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why not curt hawkins?

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yes i'm bias but to me, hawkins could be a top talent in the wwe ... he has the look, he improved his wrestling ability by a lot, and even though he's not that good on the mic(he's not bad, he has a weird voice) he makes up with charisma

wrestlemania is coming and there's gonna be a MITB and that's the best way to get him noticed -- he doesn't have to win, just give him a spot.

same applies for barreta, showcase the new talent on the grandest stage of them all!

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^ lol, honestly the MITB at wrestlemania should feature

john morrison
evan bourne
ted dibiase(filler)
curt hawkins
trent barreta
jack swagger
tyler reks
Take out R-Truth and put in another upper-midcarder. Need some more star power, the casual fan doesn't care for superstars regulars.

And that's no insult to those wrestlers as Curt Hawkins/Baretta have bright futures if they are given meaningful feuds.
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