent, he's the last guy WWE should try to come up with a better role for.

It's not about just correcting utilizing Hornswoggle. The larger issue is that the WWE should be seeking to maximize the value of every person on the roster, and looking for ways to maximize what each individual brings to the table. Especially when injuries continuously thin out the roster. I used Hornswoggle as an example as someone that the WWE keeps on the payroll but has kept off air for almost a year and a half. If they insist on keeping him, there are ways to better utilize him. Given his apparent speaking ability that he showed in 2014, rather than use him as a cartoon mascot I think the best way to utilize him to the betterment of the company was as a heel manager. Besides, he's been off air for a long time. There's a portion of the audience that would not even know him.

Unless they want to cut bait on a number of wrestlers, they should be having this examination with every person on the roster. Whether it's Damien Sandow and David Otunga to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.
They have six hours of WWE programming to fill each week. Use everyone you have.
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Actually, I could see him managing The Social Outcasts. Save him come out in a suit and in full on heel mode, and play him completely straight. Have him freak out anytime one of them loses, and have him continuously slap out of one of them (Adam Rose maybe) because he finds him annoying.

I'd watch it.
Absolutely. That's strictly how heel manager Hornswoggle should be portrayed. I was thinking Not Social Outcasts, but in some respects he'd be perfect for it.
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