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why not curt hawkins?

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yes i'm bias but to me, hawkins could be a top talent in the wwe ... he has the look, he improved his wrestling ability by a lot, and even though he's not that good on the mic(he's not bad, he has a weird voice) he makes up with charisma

wrestlemania is coming and there's gonna be a MITB and that's the best way to get him noticed -- he doesn't have to win, just give him a spot.

same applies for barreta, showcase the new talent on the grandest stage of them all!

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Not sure when Bourne will make it back, but including him, I'd say, from likeliest to least likeliest to get into MITB would be, at this time, Morrison, Kofi, Ziggler, Truth, DiBiase, Kane, Swagger, Bourne, McIntyre, ... and I honestly think they might let Barreta in, based on the facts that he could have at least one moment that steals the show and that he was having a decent little push into relevancy opposite McIntyre (even if they've short-circuited that, he can still get back into the mix of things in the lower tier of the midcard). That leaves another spot open for just about anybody if they go with 10 men again.
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