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Why isn't Wrestlemania the best ppv of the year every year?

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When's the last time it actually was the best ppv of the year? That's another question I have cuz I've taken some years off from wrestling and I've yet to see it. This year is a perfect example. Extreme Rules was clearly a better ppv. They promote Wrestlemania so heavily and then most of the matches seem to be just another match in the middle of a fued instead of the culmination of a fued. Punk and Jericho were definitely saving their best for the last match of the fued which ended up being Extreme Rules. The result was just a pretty good match. Is that what we look foward to at Wrestlemania? A pretty good match in the middle of a fued? What the hell are they going to do if Undertaker can't wrestle anymore? Instead of putting together the best ppv of the year, it's one epic match featuring Taker and a bunch of other stuff that's just ok. Really? Is that what Wrestlemania is supposed to be?
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Its usually politics that ruins a potential good Wrestlemania. Take 25 for example. We were suppose to get Cena Vs. Orton and Edge Vs. Helmsley as the double main event, but it got leaked so Vince haad them switched around with Big Show added resulting in poor results.

Then you have booking issues like at Wrestlemania 27, Miz beat Cena. Not only was it a terrible match, but Miz didn't even get to win on his own. It was Cena's first loss in a singles match at WM. That should've been HUGE for Miz, but that career defining moment was wasted. I didn't mind Rock giving Cena the Rock Bottom, but he should've done that after Cena had won back the title.

Then of course, you got matches being cut short (Angle Vs. Orton Vs. Mysterio, Bryan Vs. Sheamus) because of time constraints. So its a number of variables.

The last great Wrestlemania was 24 IMO. 28 could've been good, but even then you had BS that brought down the quality of the show.

Because instead of focusing on matches , we get Snoop dog segments and Flo Rida performances. Thats why the following PPV be it Backlash/Extreme Rules often is greater in regards to match quality.
Spot on.

- Vic
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