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why not curt hawkins?

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yes i'm bias but to me, hawkins could be a top talent in the wwe ... he has the look, he improved his wrestling ability by a lot, and even though he's not that good on the mic(he's not bad, he has a weird voice) he makes up with charisma

wrestlemania is coming and there's gonna be a MITB and that's the best way to get him noticed -- he doesn't have to win, just give him a spot.

same applies for barreta, showcase the new talent on the grandest stage of them all!

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Obvious in THAT horrible line up of jobbers, yeah. He probably will win the MITB, but WWE still has time to wake up. They're better off giving it to Barrett, if he doesn't win on Sunday, that is, which he won't.
Barret will get his shot without MITB anyway so no need to give it to him. I would like to see Morrison get it because he's a face and would probably challenge the champ to a fair title match at a ppv. This would be fresh and would give the title a little more credibility instead of burying the title with random cash-ins. Kofi would be another good choice
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