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Why it is good for a heel to get cheered

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Sometimes on this forum I encounter people that claim a heel shouldn't get cheered or he's doing a bad job, but I've got a different theory.

Heels getting slight chants forces the babyface supporters to either start booing and bring the heat or do nothing and let the heel get the babyface reaction. For instance this week on smackdown Ziggler got some applauds after a maneuver on Orton and instantly when Orton fans realized it, there was huge heat.

And also heels getting cheered doesn't mean they're doing bad, it just means there are fans that actually care about the heels and want to see them win, while faces getting booed means fans want them out of the spotlight or to lose.

What do you think?
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Heels, in wrestling psychology, are supposed to piss off the crowd so they (the crowd) are (more) behind the babyface.

If the heel is being cheered more than the face, maybe they're not doing their job.

If a face was being booed, would anyone think they were a good babyface?
cool, let's disagree.

If it's they heel's job to be entertaining, why are they supposed to get heat by insulting the fans and the babyface's job to stick up for them?

And the middle part of your argument is that the heels are doing a great job as a heel, that's why they're being cheered and the face is doing a bad job so he's being booed. I don't think you can have it both ways.
Yes, the heel would be bad at what he's doing. If his job is to be a heel, it is to get the crowd to in a state where they pay to see him get his ass kicked. That's what a heel does. I'm glad you're entertained by the heel. That's great and your choice. But if the role of a heel was simply to entertain, why wouldn't he be a babyface off the bat? Why not just have two babyfaces. One person has to be the villian, it's the way it's always been and it's the system they still use now.

You are a babyface, you have to get the crowd to pay to see you kick ass.
You are a heel, you're job is to get support for the babyface and put him over.
So those three guys were bad heels? Okaaaaay.

Dude, I never said they were bad heels.

But wrestling was in rut right before Hogan's heel turn sparked the second boom. People wanted something different and this was the era of the cool heel. If you want to use this argument, fine.
But I don't think it applies to today because wrestling has regressed to a predictable pattern: Good guys versus bad guys. There are no more anti heroes and shades of gray.

Now if you want to bring up another heel who gets cheered, who is entertaining go ahead.

How's this for an example. When Edge was feuding with cena (no idea what year) raw was in Montreal. The crowd loved Edge and hated cena. With one promo Edge got heat and got the crowd to cheer for cena. Edge talked about how yes, he was from canada, but he was from the best part of canada, toronto. The building turned on him and cheered for cena. Phenomenal heel.
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