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Why it is good for a heel to get cheered

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Sometimes on this forum I encounter people that claim a heel shouldn't get cheered or he's doing a bad job, but I've got a different theory.

Heels getting slight chants forces the babyface supporters to either start booing and bring the heat or do nothing and let the heel get the babyface reaction. For instance this week on smackdown Ziggler got some applauds after a maneuver on Orton and instantly when Orton fans realized it, there was huge heat.

And also heels getting cheered doesn't mean they're doing bad, it just means there are fans that actually care about the heels and want to see them win, while faces getting booed means fans want them out of the spotlight or to lose.

What do you think?
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fans should be allowed to cheer and boo who ever they want.
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